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Posted by: Lloyd, Saturday, February 25, 2006, 8:21am
Started the BTD in early Dec, 11 weeks ago. I had been initially exposed to the BTD back in '97-'98 but went in other directions. For several years I maintained a weight range from 218 to 224 which is only about 25 lbs overwieght for me. A little over year ago some situations in my life changed, including my diet. The result was ballooning up to 248 along with anxiety, stress, very poor gut integrity, a probable autoimmune response (iritis) and probably at least a little adrenal fatigue. In addition my mental acuity was nowhere near what it should be, not a surprise given the other things.

I was accidentally reexposed at that time to BTD by my "idiot" doctor. That doctor deserves a post all his own, I'll just say I should have dumped him a couple years ago.

My initial plan (Phase 1) was to rest, recuperate, get my eating habits back in line and hopefully lose some weight. There was no need to modify my exercise habits which have been adequate and unchanged for many years -- stretching, situps, pushups and a two mile brisk walk daily. Other additional exercise is random and I have no immediate plans to expand the program.

The first two weeks were only minimally compliant as I had some food to use up and ate out a few times. Still I lost 12 lbs just from mostly avoiding wheat and corn. My compliance improved weekly (weakly is also appropriate) until I got to the point that I can now feel how bad those chinese meals out are. They were the healthiest meals I was eating for one stretch, rather ironic. At this point I am still not 100% compliant but fairly close and am working on eating beneficials as much as possible. The balance of food categories is somewhat off. I have yet to make an effort to limit my intake and frequently overeat, but this is offset somewhat by my requiring more calories than most people and that I eat only two regular meals most days. At this point I have wieghed in at 224 three out of the last four days and consider Phase 1 to be complete.

I have also started ingesting ghee daily for my gut integrity starting the beginning of February. I have experimented with most of the beneficials that I had never tried before, there are only a few left. My regular weekly menu now includes food that I had rarely if ever eaten before BTD. Some like kale I have always liked but rarely eaten.

In mid January I did a Liver/Gallbalder flush. There was no specific reason to do so other than some generic symptoms and a mild probability that it would be useful. (I am still on the 'right side' of 50.) The flush was a great success. Only a handful of stones were larger than a pea, the largest of which were about the size of an apricot pit. There were many hundreds of small sand sized stones and several dozen between that and the largest. The whole thing was quite easy and I spent very little time on the stool. Sometime after mid-March I will do a follow up flush. While I felt great for a couple days it quickly returned to the way it had been so there is clearly more to get out. Should not be a big deal, but will see what happens. I have also done some detox for mercury and other metals. Once the craving for cilantro was gone I figured I had done enough. It was a few weeks worth.

My mental acuity has mostly returned. It still fades in and out a bit but is approaching where it should be more regularly and for longer periods of time.

One of the interesting things has been cravings. For example, I have never been a big fruit eater. I had a craving for mango that had me eating a whole fruit daily for about a week. The cilantro was another, I occasionally get strange urges for other foods (BTD compliant) and yield to the pressure until the craving is gone. I have also found that I have been eating walnuts every single day that I am not compliant, either right before or right after the indiscretion. Mostly it was unplanned and I don't eat walnuts on a regular basis. It's all good.

My plans for Phase 2 are to continue the recuperation and treatment that I know of. There will be no specific weight goal but would like to get below 215, which would be the first time in at least 12 years. Phase 2 also includes completion of the Liver flush and getting a good handle on my gut integrity, so we are looking at a number of weeks or months. It's possible I will get to or get near my 'optimal' weight in the neighborhood of 200 pounds before Phase 2 is over but there is no pressure to.

Phase 3 is still undetermined and will remain so until Phase 2 is complete.

Posted by: Don, Saturday, February 25, 2006, 5:23pm; Reply: 1
You may find you have to do many liver flushes to get the full benefit from the process. I passed the biggest stone during something like my 8th flush. I did my 28th flush this past week over a period of about 28 months.

When I stop passing as many stones I stop flushing for awhile. So far when I start back I pass more and bigger stones again. I believe it is because it takes a while for the stones further back in the liver to work their way towards the exit so they can be flushed out.

You may also want to supplement with some taurine, 1-2g/day. It is safe, inexpensive, potentially beneficial if you are deficient (my guess is if you have stones you are probably deficient) and will help reduce the stones.  

