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Posted by: Plado (Guest), Monday, October 2, 2006, 7:08pm
You asked very kindly for me to keep in touch to let know how my Radiotherapy session went.

Well now I've just completed the 20 factions of Radiotherapy for which I prepared fairly heavily by using the Blood Type Diet and supplements recommended to me such as Bromelain and Holy Basil.  

I am a bit reluctant to post straight away here a detailed report of what happened during those four weeks of September as it's likely to be very long.  So I think at this stage I'll say, is anyone/everyone with an interest in how it went, quite prepared for a longer posting that would be at some length and in some detail or would it be better if people emailed me individually?  I'm not too sure of the Netiquette posting such a detail on a forum but I'll be guided by you.
Regards to all - I'm doing OK but it's a long long tough road back to recovery.
Posted by: Olerica, Monday, October 2, 2006, 7:16pm; Reply: 1
Please feel free to post the entire thing.  Loads of people have massive posts.  You are ok to do it too!
Posted by: LuHu, Monday, October 2, 2006, 7:17pm; Reply: 2
Hi Plado,

I would like to say happy you are doing OK EVEN if it is with a long tough road back. You sound like your commitment to supporting your body using all you know is job 1 so I've got confidence that you absolutely will see your way back.

Best wishes to you.


P.S. Hey, I'm no moderator, so this definitely isn't an answer to your question about posting, but I've seen some pretty long posts on this forum. LOL A couple may have been from me????  :o
Posted by: yaeli, Monday, October 2, 2006, 7:23pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from Plado
You asked very kindly for me to keep in touch to let know how my Radiotherapy session went.

I am a bit reluctant to post straight away here a detailed report of what happened during those four weeks of September as it's likely to be very long.  So I think at this stage I'll say, is anyone/everyone with an interest in how it went, quite prepared for a longer posting that would be at some length and in some detail or would it be better if people emailed me individually?  I'm not too sure of the Netiquette posting such a detail on a forum but I'll be guided by you.

Hello Plado,
Having been thinking about you this week and how your are doing, it's good to have you back on board!!! Please continue to share whenever you feel like it and of course at any length and into as much detail as you like to go. Positive! U may know by now how attentive this community is.
Welcome back,
Yael  :)

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Monday, October 2, 2006, 7:39pm; Reply: 4
welcome on board Plado :o ;)...and I think everybody of us will hear what you have to tell us; if we can give some support...= fine :D  and don't feel disturbed from whatsoever....
Posted by: Poly, Monday, October 2, 2006, 8:14pm; Reply: 5
Hi Plado and welcome!

We'd all love to read your posts - long or short. :)

A bit of advice: If you're going to write a very long post - how about typing it up in Word (or any other text-thingy) and then copy and paste it in to a post here? That way you don't risk losing what you write if your internet connection or this board's server or whatever should go wonky half way through your post. Just a thought... ;)
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Monday, October 2, 2006, 8:39pm; Reply: 6
Funny you should say that. I already did type it up in Word and pasted it into the forum but somehow the Posting seems to have vanished into the ether.  Perhaps it's being scrutinized by the Moderator so I'll try to post it again but not until tomorrow as I don't want it to show up twice.

I'll get off to bed as it's time I got my head down.  I'll look again first thing in the morning and if it hasn't appeared I'll post again.  I've saved it on the desktop so it will be no trouble.
Sorry to keep you all in suspense but I don't want to look silly and post a long post twice.

Posted by: NewHampshireGirl, Monday, October 2, 2006, 8:48pm; Reply: 7
I would like to read your post, Plado.  It's okay if it's long because details are good.  We can always learn something.

Blessings to you, Plado.  :K)
Posted by: Lola, Monday, October 2, 2006, 8:49pm; Reply: 8
if the post is too long, you might want to divide it into two or three posts, depending.

that way, it will surely come through.........
looking forward! )
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 7:57am; Reply: 9
What a good idea individualist - Thanks I'll do that now.  Here's part I

To recap on reasons for all this for the benefit of those who didn't see my earlier postings.
I was already trying some aspects of the Blood Type diet as I was known to be A+ and hadn't yet found out if I what my secretor status was.   Well I did find out - my test came through and I was a secretor so then began the treatment for Radiotherapy on September 4th and continued five days a week throughout September.

A tumour had been found in the Olfactory organ in my head, up beyond the eyes.  Discovered while removing polyp blockage from right nostril.  Surgeon advised that he didn't get all the polyp out and I'd need to have more extensive surgery to get at the source of the Tumour.  This proved to be a tiny part of 22 samples taken for biopsy - just one small piece was not polyp and looked like it needed testing. It was small and slow growing and probably early detected in any growth pattern or at least that was what was supposed.    The surgeon I was referred to,  recommended after a second MRI scan and one CT scan, that he remove all the sinus disease and if needed even some of the bone in the "nasal bone" part of the skull and also taking away extensive polyp sinus disease while he was there.  At first he talked of drilling in through the forehead and between the left eye socket and my nose which sounded horrendous.  But in the end he did it all from up the nostrils which I think was a feat of genius.

This all happened in June 2006.    I recovered from that but the Surgeon recommended 20 shots of Radiotherapy as a back up to the mechanical surgery as the only insurance that would be reducing the likelihood of the tumour returning more aggressively.  I had to agree since they told me that I really don't want to know about what it's like if the tumour hits the Lymph nodes.  So RT it was.

