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Posted by: 119 (Guest), Tuesday, August 21, 2007, 3:36am
Ok!  So now I am a non sectetor :o  Someone please give me a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It says that I can now have coconut, yay!  I love coconut. Can I also have coconut milk?  Gotta make ice-cream.  Can I use pear juice for sweetener?  How about pizza crust?  Looks like I'm off on a new adventure.(sunny)(dance) ;D
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, August 21, 2007, 3:53am; Reply: 1
only coconut oil, I believe, sorry!
check typebase!
join the club now!

you could try some nutflour cookies instead of using grain flour..
kamut is another option.
Posted by: 348 (Guest), Monday, August 27, 2007, 1:57pm; Reply: 2
Now where's the grand I was betting on? :)

Just got back results, took only one week via online, and not surprisingly am a nonnie. So now I can really get down to business and start looking forward to impoved health and possibly kiss my fibromyalgia good-bye!

Is there a concise list of all bennies and neutrals for o'nonnies?

And what about the tiers? I never understood how that works.

Do I have to again fetch the book from my library or can I find all the info I need somewhere on this site?

Posted by: Don, Monday, August 27, 2007, 2:41pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from diffy
Is there a concise list of all bennies and neutrals for o'nonnies?

And what about the tiers? I never understood how that works.

Do I have to again fetch the book from my library or can I find all the info I need somewhere on this site?

The lists are in the books, but the information is in Typebase.

The Tiers do not apply to non-secretors, just use the food values as indicated.

Posted by: Becky, Monday, August 27, 2007, 3:00pm; Reply: 4
Also, wouldn't hurt to get an O Nonnie card, but do it over the phone.  I just run around scribbling on my books.  I'll try to find a few posted lists here too for you.

Welcome to the club Diffy !!  
Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Monday, August 27, 2007, 3:11pm; Reply: 5
Quoted from diffy
Now where's the grand I was betting on? :)

Just got back results, took only one week via online, and not surprisingly am a nonnie. So now I can really get down to business and start looking forward to impoved health and possibly kiss my fibromyalgia good-bye!

Is there a concise list of all bennies and neutrals for o'nonnies?

And what about the tiers? I never understood how that works.

Do I have to again fetch the book from my library or can I find all the info I need somewhere on this site?

First of all, forget the tiers, they do not apply to nonnies.*  Secondly, yay:  yes there is a concise list of all the beneficials, neutrals and avoids for non-secretors.  In fact, it is only in Dr. D.'s first book on the BTD (ER4YT) is the diet not refined to show the non-secretor food values.  So if you refer to "Live Right for Your Type" (LR4YT) or any of the later books, the nonnie values are in there!*

Also, right on this site in Typebase4, the non-secretor values are listed.*

Welcome to the Royal Order of Nonnies, Diffy!  I shall greet you with the password from the Royal Order of Water Buffalo (from The Flintstones):

Ack ack a dack, dack dack a ack!   :D

You have now been officially welcomed!   ;D

* edited to add:  props to Don, I just noticed he said that first in this thread.
Posted by: Debra+, Monday, August 27, 2007, 7:04pm; Reply: 6
Hey diffy...Welcome.  And I see you have been greeted warmly to the nonnie club and already have a seat with us.     The typebase (for food values)at the top of this page is the most updated along with Live Right, but I would agree getting a nonnie wallet card from NAP is your best bet.  Maybe even two or three to tuck in here and there.  As stated above...the tier system does not apply to us.   Less hassle. ;)   Try and stay away from as many grains as possible...even the good ones until you can figure out which ones effect you. Ron-O-Non states are our poisons.

Again...welcome and don't forget to visit the nonnie clubhouse threads. ;)

Debra :)
Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Monday, August 27, 2007, 7:50pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from diffy
Thank you all for your warm welcomes! If I don't have the book home is there anywhere online I can find the list of bennies and neutrals? What's the food value thing you're talking about?