If you are concerned about your gut health you may want to include some of the items in the Intestinal Health Protocol

It sounds like your Phase 1 was successful Good luck with your Phase 2.
Posted by: Lloyd, Saturday, February 25, 2006, 10:15pm; Reply: 2
Thanks for the info on the flushes, I will look into Taurine. I did supplement with Taurine for several months a few years ago and recall it was moderately priced. As far as the protocols go, the ghee is the least expensive. I have not priced Glutamine in some time but seem to recall that it was pricey. Unfortunately I have extremely limited funds and the ghee works out to about $0.25/day while making my food taste better. I will go back and double check to see if the Glutamine is affordable.
Posted by: Lloyd, Wednesday, March 8, 2006, 12:45am; Reply: 3
A good time for a mini-update.

Current weight still 224 but have been as low as 222.

I have purchased some amino acids, the most important being the L-Glutamine for my gut. Also got a few other things on my wish list that I could scrounge the money for and will be evaluating the effects over the upcoming weeks/months as appropriate. I have also decided to postpone a major change in blood pressure treatment for at least two months as it would be counterproductive to try to do too many things at once. Current BP (medicated) 123/73

I also completed my second gallbladder/liver flush. It was mostly the second verse same as the first except:

> The total amount of stones seemed somewhat less. This is highly subjective.
> The size of the larger stones was about 25% smaller. This is mostly objective.
> The 'sand' was finer overall. This is somewhat subjective.
> I felt no need to sit on the stool until two hours after getting up, and taking my second dose of liquids. Then everything came out within 3 hours, and 6 visits. I managed to get in my 2 mile walk as well drive for 30 minutes to an errand during this 3 hour span. Guess I'm a wild and crazy guy. Dry pants!!

Having done this twice with a couple minor changes - Mix the Olive Oil with grapefruit juice rather than lemon juice. Much nicer. The epsom salts seem to be worth the trouble. A bit of lemon juice helps here but there is still a need to rinse out the mouth afterwards. Will try something else next time.

Conclusion: Will need to do the flush probably at least twice more, will plan on doing it in about 8 weeks (give or take). Will be taking assorted supplements over the same span and observing effects.
Posted by: Lloyd, Sunday, April 30, 2006, 5:39am; Reply: 4
It's been seven weeks since my last update. There have been several positive changes.

Changes in diet and supplements: I added Rhodiola six weeks ago. I finally stopped aspirin three weeks ago (it was just an ingrained regimen). I modified the timing and dosage of my supplements to make them more effective. Horseradish has been added to my diet on a (nearly) daily basis, starting 3-4 weeks ago. I have only eaten out once in three weeks. I am tapering off fish oil supplements and will be doing so for several months. I will be taking a break from dandelion.

Noted effects and improvements: After 5 weeks of no change, my weight has dropped to 215 in the last two weeks. A few weeks ago I had a sudden (alomost overnight) change in ability to do sit-ups, push-ups and so on. There was an increase in long established level of performance by about 35%. My systolic blood pressure has dropped another 5 or 6 points. Common readings are 116/72. I had a reading as good as 104/66 (that one shocked me). I feel much better in general and clearly recover faster from exercise and stress. My moods (typical O swings) are more stable in general. My mental stamina has increased, although it is still short of what I know is possible. A curious note is that my belt size (waist size at belt) is about a half inch bigger than I would have expected. The difference is probably 6-8 pounds of water (edema) that I no longer carry.

Additional info: I completed another liver flush. There was very little sand and only around 100 pieces of gravel, all fairly small. I'm reasonably hopeful that I'm nearing the end of the process for 2006.

Analysis: The Rhodiola is a major factor but the other treatment changes were also important. It is impossible to say how much effect any one specific thing had. I'm still unconcerned with the weight, although I realize my eventual target may be about 5 lbs lower than I originally anticipated. Everything else is on course. The blood pressure drop is very encouraging. If the systolic goes consisstently below 110 I will try again to reduce my medication. It's hard to know how much gut healing there has been, I strongly suspect there has been some. I'm looking into this from another angle. I will continue my current line of treatment and likely add a few items from other protocols. I will update those later.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Wednesday, May 3, 2006, 8:22pm; Reply: 5
Keep up the good work!
We BTDers will be rooting for you!!!
You'e on the right track!
Sea Salt & Light,
Mrs "T" O+
Posted by: Lloyd, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 6:02am; Reply: 6
It's been 6 months since I started BTD, seems like a good time for another update. Where has the time gone? There have been some notable improvements.