I'd already been on the blood type diet in a half hearted way by the time the tumour was diagnosed in March this year.   But as I led up to the time of surgery I had been following it quite strictly as a diet and getting off most if not all meats except Chicken and Turkey and following the right types of veg fish and dairy etc.    I did heal very fast from the surgery and I think the diet helped enormously.   Some kind people on here advised about supplements and I only took from that what I considered to be sensible - as I read a book called "Why Men Don't Iron" where differences between male and female metabolism affect the way men absorb some of the vitamins minerals and essential things like Iron and Zinc does rather fly in the face of some of the advice on the Blood Type diet.   So I tailored it to suit the way I had become habitual in my eating patterns for years now, decades in fact,  of good wholesome Organic foods with no pesticides or crop poisons added to my foodstuffs at the point where they were growing or being prepared for sale or storage..  So I only had to avoid some of those foods that are known to be bad. Eggplant; Tomatoes; Potatoes; and a heap of things I love and have loved for years, just had to go for now.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 7:58am; Reply: 10

So I built up a strong system.   Then when it came to having to have beamed at my nose, forehead, temples 20 sessions spread over September.  I can say that I honestly believe that supplements I took during the treatment and the Blood Type Diet that I tried to stick to before I began were both instrumental in making me have an easier time of it than most people.
I was told it would be that way by experts here on this forum.   And I took Bromelain and Holy Basil as well as Wheatgrass concentrated juice almost daily.

One of the big problems was going to be what happens when my mouth teeth gums and roof become so damaged and tender that I can no longer eat solid food?   This was going to mean liquidizing everything into baby food style eating and I wasn't looking forward to it one bit.

For the first few treatments I was not aware of any problems other than one very frightening one which was a kind of over-stimulus of the semi-circular canal (middle ear) that led to a terrifying increase in my constant Tinnitus loudness as well as the onset of dizziness rather like a simulated Meniere's Disease being induced.  When I suggested by "laying it on thick" that the treatment was giving me Vertigo, they immediately tried to ban me from driving myself to Hospital on a daily basis.  I had to put them wise that it wasn't proper Vertigo it was dizziness at night when I lay down to sleep in the dark.  So they retracted the ban. Phew.  That could have been mighty inconvenient as it was a half hour drive to the Hospital from my place of residence at the time.

I tried to get some assurances from the Radiologist and the Oncologist in charge of my treatment that it wouldn't go on increasing both the dizziness and the tinnitus but they wouldn't.   This almost frightened me into stopping the treatment after just six visits.
They prescribed Stemetil an anti dizziness and anti anxiety drug that calms the semi circular canal.   It worked quite well but still made me feel sick. I had to stay with it as I was terrified the dizziness would turn to vertigo and severe nausea.  Once that was established I carried on with treatments 7 8 9 and 10 and then came home for the week end.   Still no real trouble beyond that.

Went through week three and it was a really dreadful ordeal being clamped to a bench with perspex mask on my face and plugs up my nostrils and hearing aids removed and keeping my eyes open while a huge machine does a one minute burn on the left side of the head aimed at the temple; then moves to the center and the shape changes to an inverted T and it is all lined up by computer software.  Then a two minute burn straight at my nose bridge and between the eyes and over either side into sinuses area.   Then it moves to the right side and burns a mirror image of the burn from the left side and then they come and un clamp you after a total of about 5 to 7 minutes depending on how long they take to line you up on the laser beams in the walls for alignment and using special plastic guages to make sure it misses your eyes.  All very frightening.  Worst thing I have ever experienced in my 59 years.

Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 8:00am; Reply: 11
OK so next was get information from the team as to what to do if I get side effects and symptoms that surely will hit me but possibly not until week four.  Well they hit me with a wallop in week four but up till then and beyond they kept saying I was doing remarkably well compared to many.  I'll vouch for that when I see the serious looking sunburn effects on some poor devils waiting to be treated - treat it is not !  I was one of the lighter reactors to the stuff.

However, by the middle of the fourth week I was starting to lose sleep because my nose was beginning to block and mouth breathing while asleep.  The sleep induced by Codeine and when I woke up several times a night my mouth felt like I'd been given a glass of gasoline and sulphuric acid to rinse with it was agony.  The skin of the face was burning like I'd been in a welding accident.  They wouldn't allow any creams containing metals not even zinc based talcum powder.  They'd allow E45 cream and baby soap for washing and that was all because metals react with the radioactivity and become radio active until they work out of the skin so they demanded I not use cosmetics or after sun creams.  Nothing containing de natured alcohol or alcohol of any type.   So until I get over the effects of the dose I can't really do much to relieve it.  I've ordered some plain pure Aloe Vera cream to apply to the skin of the cheeks nose and lip so that by tomorrow I should have something I can safely put on the skin to relieve it.  I have been using an ice cold flannel with cold water wrung out and folded it over the nose and face during the night.   This partially opens both nostrils a little by causing ovality and alllows me to breathe.  But it's almost as if I dare not fall asleep as my mouth is so painful when I wake up with it dry.

My sister came up with a brilliant idea to rinse out the awful disaster area that is my gums and mouth and that is a mug of warm water with a half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a half teaspoon of salt dissolved.  That proved to be utter bliss and the only thing that let me wake up and speak without yelling with the pain when I tried to even drink water.

During the treatment I had to be seen by the Nutritionist or Dietician she called herself.  Unfortunately all her advice was designed for people who have had to go over to liquid foods only and I wasn't about to join those ranks if I could help it.   Positive thought was called for.  What Nutritionist suppled me with, was ghastly foods with high energy; high sugar; high protein high revolting rating, as they were all sugar and children's taste with artificial banana and other flavourings that I can't stand, I'd rather die than eat that muck.   It was aimed at people too old to fend for themselves and who get malnourished by not being interested in preparing food any more.  Quite how they expect even old people to drink that garbage I don't know.  So when I showed the nutritionist that I knew more about my diet than she did, and how I'd been ten jumps ahead of her by knowing what I should keep up with Protein; Energy; Fats; Sugars and vitamins and minerals, she sort of backed down.   She supplied me with a bag load of drinks that I was going to put straight in the garbage where they belong, so she tried another tack and offered me Soups.   I said "I'll try soups but only if they don't contain E625 MSG Monosodium Glutamate as I'm allergic to it".   She looked on the soups and what did she find MSG on all but the Leek and Potato and Mushroom.   So I took them home.

