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Posted by: 992 (Guest), Thursday, April 12, 2007, 3:13pm
While I've bought lots of supplements over the years (including several NAP products), I've observed the effects to be pretty nebulous. Even with the Astragalus I _might_ be fooling myself, although the preponderance of evidence suggests at least some benefit (or a generally convincing placebo effect and I might as well keep buying as long as I keep believing...  :-)

HOWEVER, the ONE, single supplement that I've ever, ever, used that I can honestly say "Holy cow, this one absolutely works as advertised, no kidding, dramatic measurable and ongoing beneficial effect..." is called Holistrol. It's distributed by Pharm East and is available at It lowers hypertension, dramatically.

Here's the obligatory story:
I'm a tad hefty, and I'd been stressing for years, and had consistent BP of 185/105 (sometimes higher), which was scary. I daresay most of the problem is my weight, though not all.

To make a long story longer, at some point I heard about this Holistrol stuff. Of course it was hype... but I decided to try it. I ordered three bottles (enough to give it a good trial). Service was prompt and efficient.

I measured the starting BP, then fed myself a loading dose for a couple of days, then settled in to an ongoing regimen, three times per day. I did not change my diet or exercise or sleep pattern.

I should have measured BP every day.
When I measured after just 3 days, it was already noticably down.
Within six weeks, it had stabilized at just under 135/80. It's occasionally in the 120s systolic and the mid-seventies diastolic.

This amazes me. It's been over a year now, and I've detected no side-effects.
Both the rapid effectiveness and the benign lack of side-effects, by the way, are exactly as advertised.

Holly berry extract, hawthorn-fruit extract, and daikon-seed.


My lifetime experience with supplements has been that, if you stand with the wind at your back, the moon over your left shoulder, and hold your mouth ju-u-u-ust right, you might notice a bit of an effect... if you squint.  Maybe.

This Holistrol stuff, by contrast, was utterly dramatic.

I haven't even bothered to look up the ingredients in Typebase. Even if they're all "Avoids" for me, I'm continuing to take this supplement until somebody proposes one that works equally well.

DISCLAIMER: I'm just a tremendously satisfied customer. No other connection to the product or its makers and distributors.

Further info:
One of my brothers is also hypertensive (though not as bad) and also got impressive results. Same for my former boss' husband.


I do take another supplement that has shown some repeatable (if not measurable) benefits - systemic enzymes ( I won't mention a brand name, because I've tried a couple and noticed no difference between 'em).

The benefit that I've noticed is that generalized inflammation has pretty much gone away. I used to have chronic minor pain around most major joints (shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet... the parts you abuse all your life). That was reduced quite a bit when I discovered 4YT a few years ago (basically, eliminating wheat seems to be the big thing), but never went away.

When I started taking the enzymes (says here: protease, serrapeptase, papain, bromelain, amylase, lipase, rutin and amla), I noticed a further reduction in chronic irritation and increase in ranges of motion around several joints. It's not perfect, and unlike the Blood Pressure, I can't supply measurements, but 100% of my anecdotal survey sample (hi there) says the enzymes seem to be useful.

ASIDE: My wife also found them to have a fairly dramatic effect on fibroids, but they also increased bleeding (arising from the fibroid size and location) and she felt she had to stop.

You throw in the astragalus-C-betaC combo, and that's about the entire list of supplements that seem to give me overt, repeatable, beneficial effects, and no detected detriments, except to my wallet.  Anything else that I use, I'm going on faith, as are most people, for most supplements, I'd wager.

YMMV - I'm O-neg, secretor.


Posted by: Brighid45, Thursday, April 12, 2007, 3:33pm; Reply: 1
I'd say if the Holistrol works for you, excellent. Reducing hypertension is good news!

Why not try combining some elements of the BTD with using the Holistrol? You may find even more health benefits waiting for you, including weight loss and further reduction of inflammation throughout the body. Just a thought. :)
Posted by: Janet, Thursday, April 12, 2007, 3:37pm; Reply: 2
Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum,
Would you mind me asking you, before you began taking the Holistrol, were you on medication for your blood pressure??
I'm sure your testimony will encourage many members who suffer with high B/P and are looking for an alternative.
Posted by: Don, Thursday, April 12, 2007, 4:03pm; Reply: 3
Just curious, have you tried just taking a hawthorn extract product, like NAP's Hawthorn Plus, to see if you get the same results as the Holistrol?

I know Dr. D thinks very highly of hawthorn for type A.
Posted by: 992 (Guest), Thursday, April 12, 2007, 4:10pm; Reply: 4
Well, as I said, I did notice inflammation reduction when my original introduction to BTD had me reducing/eliminating wheat and some other heavy-hitter "avoids". My compliance is nothing to write home about, but I do eat a LOT less of the various avoids than I formerly did. As well, I actively seek out beneficials. Again, though, compliance is not quite heroic.   :-)

I'd say that my biggest downfall is sweets. I tend to make the baked ones with spelt flour and non-corn sweeteners, to replace the too-easy storebought ones that were all wheat, all the time. Yes, I know that I'm not supposed to have ANY, whether the ingredients are neutral (or even beneficial) or not.

