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Posted by: Azure Agony, Friday, June 29, 2007, 8:34pm
Hi all,
I'm talking out aloud, as always I'll be grateful for your feedback.

Any O's here who adhere to the portions ?, e.g. I think its 1 - 6 portions per week of carb rich foods like rice or rye? I tried this briefly the other week and I was flagging before long. I stick to the neutrals and beneficials but have no portion limits, I try to be sensible of course.

I was thinking about trying this again since although the neutral grains are ok to have I realize that us O's do best on little of these rich carbs. So, I thought how about having high essential fatty acids - like flaxseed / olive oil / humus etc. However, trying to have even a medium level of these E.F.A's (with) neutral grains leaves me a little to heavy for my liking, the worst of the bulk goes but there's still some left. That's why I reason having high fats so that one's body can be programmed to burn fat better. Some tri-athletes use this method and have low carbs but very high efa's. What do you think?
One interesting point I noticed is that even if I have say a douple portion (1 cup instead of half) of oats for breakfast with say a soya yoghurt for protein with some rice dream I still get hungry with the extra carbs. I was having fruit as inbetween meal snacks but as I'm dealing with something bacterial / fungal (possibley candida) I can't really have fruit at the moment, at least for a little while anyway. I'm therefore looking for another snack food that fits in ?

Here's how it looks in a meal form (example) : (all foods are based on portion sizes as advised)

Breakfast : oats + soya yog

snack : (was fruit)

lunch : tofu + toasted rye bread + condiment / some veg / salad (I eat at least 5 portions a day of veg)

snack : (was fruit)

dinner : chicken (roasted but no skin) + veg. Tend not to have carbs with animal protein, though I usually do with veggie protein like soya, there's only so far I am willing to food combine at the moment, always watching the clock does my head in.
I do however keep my drinks mainly free from meal times, this has helped, I recommend it.

If you can digest that lot I'd be grateful for answers to the main points.

Warmest wishes,
Posted by: mikeo, Friday, June 29, 2007, 10:25pm; Reply: 1
looks more like an A menu..sorry..what's with all the tofu and soy...there are better protein sources for you
Posted by: Don, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 12:43am; Reply: 2
Quoted from Azure_Agony
Any O's here who adhere to the portions ?

Yes, the frequency recommendations are an important part of the diet, although not as important as following the food value recommendations. However, that does not mean that you can't fine tune the serving size or frequencies slightly to adjust to your individuality.

The diet example you posted does not look like a type O diet. As Mike stated it looks like a type A diet with its plentiful use of soy and grains.

I eat animal sourced protein with almost every meal, 3 times a day 7 days a week. My protein in order of frequency is red meat, fish, eggs, poultry. I eat less then one serving of grains a day. I only occasionally have beans/legume with some weeks zero and other weeks a few servings of mainly the beneficial or super beneficial beans.

The other thing is I eat lots of vegetables, particularly green leafy vegetables, with every meal.
Posted by: OSuzanna, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 2:27am; Reply: 3
Looks like ya need more meat in that ther' menu!! IMHO
Posted by: ieatmeatnlikeit, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 2:38am; Reply: 4
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
_Pink Floyd ,The Wall
Posted by: Azure Agony, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 9:17pm; Reply: 5
Pink Floyd, my favourite group of all time. - I did laugh when I read that.

I'm gonna give more meat an extra go and far less grains, just half to one portion per day max instead of the 2 - 3 I have been having. I'll keep the fats (healthy ones) reasonabley high and see how it goes.

Any O's ever had issues at all with any supplements, vitamin C for example.

One last thing, what are Lima beans - the equivalent in (uk) english please, eg you say zuchini - I say courgette, lol.

Thanks for the replies people. Good Health.
Posted by: Debra+, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 9:52pm; Reply: 6
Quoted from ieatmeatnlikeit
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
_Pink Floyd ,The Wall

;D ;D


I'm Popeye the Sailor Man,
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.
I'm strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach.
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

Where are your veggies??...especailly your greens.

Debra :)

Posted by: Drea, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 10:02pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from Azure_Agony
eg you say zuchini - I say courgette, lol.

Thank you, Azure Agony! I've been wondering what a courgette is.  :D
Posted by: Azure Agony, Saturday, June 30, 2007, 11:32pm; Reply: 8
I eat at least 5 portions a day of veg and normally when fruits are in I eat at least 3 pieces.
Posted by: Don, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 12:37am; Reply: 9
Quoted from Azure_Agony
Any O's ever had issues at all with any supplements, vitamin C for example.

Dr. D does not recommend ascorbic acid for anyone. Instead try using rose hips, acerola cherry, or other natural sources of vitamin C.

You can also eat more foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as eating more red peppers.

Posted by: Victoria, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 3:00am; Reply: 10
Oatmeal is a grain that has always left me starving a short time later.  It seems to mess up my blood sugar level, so I no longer eat it.  Eaten first thing in the a.m. may be setting you up for blood sugar swings throughout the day.

If you want to have a high carb meal, I would suggest switching your meals around to have a high protein breakfast with meat and/or eggs, a well balanced meat/fish/vegetable lunch and have your carbs in the evening.
Posted by: Azure Agony, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 6:48pm; Reply: 11
Hi and thanks for all your replies, much appreciated.

I avoid the red flags and avoids as much as humanly possible but what I would like to know is if an avoid (not a red flag) was present in a food would you still not have it ? -  no matter how small? For example, rice dream has sunflower oil in. Humus sometimes has sunflower oil in, a tiny amount. In fact I think I can remember Dr.D suggesting that situations like these are ok in tiny amounts. If I do get rid of this then I don't know what I'd replace it with, soya milk I do not like, lol.

Many thanks.