The leek and potato tasted very strongly of nothing.   But within 20 minutes of eating it, I had violent stomach ache and read the ingredients with a magnifying glass, and discovered it had dried onion in it, and that never did agree with me.  I can take freshly cooked real onion but not onion powder.  I can't eat raw onion either even though Blood Type diet says Onions are good for A group.

So more packets were consigned to the garbage and I was pleased when I didn't have to see the dietician any more last wednesday.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 8:04am; Reply: 12
PART IV  Final part
Came home after treatment 20 and my face is a real mess.   The side effects go on getting worse after you have finished rather like microwave food cooking when you leave it to stand.
I've been in pain and short of sleep for four days now but I'm coping.

The Blood Type diet has had to go rather through the window on practical and medical grounds as I can eat Mashed Potato and Mashed Swede and Mashed Parsnip but the Potato is good for me more than it's bad for me at this stage.  I'm still carrying on eating Peanut butter but can't chew nuts.  Can't even chew a sliced or diced Pear it's too painful.
Ice Cream is a nono but it's bliss for my mouth so Ice cream during this month of October as I try desperately to heal will have to just be used medicinally to get some milk (or soya milk in the case of my ice cream) down me without hurting my mouth.  It will clear up gradually but may be up to 5 weeks before it is fully back to normal.
I have to see the consultant again next monday so still more ordeals at the hospital but at least no more radiotherapy.

Lots of sleep when possible - every opportunity.  A glass of water per hour throughout the day keeping levels of hydration up.   I'm not eating vinegar or tomatoes as they too are far too astringent for my woundings.   No lemon juice and I'm going a bit short on fruit but only in this fifth week.  At least I've kept up the good things all during the weeks I could still eat well.  So I did.  Now I have to keep tooth trouble and gum trouble at bay while it all tries to heal up.

That's the story so far.  I'll return to the diet as soon as I am able but it just wasn't practical to stay on it rigidly during the treatment or I'd have starved.  The priority had to be given to foods that were not agony to eat.  But at least I could ring the changes and have mashed swede, mashed parsnip, mashed potato, and even mashed up fruit - and I count myself lucky when I see the young lad down our street who has been born with a syndrome and had several operations on his face and for some of the time he had to become very astute at liquidizing the foods he needed such that they could be taken through a straw.   I take my hat off to him but only when nobody is looking to see the hair that fell out of the back of my head with the RT exit zone.   Other hair combs over the patch but it's in the shape of an upturned T !

I'm very good at looking after my own wellbeing and I do know myself extremely well.  But I have to say the only area that I don't know myself all that well is knowing my own strength.  I have more of it than I ever dreamed, and by God did I need it the last month.

I'd welcome anyone's comments on this.
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 8:33am; Reply: 13
oo dear Plado you made me :'( I feel so sad for you and your treatment; please can you have a look onto the Dr.D's surgery recovery protocol and just try to take supps in liquid form??) Didn't they worked with some aminoacids like methionin to go faster during surgery??) and no niaulioil against those burns??) OmG what do you have had to suffer and it's just going you get some morphine against those pains??)  I am going to send you my best thoughts and feel :K) gentely for recompfort ya a little bit .....
I may allow myselve to point that  and also for help for  thanks to mikeo

kindest regards truly yours Isa
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 12:08pm; Reply: 14
Isa thank you for your sympathy you've gladdened my heart but then I know I'll get supreme support from this forum even though most of it is over the other side of The Pond from the UK there's also plenty close at hand.

I think it is definitely the worst thing I have ever had to tough-it through.  But then I'm not very practiced at handling pain and suffering as the only time I have ever been in hospital for operational reasons is back in 1954 when I was 7 going on 8 having my tonsils out which took a whole week; my parents and visitors were not allowed (how's that for a callous regime) in the teaching hospital outside London and all the years in between I've been very lucky never to have broken a limb; nor had appendix removed; nor been stung by a wasp or bee; nor had agonizing kidney stones or anything that people I know of my own age have suffered.

The only time I got Morphine was by special request from the surgeon who took out my first polyp and discovered it was tumour involved and he asked the hospital to give me a shot of liquid morphine before the removed the two packs from my nose after they'd put large packs up when I had a rather inconvenient haemorrage from a tiny blood vessel right in the midst of a UK Heat Wave in July, the hottest summer for 234 years !!    But up in Birmingham when they took the packs out from the major excision of disease from both nostrils I was only given an Ice Pack to place over my nose for 15 minutes before they removed the packs (24 hours after the operation)

It hurt!  Luckily the packs are stitched and they un-ravel like the string on a bag of dog food you know where you cut the right part of the loops and then slowly pull and the unravelling of the cotton pack happens as they pull yards and yards of string out of my nose.   It wasn't pleasant as it got up to the top end where you are rather tender.  But I did the best I could to help reduce the pain by listening on my iPod to some dreamy soft piano jazz that was moving and emotionally soothing while they did it.   It helped release endorphins and all those opiates that the body does naturally.    So a big thank you to Keith Jarrett for his music from the heart which does indeed sooth the troubled breast - or in my case the troubled nose !

Back home I get given Codeine and Paracetamol tablets and they don't want me using Ibuprofen as the mental blocking of pain interferes with the Radio Therapy process of healing.   Go figure as they say.
Posted by: Janet, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 12:23pm; Reply: 15
Quoted from Plado

At first he talked of drilling in through the forehead and between the left eye socket and my nose which sounded horrendous.  But in the end he did it all from up the nostrils which I think was a feat of genius.

Plado....I use the above quote because many years ago my brother in-law had a tumour on his pituitary gland and as you, was fortunate to have a very skilled surgeon who operated up the nostrils.

What an awful experience for you, I can hardly believe how anybody can withstand such treatment. Thank goodness you had the knowledge and strength to prepare yourself and it has certainly been benefical for you.

