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Posted by: Eric, Saturday, February 3, 2007, 9:48pm
I'm just wondering if anybody else has come across the dilemma of not being able to run or do any knee-bangin' workouts because of joint/ligament pain.  It's really stressful not being able to exercise like I want/need, and I can't even ride my bicycle very far anymore because of joint issues.  I'm hoping it has something to do with my liver problem, 'cause I read somewhere that a bad liver can cause weak ligaments.   I'm only 22 and I already feel like my old man...  
Posted by: resting, Saturday, February 3, 2007, 10:29pm; Reply: 1
Hi Eric,

there's a few things you may wish to try ... the first is a therapy called prolotherapy.  The second is the form of exercise called isotonics.  No financing needed and its a do-anywhere form of exercise ... the thrust of this exercise form is to go against something that's immovable - hold for 8 seconds, then relax ... you may shove a wall; go between a door opening and press your arms against each side simultaneously; squeeze a small ball, a rag, even pit one finger against a thumb; try lifting the chair you are sitting on; try putting both hands on your forehead and push ... your neck muscles will work hard to compensate; etc.   there are literally thousands of these.

Posted by: Eric, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 12:09am; Reply: 2
Thanks, John.  I've actually heard of somebody getting really buff just from doing stuff like that.   I was just concerned though, because in LR4YT he says that Os really need aerobic exercise to get the max benefits.  I suppose I could lift weights, because that still makes you sweat...
Posted by: Alia Vo, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 12:11am; Reply: 3
Liver problems can contribute to many bodily ailments.

Perhaps you can try using free weights and flexbands in the upper body for now while your knees recuperate.  I think engaging in some form of exercise is always uplifting.

I am not positive how much pain you are experiencing in your knees currently, but a recumbent bike might be an option or going for a nice, slow, casual walk to get some fresh air into your lungs would be nice and revitalizing for the body.

Posted by: resting, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 12:17am; Reply: 4
just had another thought, Eric

since you put in 12hr shifts in a clean room, you total exposure to light is likely artificial.  It is more than likely that your joint pain is directly linked to no sunlight.  That also will severely depress your immune system.  In winter a daily dose of cod liver oil should help.  {get as much exposure to sunlight as possible.

Posted by: KimonoKat, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 1:07am; Reply: 5
eric, as an O nonnie, how compliant are you to your diet?  Have you also thought about following the recommendations in the Arthritis Health Series Book?

Just some thoughts.
Posted by: Chris, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 1:31am; Reply: 6
I know for me compliance is crucial.  My joints are one first areas of my body to tell me that I've been eating avoids.  Other than that I don't think anyone has mentioned swimming.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 1:40am; Reply: 7
get a rebounder! it will be easier on your knees.
Posted by: geminisue, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 1:47am; Reply: 8
Also, Eric think positive thoughts, very important in recovery.  I had to think like I already accomplished it.  For instance:
I was able to walk 25 ft to go to the bathroom with a walker, at first.  I thought many times aday I am walking to the bathroom and back without a walker and without a cane. (I did it a short while later, I was also following BTD) I thought. I am breathing on my own (I was on oxygen 3liters-24/7,been off of it since a year ago January) I am pain free. (I was on vicadin 4-6X a day) I eased myself off a year ago If I remember right) After two months on BTD, I was pain free, my knees did not hurt, and as long as I don't eat white food, I don't hurt.  If I mess up, I hurt.

As young as you are , please don't leave your life get away from you, stick to btd, think positive thoughts and turn your health over to God.  He will take care of you.  This is helping me so much!
    I began by writing 6 positive affirmations, like I mentioned above, put it where I would find it, to remind me to read it over and over.  Pretty soon all was true.  
    My first exercises consisted of me tightening up my knees, one at a time for the count or five and slowly releasing it five times. Than the thigh, than buttucks, hand, wrist, lower arms, upper arms, calfs.  Worked these up to fifteen times each.  This was sitting with my legs in front of me in a recliner, (couch or bed would work too)  It strengthens the muscles.
    Than I had to bend my feet forward count to five and than bring it back to the count of five (five X later 15.  I had to stand at my sink hold my hands on it and raise up on my toes to the count of five, back down almost to the floor and than back up again (strengthen ankles and feet and lower legs. This was hard, as I am very overweight. another was to put a chair behind me so I could sit if I had to at the sink, but back it up, hold on and lower almost to the seat than back up again, sounds easy.  Hope this will help you and try to stay in a good mood, Life is Good, We are alive, we can see, we can read these messages and get help. Take Care
Posted by: Ben_Lamers (Guest), Sunday, February 4, 2007, 3:34am; Reply: 9
dude, my knees get that same problem! well mainly my right knee. i think i messed it up sliding too much the wrong way in baseball...but anyway i know it sucks when this happens but its ok because you just have to avoid doing stuff you can't do..and do stuff you can. have you tried swimming?

does it always hurt when you bicycle? have you tried the eliptical? have you tried doing a lot of push ups? that can work sometimes. do you like basketball? i like to do the eliptical and basketball as oposed to running because i find they are both easier on my knee.
Posted by: MissileCop, Sunday, February 4, 2007, 2:08pm; Reply: 10
Joint/ligament pain in the foot/knees may also be caused by poor footwear.