"Food value" just refers to the BTD classification system that you are familiar with of beneficial, neutral, or avoid, which are "values" that can be assigned to a particular food.

When on line, the way to find out a food's value/status as beneficial, neutral or avoid is to click on the specific food you are wondering about in the Typebase database on this site.  There you will find the most up-to-date "values" for each food.

Has this helped or totally confused ya?   :D :K)

Posted by: 348 (Guest), Monday, August 27, 2007, 10:22pm; Reply: 8
Has helped!

Those wallet cards you're talking about...I could use one right around now! Is there a copy of it lying around online, by any chance? It'll take me a while to get the book from the library or the wallet card from Nap.
Posted by: OSuzanna, Monday, August 27, 2007, 11:27pm; Reply: 9
The wallet card is only like 5 bucks or so, and I love mine. Actually doesn't take up as much room in my wallet as my good-fer-nuthin' credit cards!
Getting the card - you'd have it in a few days, less than a week, AND it's laminated to last 4-ever. Comes in ever so handy at restaurants & grocery & health-food stores....
It takes up a lot less room than the lists I used to carry around...
How did I get this far and forget/not know that the tiers don't apply to moi? ::)
Hey, Nonnie nonnie!
Posted by: Curious, Friday, October 12, 2007, 7:59am; Reply: 10
I finally got my test results today and it turns out that I am a non-secretor. I had suspected it - but hoped that I was a secretor. Now I'll go and buy 5 kg of avocados tomorrow and eat them all in one go [lol].
From what I have read it seems that non-secretors are much more vulnerable to illnesses. Are there any advantages of being a non-secretor?  ??)
Posted by: Ronagon (Guest), Friday, October 12, 2007, 10:34am; Reply: 11
O-nonnies don't have the problems with very thin blood like regular O's do.  
Posted by: Howard, Friday, October 12, 2007, 11:48am; Reply: 12
We tend to be better looking, smarter, wittier, more popular at parties...and quite delusional!

Actually, I believe that we just eat different foods, but have heard in some places that we are more vulnerable to auto-immune diseases. Hope I am wrong in this although I suffer from two in my life.
Posted by: 1206 (Guest), Friday, October 12, 2007, 12:28pm; Reply: 13
Laughing at Howard!

Curious, it is wonderful that you found out your status. I think that just knowing this is such an advantage. I have never felt better since following the non sec. guidelines. I prefer to think like Tomatilla, that we are Royal and thus quit a sensitive group......and a touch delusional...
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Friday, October 12, 2007, 1:08pm; Reply: 14


In my practice I have a family consisting of 2 NON-secretors, mother type Ononnie, and the father type Anonnie.
They have 4 children: 2 A non-secretors and 1 Ononsecretor and 1 A-SECRETOR!!!
The whole family sent in their salivatests... and this was the result..  :o

I just gathered that if both parents tested NONNIES that all the offspring is supposed to be nonnie as well.. How can it be that one kid is Secretor??
I am puzzled... Is perhaps the double Lewis negative involved here???

Hope anyone has an explanation..

Cocky 8)

Posted by: jayneeo, Friday, October 12, 2007, 4:14pm; Reply: 15
but lets not shake up a whole family....
Posted by: OSuzanna, Friday, October 12, 2007, 9:40pm; Reply: 16
I've been learning about young red wines (thank you, exj-j) and back to enjoying avocados....
I was really shocked to see I was a nonnie, but eventually embraced it
The more I stick to the O nonnie diet the better I feel!
Enjoy your new warm seat!
Posted by: Victoria, Friday, October 12, 2007, 9:55pm; Reply: 17
Quoted from Curious

From what I have read it seems that non-secretors are much more vulnerable to illnesses. Are there any advantages of being a non-secretor?  ??)

