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Posted by: lblackbu, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 8:23pm
Question - are you drinking water that is floride free?  Does anyone feel that drinking water without floride really makes a difference.

I have all the symptoms of a thyroid issue but all of my test come back as normal.  After doing some research regarding thyroid issues it's recommended to reduce your floride intake.  I switch tooth paste and considering going to distilled water at home.  I still drink a lot of water away from home that I am sure has floride in it.  Has anyone feel that reducing the amount of floride makes a difference?
Posted by: ABJoe, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 8:55pm; Reply: 1
Excess Flouride, being one of the halogen elements, causes Iodine to be flushed out of the body.  Reducing flouride (as well as chlorine/ide, and bromine) intake will mean that the you won't need as much iodine intake to keep thyroid activity proper.

I filter the water at the house to remove chlorine and flourine from the drinking water.  Some internet sources also say I should filter shower water as well, but I haven't gotten to that point.

I know that as a teanager, I ate so much salt that the body has stores of it...  When I get really compliant, it starts removing those stores...  At those times, I'll wake up in the morning with a really salty taste in my mouth...  It is also during these times that I need to make sure I put on iodine patches or I start craving salty foods to get what little iodine is there.  Of course, if I eat the salty foods at this time, the additional chlorine intake from the salt will flush even more iodine from the system.
Posted by: Laura P, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 9:03pm; Reply: 2
I would say definitly yes!  I am very sensetive to floride, plus my teeth have gotten so much better since I eliminated floride in water and toothpaste
Posted by: OSuzanna, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 9:19pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from lkpetrolino
... plus my teeth have gotten so much better since I eliminated floride in water and toothpaste

???? explain please! I feel like one of my poor unsuspecting victims of my "stop eating wheat" speech, going I thought (whole wheat) substitute (flouride) was good for you!?!
looking forward to whatever you have to say... :)

Posted by: Suzanne, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 9:26pm; Reply: 4
I got involved in a campaign to defeat a bill to add fluoride to the drinking water in our community.  The issue that convinced me to become an activist was that osteoporosis is significantly more common in places where fluoride is added.  It’s been more than 10 years, and I can’t put my fingers on that research right now.  

The three questions I asked people were – Why medicate an entire society when only pregnant women and children under age 5 will benefit?  Why go to the expense of adding fluoride to everyone’s water, when it would cost less to provide free fluoride drops to the people it benefits?  Why increase the risk of osteoporosis, particularly of women over 50, who are forced to drink fluoride because it is in everyone’s water?

Fortunately my community has remained fluoride free, though all of the communities around us now add fluoride to the water.  
Posted by: resting, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 9:52pm; Reply: 5
there are so many negatives when it comes to added fluoride that it may be this century's 'dental health' problem, as mercury-contamination via mercury was the 20th Century dental-problem.  Just one of the finding by researchers was that fluoride lowers IQ some 10 points.  [presentation to the American Psychiatric Association @2000].  google: fluoride toxicity .... you'll be amazed (and possibly peeved)!

Posted by: Laura P, Saturday, December 16, 2006, 9:53pm; Reply: 6
OSuzanna and who ever else cares, here are some good links that can explain it better than myself

The Fluoride Debate: A response to the American Dental Association's booklet, "Fluoridation Facts"

Fluoride Action Network (Excellent Resource, Very Up-to-Date)

Fluoride: Protected Pollutant or Panacea? (Elkie Babiuk's site)

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation

Fluoride Controversy, the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

More Scientific Facts on Fluoride

Fluoride Research Journal

Preventive Dental Health Site

America Overdosed on Fluoride - Lynn Landes (Includes e-mail correspondence inwhich an ADA spokesperson refutes news reports that non-fluoridated bottled water causes cavities, and what you can do to ban fluoride and educate others.)

The Toxic Effects of Fluoride (Be aware that they are selling a fluoride removal system.)

Fluoridation Debate (Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 105, Number 11, November 1997)

Fluoridation: The Overdosing of America - Fact or Fiction? (Slides by Gerald H. Smith, D.D.S.)

Darryl W. Roundy, D.C. - Fluoride Research

Fluoridation Fluoride Toxic Chemicals In Your Water

Does water fluoridation have negative side effects?
Posted by: MyraBee, Sunday, December 17, 2006, 4:06am; Reply: 7
I'm 48, and have never had a cavity.  I've always attributed it to my mom taking me to a pedodontist 2xyear throughout my childhood, and the yearly, very nasty tasting, flouride treatments I got.

Maybe have to rethink that idea!

Posted by: MissileCop, Sunday, December 17, 2006, 8:00pm; Reply: 8
Removing fluoride from my daily intake has certainly made a difference.  

Once I stopped drinking fluoridated water, and using fluoridated toothpaste, my gums stopped bleeding over a period of time.  I also found that stopping the use of both considerably lowered the amount of plaque buildup on my teeth between dental visits.

And here I thought toothpaste was supposed to help PREVENT plaque buildup.

I no longer use toothpaste of any kind, and I only drink spring or well water.  
Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Monday, December 18, 2006, 9:34am; Reply: 9
My teeths has improved as well... strange enough
-I feared to go the dentist first time- since I had given up the flouride toothpaste .
I never ( almost ) have any fillings - but I always have a lot of plaque/ tooth"stone" even though I floss a lot.
The last 3 times I have had about 1/2 the plaque - and dentist asked me if I had changed my floss habits....
Well just toothpaste.......
After 2 years of no flouride toothpaste I can say I did not get more caries
- nor do my daughter - who has the most appaling brushing/flossing habits...:-(
- teens >:(
Water in Denmark is very clean and not cleaned or flourided except a little bit in Copenhagen - The water we get on our island is rather hard( we have large chalk formations) and does contains some natural fluoride.
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