I eat too much chocolate, but it's the good stuff (Lindt Excellence 70% or 85% cocoa) - silky dark chocolate.  The trouble is less the quantity of "avoids" as it is the relative proportion of refined carbs. I cut way, way back on potatoes, but then rice crept in to fill the void. I cut way back on pie and cookies, but then spelt-bread with honey or murple surple or jam crept in. I eliminated durum pasta, but there were all these nice rice-based pastas....  I cut back on moo-based cheese, but there are goat-milk-based cheeses in almost every niche - that's not particularly carb-ish, but a cheesy sauce is a real enabler for pasta.   You get the idea.

I did give myself a relatively strict type-O BTD trial of many months, but unless I also make it really low-carb (a-la Atkins), I experience that as constant deprivation. Lamb chops for breakfast ARE really yummy (with or without collard greens... we don't get those up here, reliably in the produce aisle, and nobody carries the frozen), but by late morning, I'm not looking forward to another chop. I'm looking for carbs... anything that doesn't fill that description is just fuel, space-filler. I can be so full of meat, veggies and fruit that my eyes are bulging... but I'm thinking "where's the brownies".

As soon as _some_ carbs come back into my diet, I'm looking for dessert - constantly. Never lets up. They say guys have thoughts about sex "X" times per day (depending on age). Well, fill in most of the rest with thoughts about carb-a-licious goodies, and there's not much left for concentrating on work, life, and other trivialities.

That probably sounds all too familiar to some folks.
It's not will-power that I lack.
It's "won't-power".

Posted by: 992 (Guest), Thursday, April 12, 2007, 4:48pm; Reply: 5
Quoted from janet
Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum,
Would you mind me asking you, before you began taking the Holistrol, were you on medication for your blood pressure??
I'm sure your testimony will encourage many members who suffer with high B/P and are looking for an alternative.

I was not, and my doctor was pressuring me strongly to begin doing so (as was my wife).  I kept resisting, hollowly promising myself that I was going to do it with a huge weight reduction, any minute now...    I was avoiding the drugs because of the side-effects and the trap nature of such one-note interventions. Anybody I know who is on BP meds for any length of time ends up increasing the dosage, then adding others to the mix (never subtracting any, it seems), then entering an ever-increasing spiral of drugs to counter side-effects of other drugs.

Just about the time I was about to relent (better enslaved to the drug industry than dead or - worse - half-dead from a stroke), I saw a mention of this Holistrol stuff.
The rest has been history.

As for the Hawthorn product, I think that if it was anywhere near as effective as this Holistrol mix, for the specific condition of hypertension, the forums and mailing lists would have been resounding with the BP-specific testimonials. In the absence of a clearcut incentive to switch, I'm not going to "fix" what ain't broke.

One additional benefit that I might be able to claim is that the Holistrol result took a lot of stress off me, in one area of my life. It might be due to that that my weight is slowly coming down - currently 230 pounds, down from 245 mid-last year (me at 6 feet short).  Easing the stress might have caused the cortisol to dry up a bit, which also lets the fat melt a bit.  I'm guessing.

Hmm.  Don't know why I didn't connect this set of dots before... It just occurs to me that both my brother and the former boss' husband are - like me - type 0. So, it's possible that the Holistrol is not as magical for A and B.  If there are any hypertensive As and Bs out there, they should give it a try and report back.

At worst, you'll lose a few bucks, but learn something (that you can share).
At best, you'll have similar results and save/free yourself from the clutches of big pharma.

Posted by: Don, Thursday, April 12, 2007, 5:10pm; Reply: 6
Have you read Dr. D's Cardiovascular Disease book?

What is your triglycerides test results? Do you have an apple shaped figure?

Dr. D states that high triglycerides is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease in type O and type B.

And the pathway to high triglycerides in type O and type B is a high carb diet.

Posted by: 1119 (Guest), Saturday, April 14, 2007, 8:04am; Reply: 7
Hi again Kevin :-)

That's great that you've had such good experience with the BP supplement.  Hawthorn is amazing stuff!  

You haven't mentioned whether you've had a consultation with a naturopath or someone qualified in herbal medicine, but I would definitely suggest you give it a try, as it sounds like you want to avoid pharmaceuticals--good on you!  From this post and your other, which I just responded to, I get the feeling that you're a little confused about how to best utilise natural therapies and have had a bit of a hit-or-miss time with your supplements.  A naturopath would be able to take all of your health history and issues into account and recommend the best combination of diet, herbs and/or supplements for you as an individual... no worrying about interactions!

For your carb cravings, I'd recommend gymnema (would also recommend chromium but think that is an avoid for Os).  Regulating your blood sugar is key for this... try eating 6 small meals a day with some protein/carb/fat at each one.  Plenty of other dietary methods as well.

Best of luck on the natural path!
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