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Posted by: Connect, Saturday, August 19, 2006, 6:04pm
My Mom called me yesterday to ask me what she could do about cellulite.  This is not something I've ever studied, so I did some research last night that produced many puzzling different reports on cellulite.  It would seem that some doctors have different ideas on what causes cellulite:

1)  Some believe that cellulite is nothing more than plain ol' ordinary fat.

2)  Others believe that cellulite is caused by the lymphatic system not properly hydrating and removing toxins from cells.  The connective tissue that connects the skin to the muscle below begins to deteriorate from lack of hydration and decay and begins to shrink.  When it begins to shrink, it pulls down on the skin creating the dimpled look.

3)  Some believe that too much estrogen causes the breakdown of the connective tissue causing it to shrink.  When people's fat cells grow larger, they push through the broken down connective tissue causing the dimpled look.

Anyway, I'm just wondering what everyone's opinion is.  I have no idea what to tell my Mother, at this point.  Some research said exercise would help, others said it would do absolutely no good b/c the fat cells are swollen with toxins and water without anyway of being drained.

Any expert opinions here?  
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Saturday, August 19, 2006, 6:21pm; Reply: 1
::) hellööö :D
I think it might be a mixup from all you mentiuoned; best is bodybrushing and a bit of weightloss,too.
I don't think that any kind of bodylotion nor wrappings nor whatsoever in that direction might help....
but there's one thing who seems to work really:o :o :o tarrröööö yes you can believe it...its named café
yup...dearle you can trust your eyes = c a f é.....but used externally; cafégrains moulu wrapped,,,,,,
should do the trick to get a better skinstructure and loss of such lecker tissueprobs;
massr Dr.Murray & Pizzorno give their advices for botanical treatments:for external & internal use ::) ;D : Centella asiatica (Gotu Cola) not when high bp!- ,Fuccus, and...trallala Cola vera extract for topical use because of its caféinecompounds :D....
dietetique recommendations: a diet high in complex carbs... nothing for me ::) :P;

exercise....exercise....exercise..................................................:-/ hmmmmm.............................(disappointed)(whistle)
Posted by: Connect, Saturday, August 19, 2006, 6:57pm; Reply: 2

I should tell her to increase her complex carb intake?  Do high protein diets make cellulite worse?  She has been following higher protein/lower carb diet (She is Type A).

Also, you said coffee grounds applied to the area?  Should she wrap these up in something or just rub coffee grounds into the problem skin areas?  

Sorry, just having a bit of a problem understanding language!  You and I have this some timessssssssss!
Posted by: girly, Sunday, August 20, 2006, 3:59am; Reply: 3
Rebounding works like magic...( like a little trampoline) jump up and down for 15 the lymphatic system. It will take 3 months to see the amazing transformation. Also very important to drink half your weight in purified water ( so if you weigh 140 pounds drink 70 ounces of water) this is to wash those toxins being released out of you body...Good luck...
Posted by: eh, Sunday, August 20, 2006, 7:33am; Reply: 4
hmmm, that's an old supermodel trick, scrub dem thighs with coffee grounds. First make your espresso coffeee...then throw away the coffee.

It's probably more about the mechanical effects of exfoliaton - not to be scoffed at, mind you -but caffeine is also used in some cosmeceuticals to reduce puffiness, or so it is claimed. Now then, if it is the caffeine that is the culprit in reducing the cellulite (pronounced celluleeeeet, by the way) then make sure your coffee grinds retain some caffeine when you make the coffee. American drip coffee, for example, contains more caffeine than the Italian espresso (didn't know that, didya), so it stands to reason you'll get a stronger hit in the thighs from the espresso grounds.

I recall the superdupermodel Naomi Campbell generously offering up coffee grinds as one of her natural beauty tips...and don't you just believe every word that comes outta her mouth, eh? Or maybe it was Cindy Crawford....
Maybe I just made this up about the supermodels...but it sure does sound like something they would pretend to practice. You know, so that normal old you too can feel like a supermodel...apart from feeling like you are being patronised, of course.