Several years ago (pre-BTD), I felt very much like you do.  Just getting out of bed, and standing up, was extremely painful.  Even though the bathroom was just down the hall, it was a slow trip, consisting of a lot of hobbling, and cringing.  After a period of time, I would finally start to loosen up, but there was always a slight amount of pain throughout the day.

Even though the boots that I was wearing at the time weren't that old, I decided to buy another pair, and see if that was the issue.  Within a week or so, I no longer felt crippled.  It was definitely one of those "ah-HA!" moments.  And a heckuva lot cheaper than going to the doctor, or having to ingest a cocktail of prescription drugs.  Needless to say, those boots found their way to the trash can in short order!

Sometimes, in order to fix ourselves, it is our immediate environment that needs fixing.

Posted by: Eric, Monday, February 5, 2007, 4:23am; Reply: 11
Sunlight could be a problem, as I spend several days of the week without ever seeing daylight.   I don't think compliancy is the issue, as I am 99% compliant during the work week, but do enjoy the chocolate and random sweetness when I go shoppin'...   Lola, back in my day we used to call "rebounders" trampolines  :)   But that could work!  I always used to love jumpin' on the tramp.   Geminisue, thanks a lot for that spiritual reminder!  So very true.   I haven't tried swimming, mostly because the thought of jumping in water when it's 30 degrees outside has me in a cringe, but also because I'm now scared of chlorine and chemicals after living a new lifestyle.   However, as Ben said, the Eliptical would be a great option I'm sure... if only I had a gym membership  ;)   Footwear, yes, has a huge impact.  Just by changing to better insoles where I work, I've been able to get over a lot of pain.  I'm really tempted to get those custom-mold ones, but apparently they're like $300 a piece.  Wow.    Anyhow, I guess there are plenty of options.  It's just that it's so easy to put on a pair of shoes and start jogging somewhere  :(   Oh well.   This life ain't about EASE!  
Posted by: Ben_Lamers (Guest), Monday, February 5, 2007, 6:22pm; Reply: 12
Missile Cop i owe you for that suggestion! i have new running shoes i havnt been wearing but last night i put them on when i went to exercise and not even a hint of pain! wow, i could hardly believe that it made such a difference! amazing!
Posted by: gulfcoastguy, Monday, February 5, 2007, 7:17pm; Reply: 13
Yep I found that out last week myself. Amazing the differance a new pair of Asic Gels makes.
Posted by: MissileCop, Monday, February 5, 2007, 9:30pm; Reply: 14
Wait a minute, I'm providing useful information?

Aww man, I need to cut that out.  People will come to expect that from me, and I can't have that!  ;D

I'd just rather be the boards unofficial jester.  ;)

Glad to hear that my experience benefitted others.  Life certainly is a lot better, when we're comfortable participating in it.
Posted by: Mickey, Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 2:40am; Reply: 15
I  believe cod liver is an avoid for O Nonnie's?.

I have the urban rebounder (mini-trampoline), i get a great workout without any stress on my body.  

Mickey  ;)
Posted by: Eric, Wednesday, February 7, 2007, 12:05am; Reply: 16
Mickey, do you do like backflips and stuff...  or is it more a matter of just bouncing up and down?  I've been thinking about that recently, wondering how long you would have to bounce to get a good cardio.  Also, I've found the inline skating is amazing for the cardio and leg workout.  Plus it's just downright fun.  I was able to ride my bike yesterday with minimal pain, just by concentrating on how I was pushing on the pedals.  I think that's what my biggest problem was, just incorrect positioning and/or footwear.  Thank again for all the great advice!
Posted by: suzedgar, Monday, February 12, 2007, 8:58pm; Reply: 17
Dr. John Sarno - read his book "healing back Pain" - after 12 years of joint and sciatica, I have nothing now.  The guy is amazing and Dr D thinks he is great too.
Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 4:38am; Reply: 18
check out the thread on Rebounding....I know it is here somewhere...its very aerobic with just a little effort, against what you would think...
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