Thank you for sharing all the indepth of your experience and I certainly wish you well.

Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 1:15pm; Reply: 16
Again thank you for your genuine empathy with my plight.   I have to say at this stage the Blood Type diet did afford me an immense power in handling whatever this treatment was going to fling at me.   Having read the literature and studied the best way to handle A group diets and especially knowing what the high viscosity of A group does to clotting time and all that kind of thing including the lectins I was really well prepared to handle what I knew was happening to me.

After all when you have an accidental haemorrage that bled from 7pm through midnight and necessated a rush to my local hospital by Ambulance and then they tried to stem the flow while the clots were happening rapidly in my throat but still the blood was getting around them, I was never really worried about losing so much that I'd pass out and die.  Sorry to be indelicate and don't read this if you're about to have your meal but...

 I joked with the Doctor on call in the Resussitation section because I kept asking him to come and remove clots from my throat and he got a vacuum cleaner type of thin nozzle and after a while let me suck my own clots out but when I had to ask him to use the tongs to pull them out I joked that I was expecting him to go fishing again.   He thought this was very funny!

But my point is, I knew that I'd been eating right for my blood type and I'd built up a good Haemaglobin level of 14 before the haemorrage happened and after I'd been transfused with a single unit of blood, I think they gave me some blood from somoene who wasn't in fine fettle when they donated as my Heamaglobin went down to 7 overnight.  OK some of that was loss of blood but when you think that my blood pressure went down from a normal controlled level of 80, to a terrifying 40 I was a bit worried that I wouldn't have the strength to get out of that place in less than a week.   As it happened I was in there on Tuesday July 4th and released on Saturday morning July 8th staggering along the corridor slowly and weakly like an old man who'd had a transplant!

It took me a month to get the haemaglobin back up to normal and I did this by following the Blood Type diet strictly to the letter of the rulings and I got there.   I was just about fit enough to start the Radiotherapy though I was still getting some trouble from the nasal area where all that excision went on.   They have to do the RT fairly soon after operating to make sure the tumour has no chance of returning before they burn the area to bits with Radio Active rays.

The medics in charge of the Oncology and Radiotherapy frightened the life out of me when they had to tell me of the risks and what RT might do but won't necessarily really do it will all depend on how I react to it.   They included.
Later cataracts in the eyes prematurely
Glue Ear
Menieres Disease from the semi circular canal over heating
Loss of smell sense
Loss of taste
Loss of hair
Saliva glands dried up
ORN or Osteo Radio Nectitis (the jaw bone dies leaving the teeth almost impossible to extract without the gum refusing to heal.

This latter one apparently can mean that you have to have Hyperbaric Oxygen course like they give divers with The Bends before you have an extraction so that the jaw and gum don't become permanently infected for the rest of your life.   Talk about frightening!  I nearly didn't sign.
I had to phone my surgeon (the one that gave me morphine he's a gem of a guy) and asked him what are my risks if I don't have the Radiotherapy and he said, "It makes much more sense to have it than not, because if the tumour comes back and invades your face, the scenario is not a nice one and it's not a nice way to go"   So I just pulled myself together and went for it.  The sooner they start the sooner it's over.

I'm very sad that it might come back even now.  But we all have to go sometime but I don't like to believe I will ever go.   I'm enjoying things too much to just drop it all and say goodbye.
So maybe the Blood Type diet is giving me something to be hopeful about and I can know that I'm being as kind to myself as I can be and beyond that it's all in the lap of whoever is your God.
And believe me I don't feel hard done by, there are so many people who are in a million times worse state than me, and I saw enough in the waiting room at the Oncology dept that they so revoltingly call The CANCER CENTRE, to last me a lifetime and count my blessings.  It could have been so much worse.
Posted by: NewHampshireGirl, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 3:33pm; Reply: 17
Plado, thank you for sharing a dark valley of your life.  I hope the support from this forum is of great help to you.  Certainly, as you say, the BTD diet will be of tremendous help.  Further, I would say your sense of humor will guide you through uncharted waters.

Again, thank you for your postings.  We'll be here as you go through this travail.  :)
Posted by: trish44, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 4:05pm; Reply: 18
Plado, I know, too, about the sad feeling that it may come back.  I finished with chemo two years ago....Just push that thought away and believe that it is gone.  Live with that belief, and enjoy each day.  As you get well and stronger, so too will your positive attitude.  You'll see.  God bless you.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 5:23pm; Reply: 19
What lovely people you are.  Unique I'd say.  Thank you for just being there and bothering to come and contribute to a thread that is almost off topic it's so heavily about "me".

It's all very reassuring even though you're all there in print, I know that you are all there for real and that is a warming thought.
Anyone who wants to look at my non-commercial personal website is welcome to drop by.
Take a little trip to the sunny county of Devon in SW England (almost Cornwall)  I'm there with my dog.  The only reason my wife isn't there is because she didn't want to be plastered all over the internet while she still works in a job where her reputation is second to none.  
so in case putting my site in this text will be censored I'll just say
all the 3 W'

Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 5:42pm; Reply: 20
Quoted Text
there are so many people who are in a million times worse state than me, and I saw enough in the waiting room at the Oncology dept that they so revoltingly call The CANCER CENTRE, to last me a lifetime and count my blessings.

Plado, it s great to have you back!!

Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 6:08pm; Reply: 21
You may not realize what value there is in sharing your story with others who, in many cases, are facing health challenges also. Your attitude and courage are truly inspirational and show us how courageous people can be. Blessings to you, Jayney-0
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 8:26pm; Reply: 22
ooo wow Plado, you are living in a beautiful area...:o  thanks for sharing it :D
Posted by: Don, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 8:50pm; Reply: 23
Quoted from Plado
- as I read a book called "Why Men Don't Iron" where differences between male and female metabolism affect the way men absorb some of the vitamins minerals and essential things like Iron and Zinc does rather fly in the face of some of the advice on the Blood Type diet.