Weight: Currently 211 ( from 248 ). While I have not set a target, I'm probably within about 15-20 lbs of my "ideal" weight. I'm comfortable at 211, que serra serra and time will tell.

Blood Pressure: Since my last post 5+ weeks ago, my BP dropped below 120 systolic consistently. For the last 16 days I have not taken the HTCZ portion of my Rx, the readings are remaining good (below 120 on at least one reading every day) though about 2-3 points higher than with the Rx. The BTD has gotten rid of edema better than the HTCZ ever did. Here's to hoping to reduce or eliminate the other portion of the Rx, down the road.

Mental Stamina/Concentration: Still improving, vastly better than 6 months ago. The acuity is also more consistent from week to week, fading is for shorter durations and less frequent.

Various Ailments: I'm sleeping better and my back is essentially pain-free. I also handle humidty much better now. Unfortunately I'm noticing some other allergies a bit more (perfume, airborne irritants).

Gut Permeability and so on: Improved but hard to quantify. My pad lines have become less noticable if not less numerous. Treatment will continue for another several months at least, probably longer.

Notes: I still have not resumed Rhodiola and am doing well. I will resume supplementation at some point. Currently doing a couple one-shot protocols. Have also continued to taper off fish oil (a couple months left yet.) Will do another liver liver flush in several weeks, barring something unexpected it will be the last for a year.

Assuming the flush goes well, I will consider Phase II complete and contemplate Phase III. ;D

Posted by: RedLilac, Sunday, June 11, 2006, 2:52pm; Reply: 7
Good testimonial. (clap)

Plus helping out on the Individualist helps stimulate your brain cells in the right way. ;)
Posted by: Lloyd, Saturday, August 12, 2006, 1:07am; Reply: 8
Quoted from Alan_Goldenberg
Will do another liver liver flush in several weeks, barring something unexpected it will be the last for a year.

Assuming the flush goes well, I will consider Phase II complete and contemplate Phase III. ;D

Well, several weeks turned into two months. The flush did not go quite as well as I would have liked, there is more yet to go on Phase II.  :(

To quote a mucky-muck:

Quoted from ironwood55
You may find you have to do many liver flushes to get the full benefit from the process. I passed the biggest stone during something like my 8th flush..........

The stone count on this, the fourth flush, was fairly low (several dozen stones plus a very small quantity of 'sand') but I did get several larger stones. One was nearly the size of the largest stones from the first flush. Also, I have felt some pain that I have learned to associate with the stones since the flush. I am a bit tired of the flushes and may look into some herbal treatments. At the least I will wait 3 months, unless I get physical indications to do it sooner.

As long as I'm getting the negatives out of the way - from the original post -

Quoted from Alan_Goldenberg
..... and probably at least a little adrenal fatigue.

I've had some relapse on the fatigue front. As it had gotten mainly better, particularly with the use of rhodiola, I had conveniently 'forgotten' about this issue. A combination of stresses (some self induced thru 'overwork') got me feeling fairly bad again. It is improving more rapidly, but I need to be aware that I cannot push myself as hard as I am used to being able to do. One supplement I have not used as of yet is fucose/bladderwrack. This is probably what I am most likely to be missing from the equation.  :o

On to the good news!  ;)  ;D  :D  8)

Weight: 205 down 6 lbs over 9 weeks. About right since I've made an effort to eat more so I won't lose as quickly. Yes, that's right.

Blood Pressure: I have reduced my Diovan from 160mg to 100mg. Current readings are typical at 120/73 or similar. With having already eliminated the HTCz, this is fantastic and still a better reading than pre-BTD with full meds. I don't know if I'll be able to get off of them completely, but it seems in the realm of possibility. Switching to health series food lists (combination of Cardio and Fatigue) is making the process go faster.

Mental Stamina/Concentration: As noted above, fatigue has been an issue. The fog does lift long enough to allow me to do a little deep concentration, just not for as long a period of time nor as often.

Various Ailments: Have had some sinus issues, mostly resolved since having some dental work done. Nothing else to note from an improvement standpoint.

Gut Permeability and so on: No changes noted, possible slight improvement. Quantification is so difficult here over a relatively short period of time.

