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Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Sunday, June 17, 2007, 11:59pm
Hey anybody have a salmon pattie recipe that is compliant with A and O?

I couldn't find one in the Recipe Index.  

Found a great looking sardine pattie recipe however!    :P
Posted by: ABJoe, Monday, June 18, 2007, 1:22am; Reply: 1
Just substitute the desired fish...  You may need to add or subtract a "thickener" depending on the moistness fo the fish...  
Posted by: Lola, Monday, June 18, 2007, 2:58am; Reply: 2
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Salmon Patties:
1 Can salmon (with juice from can reserved for use in gravy)
1 egg
approx. 1/8+ cup millet flour
approx. 1/8 cup sweet rice flour
1/8 tsp. salt
Mix all together, form patties and cook on griddle, reduce heat to low after browned on both sides, to cook through.
Posted by: 1323 (Guest), Monday, June 18, 2007, 2:20pm; Reply: 3
Thanks All!!! Yummm!
Posted by: italybound, Monday, June 18, 2007, 3:23pm; Reply: 4
I just use salmon, eggs, salt, pepper, garlic and some smashed up rice chex (will have to look for an off brand to find one that's pretty compliant....Best Choice makes a good one).  cook 'em up in some ghee....yummmm  ;D
Posted by: Brighid45, Monday, June 18, 2007, 5:04pm; Reply: 5
I've experimented with a variation on the codfish cakes recipe my mom used to make--instead of cod and mashed white potatoes, I used canned pink salmon and mashed sweet potatoes, with a beaten egg, chopped sauteed onion and a little garlic and salt, fried up in a mix of ghee and olive oil. Not too shabby! As could substitute pumpkin for the mashed sweet potato. Pumpkin usually gets relegated to dessert status, but it's delicious in savory recipes too.
Posted by: Alia Vo, Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 12:00am; Reply: 6
Fish and/or salmon patty ideas from the 'Old ER4YT Message Board':

Posted by: italybound, Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 2:14am; Reply: 7
Brig, that sounds awesome...........think I might give that a whirl........will 'report' back.  ;)
Posted by: 505 (Guest), Tuesday, June 19, 2007, 5:11am; Reply: 8
This is the recipe I use.  
1 large can red salmon
1 egg
1/3 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup quonia flakes
1 1/2 teasppn baking powder
Olive oil to saute in

Drain salmon and save liquid,  mix salmon, egg, and vegetables until sticky.  Stir in quonia flakes.  Add baking powder to the salmon juice and fold it into the salmon mixture.  Brown slowly in a small amount of olive oil.  
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