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Posted by: enilac, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 9:42am
Hello there.

This girlfriend of mine has fibroid that grown and is due for operation next week. She is also advised to have her ovaries removed since cysts are found , otherwise she will be put on HRT.

Does anyone has any advise or has gone thru similiar situation to give some words of advise  ? She is Type AB , status not known. Not yet start on the BTD which is thinking to do so soon. Any explanation for the causes of fibroid & cysts ?
Posted by: veggiegirl, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 1:08pm; Reply: 1
I had a small cyst on my left ovary about 2 years ago.  I had some mild discomfort and asked my ob gyn about it.  Due to my prior history with severe pre-cancerous cells on my cervix, she sent me for an ultrasound and found the cyst.  As far as the cause, I can't help with that...I'm sure somebody will jump in.  Since it was very small, we played the waiting game to see if it would grow ... I went back in 3 months and it was gone.  I continue to follow up just to make sure it's not back.  Since BTD, I feel great ... pain gone and no sign of cyst or other problems.  My doc said that sometimes they come and go.  FWIU, that type is nothing of concern.  But ... sounds like your friend might be more of a concern than mine.  My personal opinion, surgery should only occur as a last resort especially when it comes to removing ovaries completely and being on "drugs" to combat the hormonal issues.  Perhaps BTD could help her if she goes through with surgery to get her body back in balance without the need for drugs.  Hope all goes well with your friend.  ;)
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 3:24pm; Reply: 2
she should consider following the guidelines closely, after getting her secretor checked.

BTD is antiinflammatory and will help from day one!
Posted by: Victoria, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 4:24pm; Reply: 3
Vitex (Chastetree) is often very effective in shrinking benign cysts on the ovaries or uterus.  It needs to be taken consistently for many months since it is not a fast acting herb.  I used to have a large ovarian cyst.  No longer there, and I still have my ovaries.
Posted by: enilac, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 5:07pm; Reply: 4
Thank you for your sharing. May I know where to get the Vitex ? Is it capsule form ?

How about her fibroid ? any suggestion ?
Posted by: Victoria, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 5:31pm; Reply: 5
Vitex can be purchased at any good natural food store.  I think either capsules or tincture is fine.  I'm currently taking the Vitex by Eclectic Institute.  It is tincture made from organic grape alcohol.  

And the herb is also recommended for fibroids.  

I checked in Dr. D's encyclopedia.  The condition is closely related to estrogen dominance, so she might consider the product, EstraPhase from the NAP store.  It helps the body eliminate excess estrogens, even xeno estrogens (from chemical and plactic exposure).  CLICK HERE

He recommends:
Immune-Enhancing protocol
Remale Balancing Protocol
Posted by: 348 (Guest), Sunday, April 29, 2007, 8:13pm; Reply: 6
I had a fibroid too and voted against surgery in favor of nurtitional supplementation. IMO there's an imbalance in the body (hormones) that is causing this to happen......the imbalance needs to be corrected...otherwise she will find herself again....with fibroids or other.....
Best of luck.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, April 29, 2007, 8:32pm; Reply: 7
insulin resistance
is largely the effect of consuming large
amounts of food lectins improper for your
blood type. Insulin resistance a common
phenomena in women with poly cystic ovaries,
is often a cause of heart disease, obesity and
other hormonal problems later on in
yes have her follow the plan asap!
Posted by: enilac, Monday, April 30, 2007, 1:47am; Reply: 8
Many thanks to all your advise. I will get her started on the plan & supplements asap. seems like so many women I know are having the same problem.

Is there anyone who has an example of not having her fibroid removed after following the BTD ? Any good success case will be encouraging.
Posted by: Lola, Monday, April 30, 2007, 1:55am; Reply: 9
try the result base
Posted by: Lola, Monday, April 30, 2007, 1:57am; Reply: 10
Posted by: italybound, Monday, April 30, 2007, 2:46am; Reply: 11
Sorry your friend is having trouble. I went thru the same thing and wound up having a total hysterectomy.  Something I regret. This was all pre BTD. I agree w/ what has been said here, that they are prob caused by hormone imbalances and eating foods that work against us. I have been on the Climara patch since and tho it does wonders for keeping the menopause symptoms at bay, I wonder if it is partly to blame for my current heart problems.  (that and the adrenal thing)  Anything she can do to put off surgery and try to get rid of them the natural way would be best for her all around. Good luck to her and you're a good friend for helping her so much  ;D
Posted by: 348 (Guest), Monday, April 30, 2007, 3:31am; Reply: 12
I've been able to shrink my fibroid. I was not on BTD back then, (a year ago), and I wish I had been. It shrank cuz of supplements my naturopath recommended. Fibroids are not life-threatening, and I would suggest one try to shrink it via rebalancing the hormones, rather than going through unnecessary surgery. Surgery has its risks. I hate to say it. I had a minor procedure and I had a bad reaction, I am still in lots of pain....sigh
Posted by: 476 (Guest), Monday, April 30, 2007, 4:41am; Reply: 13
My mom got rid of her fribroids pretty much completely by being on the btd and staying away from wheat for about 2 years. She declined to have sugery and is happy with her decision. Fribroids are not life threatning and can be dealt with through diet and herbs like other people have said. I wouldnt get the sugury If I were her. It can be tough to stand up to doctors, but in some instances they can be wrong. Just tell her to go with her gut feeling as to what is right for her.
Posted by: enilac, Monday, April 30, 2007, 6:10am; Reply: 14
All of you are very helpful and encouraging with your sharings.