Hi Curious, and welcome to the club!   :K)  I have an answer to your question, and perhaps it only relates to me (but I don't think so):

Since we non-secretors are more sensitive to avoids, usually reacting more quickly and negatively to them, we can become extremely motivated to adhere to our blood type program.  This compliancy quickly can shift the scales in our favor, thus allowing us to by-pass many of the health problems that nonnies can be susceptible to.

I followed the BTD for several years before I had my saliva tested.  So I ate as a secretor.  I did experience some benefits, but not like I do now, of course.  When I thought I was a secretor, I was much more loose about interpreting how I defined compliant.  I ate more neutrals than I do now, and fewer beneficials.  I also was willing to eat several avoids each week.  I have changed my approach greatly!

I eat virtually no avoids now, and my meals are mostly beneficials (75%), with neutrals being eaten just for additional nutritional value and variety.  The way my health has stabilized, and my immune system has become dependable, are signs to me that being a non-secretor has given me the reality check to really work the program in a way that I never did (as a secretor).  :-)  
Posted by: Curious, Saturday, October 13, 2007, 1:38am; Reply: 18
Quoted from Howard
We tend to be better looking, smarter, wittier, more popular at parties...

I really like that one! Thanks everyone for your warm welcome :K)
Victoria, it is interesting that you say that we are more sensitive to avoids and react more quickly and negatively to them. A few days ago (when I did not have my results) I bought some organic sheep milk yoghurt and ate about 2 tablespoon in the evening. I had no reaction the next day and thought, that maybe, I am a secretor after all. The next evening I ate 3 tablespoon of the sheep milk yoghurt. I awoke the next morning with severe stomach/bowel cramps. It was so bad, I only had some papaya for breakfast. By lunchtime I was better and had some chicken curry which some friends had made for me (no avoids in that) and at dinner I had some pineapple because I still did not feel like eating much. The following day I was fine.
This reaction showed me how important it is to avoid the avoids!  :)
Posted by: Ronagon (Guest), Saturday, October 13, 2007, 3:36am; Reply: 19
If both parents are truly non-secretors and the gene is recessive, well, the only way that a child could possess a secretor gene that neither parent has to give is...

...Do I really have to come out and say it?  

(I'm just glad that these things don't just happen to me.)
Posted by: Becky, Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 5:45am; Reply: 20
Curious, welcome to the clubhouse!  And we are all of the lovely things Howard has said about us.  And yes, the advantages of being a nonnie are eating more red meat  :o.

I too have heard that we are especially vulnerably to auto-immune diseases.  And I probably have one myself, just not officially diagnosed.

However, when I go to the store for food, I still walk by the soy milk and say UMMMM, that sounds good.  Then I remember I am of Royal blood and say.....OOPS, nevermind.

Anyway it is nice to have you here....I am off to the lumber store to build more benches and make our table bigger!!
Posted by: Vicki, Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 2:08pm; Reply: 21
The salivary secretor test is 95% accurate.  I would contact the lab for retesting prior to suggesting a different father or hospital mixup (another good reason to avoid the hospital :) ).  

Posted by: Mastre, Friday, November 2, 2007, 1:03pm; Reply: 22
I just viewed my test result on the web. Didnt think I would be surprised if I turned out to be a non-secretor, but it still brought on a strong emotion. It makes so much sense! A history of dental problems, yeast infections, allergy...Sensory issues which I recently learned are common with nonnies. I wonder how my autism connects to this; have a strong feeling it does in some way.

My daughter seem to have inherited a lot of traits, including the above problems, from me, so I need to have her secretor status tested as well. However having her drool 3 ml clear liquid into a test tube is not realistic right now. I will have to work with the safe foods and see how she reacts.
Posted by: 521 (Guest), Friday, November 2, 2007, 2:18pm; Reply: 23

I'm currently of the line of thinking that the biggest part of being a non-secretor is that, since your body doesn't use dietary carbohydrates to mass-produce the carbohydrate chains that are secreted blood type antigens, that it doesn't have nearly the use for the levels of dietary carbs that a secretor's body does.

