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Posted by: italybound, Monday, September 18, 2006, 10:55pm
Just found out an old friend has Stage 4 lung cancer. Talked to his wife, also an old friend, about the BTD cancer book. We had discussed BTD a month or so ago. I hadn't talked to them in years and looked them up a couple of mths ago. Coincidence?
Anyway, I'd like all the suggestions I can get. I'm sending them the Cancer book tomorrow, gave her the website and told her how to look up foods, also how to make ghee. They have given him 4 mths to live. Says no one beats stage 4. Maybe, maybe not. She says he's still eating like a horse. Good sign. Gave her some foods to eat and some to avoid.
Also, anyone in Colorado, can you give me some names or numbers of anyplace she can get help - financial, food, etc.  He has been rejected for disability, dispite the fact that he has one arm, is on oxygen, radiation and chemo. ???????????? THAT just doesn't seem right. One other place said if he were under 18 or over 65, they could pay $100 on their rent, one time.  They might be able to get medicare.  Can't remember if she said anything about food stamps. What is this world coming to??????????  I think they live in Littleton.  Thanks in advance for all the help, info and advice. :-)
Posted by: Lisalea, Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 12:47am; Reply: 1
I'm so sorry to hear about ur friends, this story saddens me immensly ... ;-(
Be STRONG for them ... u r so giving and kind to everybody around u !!!!
Although I can't offer any information ...
I just wanted to give u some support my fellow BDT... my prayers  r  with that family.
Posted by: NewHampshireGirl, Tuesday, September 19, 2006, 12:58am; Reply: 2
I am so sorry to hear about your friend.  Hospitals are set up with social workers who have all the resources for help on hand and know how to quickly get help for someone in your friend's position.  Maybe they have traveled this route already but it's worth mentioning.
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