I am sure her problem will be overcomed in the most natural way possible specially with the help of so many of you who care.

Thanks ya.
Posted by: 971 (Guest), Monday, April 30, 2007, 8:45pm; Reply: 15
this was a good thread,I suffer from PCOS as well,and I have cysts on my ovaries,the information everyone is giving is so helpful.Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes when I think before the internet I suffered for years with no answers to my problems.I just hope I am able to change my mindset enough to put the valuable info into action.I am praying for your friend! having ovaries removed sounds so awful! both emotionally and hormonally.
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 12:51am; Reply: 16
is your mom an A, too?
Posted by: italybound, Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 2:02am; Reply: 17
Quoted from Tarrenae
having ovaries removed sounds so awful! both emotionally and hormonally.

it is especially awful hormonally..........throws you right into transition.  I was ok w/ having mine removed intially because I'd had them checked 3 times I think...........cancer suspicion I guess (can't even remember  ::))  and the tech had a hard time finding one of them.  That really scared me cause it's bad enough when they usually do catch it and if ya can't even find them  :o  :o .   Knowing what I know now, I wish I'd have had someone in my life who could've helped me deal w/ what was going on and been able to keep them. I would def advise all women to keep their ovaries if at all possible. :)
Posted by: 476 (Guest), Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 2:39am; Reply: 18
No, My mom is an O secretor. A total O if you ask me, but Im just an A. She does love her beef and veggies.
Posted by: enilac, Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 9:40am; Reply: 19
My friend's gyn has told her again yesterday that the choice is hers after knowing that she has second thought for her coming op on Thursday but emphaised that is best she removed eveything , her womb which is of no more use and her ovaries to prevent further complications.
Posted by: Ellie, Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 10:41am; Reply: 20
what a position to be in. one thing i have just read is that having a hysterectomy or any surgery indeed can have a negative effect on the thyroid hormones, so you get more problems to replace the ones you had!

and to say a womb is of no use, so you can get rid of it... would they say something similar to men & their reproductive parts????

Seems to me it's worth a try with diet & herbs etc first..

this is an interesting site which explains a lot about estrogen dominance, (i personally have had less period pain since avoiding the estrogen raising foods she lists on her site, although have recently started to try a bit now & again)

i wish your friend all the best
Posted by: italybound, Tuesday, May 1, 2007, 1:10pm; Reply: 21
more info on estrogen dominance:
Posted by: 377 (Guest), Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 3:08pm; Reply: 22

My name is Joana.

I have been trought an infertility process, for a long time, including 4 "In vitro fertilizations". My doctor things that I may have a problem in my endometreo, and that is why the "in vitro's" have been unsucessfully and I can't get a pregnancy.

I would like to know if there is someone with similar problems and advices for me....

Sorry for my english...
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 6:29pm; Reply: 23
get acquainted with the forum and all features
of this website.
If you go to the top of the page and click on
member centre (on the top right hand side of
this page) and get yourself a nice avatar
(located on the left) then we can all see what
blood type you are and you won't have to type it each time you post.
-if you want to add information below your avatar setting, such as Rh +/-, by going to the Profile Information section in the Member Center and typing in the Personal Message box.  You can also create a Signature of any other information you want to share that will go at the bottom of every message you post.
-You can also create a Signature of any other information you want to share that will go at the bottom of every message you post.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 6:35pm; Reply: 24
how long have you been following this lifestyle?
a lectin free diet works wonders........
ask away, we can help you fine tune, accordingly.
tell us your bloodtype and what you were accustomed to eating before.

there might be insulin resistant issues in your system, causing the problems you mention.

a search for endometriosis will take you to many points of view from the old boards......
great read!
Posted by: Becky, Wednesday, May 2, 2007, 7:15pm; Reply: 25
I feel for your friend.  Last February I had to have a hystorectomy.  I had a softball size cyst which had consumed my left ovary.  My uterus was nearly 10 times the size it should be due to fibroids.  I had told my  doctor I was experiencing menopausal symptoms, and she told me "that was immpossible, I was to young and on birth control".  Two years ago I ended up with a stress fracture in my femur ( 2 extremely painful surgerys and a lot of rehab) I am able to walk again.  Thanks to my Orthopedic surgeon, he got me an ultrasound and found the cyst.  It was because of this that my hormones were out of whack........and that lead to a rapid weakening of my bones.  
Keep the ovaries if at all possible.  The only thing I have found to calm menopausal symptoms is 100 mg of Trazadone.  
Please keep in mind I am only about 2+ weeks on living the BTD lifestyle, and hopefully Dr. Ds remedies will work equally as well.  
Posted by: italybound, Monday, May 7, 2007, 3:03pm; Reply: 26
joana, wishing you a warm welcome to BTD and the forums!! ;D
Your english is worries.  :D
Have you had your adrenals checked. It would be very important for them to be working properly as they are involved in many hormones. Poor adrenals can throw your hormones out of whack very quickly. Here is some info:

There are several threads re: adrenal fatigue and other adrenal related issues. If I can find some, I'll post.,v=display,m=1167170022,s=0,m=1165756772,m=1164390423,b=lr4yt,v=display,m=1173717421,s=40,highlight=adrenal#num40

I also would like to mention a book called Lights brings into play the importance of sleep on our systems.
Also a book called Your Bodies Many Cries for Water.........many people don't realize the importance of having enough water each day.
Both of these books are really good and would prob help you out.  ;D

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