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Posted by: trish44, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 10:49am
I have posted about this before, and recently to 'ask Dr. D'.  I have been following the nerve protocol recommended for Os for about six or seven weeks.  I took the blessed thistle for only a month, as I read that it may be a cancer causing agent. Since I had Hodgkins and chemotherapy, I thought it wise.  My question is, if there is anyone out there who knows about this kind of damage, is there any hope of improvement?  I still have the bad foot pain a lot of time, unsteady gait, difficulty with stairs, and balance problems.  One of the things I am taking is said to actually heal nerve damage, and I am wondering how long it should take and if I am taking enough.  This is so depressing, as I am sure you all with debilitating diseases know.  Until a few years ago, I was playing tennis and being very active.  I am not very anxious to live out my life like this.  I am finding it more difficult to want to get out of bed in the morning.  I would appreciate any insight into this.  
Posted by: resting, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 11:44am; Reply: 1
Hi Trish44,

here is one thing to try for pain .... D-phenylalanine apparently blocks the enzyme that destroys endorphins.  This yields more endorphins (natural pain killers).  This strategy is used along with phosphatidylserine(PS) to help in the letter stages of multiple sclerotic patients of an Australian ND.

Could your extensive radiation treatments left your gut health compromised?  If so a vast array of assistance may be needed for a return to health.

You might wish to enquire about magnetic energy: .............. or ......... .....

do not know how much this will help ..........

Posted by: trish44, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 12:30pm; Reply: 2
Thank you for the links and info about D-phenylalanine.  I do appreciate it.  Will try the latter.  I am wondering if I should be taking more of the PS than two or three a day....Will see if I can find more information on this.  The magnet idea is interesting.  Will look for a less expensive source, I am about to try anything!  I did not have radiation, just chemo.  One of the four caused the neuropathy.  I purchased some intrinsia recently, and am already taking the blood type vitamins and others.  About the only time I feel half way good is in the morning after taking 10 mg of NADH.  I understand that one can build up a tolerance to that, and its effects will not be felt over time.  I think it helps with the fatique mainly.  I wish I could do more than just take help here, but I do thank you.
Posted by: resting, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 12:48pm; Reply: 3
Hi Trish44,

the reason I asked is maybe the chemo did much more than rid you of your cancer.  Perhaps it caused a form of leaky gut?  Your PS intake at 2-3caps per day seems fine .... the mood thing may be helped with tyrosine or L-glutamine .... don't know if these will help with pain..

Posted by: mikeo, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 12:52pm; Reply: 4
have you tried acupuncture one to three treatments per week for 6 weeks

I would aslo suggest b12 methylcobalamin 1000mcg daily for 6 weeks in the mornings

1 tbsp of flax seed oil daily  and walnuts a few daily high in omega 3s will help with the neuropathy

if all relieve some of your syptoms than continue using after 6 harm can come  
Posted by: trish44, Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 1:43pm; Reply: 5
John, I am taking tyrosine and one glutamine capsule.  I may have forgotten the tyrosine the last couple of days, maybe that is why I feel so blue.  With taking so many supplements, I find it difficult to keep track.  I think it would help if I knew I could take several things together or not.  Have not had a lot of time recently to get that all figured out.  Mikeo, I do take the b12 twice a day and the flax seed oil, too.  I eat walnuts almost every day.  I have been thinking of doing acupuncture.  I would have to drive over an hour each way, so that may have to wait until we move closer.  Someone else suggested that recently.  It makes sense.  Have to sell our place here, so I can retire!!!  Rest will do me good, too.  Thanks for all your suggestions.
Posted by: trish44, Friday, July 21, 2006, 1:14am; Reply: 6
John, I just wanted to thank you again for suggesting the DLPA.  I took two yesterday and today, and the pain is at least 50% diminished in my feet!  I am feeling so good about it, and hoping that it continues.  I am going to keep on doing all the right things, and maybe I will be moving at an almost normal pace one day.  Thank you so much, I never would have found out about this, but for this website.  Bless you!
Posted by: resting, Friday, July 21, 2006, 1:31am; Reply: 7
thank you Trish

... was wonderful to be of assistance while you were searching for your best health

take care,
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