That book sounds interesting. I checked the local library online and they only have the author's earlier book Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women so I may check it out and read it first before trying to get my hands on the Why Men Don't Iron book.

I enjoyed your website, including your tale about the old motorcycle.

Best wishes.

Posted by: Poly, Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 9:46pm; Reply: 24
Plado, thank you SO much for taking the time to share your story with us here. I can't even begin to imagine how much strength it takes to go through what you've been going through.

I enjoyed reading your posts - so full of energy and humour. I wish you all the best.

Big cyberhugs from this side of the pond! ;)


PS.: Maybe EFT can help you. It certainly can't hurt. If you're up to looking into energy-therapy check out - there are lots of articles and resources to be found, and you can maybe find a local EFT-therapist. Just a thought. :)

Posted by: Plado (Guest), Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 9:35am; Reply: 25
Again you're all so lovely. Thanks for being there. I was waiting after I got home to be able to feel up to coming back to tell my tale of what kind of ordeal it was.   So as soon as I was in that frame of mind I wrote down what I wanted to say and modifed, edited and then posted it up and you all responded so nicely.  

It's worth mentioning in passing, that I did buy the Dadamo book on Cancer and I couldn't read it very much.   I read and took out some useful hints and tips but I found it very depressing reading about the risks and symptoms and ways in which my own blood group is susceptible to certain types of cancer and it frightened me almost to death!

But then it reads rather like a medical book and everyone knows that if you read a medical book or dictionary or guide, it would turn the most complacent person into a hypochodriac or at the very least convince them they have every disease in the book - especially when you get over a certain age.   I did come away having learned how useful an anti-cancer food like Peanuts and Turmeric will be, and those are both things I've eaten regularly most of my life.  I'm not going to say "oh well it didn't stop me getting cancer" because my tumour is a very very rare type and probably has no roots in diet at all, indeed I've been told by experts it may have been in-born.

Certainly coping with tinnitus for 13 years and habituating it, taught me the dangers of focussing too much on your inner self.  If we must do such a thing then it needs doing under supervision from someone who can guide you into not doing yourself mental harm.  That leads me neatly to your remark Poly - -

Sorry don't even know what EFT therapy is.   In my scrummaging around on the site I find that EFT stands for Endometrial Function Test so that's not very likely!  OK what else? Eloctronic Funds Transfer Therapy well that's a possibility as you can bet your bottom dollar your own funds would be transfered to the Therapist's bank account!  Perhaps the success it due to the stabbing pains in your wallet that take your mind off your other pains ! I'm only ribbing you sorry!

 Ah they also list Emotional Freedom Therapy.  Well I think that sounds like someone who teaches you how to cry a bit and then says that will be 300 dollars please.   Well I can cry and have done, but I try not to when it would irritate the skin of my face to let saline drops pour through the Flamazene burn treatment ointment!
Actually you know I'm only joking but I'm put in mind of Jackie Mason's quip about paying a shrink which I'll take the liberty of quoting here:-

"I know who I am.  This is an achievement because I didn't always
know who I was.  That's why I went to the psychiatrist, to figure out
who I am.  
He told me as soon as he saw me that this wasn't me.  Who is
it then, and where is the real me, I asked, and he said he didn't know,
but we would figure it out together, and that will be $100 dollars
I said, what if we find the real me, and I don't like him?  
Besides, if he's the one that's lost, let him look for me, he's the one
with the problem.  Maybe I should talk to my friends, at least they
know who I was.  Since you don't know who I am, how about I charge you
$50 and we call it even.  
I love that one. That could only come from wonderful Jewish-based humour.  I love it.

DON let me know if you can't find Why Men Don't Iron.  I think I got my copy on so have a look on  if you are unable to obtain it come back to me and I'll send you my copy when I've fully read it through.  It's fascinating reading and goes into the biological differences between men and women's brains during the feotus development stage and the exposure to testosterone.  It explains by tests why men are lousy at linguistic tasks but excellent at spacial ones and why womean are excelling in linguistics and lousy at reversing into parking spaces!  It covers how on test small groups of say 8 little girls all working together round a table compare in their methods of working to 8 little boys of the same age.   The females work co-operatively and stay with the task much longer than the boys who can only work competitively and very much sooner give up and move away from the table having to seek their next stimulus somewhere else.   This is all done on children who are only just into the stage of their development when their brain-wiring is only just complete and they are into abstract as well as concrete thinking.

I was especially interested in the differences between men and women at the adult stage when multi-tasking was involved and finally in the tests that showed how when men and women swap domestic roles leaving the man at home to clear up after the kids and care for them and take them to school and fetch them, and the women go out to do a job that is quite intensive and focussed.   In the men's cases they very soon give up as they are generally more suited to focussed tasks and they can't take the multi tasking and messy clearing up that the kids create nor can they take the ego blow when fetching kids from school.   Unless that is they have a female chromosome brain from birth and likewise with the women a very scarce few of whom are born with a male chromosome and have a male-type brain and they too are great at spacial tasks, focussed working and lousy at the emotional skills of bringing up children.  It makes fascinating reading - I'm only on the differences in how they handle diet.  I'm very surprised the dadamo type diet doesn't look into how males use iron zinc and other elements differently to females regardless of any blood type.

Cheers to all
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 11:32am; Reply: 26
Something very odd is going on with this page.  I have posted replies and found them missing then when I go to add a comment about the missing reply of mine, it appears on the page.

Just now I tried to delete a comment in similar vein to this, and found that the contribution that I thought had been pulled suddenly appeared again.    So I deleted my comment in complaint and then the contribution that appeared vanished with it.  So now my reply to Poly has vanished.
The page really has got a rather clumsy way of operation and I can't seem to work out how to use no matter how I try fiddling and practicing with it.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 11:33am; Reply: 27
And now having posted that criticism the missing page has re-appeared.  What the Dickens is going on here ?
Posted by: Janet, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 12:26pm; Reply: 28
Plado...could be the time the system is taking to the post up???

