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Posted by: Anna-Maria (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 3:31am
OK folks, my sibs and I are all the same type, and our mom is type O.
One of my sibs has schizophrenia.
I came across a site that advanced the theory that shizophrenia is the mental manifestation of the same wheat sensitivity that causes coeliac. I was fascinated by this.
I have a cousin with coeliac. (My bet is, he's a type O.)
Anyway, very interesting that countries like Ireland and Denmark have very high rates of mental illness - they could have very high rates of susceptible blood types.
What think ye?
Posted by: Whimsical, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 4:00am; Reply: 1
Hi Anna-Maria,

Can you please share the address of the website you mentioned?  It sounds very interesting!
Posted by: Carol the Dabbler, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 4:40am; Reply: 2
Kate -- I typed this into Google:

    schizophrenia coeliac OR celiac

and came up with over a million references.  I didn't read any of them, but did notice that several sites explicitly mentioned a statistical correlation.  Apparently this idea is receiving a lot of attention right now.

Posted by: Don, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 4:50am; Reply: 3
Read the book Brain Allergies. It is all about the relationship of food to mental health.
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 8:12am; Reply: 4
dear Anna-Maria,
today we have lots of different possibilities and approaches to such sickness; the first step for me is alltimes to set em onto the BTD first; next: largest amounts of B3 but here sometimes it can't work flash-free so far it should be given under a ND's ::)  and then dearle, please have an ::) into this info: this is the canadian site of Prof.Dr. Avram Hoffer, one of the best trained psychatrist we have had in the last centuries which is able to show your sister the way out of *jungle* of her sickness; but here also allmost natural stuffies, but a little bit higher in their amounts; thatswhy it's named orthomolecular treatments :D (dance)(clap)(smarty)(sunny)(sunny) :D :K) :K) good luck and I'll keep my finggerles crossed for you both
truly yours Tomatilla I ;)
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 9:46am; Reply: 5
Hey Isa!!!  ;D

Awesome link you gave! Veerrryyy interesting book!
Downloaded the form. Hope to receive this book quickly..

Orthomolecular, BTD and Eckhart Tolle: greatest combination ;D
With the accent on BTD of course.. :K)

Take care

Cocky 8)
Posted by: mikeo, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 12:30pm; Reply: 6
just put the book on hold at my library.

I had a good friend in high School who was diagnosed with the disorder when he left college and he could not cope with it taking his own life...odd thing is he did not have any symptoms till he stopped being active...he was a jock of sorts and when he went out in the job market he guess he could have been an O considering the link between exercise and mental well being amongst O's....high quality O protien is best medicine for brain function and avoidance of wheat or troublesome grains
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 12:45pm; Reply: 7
Zink,Niacin (not Nicotinamide) and other finies, what a great choice we have (inlc. Alphalip.acid)......
and :K) Cocky yup must agree with U + BTD + BIT this enables you to know, really to know whats' on right now with this client....whithin seconds....(dance)(smarty)(whistle)(clap)(sunny)(sunny)(book2) :o 8),you gonna go for exclure sickness with similar symptomes...what a great assureness for all  :D 8)
Posted by: girly, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 1:08pm; Reply: 8
This thread has got me thinking...My husband is B+, his sister is 0-( mentally unstable) His father died at 57 yrs old of leukemia. His Mother is in an Alzheimers home and she's 58 yrs old.
Scary isn't it. My husbands Aunt ( his Mothers sister) has Schizophrenia and I always wondered why the mental illness. Could they be 0's ???
Posted by: Anna-Maria (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 1:33pm; Reply: 9
Here's the site.
I contacted the organization and they mailed me many of the documents, making it possible to share with family members, doctors, etc.

Unfortunately the specialist involved in the treatment is resistant to alternative approaches.
But my bro is very stable on his meds, very compliant in taking them, a Godsend in itself. He has a job and is doing very well.
Posted by: trish44, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 2:45pm; Reply: 10
My mother had schizophrenia from the time I was about 11.  I hadn't thought about the food relation for many years.  I am an O but I don't know what my mother was, although she was of irish and english ancestry.   This thread had me recalling that when I was about 25 or 26 years old and first found the Atkins diet, I felt so good physically and mentally that I wanted to tell her about it and have her try it.  Knowing that she ate a lot of bread, I really thought there may have been a correlation.  The time was never right, she was ill and didn't live close by, and she died just a few years later.  A horrible life she had, and I have always felt guilty that I didn't do more for her.  
Posted by: Don, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 2:55pm; Reply: 11
Quoted from girly
This thread has got me thinking...My husband is B+, his sister is 0-( mentally unstable) His father died at 57 yrs old of leukemia. His Mother is in an Alzheimers home and she's 58 yrs old.
Scary isn't it. My husbands Aunt ( his Mothers sister) has Schizophrenia and I always wondered why the mental illness. Could they be 0's ???

