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Posted by: 1062 (Guest), Saturday, April 14, 2007, 12:11pm
Hi everyone, I am new here. I am an A with 3 boys, 2 A's and an O. My O son has been overweight for years and we just found out monday that he's an O! I have been a vegeterian (no red meats) forever and my boys hardly ever eat red meat. Now I feel guilty because my O son has been eating all the wrong foods! Well on monday we went shopping for all O foods. He went cold turkey off all wheat/grains/carbs/dairy. His face looks thinner in just 6 days! He is so very excited that he found a solution and is very determined to stick with this new lifestyle change. My question is, are children allowed more servings of protein per day? He is very athletic and is always hungry. Should I purchase him protein powder and make him shakes for in between meals? Also, he isnt use to eating red meat and he is not crazy about it, can he substitute the red meat with eggs every few days? I have lots of O questions and would love to hear from other O's. You'll be seeing alot of me from now on! It's nice to be here!
Posted by: Maria Giovanna, Saturday, April 14, 2007, 12:37pm; Reply: 1
Hi my3sons,  welcome in this forum !
you are right in all your ideas; just balance meat, eggs, fish with plenty of fruit and veggies for your son (as rice, rice noodles, essene bread and sweet potatoes in the allowed portion sizes as in LR4YT).
Have a nice experience and wonderful results with BTD !
Maria Giovanna
Posted by: koahiatamadl, Saturday, April 14, 2007, 1:34pm; Reply: 2
It is very impressive for a child/teen to be willing to completely change his eating habbits - very well done!

You can vary protein sources - whilst a lot of red meats are beneficial for Os he can eat other neutral protein sources every now and then.  Does he like nuts/jerky?  They would also make easy and quick protein snacks if he gets hungry between meals and you wouldn't have to prepare these.  Encourage him to fill up with veg at every meal, too - you As should be able to share a lot of veg with him.

For inspiration on meals and practical matters read Suzanne's blog - she has an O/A family.  
Posted by: geminisue, Saturday, April 14, 2007, 2:51pm; Reply: 3
Hi My 3 Sons- welcome- I am so proud of your 12 year old son, going on this btd plan for O blood type, he may need to eat more enzymes, like in pineapple,crushed, slices,however he likes it, tart cherry juice hellps the red meat also, especially if it has been frozen first, just add some to it after it defrosted. It also is a good drink, mixed with seltzer water, as is pineapple juice. Oh yes twelve year olds are hungry and stay that way for about four years, have plenty of protein, most love beef jerky, check recipebase on home page for recipe. (In most stores there is corn syrup in it and that is an avoid.  Also check and make sure msg is not in your foods, it's in almost everything boxed, jarred, check close.
Make sure he reads the exercise section, "O" need exercise, sports are good, but if he's not there yet, maybe he will be soon after weight loss.  Walking is wonderful, 10,000 steps a day recommended, 30 minutes a day increased to an hour a day.  however he wants to do it.  It can be in inclements throughout the day like 15 minutes at a good pace.  Maybe he likes to play basketball, hang a hoop and he and his brothers and you can play, he will like it most, probably. A's like slower paced activities.  Maybe you and him should read the bloody family together.  It has all the food groups in it, written like a play. Make sure he realizes most of the time, a blood type is talking about another blood type in the conversations.
It is said that half the body weight now is needed in grams of protein a day.  (example if one weighs 150 pounds, one needs 75 grams of protein a day, so body can metabolize correctly and lose excess fat in body.  One also needs same amount of water a day to keep the body hydrated, and to eliminate toxins and excess fat from body.  Olive oil is a good fat for the body so is ghee(there are directions to make it at home(butter without dairy in it)  You can add it to his food, or on his salad or vegetables maybe mixed with lemon juice and compliant herbs.  Does he like hot? cayenne pepper is very good for "O's" to eliminate inflammation out of the body.  We are able to get it in the body the easiest.  I like to add it to ground sirloins, about a pinch to start with and when and if he is ready up to 1/2 t a day.  If he eats 6 whole walnuts or 12 half walnuts or a handful of broken pieces- 20 minutes before each meal- it is also a benefit to him, helps to fill him up, gives him more protein and the right kind of fat.  Remember seasalt not regular salt and peppercorns ground not pepper in a can
(as it molds) seasalt eliminates water from the tissue, about 1/4t in his water at least once a day or could be added in all water he drinks.  If he needs a specific taste or crunch ask here before he eats an avoid, he really doesn't want.  It is so special that he wants to do it!  I've lost 70 lbs.  Tell him to think a little different, instead of thinking I want to lose weight, have him think I want to be a normal size for my age, and he will because he will attract that thought to his brain. It works!
Posted by: 1062 (Guest), Saturday, April 14, 2007, 3:20pm; Reply: 4
thank you everyone! I am reading these posts to my son. He is an avid sports player, baseball, football, basketball and plays in youth sports. I have been giving him pinapples, he loves them and when he wants something crunchy, applechips or sweetpotatoe chips. He has ezekiel toast with almond butter for breakfast and a little while ago i made him a bananna and soymilk smoothie to hold him over until lunch. He needs to lose about 10 lbs, which won't be so hard. I've already noticed that he is not lethargic anymore (from wheat products). I think I am going to order the type O protein powder today. I made chicken cutlats last night with home made Ezekiel breadcrumbs, all the kids loved them!! Woo-Hoo! Please keep suggestions coming, we really appreciate them!
Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Saturday, April 14, 2007, 3:32pm; Reply: 5
HI and welcome - Im a mum to a 12 year old O as well ( a girl)
She has been living this way since she was 5/6 years old
- but it depends how strict she follows it -BUT never wheat or corn in her diet !