Anyway, had a look at your website and what can I say....although I have lived in southern Spain since 1998, I was actually born in Cornwall.
I certainly know Devon was during a very WET camping holiday near Paigton Zoo that I firmly decided, that was the last time we camped in England. Afterwhich we went to south west France for several summer holidays.

Plado, if there is one thing I truly miss about England (probably the only one), it's the spring flowers, especially, woodland flowers like bluebells....
Recently we were in Uganda and both said that the 'red soil' was just like the west country.

Ah, made my day that....thanks again!!

Posted by: Plado (Guest), Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 1:15pm; Reply: 29
Janet I'm so glad you had a visit.  You would have seen the Bluebells in Primley Woods photo on my site.  That is actually woodlands owned by Paignton Zoo and it's possible to see my house from those woodlands and we are within earshot of the Zoo and often hear the Hippos grunting and strangely in windy weather the monkeys make a bit of a cackle.  I have never visited the zoo and don't like the concept of them, but at least the animals are very well cared for there.

The Zoo donated the woodlands to the public though they still keep them in good shape for us to use.  They also run the Whitley Wildlife Trust which also cares for Slapton Ley an inland bit of lake with very rare species in it, so interesting that they've set up a Field Centre for wildlife students to go and observe and such like.

Rain in Devon well yes though for tourists it's known as Sunny Devon, it's sunny today I think I'll put the webcam on my back garden and show you what the climate is like today.   The Devon saying is "Come to sunny Devon where it rains six days in seven".   That's not quite true but we do get a fair bit of rainfall on Dartmoor and Exmoor and Cornwall gets its share on Bodmin Moor too.
Glad you enjoyed the visit.
Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 1:25pm; Reply: 30
Plado, hang in there.  You've really been through the ringer.  Know that we are all here for you anytime to listen and send out supportive cybervibes.

Posted by: Janet, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 1:44pm; Reply: 31
Think we were at Paignton Zoo during the 80s, when my children were young.
Yes, it's funny how the west country actually has better weather than East Sussex, where I lived from the age of 14, but yet does have much rain...'still, the gardens need it'!!

Best wishes and give Josh a nice stroke from me...he looks like 'a man's best friend'.
Posted by: Don, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 3:24pm; Reply: 32
Quoted from Plado
I'm very surprised the dadamo type diet doesn't look into how males use iron zinc and other elements differently to females regardless of any blood type.

In response to a posted question I made over a year ago Dr. D hinted that the male/female differences would be addressed in the future Genotype Diet book.
Quoted from Dr. D
BTD; Sex.  You are onto something bigger than perhaps you realize...

Genotype Diet
However, the way Anne Louise Gittleman plagiarized and appropriated my work with blood types and rushed out a book (before ER4YT could be released) makes me unable to go into detail just right now.

Thanks for the offer, but I can buy the book from Amazon. I always try to borrow books from the library first since many books are worth reading but not worth owning.
Posted by: Victoria, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 6:18pm; Reply: 33
Quoted from Plado
And now having posted that criticism the missing page has re-appeared.  What the Dickens is going on here ?

Don't know the answer to that, Plado.   ??)  It could be that lag time that Janet mentioned.  You might be "thinking" faster than the site can keep up with you!   8)
You might try refreshing the page each time you make an entry and see if that helps.

I have just now had time to read all your posts on this thread.  I don't have time to respond properly right now, but did want to just stop in and send you my heartfelt warmest wishes for peace, strength and healing.  Your report brings back many memories of radiation therapy, surgery and for me, chemotherapy as well.  I respect the sufferings of human beings in a way that I never did before.
I will be following your story and joining in the conversation when I can.  
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, October 4, 2006, 6:46pm; Reply: 34
more on men versus women:
saw this play, actually a monologue, 'the cave man' I believe was the title.

women are gatherers, we have the ability to chose and collect (shopping for veggies, for example),
while men are born hunters!!
no wonder you do so well with the remote control!!! LOL

changing the subject here:
do you use the 'recent thread' button, on top of the page?
try it, when visiting the forum, it s easier to find all threads posted during the day, at a glance.
and like Victoria mentioned, refresh the page from time to time.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Friday, October 6, 2006, 6:58am; Reply: 35
Just a quick response to Poly for the EFT passing comment made - I didn't dismiss this as not worth looking into - so I hope you don't think my humour about it meant that I didn't take it seriously.  I've been to look at a heap of information about it and discovered it's a very interesting and proven therapy that works.

It is allied to and often used alongside EMDR which is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy that I have seen used to astoundingly good result when told about it by my sister who is an Occupational Therapist working in Forensic Psychology.

I'm going to investigate how it could help me - initially for speeding up my recovering from all this trauma but also and perhaps more importantly long term to see if it can handle my tinnitus of 13 years duration.   I will of course report back any findings here as all these things are useful to know about handling personal welfare and well-being.
Posted by: Victoria, Friday, October 6, 2006, 4:14pm; Reply: 36
I'm glad you are using the EMDR therapy, Plado.  Using that with the EFT should be a great aid to your healing.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Friday, October 6, 2006, 6:17pm; Reply: 37
No I'm not using either yet.  I've been reading up all about it and I'm in no position to do any therapy at all at the moment.  In fact I'm not even sure I'm going to be strong enough to get up to the hospital on Monday for my follow-up appointment with the Consultant Oncologist.  I've got to see if my wife can take me there and I can sleep all the way.   Sadly the hospital is 180 miles from my home because they were the specialist team who were capable of doing the surgery and the Radiotherapy specifically geared to how my surgery was carried out.  

Luckily we have an aparment within a 30 minute drive of the hospital there which my wife uses as a base for her work during the working week.   So we have at least a refuge and stopping off point before attending the hospital.