At least either your husband's mother or father have to be type Bo, to have both a type B son and type O daughter. The other parent could be Bo, oo, or Ao.

According to the Encyclopedia both type A and O are at a slightly above average risk for schizophrenia.

Posted by: trish44, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 3:17pm; Reply: 12
Oh, and I meant to ask Tomatillo, why not nicotinamide?
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 3:35pm; Reply: 13
Quoted from ISA-MANUELA
Cocky yup must agree with U + BTD + BIT this enables you to know, really to know whats' on right now with this client....whithin seconds....

Isa, the website you gave gives a lot of info on the food-factor in mental diseases.
Sheesh!! Astonishing that the B-vitamins, like B1, B3, B6 and B12, Biotin, vit.C and folic are MAJOR in fighting schizophrenia, depression and more!!!

Deficiencies of above vitamins were found in patients with mental disorders..

Linus Pauling, Wunderlich, Kunin have a link to their publication on the site htp://  

Hope the book Adventures in Psychiatry of Dr. Abraham Hoffer will arrive soon in Holland!!


Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 5:25pm; Reply: 14
::) those are *THE* finies for nerve-health ....u.a. & aminoacids ;) ;D (sunny)(clap)(dance)

and think about further times; this sickness was helt for a gift of the gods...or of God; so far....those *addicted* were the favoured of the gods and allmostly respected of all !!!  What we can't say today from our society;
and please watch out for a one thing too, to have and to be is allmost changed; but it was meant* the soul we are and the body we have*  :D ;) (sunny)
Posted by: resting, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 6:10pm; Reply: 15
Hi people,

this is not quite so simple as these posts may give the impression ... there is much more involved and after 25 years, I am still making maybe links ...  [I do not blame the UK doctor for severely restricting his practice, because he can soon get lost /// here is a very short list of conditions that seem to be somewhat connected ::: schizophrenia; multiple sclerosis; alcoholism; obesity; diabetes; some kinds of cancer; celiac disease; IBS; Crohn's disease; leaky gut ...]  All have these as major avoids ... smoking, all booze and all wheat.  Many have been further compromised by mercury toxicity from teeth amalgams or inoculations.  Many also have never been breast fed.  [The newest avoid is aspartame.]

Many think the only solution is the BTD .  It is only one component.  Another is orthomolecular medicine.  Still more are homeopathic, magnetic, sound and light therapies.  A great deal of help comes from synchronizing lifestyle with the seasons and circadian rhythms.  And these are but starts ...

Besides all the lectin stuff, there are some few human populations .... north-west American natives; Scottish-Irish Celts (usually Catholics); and, Norse people ... that often have a skewed omega-3 profile.  [C. Bates]  And just today I thought it odd (because I fit in this profile exactly) that so many people with Friedreich's Ataxia (my condition) have at least one parent whose hair turned absolutely white while in their late-20's.  It is odd because I think we nonnies should give tyramine a try for the summer.  [According to the info supplied by MoDon tyramine is made from tyrosine ... and one of its main jobs is to supply hair/skin pigment.]  This is sounding more and more like a must.  Perhaps this is also necessary for effective colour therapy???????????????????

On top of all this ... the majority of these people are likely nonnies ... or should eat like them ....
There's a way to go .................

Posted by: 547 (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 6:27pm; Reply: 16
Hi John!
Of course there is much more to it, than the things we mention.
But.. it is undoubtedly true that nutrition (even more for nonnies!!) is a way that leads to  improvement of mental and other conditions..

I am just happy that nutrition and orthomolecular nutrition gets its proper acknowledgment in healing systems..

andl... the internet and forums like this, help tremendously to get news spread so quickly....

Do not want to simplify things, but food right 4 your type is a powerful aid in getting healed..

