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Posted by: Creel (Guest), Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 3:20pm
I just received my blood work data back and now I am sure what worked for me.

I have been basically following Heller's, and more specific D’Adamo’s “Blood Type Diet” (Eat Right for Your Type). My former Doctor said he was legally bound by his HMO and could not discuss what I did, since it went against his/ companies based prescription/recommendations and was not “standard medical” practice. Even though, he told me he thought “some of the concepts were good.” After I told him what I was doing he would not even discuss the Guideline Diet he gave me that didn’t work. His advised me to find another doctor more into “natural” medicine, which fit more into my way of thinking.

My cholesterol, on doctor’s diet, was 248, now 181. LDL is still 100 (supposed to be <99). HDL is still a low 32 (should be 40-59). VLDL is 49 (should be 5-40).

Triglycerides were 1281, now 246. Since I am still reading/learning about the BTD, there are some foods I am still eating maybe should be eliminated and some I need to add back after which I believe should bring the level down to “normal” 149.

Another test was the ALT (SGPT), which deals with the liver. Normal is 0-55. On Dr’s diet was 60. Before dr’s diet was 77. I was eating a lot of high carb foods and sugars then. High levels can indicate liver damage. It dropped to 37 after I cut carb/sugar intake and raising protein intake. I didn’t expect 7 weeks to fix something that has been wrong for 15+ years.

I think the whole milk and some of the nuts I might have to cut down.

My wife is blood type B. However, diets of O’s and B’s are very similar so she has been using same diet as well. She has lost nearly 30 lbs and went from a size 22 dress to nearly a 16.

For types O and B, diet is basically a lower carb (not Adkins low however), higher protein/fat diet. Fat however, consists of low “saturated” fat and eating more “polysaturated” and “monosaturated”, which are better fats. Apparently and according the BTD, O’s and B’s have higher stomach acid and make better use of fats rather than carbs (processed/altered wheat and corn especially bad for blood type B and O). This may explain several problems in people/family I know, imho.

This is passed on because I know it is working for me. Everybody is different and use this only as additional information to better educate yourself.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 4:19pm; Reply: 1
thanks for sharing!
great results and example to all in search of better health!
Posted by: Victoria, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 4:31pm; Reply: 2
Creel, congratulations!  My results were similiar in dealing with my blood levels.  It continues to improve even more after some years on the BTD, and it's great your doctor had at least the eye to see that results speak very loudly.
If you can deal with that milk, I think you'll see great results even more.  Ghee, olive oil and flax are some healthy fats that really help with lipid balance.  Walnuts should be a good thing also.  Peanuts, no!
Posted by: NewHampshireGirl, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 4:33pm; Reply: 3
Thank you, Creel, for taking the time to spell out the good results you have had with BTD.  I'm thrilled for both you and your wife!!!!!!!!!

My husband is an A and I'm a B.  It's just a little harder to make compliant meals and we do end up with different protein at the same meals.  I would think it could be more satisfying working with the O and B combination.  It's all worth it, though, isn't it?  Again, how wonderful your lab results were as compared to the other diet.

Keep us posted on your progress.  :)
Posted by: Creel (Guest), Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 7:53pm; Reply: 4
At my last doctors visit, I saw and talk with one person and now when I think back on it, how they could benefit. More than likely most are on drugs and don't have to be. It makes me upset with the doctors "oath" of doing no harm and so many are.

But, on the bright side many of my friends and family are now willing to try. Whereas before several were skeptical, now they want to know what I did!
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 8:01pm; Reply: 5
your success and example is the best publicity!
Posted by: Alia Vo, Friday, October 6, 2006, 3:50am; Reply: 6

Congratulations on your wonderful results from the doctor.  I am glad to hear that you have found an eating plan that is working for you.  I wish you much more continued success and health with this lifestyle.

Yes, there is alot to learn about the BTD.  You'll obtain a tremendous amount of information, research, and insight throughout the website, as well as, on the forum.  I encourage you to peruse various aspects of this website at your convenience.

Posted by: italybound, Friday, October 6, 2006, 1:22pm; Reply: 7
Quoted from Creel
I didn’t expect 7 weeks to fix something that has been wrong for 15+ years. I think the whole milk and some of the nuts I might have to cut down.

Creel, firstly :-), welcome to BTD and the forums. Oh what a treat!! Isn't it amazing what eating for your BT (blood type) will do!!!  I also had dramatic results when starting BTD.  I am sad your MD took no interest in learning about BTD so he could further help you, but at the same time commend him for being honest and advising you to find someone who could really help you.  I guess he felt like his hands were tied but at the same time, I don't think most care to learn about the nutritional side of health.  :'(
My chiro and I are now working on getting my hormones in balance and I plan to work closely w/ him about my adrenals as he has another approach and the one I'm doing now does not seem to be working. I fully intend on getting the ER4YT book and asking him to read at least about O's so he can help me in compliance w/ BTD. He's in his mid 30's and smart as a whip, so I hope this works. I hope you will be able to find someone to work w/ you closely as well. It's such a relief to have someone who will and does. I'll be so glad when my chiro is licensed to order blood work! :-)
Your blood work test are so dramatically improved, that how could the people who know you not sit up and take notice, eh?  Such big congratulations are in order.  ;D
Sweetie peetie Victoria has given you some very good suggestions on the oils and nuts, so you should be all set! :-)
My mom had the same experience of having horrible blood test results when on the standard diabetic diet and then how dramatically they improved when going on BTD. She was literally almost one foot in the grave.  :'(    Turned it around really quickly.
You will see more positive changes when the milk goes bye-bye. :-)  All of my sinus issues were taken care of w/ the elimination of dairy. My DH has had some dramatic results as it's way less 'windy' here since he gave it up.  ;) ;D  and he doesn't snore nearly as bad.
Look forward to more of your posts and thanks for sharing that wonderful 'testimony' on your BTD experience!
Posted by: 95 (Guest), Friday, October 13, 2006, 5:41pm; Reply: 8
What a wonderful testimony to the effects this diet has on your body in such a short time.
The human body is an amazing machine and it's ability to heal and fix itself when given the right tools is miraculous!
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