For the most part, you can avoid most of the major difficulties that are associated with being a nonnie by realizing this and getting most of your required energy from animal proteins, fats, and vegetable sources.
Posted by: Lola, Friday, November 2, 2007, 3:55pm; Reply: 24
knowledge is power!! ;D

I have successfully converted two allergologists, both owners of genetic labs, one in Croatia and the other in Spain.
they both have implemented the secretor testing in their labs now, and both turned up being non secretors!!! ;D

Dr D has had the ball on his side of the court for so long now......and the best is yet to come!!(clap)
Posted by: Captain_Janeway, Friday, November 2, 2007, 10:19pm; Reply: 25
Quoted from Lola
knowledge is power!! ;D

I have successfully converted two allergologists, both owners of genetic labs, one in Croatia and the other in Spain.
they both have implemented the secretor testing in their labs now, and both turned up being non secretors!!! ;D

Dr D has had the ball on his side of the court for so long now......and the best is yet to come!!(clap)

I hope you can do the same with US labs. A PCR based test has the capability to determine secretor genotype. In at least one PubMed study, it was actually the homozygous secretor and NOT the non-secretor who has significantly higher levels of factor VIII and VonWillebrand factor antigen. This fact was observed among both group O and group A volunteers.
Posted by: Ribbit, Friday, November 2, 2007, 11:23pm; Reply: 26
I just posted on another thread....I wonder how many people with autism are nonnies?
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, November 3, 2007, 4:17am; Reply: 27
Quoted Text
hope you can do the same with US labs.

I do not go around telling labs what to do!! lol

this particular situation happened for a reason, I believe.....
swiftly, with no pressure whatsoever!
it was a friendly dinner among my hubs colleges.....during an anti aging congress where he was invited to assist as professor.

nothing planned all spontaneous......that is precisely the way I enjoy things to happen. ;)

they might in turn spread the word among their colleagues as least I hope they do!
Posted by: Mastre, Sunday, November 4, 2007, 8:33am; Reply: 28

I keep wondering the same thing. Would love to see statistics done on this. Remember, there are a number of autistic kids whose symptoms improve when their diet is changed. And there is a genetic component to autism.
Posted by: Ribbit, Monday, November 5, 2007, 2:08pm; Reply: 29
I went to an ATO conference (Autism Treatment Options) in N.C. a few years ago when I was working with children with autism.  I'd  already gone wheat- and dairy-free myself by that time and could see the huge change in myself, that when all these doctors got up and were telling about how they're helping children just by changing their diets, I could vouch for it myself.  I think my brain started working after I went wheat-free.  Before I was just a jumbled mess of voices, music, "white noise" and general fog punctuated vividly by pain.  I'm thankful that for the most part it's changed.  

Mastre, can I ask you, off-topic, how you cope with the stress of everyday life with a child?  I suppose I have more noise than you, with three young children running around.  But it's a struggle hour by hour to stay on top of things and not want to cover my ears and run hide from all the noise.  People say I run my house in a very structured and organized manner, but I feel like it's utter chaos.  My brain is wired differently from most, and being "on the spectrum as well" (though not noticeably to most everybody), it can be a challenge to raise children.  Can you help?
Posted by: Squirrel, Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 3:19am; Reply: 30
I'm reading a lot of threads saying folks have just discovered they're non-secretors, and I nearly didn't post this, but everyone's had such amazing welcomes that I had to.

So the results came in yesterday, and both my husband and I are nonnies (what are the chances of that?) He's A and I'm O, so he comes bouncing in from work last night with a list of new foods he wants for tea, and I've spent the day crying over the loss of all my favourites. On top of the loss of all my favourite avoids when I started this diet in January.  ::) The addition of avocado did not make up for losing feta, mozzarella, soy milk, spelt, buckwheat, sugar, anchovies, chick peas, broad beans, oats, tofu, apples, apricots, dates, cinnamon and canola oil!