Just my thought about this.

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 7:39pm; Reply: 17
oups... think about this, too ::) ;)

and this is obviously our todays *problem* ?)

what's about the difference between a prayer and shizophrenia?

when I talk to God,....its named prayer........ :D

when God talks to me, its' named shizophrenia :D

and this works because some books arent that known about so named prophecies, etc
because it is not that known in the christian religions; if both the judaisme and all the others would work more together, we wouldn't be that afraid of each other. But we would have a large source of old scripts and textes to get known, so we would more understand what that might be: have an ::) into the maimonides books, for example, ok it's hard to read and even harder to get translated, not from the hivrit language, but also to understand what it was really meant, but it is really worth to have an eye into those books, too; means: less of pré-judgements and missunderstandings ::) ;D
Posted by: Don, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 9:44pm; Reply: 18
John, Where did you get the information about the relationship of tyramine and melanin? I have not been able to find anything about it.

I always thought that melanin came from tyrosine as indicated by these couple of sources:
Tyrosine is a precursor of melanin and lays the foundation for melanin to be produced. The body must contain an enzyme known as tyrosinase and copper to be able to use tyrosine to create melanin.

Tyrosine is also the immediate precursor to the thyroid hormone thyroxin and melanin, which is the pigment in the skin that allows for tanning.
Posted by: resting, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 10:11pm; Reply: 19
Hi Isa,

you are very close to another important  aspect ... but very few people even know that this exists, let alone wish to talk about it.  If they do know, most of it is exactly as you say [NOT correct, but close]... I have yet to meet someone who understands, (even tries to understand) ... besides God ... 'the-movements-of-my-heart'.

Too many people (to me) falsely assume that a person close to God is either goody-goody or 'crazy' (schizophrenic) ... they are definitely different but in a way that it is very hard to explain: these people are not fundamentalists but tend to be 'the most sane ones'... many are very eccentric, but extremely 'sane' sane in fact that they become targets of ridicule or are killed.  Mahatma Gandhi was one such non-Christian and there are many Christian saints who fit this exactly ... from St John the Baptist to Saint Francis to Therese Martin - also known as St. Theresa of Lisieux.

peace ... Ion's signature

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 11, 2006, 10:40pm; Reply: 20
:K) the jew Jesus was one of em ;), Buddha,Siddharta before :D a lots of the jewish older prophètes,
and I gusess even Jean Klein was one of those fabs;)... ok perhaps not that near but very dear and
very,very close to...the devine ;D ;) Graf Dürckheim was one of em ...those peoples didn't acted out of psychological patterns or even named conditionereings....
Posted by: resting, Monday, June 12, 2006, 12:54am; Reply: 21
In the last century there were plenty ... Rabbi Abraham Heschel, psychiatrist -  Victor Frankel, Fr. Maximilian Kolbe, Dorothy Day, Dag Hammarskjold ...  and even today ... my aunt Isobel who died a few years ago ... all were superb folks ... and since these now live in the living God ... they still live and inspire me too.

shalom ...

Posted by: Anna-Maria (Guest), Monday, June 12, 2006, 12:59am; Reply: 22
Bless you all!

I'm sure my bro would be the first to say that hearing voices wasn't an experience that left him at peace. On the contrary. They were very negative. The more he attends to them, the worse they get. Try washing the dishes or playing the piano while speaking aloud every single thought that goes through your mind ... it gets kinda hard to concentrate!
It has taken some time for him to develop strategies to "not go there." Very few people who suffer auditory hallucinations hear positive voices. Although I suppose those who have are among the religious you mention, Tomatilla.

My siblings and I are all Bs - and grew up in an Italian household on a steady diet of pasta and tomato sauce. Avoid city!!

On and off from the age of 12 I've had little tastes of obsessional thinking ... when my mind gets stuck on an uncharacteric thought and repeats like a broken record. I am more and more convinced these skips are completely biochemical ... I don't react emotionally at all to them like I did as a teen-ager. In some ways my brother's troubles are like this, in the broken record aspect, but magnified. So I was the family member who urged mom to get him checked out ...

Mom often wonders about the fetal blood incompatibility issue ... and then I suppose we could scratch our heads about the MMR shot ... and that is indeed all water under the bridge ... but if what we eat makes us feel even a little better, then, to quote Chicken Little, "Today is a new day!"