Posted by: Brighid45, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 7:58pm; Reply: 12
As far as avoids go, I don't mind a small amount of one avoid--such as sunflower oil--in a product, but I'll limit myself to one avoid in one product per meal. In other words, I might have some rice milk with sunflower oil in it, but I wouldn't have it with granola made with cashews. :)

It sounds to me like you're coming off a vegetarian diet. For Os who have been eating veggie, moving to animal protein sources is often difficult. I'd say first off, take it one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself. You're doing a great thing by finding the foods that are best for your type.

I would suggest you try making some beef veggie soup to begin with--or if the weather is too hot for soup, how about some thin slices of beef in your salad along with beneficial veggies? (Hard-boiled eggs are a nice accompaniment.) I've found that small amounts of good quality lean red meat with greens, either lettuce or collards/kale/chard, is one of the best combinations for healing, strength and general fitness.

Hope this helps--please keep up the good work.  :)
Posted by: Debra+, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 8:34pm; Reply: 13
Quoted from Azure_Agony
I eat at least 5 portions a day of veg and normally when fruits are in I eat at least 3 pieces.

Sa' right.  You didn't mention veggies in your first post of this thread. ;)

Debra :)
Posted by: Drea, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 10:42pm; Reply: 14
Quoted from Azure_Agony
some veg / salad (I eat at least 5 portions a day of veg)

Debra, actually, he did mention it... ;)
Posted by: Debra+, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 11:16pm; Reply: 15
Quoted from outdoordrea

Debra, actually, he did mention it... ;)

Ah mistake.  :B

Debra :)
Posted by: Azure Agony, Sunday, July 1, 2007, 11:31pm; Reply: 16
Thanks for your help and opinions, will be back I'm sure :D
Posted by: Drea, Monday, July 2, 2007, 1:12am; Reply: 17
Quoted from Azure_Agony
... will be back I'm sure :D

Come back as often as you like!  :D
Posted by: ieatmeatnlikeit, Monday, July 2, 2007, 2:15am; Reply: 18
Don't forget All that meat and No potatoes.
On the vitamin _C_ note I was shocked to learn here  not so recently about  ascorbic acid vitamin _C_ being derived from Corn...There is so much to learn about how things we take for granted are just packed with avoids. The rice dream avoid problem oil: Safflower oil would be solved if I would just bite the bullet and make my own already. It sounds so easy and yet have I done it? No sadly. When I get around to it I was going to try good old olive oil just to see if that would fly. Has anyone tried that. Is an oill even really needed. I suppose it's for texture somehow. Another thing I've been goofing with is simmering soy milk down to make -A- compliant half-n-half substitute for my dear ones required morning jolt. With a bit of honey it almost works if you suspend dairy hopes!
Posted by: Drea, Monday, July 2, 2007, 2:41am; Reply: 19
Quoted from ieatmeatnlikeit
Is an oil even really needed?

I drink soy milk and almond milk without oils, so my thought is why put them in there???!
Posted by: carmen, Monday, July 2, 2007, 3:21am; Reply: 20
Vit C - ascorbic acid would give me raging headaches, yet I knew Vit C was needed for this O, even preBTD. Having no problems with calcium/magnesium/potassium ascorbate blend etc. It's only a bit dearer than the ascorbic acid, and easier to find than unadulterated rosehip or acerola supplements. Quality Vits B might be good (stress etc) for you too - or lots of nutritional yeast, and additional magnesium perhaps.

Posted by: Azure Agony, Wednesday, July 4, 2007, 9:12pm; Reply: 21
Hello again folks,

I take ester - C or low acid C with two high strength multivit/mins a day. This way I can avoid the need to 'have' to buy some extra stuff like B vits and Zinc which my body likes. I may turn to the official O supps from Dr.D at some point but money is well tight at the moment but it will come. I take a few others but mainly I'm just using up a few old things that I've had for a while and also a few freebies, it help when you work in a health food store :)

Could someone let me know what the english equivalent to a lima bean is ? Not sure what they are.

I've only been finding the O diet quite enjoyable, the reduction of carbs seems to be having its effect on my fat storage which I certainly don't mind. I had three of my weekly quota of six eggs the other day and it was lovely. I'm starting at the easy most plentiful end in terms of portions per week so I just eat lots of the right stuff.

Many thanks as always and keep well all :D

Posted by: Lola, Thursday, July 5, 2007, 12:39am; Reply: 22
lima bean (Phaseolus limensis) .......ask around or do a search using the latin name.
Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Thursday, July 5, 2007, 9:02am; Reply: 23
Limabean = butterbean :-)
In uk I never seen them other than the mature seeds-while I understand you get them also as immature sedds in US ?!
Posted by: accidental_chef, Thursday, July 5, 2007, 10:25am; Reply: 24
Quoted from Azure_Agony

Could someone let me know what the english equivalent to a lima bean is ? Not sure what they are.Steve

Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Thursday, July 5, 2007, 10:39am; Reply: 25
Since the above mention webpage is a bit confusing:

I c/p a bit from it:

lLima bean = butter bean  
= Madagascar bean = wax bean  Pronunciation:  LIE-muh  
Notes:   With their buttery flavor, lima beans are great in soups or stews, or on their own as a side dish.  
The most popular varieties are the small baby lima bean = sieva bean and the larger Fordhooks.  
You can get limas fresh in their pods in the summer, but many people prefer to use dried lima beans.  Shelled frozen limas are a good substitute for fresh, but canned limas aren't nearly as good.  The biggest downside is that lima beans are harder to digest than other beans.   Substitutes:   fresh lima beans OR fava beans (more flavorful) OR soybeans

I donīt agree with the suggestion that limabeans could be substituted with favabean or soybean they have a compleetely different texture and flavour !
And I donīt find them harder to digest than pther beans- but then again they are benficials for me.....;-D
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