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Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 4:12am
I've known for some time now that the food lists in Eat Right 4 Your Type are for secretors, but for some reason, it never occurred to me until today that the supplement advice in that book is probably for secretors as well -- so some parts may not apply to me -- but which parts?

This leads me to wonder about the supplement advice in the archives here.  When some of the older items say "this is good for A's" or "this is bad for A's" does that mean all A's, or just secretors?

When I bought Live Right 4 Your Type, I was particularly looking forward to reading the updated supplement advice (which I'm now thinking would presumably have included specific advice for nonnies) -- but alas there wasn't any!

Posted by: Don, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 4:43am; Reply: 1
The D'Adamo Health Protocols list any additional non-secretor recommendations at the bottom of each protocols' page.
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 3:15pm; Reply: 2
That's helpful if I'm following specific protocols.  But what if I just want to know whether or not a certain supplement is OK for me?

For example, I had been taking yellow dock for years.  It was the only thing I'd ever tried that actually raised my blood-iron levels.  Before that, even my holistic doctor was worried.  Then I read in ER4YT that YD is bad for A's, so I stopped taking it and started using Floravital, because Dr. D recommended Floradix for A's, and Floravital is the wheat-free version of that.  But now my iron levels aren't so good any more, and I'm wondering whether yellow dock might be like bananas and tomatoes -- i.e., bad for A secretors but OK for nonnies.

The blood-building protocol mentions yellow dock only for AB's, and there are no nonnie footnotes on that page (presumably none were needed).  Perhaps for the sake of simplicity, Dr. D doesn't give a different protocol for nonnies unless something he's recommended for secretors would actually be bad for nonnies.  In other words, maybe some other things would be OK for nonnies, but the recommendations for secretors will work just fine for them too, so he chooses not to confuse the issue with alternatives.

It would also be nice to know why yellow dock is bad for A's, because it might be for some reason that isn't a great concern for me personally -- e.g. (just making this up), maybe it tends to raise blood pressure, but mine has always been low -- but a site search doesn't turn up any information.
Posted by: Victoria, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 6:06pm; Reply: 3
It's a good question, Carol, and I wish I knew the answers also.  For those of us who take care of most of our own naturopathic type medical needs ourselves, we need all the specifics we can get.
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 6:18pm; Reply: 4

Posted by: KimonoKat, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 6:27pm; Reply: 5
Quoted Text
But now my iron levels aren't so good any more,

A's can do alfalfa, right?  I mean, isn't it a bennie for them? ??)  Oh, I see it's a neutral for Nonnies.  Well, even so.....

I would add liquid chlorophyl and/or chlorophyl capsules to your regemin.  Chlorophyl is almost the exact same composition as human blood.  Most chlorophyl's in HFS's are made from alfalfa.

From my understanding, although it doesn't have iron in it, it is able to build up and strengthen our blood, including the iron levels.  (My herbalist told me that she puts anemic individuals on liquid chlorophyl.)  I don't know how it does it, but it does.

Another option, (after checking the fatigue book, and veggies for Type A & the nonnie variants) would be to juice some spinach daily.  And/or increase your daily intake of green veggies.  See what happens.

Hope this helps.
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 6:43pm; Reply: 6
Hi, KK.  I'm already taking alfalfa extract.  And eating my dark-green leafies.

What I would really like to do is go back to taking yellow dock, because I know it works for me -- but first, I'd like to have some idea of what harm it might do me, so I can make an informed decision.
Posted by: resting, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 7:46pm; Reply: 7
Hi Carol,

I have all sorts of supplements and have faced the same questions too ....

I do not anticipate a quick update on nutrients especially for nonnies, so since chlorophyll is a 'major' summer supplement' + I do not do well with alfalfa (liquid) ... there are at least a two alternatives.  Besides chlorophyll both have very high iron as well ............. (1) a stinging nettle - chlorophyll extract-concentrate ... [have not used it because the company wants more in shipping fees to Canada than the cost of this product itself]; (2) chlorella ... extremely high in both chlorophyll and iron ...

the reasoning goes: chlorophyll is green because at the center of this complex are two atoms of magnesium; the liver replaces these two atoms with iron ... to produce the 'heme' of hemoglobin.  [Note: the molecular structure of the chlorophyll and heme are identical except for the change of atoms at the center.]  Hemoglobin 'builds blood' by producing more red-blood cells.

hope this helps  .............. rec. NAP's Harmonia [option if still anemic Methyl B +] ...

Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 7:53pm; Reply: 8
Actually, the yellow dock was just an example, but thanks for the suggestions (now all I have to do is find out whether stinging nettle and/or chlorella are OK for A nonnies....)
Posted by: Laura P, Wednesday, June 28, 2006, 8:13pm; Reply: 9
This is very interesting and I think is part of the reason that supplements are so hard.  To get even more exacting, when I was genotyped it showed up that vegetable glycerine was an avoid for me, I had always thought it made me sick, but everyone sang it's praises, I simply didn't use it figuring once again I was an oddball, turns out I'm a justified oddball

OT: but Carol if you do figure out how to raise your iron level, let me know, I'm struggling with the same

OT again: I do use yellow dock occasionally and have no issues
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Thursday, June 29, 2006, 1:48am; Reply: 10
I had never noticed any problems with yellow dock, either.  But if it actually is an Avoid for all A's, the reason may be something more long-term.

How/where did you get genotyped?
Posted by: Laura P, Thursday, June 29, 2006, 2:35am; Reply: 11
Dr. D and his clinic, I plan on blogging about it soon I have just been sort of waiting as I instituted some of the suggestions so I could discuss the affects
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Thursday, June 29, 2006, 2:43am; Reply: 12

I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!
Posted by: KimonoKat, Thursday, June 29, 2006, 2:54am; Reply: 13
You could either:

Up your alfalfa extract.  (When I took chlorophyl I took a lot!)

Add Harmonia (says one serving is 10% of iron needs and/or Live Cell A.

Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Thursday, June 29, 2006, 2:59am; Reply: 14
Thanks, KK.  I'll keep that in mind.  I'm still hoping for something simple....

But I'm digressing.  Yellow dock was just an example of the general question -- how much of the supplement advice in Dr. D's earlier books and on the old boards actually applies to nonnies?  Realizing that I don't know that answer to that question has me feeling right back at square one, since there's not as much supplement information in LR4YT.

Posted by: KimonoKat, Thursday, June 29, 2006, 3:34am; Reply: 15
I understand.  I have a suspicion that everything from LR on considers nonnies.  The Encyclopedia does, since the protocols have specific additions for nonnies.  

For iron building in Type A, the protocols say Floradix Liquid Iron and Herbs."  You could also try the Noni juice.  That would be simple.
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