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Posted by: 24 (Guest), Monday, September 10, 2007, 3:21pm
What is the status of F.O.S. (Inulin Fiber) as far as the different blood types - I am specifically concerned with O and A.  I have three different types of Stevia:
1. SweetLeaf Stevia Plus - also has F.O.S. in packet

2. NuNaturals NuStevia which has Maltodextrin - I now know I can't have this

3. NuNaturals Alcohol Free Stevia (liquid form) - This also has vegetable glycerine. I was relieve to find out that I can hve that.

Posted by: Lola, Monday, September 10, 2007, 3:39pm; Reply: 1
inulin is found in artichokes, I believe.
It is considered a probiotic, supporting the growth of friendly
Posted by: Don, Monday, September 10, 2007, 4:26pm; Reply: 2
I read something once that made me a little concerned about synthetic sourced FOS such as is made in Japan. Therefore, I do think it is wise to check the source of the FOS in any product you are considering. I would look for a natural vegetable sourced FOS.

The FOS in Wisdom Natural SweetLeaf SteviaPlus is branded as Frutafit, which is made by Sensus.
Q: What are the beneficial vitamins and minerals in SteviaPlus?
A: The benefits of SteviaPlus« stem more from its fiber effect and by reducing the amount of sugars and artificial sweeteners consumed, thereby aiding in weight loss. Frutafit« Inulin (FOS) is a soluble fiber that dissolves completely in liquids. FOS can help support a healthy immune system, help maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy cholesterol level.

Q: What is the Inulin Fiber (FOS) used in SteviaPlus Fiber?
A: Inulin is a natural extract from chicory or other vegetables. It is a probiotic enhancer. It feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestines and is a natural fiber. Our FOS comes from Belgian endive.

Chicory and Endive are closely related.
Quoted from Wikipedia - Endive
Endives are part of the genus Cichorium, made up of bitter leaf vegetables. It is divided between Cichorium endivia and Cichorium intybus. The former includes Chicory, Belgian endive (witloof), Radicchio and Puntarelle. Endive is rich in many vitamins and minerals, especially in folate and vitamin A and K, and is high in fiber.

However, the Sensus website says Frutafit comes from chicory root.
Quoted from Sensus - Product Range - Properties
Inulin is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in over 36,000 plants, including common vegetables like artichokes, onions and garlic. Inulin is a polydisperse GFn molecule. It is built as a linear chain of fructose units by means of ▀(2-1) bonds, having one terminal glucose molecule.

This functional ingredient is extracted from chicory root by a physical process similar to that used in extracting sugar from sugar beets. Frutafit(R) inulin and Frutalose(R) inulin/fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are available in various varieties, with very specific performances.

Not that it is necessarily the same thing as the Frutafit inulin, but Typebase does have Chicory Roots and Endive.
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