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Posted by: Brighid45, Saturday, December 30, 2006, 5:43pm
Went shopping this morning, and as I was perusing the produce aisles, came across an apple variety I'd heard of a while back but never had the chance to try--American Cameo. So I bought two and just had one with lunch.

First off, this is a very pretty apple. The skin is striped dark red, scarlet, buff and cream; the shape is nicely round, with a bit of shoulder. It was very striking, even among the Galas, Fujis and Braeburns heaped up around the basket.

I cut the apple open to slice it, and a wonderful musky scent rose up. It's impossible to describe, but to me it means this is a REAL apple. Most F1s bred for size do not have this smell. It always brings back happy memories of the orchard house a few miles down from our home, where I would sit atop a sack of Winesaps or Northern Spies and munch away while my mother purchased bushels of apples to take home and make into applesauce and pies.

So how did it taste? WOW. Just . . . WOW! Crisp, juicy, sweet with a hint of tartness, perfect thin skin, small core . . . This is one of the very best eating apples I've ever had--and I've had quite a few!

There is a website for the variety: Check it out and read up on the history. There are some great recipes listed as well, but to be honest, I'm buying it for eating out of hand.

Anyone else tried this variety? I'm making it my number one choice while it's in season from now on!
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