I went stomping out to the shops in resentment to buy yet more crazily expensive food, thinking why can't I be "normal" and eat what I want without any ill-effects?????

I feel better today, more positive. But I do have some questions.

The only sweeteners left seem to be molasses and vegetable glycerine (eta: and agave syrup), none of which anyone in Singapore seems to have heard of. Are they known by any other names?

What do O-nonnies do for flavouring? I used to use a lot of Tamari, but now that's out. There only seem to be salt, herbs and spices left.

How do O-nonnies make gravies without flour or flavouring? Or sauces without milk/soy milk?

The CR4YT doesn't seem to cater for nonnies. Has anyone got any good advice for how to stop dreading meal-times??!!

Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 3:41am; Reply: 31
that is great news!
nothing better than knowing about your individuality! ;)

arrowroot or any compliant grain flour will do....

vegetable glycerine and agave nectar as well as molasses....

VG you could find at a pharmacy......that s where I get mine here in Mex.....
Posted by: Curious, Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 3:44am; Reply: 32
Welcome to the nonnie-club, Squirrel. I can share your frustration, I felt the same when I found out that I was a nonnie. I have adjusted in the meantime and it was not as difficult as I had thought.
For flour, I use rice flour, millet flour, amaranth flour or quinoa flour. I buy the amaranth as flour, but make the others myself.
I used to use quite a bit of tamari, but have since substituted it with my home-grown herbs. I also use a hand-harvested sea-salt imported from France which is very expensive, but which gives the food a subtle flavour.
As for sweeteners, I have not used any for a while, because I thought agave syrup was not available in Australia. However, after asking around, I found out that it is available so I bought a bottle - have not used it much though. One thing which I have used for sweetener is as follows: soak dried figs overnight in some water and use the fig-water as a sweetener. The soaked figs are delicious as well.
Again, welcome to the club! (sunny)
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 3:49am; Reply: 33
do the same with pears.... ;)
Posted by: Amazone I., Wednesday, November 7, 2007, 11:31am; Reply: 34
woooohoooo all the best to you both and a very warm welcome in our royal club ;) :K) (dance)(clap)(clap)(dance)(smarty)(sunny)(woot)(woot)(woot)LOL

hey Madl, it's amazing how you life will change when eating compliantly to our *royal sursprise meals* ;) ;D (woot)(think)(smarty)
but after a while, I am more then persuaded today, we all recognized whithin days a biiig changements and amelioration
and you are going to feel (woot)(woot)(woot)(smarty)likewise ;) ;D :D .....congrats for 2x non-sechi's :D
Posted by: Squirrel, Thursday, November 8, 2007, 1:11pm; Reply: 35
Thanks everyone!

Just been out and found blackstrap molasses and agave syrup and rye flour, AND we've bought a bread maker and a mini-blender-thingie. Let the games begin!

I suppose you could soak any compliant dried fruit for the sweetness. I never thought of that. Just one thing though, O-nonnies aren't supposed to have fructose either, which is the stuff that makes fruit sweet isn't it? I'm guessing that the fructose avoid on the database is the refined sort? Otherwise we wouldn't be able to have any sweet fruit at all....?
Posted by: mattamal, Thursday, November 8, 2007, 8:08pm; Reply: 36
The is the first message ever for me well on this site.  I'm an o-non so I'm well aware of the changes needed to be made. As far as the fructose in fruit the fiber, phytochemicals vitamins etc I believe are balancing the negative effects. Pure sweeteners trigger candida and the like becaouse it is what they feed on.  O nons are susceptable to candidaisis.
Posted by: Squirrel, Friday, November 9, 2007, 2:16am; Reply: 37
Welcome Mattamal!

Oh that's good, so I can still eat my nuts'n'raisins for my evening munchies in front of the telly.

