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Posted by: MissLynn (Guest), Sunday, July 9, 2006, 11:10pm
Scar is on the face and from a fall.  Glue was used to close to close the wound but the edges were not held together nicely for the application of glue perhaps due to the age of the patient (3 years old).

The glue is now off the wound and only a scar remains.

The scar is fairly prominent and I'm looking for blood type internal and external ways to help it heal more.

From Dr. D'Adamo:

Bromelain, an enzyme from pineapple stems, contains an enzyme called escharase that could help with minimizing scar tissue. I've also used a product called Deep 91 on more superficial type scars, but I suspect that it does penetrate somewhat deeper.

So that is a start if appropriate for this age range!  

Posted by: Lola, Monday, July 10, 2006, 12:49am; Reply: 1
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Posted by: MissLynn (Guest), Monday, July 10, 2006, 1:01am; Reply: 2

Thank you for the information.  I do not wish to set an avatar.  Perhaps there is an avatar which is simply a picture rather than a blood type?

The person with the scar is Type O and does the blood type diet.
Posted by: KimonoKat, Monday, July 10, 2006, 5:49am; Reply: 3
Mederma.  It's an over the counter cream that works.

As a massage therapist with extensive experience working with scar tissue, I would tell the O individual to manipulate the scar (cross grain, skin roll along the length) with no lotion of any kind.  You are trying to break up the adhesion of the various skin layers, so you want the friction.  It should be a bit uncomfortable manipulating the scar.

Edgar Cayce also has a formula of different oils.  "Home Health" makes it; it's called scargo, but I've not seen that great of results with that product.  Manipulate, manipulate, manipulate it daily.  Several times a day.  The more, the better.

Posted by: 547 (Guest), Monday, July 10, 2006, 6:43am; Reply: 4
Hi Missylynn,

You could apply Calendula cream or gel on the spot. Or Symphytum cream.
Can be bought in the Pharmacy.

Rub  the cream/gel gently on the spot, so that the bloodcirculation improves.

When in Samos I fell in the harbour and hurt my right ball of the thumb badly. When back home I applied Calendula and Symphytum regularly and when the wound closed, started rubbing the thick spot a few times a day... The scar tissue is almost gone and no hard spot left in my thumbball.. ;D ;D

Cocky 8)
Posted by: Patty Lee, Monday, July 10, 2006, 1:19pm; Reply: 5
Scar manipulation is important, very important, as KK suggests.  I have a big surgery scar and the manipulation was essential (and uncomfortable).

Topical applications of pure vitamin E are quite useful as well--after the manipulation.  They will help the scar fade.  
Posted by: Whimsical, Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 1:48am; Reply: 6
Will manipulation of a scar work to reduce/remove it even if it has been YEARS since it formed?  

I had a big wipeout on my bike when I was 10 and cut up both elbows.  One healed fine, but the other, worse off elbow has a big c-shaped scar on it that I have only really be aware of for the last couple of years (since it is really hard to look at your elbows!).

If manipulation or cream or both will help, I will start massaging it!
Posted by: RedLilac, Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 1:52am; Reply: 7
I used pure Emu oil from Australia on an incision which helped reduce the scar.
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