Notes: Am back on rhodiola and maintaining all but a few one shot protocols. As I've finished some of the one-shots I am adding some other things on a trial basis. Am assuming I will remain in Pase II for the remainder of the year, but do feel close to moving on to Phase III despite the setbacks. At this point I think Phase III will be dealing primarily with whatever fatigue issues remain, while cleaning up whatever odds and ends are left over from Phase II. By that time weight should not be much of an issue - I'm tentatively targeting about 191-193. That can be reached by the end of the year without any strain on my part.
Posted by: KimonoKat, Saturday, August 12, 2006, 1:32am; Reply: 9
Congratulations Lloyd on your progress so far.  And thank you for sharing your journey.
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Saturday, August 12, 2006, 7:35am; Reply: 10
(dance)(dance)(clap)(smarty) yup overworkings, over-doings causes stress- stress-respons means weigth gain incl water retentions ::) against the fatigue-did ou ever try it with ENADA NadH? But here- no Rhodiola I you have to decide...this or that and congrats for your super work in weightloss= better slower than too quick for not having skinprobs. after ;) :K) happy continues :D gd' day  :D
Posted by: Lloyd, Saturday, October 14, 2006, 7:58am; Reply: 11
Itís been two months, yet an eventful period nonetheless. Several things of note have happened and I will address them individually.

Fatigue: I think there has been an improvement with the addition of DMAE, plus a couple other items to help with methylation. Taking a one week break from Rhodiola and do notice the difference, canít wait to restart. A negative note is the emergence of candida as an issue. As of late spring or early summer the spit test showed some presence but not a strong one Ė it took several minutes before anything would begin to show. Sometime over the summer between a ton of fruit and a course of antibiotics, less ghee and more grains/legumes it has developed to the point where I was shocked by how bad it had gotten. I started a course of caprylic acid about a month ago. I donít really notice effects that I would clearly assign directly to the candida except occasionally after eating. Iím sure Iím missing some. The major fatigue symptoms have improved despite the candida, so Iím just not sure what percentage of the issue is candida related. Still have not started using fucose but am using kelp on a daily basis (powdered in a spice jar, just shake some out into what Iím cooking. Pretty easy.)

Gallbladder/Stones: Despite what I wrote two months ago, I have since done two flushes rather than none. A funny thing happened. The pain, the worst I have had that was clearly gallbladder related, continued after the recorded flush (intermittent). I was not sleeping well or feeling too good in general (lack of sleep). It took a couple weeks to realize that there was an incomplete flush/blockage. I spent another week looking locally for various Ďbreakstoneí herbs to help but wound up just doing another flush at the end of the third week. Peace. As far as what came out there was nothing extrodinary except that one stone (actually several fused together) was nearly spherical and was the primary suspect for the pain, clearly the largest of that bunch. Something less than a golfball, more than a ping-pong ball. Meh. Another 4 weeks passed and it felt like time to do it again. Fairly normal flush. Will be doing more Ďas called forí but not waiting more than two months until Iím not getting stones out. Still not happy about doing the flushes. The last one caused reflux. Itís just a bothersome 36 hours or so. Ah well, needs to be done. Not clear how much the herbs would help. I will research it again.

Weight: 192 (down 13 lbs over 9 weeks). So much for probably reaching my target by the end of the year Ė Iím already there. Not quite as svelte as expected but pretty close. Iím guessing that Iím at the top of my proper range or at most a few pounds over. Could stand the lose of a few pounds but not looking to lose any more at this point. If I drop below 190 Iíll have to make some adjustments so as to not lose any more. 56 lbs in 10 months is a lot. If it werenít for the candida issue Iíd max out on the grains (and may anyhow). For someone who has had a huge appetite all his life itís ironic that I may have to push myself to eat more. This from the guy that buffets lose money on. Eek! I will be eating more neutrals but not that many more, as Iím still working on Cardio/Fatigue.

Blood Pressure: Unchanged over this period. I only checked every few days. Several days the readings were out of whack due to stress. Other days the readings were normal. If it has gone down any overall, I donít have statistical evidence. At most it would have changed a point, or two.

Other stuff: Mental stamina is pretty good as long as I donít overdo it (push past normal limits). Itís not like it was but it should continue to improve. The fog is gone again. Which make me wonder about the candida, which is still here. Been dealing with two different and separate rashes. They are both improving, albeit very slowly. Noticed both about a month ago, could have had them for up to six weeks for all I know. Am not good at that kind of thing! There is no itch or pain and there has been improvement.