Posted by: resting, Monday, June 12, 2006, 1:56am; Reply: 23
Hi MoDon,

just read your post ... sorry about that ....

I was wondering about such an interpretation problem when I wrote my post and wrote it anyways.  My 'logic' isn't necessarily correct, but I'll give this a stab:

1) tyrosine >>>> tyramine >>>> thyroid hormone - thyroxin ... the tyramine step is not even mentioned in this article and calls tyrosine 'the immediate precursor'

also according to this article:
2) tyrosine >>>>          >>>> melanin - since tyramine was overlooked in the first instance was it overlooked in the second as well.  I speculate that a loss of melanin stems from a deficiency of tyrosine and this has to = a deficit of tyramine.  So whichever way it is said, there is a strong possibility of a tyramine deficit for me.

Posted by: Devora, Monday, June 12, 2006, 6:50am; Reply: 24
My son has been taking loads of anti-psychotic and other psychiatric medications and we have just discovered that he has Celiac disease.  This could be the problem!!!  

The doctor whote me the following e-mail:

I just received some of your son's  recent labs – he has celiac disease – very high levels of all the antibodies to gluten.

His IgA antigliadin antibodies are 22 and IgG are 38, and his tissue transglutaminase antibody is 24 – these are all elevated.

This can cause significant behavioral problems and I strongly recommend he be on a 100% gluten free diet right away -

He also has other allergies toeggs, milk, soy, and more which probably make things worse. When he gets off the wheat/grains, then we will see if he can stop the anti-psychotics.  My hope is that we will be able to stop them.
Posted by: Devora, Monday, June 12, 2006, 7:01am; Reply: 25
I just ordered Brain Allergies.  Looks like a great book!
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Monday, June 12, 2006, 7:55am; Reply: 26
;) malehe shalom to John :K)

@Anna-Maria, I agree completely with you and there are huge differences between those *bad* voices and the feeling or better said the need of being like John mentioned it; we might have our eyes onto the ENTP/J's right over there ;) ;D .... and even sometimes also...depends of how much of E-side they do possess, also the INTP'J's .D
then next is the art of being obsessiv...even allied to compulsive the difference is: that
attainte people can't do anything against *must* act likewise etc...and sorry here I am not at all against in the usance of drugs like Sertraline etc, because here in minimal dosages, there can be optimal results...nooooo problem at all and we should see also, that  often with natural stuffs, even in highest dosages...after a while..... nothing to be to expected.... we can't deny here anything...yup....
the only thing that I do reclame is, that with our possibilities and knowledges from today and also with our access to the internet, we should be able to try all before to go on chemicals bombes. When you read the articles of Dr. A. Hoffer about his art to cure those sickness, so far he is one of the greates mastes in that area, I guess ::) :D (clap)(dance)(clap)(sunny)
I saw peoples and their reaction under *clopeksol* and other stuffies like this, sorry
today allmost of those people do have problems with their liver the best of a case  :(
I may allow myselve to point out to some very good books, sorry I do know this only in teutonic or french language....
1.Dr. Gerhard Roth *Das Gehirn und seine Wirklichkeiten* Kognitive Neurobiologie und seine philosophischen Konsequenzen      -Suhrkamp-Verlag-
2.G.Roth,*Fühlen,Denken,Handeln....wie das Gehirn user Verhalten steuert* Suhrkamp-Verlag
this is one of the best of the latest 10 years articles I read on Neurbiological tops; but it's possible both books are outta phases 1997 until 2001 that there's lots more to add now ;) :D
Posted by: Anna-Maria (Guest), Monday, June 12, 2006, 11:48am; Reply: 27
Wow, Devora ... holding you and your son to the light!
Maybe diet will help you moderate the meds.
My bro went the full gamut of anti-psychotics, and is on the strongest one - he needs his blood tested weekly.

John and MoDon, very interesting about the thyroxin connection ...

My theory is that the human body is like one of those Skwish toys. Ever see those? A ball held together by beads and elastics. Pull one out of place and all the others are affected.
Posted by: trish44, Monday, June 12, 2006, 8:45pm; Reply: 28
I remember reading somewhere years ago that a copper deficiency was suspected of contributing to schizophrenia.....all very interesting.  
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