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Posted by: 547 (Guest), Monday, July 3, 2006, 8:25am

Hi nonnies!!

Urging question of one of my female O nonnie patients..

Last year I met this patient during my lecture in Amsterdam.
All her health difficulties were explained by her non-secretorstatus.

She is 49 years old and had and has sexual relationships with guys.
Every time she 'catched' some or other sexually transmittable disease....
And she uses condoms always!!
She gets very irritated by this. At first she thought the guys were 'infected' without telling her..
But those guys were not sick in whatever way.. (perhaps they carry the germs, but are not bothered by it??)

I would like to know if nonnies can catch STD's not only through intercourse but also by kissing?? As her saliva does not protect her from bacterial invasion, is it possible that nonnies are able to catch STD's also in this way??

My patient would love to have your possible explanations!!
Not every guy she meets is ready to run some tests before The Act  ::) but she is afraid this is the only way to stay healthy...

Appreciate your responses gals!!


Posted by: Patty Lee, Monday, July 3, 2006, 3:38pm; Reply: 1
What kind of STDs is she getting??
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Monday, July 3, 2006, 7:30pm; Reply: 2


She had Chlamydia.

What I want to know if nonnies have a by their nonniehood can catch this type of sexual  diseases also by oral contact, like kissing??   ??) ??)

Hopefully you 'guys' can help me out!! :-/

Cocky 8)
Posted by: geminisue, Monday, July 3, 2006, 8:47pm; Reply: 3
Isn't this the STD that people can from having to many different partners in a short period of time?Like a different partner every weekend?  Isn't bacteria the main cause, of it?  I don't know the answer to your question about passing it through kissing.
Or having sex with a guy who has more than in sexual partner in a short period of time
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Monday, July 3, 2006, 9:38pm; Reply: 4

That is not at all the case.. She had those experiences over a long time and not at all with  frequently changing partners as you suggest.

She is just scared to start a relationship because of her probably (nonnie)-susceptibility.

Well I hope that some explanation is available.. ??)

Cocky 8)
Posted by: Kristin, Monday, July 3, 2006, 9:55pm; Reply: 5
I heard from my doctor that  that chlamydia has begun to show up in monogamous couples so may be more of an individual susceptibility factor, then frequent sexual partners.
Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 8:27am; Reply: 6
And it is getting VERY common in Denmark especially among teens
- doctors here worry that we will see more young women with problems getting pregnant.
Posted by: italybound, Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 9:18am; Reply: 7
Or is there oral sex involved? That would explain it easily.
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 11:52am; Reply: 8
Hi Italybound,

Yes, that would explain it..
But even without oral sex, I am just curious if those bacteria could also be transmitted by just the act of kissing where there is salivacontact?? ??) ??) ??)

Hope one of the Docs present here can give some insight in this nonnie-matter!! :)

Cocky 8)
Posted by: resting, Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 4:50pm; Reply: 9
Hi Cocky,

this raises many questions about being a nonnie .... we have a problem handling bad microbes in our excretions & use a different level of our immunity ... and defeat 'the bad bug' internally.  This and a few others show the 'flaw' in such a strategy.

I know pests can be gotten rid off by eating garlic, cloves and herbs like wild oregano ... and I assume many different essential oils added to the bath water (or used as a mouthwash like tea tree oil) will kill most microbes.  How long does such an effect last?  Will such also kill STD microbes too?  This effort gives nonnies a form of protection that secretors have .... is it enough? how often should this be done?

Posted by: Victoria, Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 5:36pm; Reply: 10
You might get best results on your questions by google searching each of the STD's that you are wondering about.  This would tell you if they can be transmitted through saliva.

And if they can, then you can bet that nonnies are more susceptible than secretors!  Yessiree!!  It's the nature of the unprotected saliva!!  :-)
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 5:47pm; Reply: 11

I wil certainly do that!! Thanks!

Yeah, nonnies are more vulnerable to lots stuff!!

Cocky 8)
Posted by: Patty Lee, Tuesday, July 4, 2006, 11:45pm; Reply: 12
Chlamydia is not, I believe, a blood-borne illness; it is a bacterium passed through direct contact, so I would guess no.  The oral sex theory seems most likely.  You do raise the interesting question of fluid-borne illnesses and nonnie susceptibility, though.
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 9:15am; Reply: 13

Well, I asked some advice from one of the Docs here on board.

I hope to be able to get some answers.. ??)

In that case I will report back in this thread.

Cocky 8)
Posted by: resting, Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 10:46am; Reply: 14
Hi Cockepelli,

found out yesterday that what I thought were just a handful of diseases is now listed at 25 ... and the virus that is for cervical cancer (HPV) is not just a STD but can be spread through skin contact ... not sexual contact only ref. .... big problem for nonnies!

Posted by: 547 (Guest), Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 11:32am; Reply: 15
Hi John!

This is really hot news!

With, again, extra vulnerability for nonnies!
Nonnies surely need extra protection!

Very interesting article John! Thanks for letting me know..

Posted by: (Guest), Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 12:41pm; Reply: 16
Chlamydia is highly contagious. If this patient is associating with people who have chlamydia she should do the following:

* Abstain from oral sex and only have barrier-protected sexual contact
* Tell her sexual partners about the infection and urge them to be treated for chlamydia rather than spreading it to others
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 1:34pm; Reply: 17

Thanks for your reply! I will pass all the info gathered to her!

Cocky 8)
Posted by: cagoldbear (Guest), Friday, July 7, 2006, 6:43pm; Reply: 18
Hi, I just want to add to the list of nonnie's that are contantly battling sexual/reproductive organ infections. I am always battling a terrible UTI and have been diagnosed for the HPV virus, although I don't yet have HPV and my latest biopsy was fine (thank goodness). I have always been aware of the disease-through kissing myth, but I thought it was a scare-tactic to prevent teen sex. Anyhow, I am yet another nonnie who suffers... darnit!
Posted by: italybound, Friday, July 7, 2006, 7:05pm; Reply: 19
CAgoldbear, just wanted to pop in to welcome you to the forum and BTD!!  ;D
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