Gut: After all this time I finally fingerprinted myself, at a bank (using their fingerprint ink and the back of a deposit slip). Of note was that there are fewer lines to see in the prints than what I can see looking directly at the fingertips. The depth is no doubt the reason. In any case my permeability issues are clearly improved from February when I started treatment. Now at least I have a point of reference that does not rely on memory. My Glutamine stock, as used, will last until the end of the year. By that time various things may be more clear.

Groceries: I am to be congratulated on finally switching to natural (grass fed) beef. Between getting a reliable car, finding a reasonable source about 100 miles away and the local grocery not having anywhere near the good deals I was getting on marked down beef (overstock marked down several days before last day of sale date), finally took the plunge and ordered 50 lbs of ground beef. That was enough to keep my cost at about the same as local beef cost! Picked it up earlier in the week and have been enjoying it since. While Iíd rather have steak, this stuff is pretty tasty. The fat content is a bit higher than I expected. It may be a hair under 90% lean. For the most part Iíve been enjoying the grease, something I never did before (always trimmed/drained).

Whatís next: Onwards and forward. Still hope/expect to be through with Phase II by yearís end. The weight was quicker and easier than I would have expected. Part of it was just not eating enough calories to maintain my size. Itís funny that I have to eat so much to keep from losing weight after all those years of Ďovereatingí. Veggies are Ďfreeí. My other portions have been larger than book values from Day 1, although I have rarely used my full servings allotments for grains or legumes. Even those have been larger portions though. The next few weeks will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to my weight. I suspect it will drop a little more, I just donít want it to. I have felt about the same weight-wise over the last 25 pounds lost. Really, Iíve been very comfortable since getting down to about 215.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, October 14, 2006, 3:38pm; Reply: 12
great report! )

the weight loss is phenomenal!   well done!
Posted by: Lloyd, Thursday, December 28, 2006, 6:47am; Reply: 13
End of the year, letís make this the end of the thread. Iím Ďofficiallyí calling Phase II completed. After one year (plus a couple weeks or so) hereís how things stand:

Weight: 192, unchanged over the past 11 weeks. This is fantastic. My weight Ďstopped on a dimeí and at a very good place. Whatís more, the areas where the skin was a little loose has tightened up considerably. Very little catching up left to do.

Gallbladder/Stones: Three more flushes done since the last update. The last was mostly sand with only about 18 or so fairly small stones. Post flush soreness was minimal this last time as well. Barring a surprise, my next flush will be in mid Feb and may be the last for about 6 months. There may be a few stones yet to get knocked loose but the quarry is running dry.

Blood Pressure: Unchanged over this period. I only checked every few days. Several days the readings were out of whack due to stress. Other days the readings were normal. Itís basically unchanged since reducing meds back in August. The only difference has been lack of blueberries/cherries and increased stress loads. Iím okay with it and will look to get further improvement next spring/summer again. This does not need to happen overnight. The initial improvement was important though. The gains made from April-August were phenomenal. On further consideration, the Ďsauna effectí of walking in what was unusually warm weather may have played a role.

Fatigue: Still struggling with the candida and did increase supplements to max recommended amounts. There is improvement. Also bought a tongue scraper and have used it to good effect. The increased methyl donor supplementation has also helped. Some day I will have to get my sleep issues fixed, they are not helping. Fatigue will be the focus of what I am working on from here on out until further notice.

Gut: Seems to be in very good shape pending a candida solution. My fingerprints are now very nearly Ďcleaní of white lines. I did run out of L-Glutamine but will restart for a several month period next month sometime as a precautionary measure. Of note, one of my sisters (O) is being treated for Crohnís. Her white lines are much worse than mine ever were. Yikes.

Other stuff: Have recovered most of my Ďbladder of youthí. I started noticing how much better things were after eating lots of high-source lycopene fruit. While there is ample lycopene in my multi, bombardment with natural source lycopene has done amazing things. So, this being grapefruit season, Iím having two or three ruby-red grapefruit daily!!! Annoyed by tonsilloliths (tonsil stones). Harmless, but the left side tonsil has been producing good sized stones at a prodigious rate lately. Not much else new to mention.

Whatís next: Continue finishing the good work of Phase II and concentrate on fatigue issues, which will consist mainly of the candida for a while. This will be my last update for this thread, thanks to everyone who participated.
Posted by: Susana, Thursday, December 28, 2006, 9:24am; Reply: 14
Interesting thread! Well done!

Thanks for sharing.

My very best wishes on this wonderful journey.


Posted by: Lola, Friday, December 29, 2006, 6:43am; Reply: 15
try some melon for lycopene, too!

great job!
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