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Posted by: Squirrel, Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 3:45am
Jackfruit is a biggie here in Asia but it isn't listed in the GTD book. Does that make it a neutral or untested? It's related to the breadfruit which is a Gatherer super-bene.

Ditto dragon fruit/pitaya which is from a cactus.

Anyone know?

P.S. Can you tell I've been out checking out the local produce?  ;)
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 4:12am; Reply: 1

Jackfruit is listed as a Hunter Superfood, so it's apparently been tested for the GTD.  Since it's not listed for Gatherers, it's presumably a Neutral for you.

I was going to suggest durian, which I understand to be similar, as a substitute, but I see it's a Gatherer Toxin.
Posted by: Squirrel, Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 4:59am; Reply: 2
Thank you!  :K)
Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 3:18pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from Carol the Dabbler
Jackfruit is listed as a Hunter Superfood, so it's apparently been tested for the GTD.  Since it's not listed for Gatherers, it's presumably a Neutral for you.

Exactamundo, anything unlisted is a neutral that can be consumed freely--yay!  And what is nice, as Carol points out, about the case of Jackfruit is, it is listed for other types, so you know it is rated and thus a definite Gatherer neutral, not an "unknown" (unrated) food.  Double yay with some jackfruit on top!

There is a Vietnamese restaurant fairly near to my workplace, and I occasionally treat myself to lunch there.  They make a very nice jackfruit shake.  I'm a little scared that there may be cow's milk in it, but I employ a "don't ask, don't tell" policy because it is so good!  I should be more worried about added sweeteners, but anyway, I choose to tell myself that it is pure jackfruit.  Delish!

If there are Vietnamese restaurants near any of y'all, I think they often have this, as well as some other very interesting beverages, like Durian shake (I've yet to try this, and now that it is rated a toxin to avoid for me, I shan't.  ...Did I just use the word "shan't"?  WEIRD.  Anyway, I've heard that durian is wonderful, yet somehow stinks to high heaven, so I never wanted to bring it back to work with me *lol*.)

Anyway, let's bottom line this post:  jackfruit is delish!  And definitely neutral for Gatherers.  Can I get an "Amen!"?

Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Tuesday, January 22, 2008, 5:01pm; Reply: 4

Edna, I've heard from several Asians that jackfruit and durian are similar.  I've never eaten jackfruit, but I did once eat durian, and it was wonderful!  You have to be careful, though -- if you give it a sniff first, the way a person might do with any new food, you'll never have the nerve to put it into your mouth!  :o  Apparently, the same is true of jackfruit (though apparently putting some into a shake sort of neutralizes that aspect of it!).

Exercising my A-like tendency to be precise, Dr. D said that we could "feel free" to eat Neutrals, which is not quite the same thing as saying that they can be consumed freely.  There's a paragraph near the end of each "Meet the GenoTypes" section (Chapter Seven) where he recommends limiting Neutrals to 2-5 times weekly.  So -- no more three-jackfruit-shake lunches!
Posted by: Squirrel, Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 1:03am; Reply: 5
I bought some jackfruit yesterday. I think it's more like breadfruit than durian. I think it smells delicious - a strange sort of mix between ripe peaches and toffee. Very strong. It was on the worktop all the time I was cooking tea and it was calling me the whole time!

It's a deep caramel colour, and inside each "bulb" there's a slippery seed, a bit like an avocado seed. The flesh has a slightly rubbery chew, a little like squid if anyone's tried that, but very juicy.

And the inside of my mouth swelled up afterwards. Interesting. I'll have to finish the pack ;), so I'll see whether the rest of it does that to me. The dried sort doesn't, and that has palm oil in it which is an avoid (now).

Durian does indeed stink. It's actually banned by law on public transport and in hotel bedrooms here. There's a fine if you're caught - and oh boy, you would be caught! It smells like rotting meat, rotting fruit and methane all mixed in together. But it makes a lovely ice-cream I remember, and it does taste good. I can't explain how, but the closer it gets to your mouth, the less bad the smell is.

I'll get back to you on how my mouth reacted to the rest of the jackfruit...  ;D ;D ;D
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Wednesday, January 23, 2008, 6:34pm; Reply: 6

Maybe there's more than one type of jackfruit?  ??)  An audiologist friend of ours, who is from India, says that she really hates it when somebody comes to her for a hearing test right after eating jackfruit.  Apparently jackfruit breath is even worse than garlic breath!

I thought the durian smelled like an open sewer (which would be the methane smell that you mentioned)  Hubby thought it smelled more like really ripe gym socks.

Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Thursday, January 24, 2008, 3:45pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from Squirrel
I bought some jackfruit yesterday...a strange sort of mix between ripe peaches and toffee.

Squirrel, what a perfect description of jackfruit, you have captured it exactly!

I have been thinking about how to describe the flavor, and I got as far as "peaches", but there was something else, something I couldn't put my finger on...toffee:  yesssssssssssss!  You got it!

Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Thursday, January 24, 2008, 8:14pm; Reply: 8

The Durian, as I recall, was more like a very creamy, rich-flavored vanilla pudding.  Probably sort of fruity too.  (Next time, I'll try to stop moaning with ecstasy long enough to be more analytical.)

Bottom line: If you've got durian, who cares about bananas?!

Posted by: Squirrel, Friday, January 25, 2008, 3:22am; Reply: 9
And the verdict on jackfruit (for me) is ..... guilty.

I shared the last of my pack with friends yesterday lunch time. My mouth didn't swell as much as before and I thought "goodie". (So did they, because they hadn't had it before and loved it too.)

Then the reactions started. I got super-sensitive to things that haven't bothered me since I was a child. I washed my hands in cold water, and suddenly between my fingers started burning and itching frantically. I washed and dried them again properly and that helped a little. The sensation lasted about half an hour. I got stomach pains, the skin on my face came up in little bumps, and my feet developed tiny, very itchy blisters.

Today the skin between my fingers looks as though I've dipped my hands in flour - all dry and powdery. The rest of me feels back to normal. I'll give it another go at some point before we leave Singapore, but I think I'd better not have jackfruit again for a while.  :( Weird huh?

And for my next experiment...... dragon fruit?
Posted by: Schluggell, Friday, January 25, 2008, 1:45pm; Reply: 10
Jackfruit {Artocarpus heterophyllus - Moraceae}
Durian {Durio sp. - Malvaceae or Bombacaceae)}

We had a tiny thread on this topic last year.
Dr. D is very keen to Jackfruit as it possesses a beneficial lectin I think it was.
Here in UK I get the Jackfruit Seeds fresh at least. They cook up like Chestnuts...rinse the cooking water several times first, or you get stained like using Horse Chestnuts.
As for Durian I agree - Its like slimy pineapple marinated in the juice from your grandfathers best old socks.  :P

Also of note: Due to the new Genotype Diet: There are other fruits that are known as Durian {in South Pacific/Micronesia} due to the agreeable fragrance. The Rawel fruit, or whatever it is ....?
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