You're right about the candidiasis. I was diagnosed with asymptomatic candidiasis, probably long term, at the beginning of this year. I had nearly 3 months with no wheat, fermented products, dairy or sugar (apart from the odd pineapple or watermelon) and that blatted it. I've been back on the fruit ever since, and I'm getting tested again at the beginning of the year. Because I don't get any symptoms, I feel I need to get checked out every now and then to make sure I'm still "clean".

Did you know you can go to the Member Centre and add your O-non avatar?
Posted by: Crimson, Friday, March 7, 2008, 8:12pm; Reply: 38
Surprised and not so surprised.
I am happy to know that this is likely what my body has been trying to tell me. And kind of sad to see soy milk go for good.
Along with a few others.
Happy to know that my following the non secreter diet for the past couple of weeks and feeling better is NOT all in my head.
Now to change that secreter status.... ^_^
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Friday, March 7, 2008, 10:06pm; Reply: 39
There are a few foods like avocados that secretors can't eat, so enjoy.
There should be more folks along to support you here.

What part of WV are you from? I went to a small school 6 miles N of Beckley(near Bradley) 1968-71. The people in WV are nice, but the weather is depressing much of the year!
Sea Salt & Light,
Mrs "T"    O+ [probably a nonnie & probably a gatherer on GTD]
Posted by: Crimson, Saturday, March 8, 2008, 12:47am; Reply: 40
Thank you.
I'm in Keyser. It's in the eastern panhandle. Right on the boarder of MD. I enjoy it well enough. The land here has an energy to it... wonderful energy.
I had my first avacodo EVER yesterday. It's a refreshing taste.
I've been adjusting to the nonnie diet for the last couple of weeks.
I've been on the O diet for near two years. I was doing quite well.
Then I decided to cut sugar and certain carbs from my diet. (This was most of my rice bread, sugar of most types and soy...that was a flighty decision...just to see if I can thing)
I did that for a week, went back to eating my normal O diet and my body seemed to just crash. It was reacting to EVERYTHING. I was a mess. Not just the avoids EVERYTHING effected me. Ofcourse that was the compliant O secreter foods....
I came on here and read most of the nonnie posts, ordered the test and now here I am. A nonnie. It's still sinking in.
Posted by: Debra+, Saturday, March 8, 2008, 2:03pm; Reply: 41
Crimson...welcome to the nonnie club.  Sit right down and enjoy the company.  Any questions you have just ask away.  Someone will come along to help you out. :D

Debra :)
Posted by: 1328 (Guest), Saturday, March 8, 2008, 7:13pm; Reply: 42
Horray!  Welcome to the nonnie Clan!!  I was surprised, too, that I was a nonnie.  It really put the peices together why certain foods that were listed bennies were actually disagreeing with me!!
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Sunday, March 9, 2008, 3:03pm; Reply: 43
Welcome again! I'm glad it's working so well & you are seeing results so fast! I also glad you didn't just give it up & think it's quackery.
About 3 years ago, I heard of a town called Ranson, WV & found it is at the edge of the panhandle. It seems that several health oriented groups mail their literature from there. Is there more of a health interest in your area?
Again, welcome to the board & I hope you post regularly.
We have some fun people here, esp. Peppermint Twist!!!!!
Mrs "T"   O+  
Posted by: Crimson, Monday, March 10, 2008, 1:18am; Reply: 44
I thank you as well!
I swear this town is two hours away from EVERYTHING. hah
I'm not sure that people are any more or less health oriented here than anywhere else. I know that our grandmothers still tell us to use this and that home remedy. Onions for example will kick bronchitis out in no time! *it does work*
I would LIKE to think that having more contact with nature would help people here to know that the earth does supply what your body needs far better than any man made medicine. *my humble opinion* And that may be why people who think this way are drawn to WV. If anything it is abundant in nature.
Then again, most of the people that I encounter are not exactly normal... Law of attraction, you know. ^_^
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