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Posted by: 547 (Guest), Thursday, April 13, 2006, 12:02pm
Hi Nonnies!!! ;D

I have an O nonnie as a client and gets pain in her stomach/belly when taking the Protein Blend for O... Apples are avoid for O nonnies, but... the Blend for O contains Apple fiber.. I thought that all products of NAP are for secretors and nonsecretors..

Has any of you O nonnies have experiences like I state above when taking the Protein Blend for O??? Is the experience of my client unique, or perhaps a starter-problem? Or can't O nonnies better not take the Protein Blend??

Hope to hear of your experiences!! ;D

Cocky :K)
Posted by: Vicki, Thursday, April 13, 2006, 12:46pm; Reply: 1
When I called NAP, they said that the apple fiber is okay for O non-secretors because it is devoid of apple.  Similar to soy lecithin being okay for all types.

What is this person eating for breakfast?  Meat and veggies would make a great breakfast for O non-secretors.  If they are having fruit/protein blend to start the day, that is a problem for some people.
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