But Isa says it is true!!! How does it work?? Do your thighs become smooth, undimpled, coffee addicts? Personally, I think this is THE WAY FORWARD in  converting the USA (and the UK) to proper espresso coffee instead of that awful stuff you get at starbucks et al...

basta, for now, eh
Posted by: geminisue, Sunday, August 20, 2006, 12:01pm; Reply: 5
I read eliminating cheese completely, eliminates cellulite, don't know but worth a try.
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, August 20, 2006, 1:08pm; Reply: 6
connectle... the *mother eh* is correct with the café ;) ;D and just get the café on the trochanter ...and wrapp it for some 30-60 or more minutes... sorry I didnt' try it...prefere to take it otherwise ;) :o :B
and if you have the encyclp. of Murray& Pizzorno there's almost written in ..................(dance)(clap)(sunny)(smarty)(smarty) ;D :D :K) :K) :K) :K)
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Sunday, August 20, 2006, 2:15pm; Reply: 7
Oh yes, that great HB coffee!!!  ;D ;D

Well I drink espresso with those nice coffeepads... Hhhmm after having had my coffeedope, I will keep the pads and put them on those spots that need it!!! :o Right??

Woww!! Gals if I can make it next year to the Seminar (it is a matter of budges for me!) then we can show the reduction of that cellulite.... ::) ::)

We all have plenty of time to get cellulite-free!! ;) ;)

Cocky 8)
Posted by: EquiPro, Sunday, August 20, 2006, 2:17pm; Reply: 8
Well, this is the information from my plastic surgeon, whom I trust:

#1.  Cellulite is caused by connective tissue that is set up in a "grid" pattern.

#2.  Cellulite is mostly hereditary:  if your Mom had it or your Dad's Mom had it, or your Mom's mom had it you'll probably have it.  As you get older, it becomes more pronounced.

#3.  Plastic surgeons have been working for years to try to find a way to beat cellulite and not much works.  Breaking up the connective tissue during surgery or lipo, for instance, helps a bit, but not much.

#4.  The more fat you have, the more prominant it will be, as the grid of connective tissue pushes into the fat.  However, even thin women and women with very little body fat don't get a free pass if the genetics are strong.

#5.  The one thing that seems to help is external UAL, which is a specific type of ultrasound now being used to shrink tissue and which seems to help with cellulite.

Unfortunately, most of everything else really doesn't seem to help.  I have had cellulite on my abdomen since I was a teenager, and even when I was extremely thin.  I'm pretty sure that I got this from my Mom.

However, I also go my Mom's good looks, her kindness and her artistic nature, so who am I to complain.

I guess the real thing here is to wonder why we stress out about it so much.  I have yet to meet a man who wasn't interested or attracted to me because I have some cellulite, and, frankly, if it were an issue for them, I'd be kicking them to the curb.

My girlfriends don't care either.  Nor does my daughter.  I'm past the age, at 44, when I'm interested in exposing my midrift on a regular basis, not really because of the cellulite, mind you, but because I don't want to wear the miserable high heels that that sort of outfit demands.

Part of the great thing of getting to your 40's is that, well, you really don't care about what people think.  My attitude about that is best summed up by one of my girlfriends:

"If you spend time worrying about what people think, you'd be shocked to find out how little they do".

Look, cellulite on women is natural.  Most women have it - it is the odd ones here or there that don't.  Nature or the god of your choice created us this way for a reason.  Perhaps instead of worrying about getting RID of cellulite, and spending a fortune trying to do so, we should simply accept it as something, like our ears or our eyes, that is part of our natural form.  Perhaps we should stop spending energy trying to get rid of it, and, instead, spend our energy trying to realize that it is completely natural and NOT having is the exception to the rule.

If you read my signature, you will see what I think about cellulite.  I embrace it.  I have other things in my life that need my energy, my money and my time.    

My goal is not to get rid of it, but to mentally minimize it to the unimportance of a mosquito bite.

"Cellulite?  What cellulite?  Oh THAT?  I forgot it was there...."
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