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Posted by: 296 (Guest), Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 5:13am
Okay:  I've already searched this board for "mustard" and looked at a couple of mustard links, only to find that the Colman's recipe website doesn't give you standard measurements, only percentages (!!!), and a website with what appears to be a gazillion mustard recipes really doesn't even have one single recipe for making homemade prepared mustard.

The Typebase doesn't have a prepared mustard recipe either.   :-/

So if anyone has a homemade mustard recipe, will you please post it?  Regular yellow mustard, like the kind you put on hot dogs.  Not hot, or Dijon, or brown, or with horseradish....just plain ol' yellow mustard.  I have a little can of Colman's mustard flour, to start.

Cheri in Texas
craving mustard for my bison-burgers
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 5:15am; Reply: 1
just add olive oil, lemon juice and spices......
enough to get the right biggie!!

add agave nectar to that and even make honey mustard sauce!!
Posted by: Vicki, Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 6:26am; Reply: 2
I got the treat of watching how they make mustard on How It's Made.  They do ferment the mustard.  They also use heat.  In order to get the consistency of store bought mustard, you may need to do quite a bit of research!  I haven't had the time yet!

Posted by: Vicki, Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 6:31am; Reply: 3
The mustard episode of How It's Made will show again in the US on August 17th and 18th.  
Posted by: Don, Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 2:41pm; Reply: 4
Type O secretors can use apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice if they want.

You can also buy commercial mustards made with apple cider vinegar. You should be able to find these at HFS.
Posted by: Brighid45, Tuesday, August 14, 2007, 10:53pm; Reply: 5
Dragonsgold, go here:

This is an archived blog entry on mustard with several recipes included. Enjoy :)
Posted by: zola, Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 12:22am; Reply: 6
My indian cookbook says to lightly roast the mustard seeds before grinding to get the full flavor & heat out of them. I have found this to be true - And it's fun to watch them pop (have a lid handy !)
Posted by: 296 (Guest), Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 12:24am; Reply: 7
Quoted from ironwood55

You can also buy commercial mustards made with apple cider vinegar. You should be able to find these at HFS.

I did find a compliant mustard, once, recently at the discount HFS in my area.  Went back for more and they didn't have any.  Stupidly, I threw away the bottle and don't remember what company made it!  But I loved it and was willing to pay full retail, so off I went to all the other local HFS's in my area, looking.  And didn't find it again.  *sigh*  So that's why I'd like a homemade recipe.  

I don't know if anyone else is like this, but since starting the type-O diet, there are some foods I really have come to enjoy more, and some that have become a staple in my diet that weren't before.  Type-O compliant mustard is my new dipping sauce for beef or bison burgers.
Posted by: 296 (Guest), Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 12:30am; Reply: 8
Thank you Brighid!   :K)  That link is a great start.  Thanks!!!

Cheri in Texas
Posted by: Brighid45, Wednesday, August 15, 2007, 10:33am; Reply: 9
You're welcome :) If you do a google search for mustard recipes, you'll find plenty to keep you occupied.

Zola, I've never toasted the mustard seeds first--thanks for the idea! Can't wait to give that a try :)
Posted by: 296 (Guest), Thursday, August 23, 2007, 9:43pm; Reply: 10
Just tried out the Colman's mustard.  Put some of the mustard flour in a small container, mixed it with a bit of water, let it sit for about 10 minutes for the oil to activate; then, dipped in just the tip of a finger.....and OH MY it was hot!  Spicy, spicy, horseradishy-hot.  Hated it.  But, I recall something about the sharpness of mustard breaks down over time and with exposure to air.  So I'm letting my little container sit out in the hopes that it will mellow.
Posted by: Lola, Friday, August 24, 2007, 4:53am; Reply: 11
'some like it hot'! lol
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