Loosing weight in kids:
goal is that his body weight stays more or less at the same level
- but that his body grows...
- it is far healthier than loosing a lot weight when you are a kid (small loss are OK)
At least that is the approach the docors use here sucessfully with growing kids.
Kids are not mini adults ;-)

(pity that it cant be done that way with adults ;-) )

Since he is 12 - I guess he is just about to grow really fast - so that should be no problem.
About protein ( Why not give him beef etc at lunchtime - when he doesnt eat with you- and feed hime fish and turkey/chicken at dinner?)

Do he like eggs ?
My daugher has eggs in some way most mornings
- that way she can have her grain serving at lunch -but not all days
- the Os should really only have grains occasionelly.
Protein in the the morning is the key for her to stay healthy and happy.
Good that he like his sport- so crucial for Os.

To show you how she eat :
Monday- friday
BF softboiled egg or fried egg,sometimes homemade turkey patty- 1-2 pieces of fruit( always banana and some other benenficial fruit)

Lunch in school is either leftover meat and fish from last dinner- and some kind of veggies- she is getting hooked on romainsalad with chicken, tomatoes etc.
Some days she has ryebread or white spelt sandwich bread with cold turkey - fish and mayo- carrots and red peppersticks on the side. Sometimes she has small mozzerella cheese balls or creamy fetacheese.
Water to drink .

Afternoons depend on if she do sports
-  she has more filling snack with more protein and veggies- or a smothies with hoemade rice/almondmilk banana berries - flaxseeds etc.
If she is just at home- she often just have a handfull of walnuts, pecans or almonds and 1 piece of fruit - maybe some herbaltea. Red fruitty teas with hibiscus - sweeten seem to be well liked by teens.

Dinner- 2-3 types of veggies and some protein

Remember good fats for growing kids.
I aim at 1 tbl olive oil and 1 tbl ghee or butter for her everyday.

In weekends she is allowed do it a bit different:
She has more bread/grains- mainly white spelt bread- cake or ricenoodles.
She can have some cheese as well- mainly mild goat or sheepchese
- somtimes she allowed to have some of my organic regular cow milk cheese
- but it is really not the bedst. She has small amouts of cream and sour cream in the weekend as well- the curse of living with a B ;-D

Sweets ?
Well we stick to homemade cakes - sorbets and dark chocolate- only weekends- and it seem to do the trick.
Sodas ?- homemade version- using mineral water( bobly) and fruit concentrate without avoids. Cherry or blueberries are a hit !

If she is invited to a friends house - she seem to regulate her food- sure she has some avoids- but she seem to be getting better and better at choosing more correct each time- I think the fact that she got so sick after a trip with school- made her aware on how she feels when she eats a lot of c**p. NOT worth it.
This friday she went to a girl party and came home and told me she hd done her best: avoided the popcorn and tacos- but did eat some hamburges with the bun - they had meat  and tomatoes and salad- Did not have the sodas, icecrem and candies
- but did have the chocolatecake and some orange/pineapplejuice.
I think she did fine.

She still need to be social.
Good luck he sounds like a really wise kid:-)

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