I will certainly look into both those therapies but it will have to be when I'm starting to mend from this awful onslaught of pain and mucousitis that is the hangover from all the damage that ray-gun has done to my good cells.
Posted by: italybound, Saturday, October 7, 2006, 1:51pm; Reply: 38
Plado, what a shining example you are!! What an experience you have endured. All the while w/ a positive attitude, doing everything you could to bolster your immune system prior to surgery, and keeping a sense of humor through it all.
You definitely have a will to make it thru all this in 'fine fashion', so no doubt you will,  w/ flying colors. :D
I'm sorry you've had to endure all this, at the same time, reading your post gives me new perspective. I'm afraid alot of people whine and get upset about the little things in life, that look big to them at the time,  I know I've been 'guilty'. Reading your post sure makes one stop and take a long hard  look at those not so big (in reality) things.
Are you able to get some better sleep now?
I think I read in your posts that when you were taking the treatments, you had to keep your eyes open. If I'm remembering correctly, would you mind telling me why that was. :-)
I read some good info on tinnitus a while back but for the life of me can't remember where. If I run across it, I'll be sure to post.
How kind and generous of you to share your website. For those of us who will never get your way, it's nice to 'see' it. I'll be looking at it again w/ my granddaughters, as the first time I looked at the pics it was on a monitor w/ not much clarity.
Hope you'll be feeling much better by Monday for your trip and glad you have a place to recoop before going on to the hospital. 3 hours is certainly a long way to travel when you're not feeling well.  As you well know. ;)
I'll be keeping you in my prayers and sending some good, healing 'winds' your way. Take good care.  
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Saturday, October 7, 2006, 2:35pm; Reply: 39
Well thank you Italybound - oh how I wish I was Italy bound right now.  What I'd give for a peach and a plum tomato or a Pizza topped with goat's cheese; black olives; mushrooms; anchovies and all those things that are so bad for Group A - I can dream !  In fact last night I dreamed I was eating a crusty white bread roll with a slab of cheddar cheese in it and I had recovered and was finding eating into it utter bliss.   Sadly when I woke the reality hit me that my mouth was no better than yesterday, it was in fact worse, as I bit just one gram too hard on a soft stoneless prune with my cold breakfast porridge and the stinging on the roof of my mouth caused me to nearly go through the ceiling with pain.   I drank some water and then soldiered on but the pain caused my temperature to rise I could feel it - my head heated up and my face with the burn area went all prickly hot.     My wife has been a saviour in this psychologically keeping me on the straight and narrow.

I can only describe the sensation of being able to eat an ice cream as like the elation it must be for a starving person to be given their first grain of rice and glass of water for days or weeks.
I see what you mean by the little things.  Imagine that your goal for something that would almost make you cry with relief, being a modest cheese roll !  Ridiculous isn't it.  I'd almost give a limb to be able to eat a piece of toast!

Well now going back to the Radiotherapy. I had heaps of advice from the following people with their jobs or roles listed beside them - here goes:-
Surgeon (Head and Neck cancer specialist)
Oncologist (worked with surgeon at designing a treatment plan for my post operative Radiotherapy)
Radiologist (knows all about what the Radiotherapy is doing and how to apply it to the map)
Radiographers (know all about how to operate the machine accurately but are limited on advice)
Macmillan Nurses (specialize in cancer after care for the terminally ill)
Nutritionist or Dieticians (try to advise on how to maintain strength when you can't eat solid food)
Senior Dental Surgeon in the Dental Hospital (advises on how to care for the teeth during and after the Radiotherapy) - her advice was contradicted by the Nutritionist.  

Among all these people I got advice some of it conflicting.
The Oncologist whom I see on Monday gave me a tube of Flamazene cream to apply to my face if the burned area should crack or split.   The Radiographer said "Don't use flamazene it contains silver and interferes with the radio active nature of your skin after Radiotherapy".   But my wife who used to teach physics and chemistry said that it doesn't contain pure silver, it only contains a compound extracted from silver so hasn't as such got metal in the ointment.  

I was told not to use Talc powder or any ointments that may contain zinc as that too was a metal no no.  They advised E45 cream for the face and baby soap when washing the face.  This was all very well but I also told to use Flouriguard after a meal to keep sugars from turning to acid on the teeth.   Extraction of decayed teeth after that jaw has received radiotherapy could mean a socket that will never heal due to ORN  Osteo Radio Necritis.   They didn't tell me that flouriguard might be too painful to use as a rinse once the skin is stipped off the inside of my mouth by RT.
They didn't tell me what my sister did, that saline and bicarbonate of soda would be the most soothing mouth rinse I could get.

Oncologist gave me about 90 dollars (50 pounds worth) of Oral Gel to be taken to coat the lining of the mouth to protect lesions that happen in dental work post operative and RT pain.   I used it but you have to coat the mouth with it an hour before meals or it hasn't done its work properly.

Flamazene is for burns and was developed and used in the Falklands war back in 1991 and I used it on burns in 1985 when I burned my hand quite badly in a bonfire accident. It's great stuff and certainly the Flamazene zine? helps cool the skin on my face even though it hasn't cracked.   E45 cream stings a bit but it goes off after a couple of minutes.   It is supposed to moisturize but within an hour of applying the skin goes all dry and feels like it's cracking and stretched.
Nostrils are still bleeding mainly at the outer edge and any drying of the area that bleeds leaves a scab and tightens up all the skin.   Discharge blocks the nose.  Removing the debris causes more bleeding so I have got stuck in a catch 22.   I prefer to nose breathe and not mouth because it dries the mouth so badly it's agony when I wake up.

