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Posted by: 1345 (Guest), Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 10:02am
Hello all!!

I'm reading you by long time..and I love this forum!
I'm a nonnie too.. Iknow tht from last month, but only know i'm eating riht for my type...I feel really well ( 1 week)  even if I really love green I'm not so glad to avoid them :'(

see you soon dears...

p.s. Sportacus is my doughter's favorite TV program :)  (Lazy Town)
she is 3 yrs old

Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 10:04am; Reply: 1
Lazy town used to be my daughters favorite show as well
where you from ?
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 10:28am; Reply: 2
welcome dearle on this forum and a very loud (clap)(clap)(clap)(dance)(smarty) for your changements in eating habits, even to avoid your beloved green olives ;) :D.....
braaavooo ;D ;D
Posted by: Debra+, Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 12:06pm; Reply: 3
Welcome Sportacus to the forum and the BTD way of life.  Oh...look at that...another O nonnie to the bench.  Everyone slide over one.  ;)

Grren olives...yeah...what a shame to lose for taste, but great for health. ;)

Debra :)
Posted by: Becky, Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 3:57pm; Reply: 4
Welcome aboard Sportacus.  ;D I try to forget that olives exist......I just love them!!!
Nice to have another O Nonnie here in the clubhouse!   The people here are just wonderful, so if you have a question about anything, they will have the answer!

I think we need a longer bench !!
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 5:39pm; Reply: 5
p.s. sorry but if you'd like my latest blog ;D ;) about nonnies :D ;D ROYALS ;) ;D
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