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Posted by: 339 (Guest), Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 4:43pm
Can anyone suggest any supplements/foods that would help me recover from my ordeal with back surgery and some nerve problems? I had the procedure less than a week ago. Some cartilage and disc ruptured and was lodged into the nerve fossa thereby crushing the nerve that comes off the L4 vertebrae. The front part of my shin is still numb but the rest of the leg neuropathy is gone from the surgery. I am still in a lot of pain around the staples and the back muscles. I know they gave me a lot of IV antibiotics in the hospital so I am taking the probiotics for that and I am taking flaxseed oil along with a good multi. I still need the pain medicine right now. Is there anything out there that is targeted for nerve repair? The neurosurgeon told me there was no permanent damage but the numbness and tingling could last for several weeks. If I can speed up that recovery process, I will be so grateful.
Deb :'(
Posted by: kipperkid, Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 5:02pm; Reply: 1
go to and look at the nerve health and post surgery protocols?
Posted by: 339 (Guest), Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 5:06pm; Reply: 2
Thank you. I will do so now. I didn't think to search there. Trials of a newbie!
Posted by: mikeo, Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 5:08pm; Reply: 3
bromelain 500mg twice daily away from food for the pain

good supplements for nerve repair are

calcum Citrate

Posted by: trish44, Wednesday, November 22, 2006, 10:27am; Reply: 4
Someone suggested PS to me months ago, and it really has helped with my neuropathy.  I don't know the exact spelling, but if you ask for PS at the hfs, they will know.  
Posted by: 339 (Guest), Wednesday, November 22, 2006, 2:46pm; Reply: 5
Thanks! Is the PS an herb or amino acid? Is it one dosage? How much do you take daily?
Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Wednesday, November 22, 2006, 3:00pm; Reply: 6
Welcome, cytodeb, and I wish you a great and full recovery from your recent back surgery.

This may sound pretty basic, but one of the most important things you can do as an O is to avoid wheat.  Wheat is so pro-inflammatory in O's that it is actually quite dazzling (in a bad sense of the word "dazzling").  Mikeo's advice to take Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) is excellent, as it is sort of the opposite of what I just said about wheat, it is anti-inflammatory.

You may want to take some glucosamine sulfate, too, as it builds and repairs cartilege.  It typically takes a few weeks to a few months before you notice anything because cartilege repair is a slow thing and the glucosamine sulfate needs some time to work its magic.

Eat some high-quality protein, ideally from beneficial sources like lamb and beef, at each meal so that your body can do the cellular repair and healing it needs to do.

Drink lots and lots of water, and pineapple juice (bromelain again!).

Also take it easy and do what the doctor(s) instructed re rehab, exercises/exercising/NOT exercising, or whatever they told you to do and/or not do.  Be good to your back.  It's the only one ya got.  I have a back challenge, too, and I've learned to be proactive about caring for it.  I do the things I know I need to, like going to the chiropractor every 4 to 6 weeks, doing my little stretch every morning and night, trying always to sit in chairs that support my lumbosacral and lumbar spine, etc., carrying a little pillow with me to places that might not have good chairs, sleeping with my legs up on a "capsule", etc.

I hope you heal fully and asap.   :)
Posted by: Don, Wednesday, November 22, 2006, 4:18pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from cytodeb
Is the PS an herb or amino acid? Is it one dosage? How much do you take daily?

PS = Phosphatidyl Serine

Posted by: trish44, Wednesday, November 22, 2006, 5:01pm; Reply: 8
Thanks MoDon for the spelling help.  Cytodeb, I take one 100 mg capsule twice a day.  Hope you are all healed soon!
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