As for keeping the eyes open well it's hard to describe and I don't know really why they wanted them open.  They wanted me to focus on the ceiling above the machine or just look through it as possibly if you close the lids the eyeball rotate up into your head and maybe this exposes the optic nerve or retina to more of the scatter edges of the beam than if you leave your eyes staring straight ahead.   You don't have a lot of choice.  The perspex mask clamps your head in one position and it's critical.  They even had to remove a shim from under my neck when my face had started to swell in week four.   I expressed my worry that this put my head in a slightly different position and they said, "Don't worry, the plan and the setting of the beam has a 3mm tolerance so you won't get a dose where you shouldn't".    The team were brilliant in measuring the line up of the machine to both my ears and my eyes as the top end of it goes right between my eyes and onto my forehead.   This was the place the original tumour was removed from (Olfactory Organ)

I joked that I wouldn't be able to play any more music if they took away my Old Factory Organ!

I'm sure it made their job a lot easier that I was able to stay light-hearted and make jokes about it myself.  But I can't say that I'd be joking much if I still had to go in and have more RT now.  I don't think I'd dare do it.  

Glad you had fun visiting my website.   Anyone is welcome any time.  I don't change much on it very often except updating with news.  There's nothing on there about this tumour for example and I'm not sure I want to put anything like that on there.  Tinnitus is represented and that's enough really.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, October 7, 2006, 11:51pm; Reply: 40
perhaps bone broth (fish or meat) with your beneficial veggies all ground up as a cream soup, and drank with a straw would be very curative for your injuries.

the gelatin in the broth speeds up the healing process, lots of collagen in there to help repair tissue.

just a thought.......and there s no painful chewing involved.
Posted by: italybound, Sunday, October 8, 2006, 12:08am; Reply: 41
Quoted from lola
the gelatin in the broth speeds up the healing process, lots of collagen in there to help repair tissue.

is this collagen also good for tightening up our skin?
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, October 8, 2006, 1:00am; Reply: 42
sure! )
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Sunday, October 8, 2006, 8:12am; Reply: 43
The question comes to mind is whether A type blood group having gelatine as an Avoid applies to natural gelatine from meat bones.  I think it's the same.  Gelatin or Gelatine is derived from cattle hoof isn't it?  I'm supposed to avoid that.  But I don't in the case of this healing as anything has to be done when the case is desperate.

I've been using a Gelatin Gel as well as a protective gel for gingivitis in gum disease and the product is called Gengigel.  It helps to take it an hour before eating and swill the gooey fluid round the mouth for a minute or two and this coats the inside of the mouth with a gel layer and that helps but it soon rubs away with saliva from the bottom jaw and doesn't stop the pain.

However the straw idea is a very good one.  I'll make some broth today.  I have a box of new straws.   I'll take it all with me back to our apartment today and start using it tonight - I'm seeing the Consultant Oncologist who designed my Radiotherapy torture on Monday afternoon so I'll ask him to prescribe some more dihydraCodeine and give me something to bring back my epithelium layer in my mouth to protect me from the awful pain of chewing - I bet he hasn't got anything and I'm going to have to suffer this for four or five weeks before it clears up.   This is the nature of the strength of Radiotherapy.   It's not like therapy at all until you look back and find it has saved your life.  But you never really know.

I'm just jogging along with it and hoping I can stay positive about it and its outcome.

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, October 8, 2006, 11:22am; Reply: 44
Plado :D ;) about your sentence: and if you'll haver an inside look and find your self but you won't like him::) ;D...perhaps get habituated to him and learn him accepting as he is in true nature and :K) begin to love him ;) ......the body we have....but the soul we are ;)
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, October 8, 2006, 4:19pm; Reply: 45
bone broths from compliant fish, turkey or chicken bones are good sources for an A like you, yes.

and it s a natural source of gelatin, not the store bought one, which is an avoid for you as you well know.
Posted by: Plado (Guest), Sunday, October 8, 2006, 4:57pm; Reply: 46
Tomatilla1 That wasn't my sentence I was quoting a joke by Jackie Mason on paying for shrinks to find out who you are and charging you an arm and a leg for nothing.  It wasn't my views so I would beg that you go and read it again as it was said as a joke about services from people who can't prove they've actually done anything positive for you at all.

Here in the UK we don't have the same confidence in Shrinks.  In fact we don't even call them that.

Posted by: Victoria, Sunday, October 8, 2006, 5:10pm; Reply: 47
Plado, are you oversaturated on supplements?  If you wanted to consider something else, Bromelain is very effective against inflammations of all kinds.  It has given me relief in countless situations where nothing else was working.  Perhaps it would aid in your healing.  :-)
Posted by: Poly, Sunday, October 8, 2006, 5:17pm; Reply: 48
Plado, I do understand completely that you've had and still have a lot of information to read and process. It must be overwhelming.

Emotional Freedom Technic is a great and very effective tool - and you can learn to do it by yourself. At you can download the EFT-mannual for free. I just suggested a therapist because I imagined it would be more comfortable for you to let someone else take care of you in stead of doing all the research and make up the tapping scripts all by yourself. I have no idea how much an EFT-therapist charges - maybe an arm and a leg...! ;D ;)

I admire your spirit, Plado! Take care! :)
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, October 8, 2006, 5:34pm; Reply: 49
Jackie Mason,
love the guy!!
Posted by: italybound, Saturday, October 21, 2006, 11:53am; Reply: 50
Plado, how are you doing?  :)
Posted by: italybound, Saturday, November 18, 2006, 5:34am; Reply: 51
Plado, I see it has been almost a mth since I posted to see how you are doing and no response.  ??)    That was not meant as pressure to respond, just that I hope you are doing okay. Quite the ordeal you are going thru, so hope all is well with you. And your wife. Take Care, Pat
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, November 18, 2006, 3:16pm; Reply: 52
yes Plado, we miss your updates! )
Posted by: NewHampshireGirl, Saturday, November 18, 2006, 5:57pm; Reply: 53
Yes, Plado, I'm interested also in learning how you're doing.  8)
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