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Posted by: 1165 (Guest), Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:22pm
I am a 64 year old woman (65 next month) who has been on BTD since Sept. 2005 (4 months) and yesterday I was in a department store and walked past one of those long full body mirrors and the woman looking back at me was foxy! Wow, I thought that's me, in a pair of size 10 jeans, a black waist length shirt and boots. I guess at home I had only looked in my bathroom mirror which looked okay, but in a full length mirror with all of the bright lights, I looked good! I stopped and looked even closer and my skin was great from the body brushing I have been doing for weeks, the proper hydration of water, fruits, fresh vegetables, limited grains and exercise. Now, I am not bragging, well maybe just a little, I am very proud of myself and grateful to all of you for your help. Hang in there all who feel like giving up, one day you will really look in a mirror and see what has happened to you -- you are foxy too.
Posted by: Melissa_J, Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:25pm; Reply: 1
Great Testimonial... Congratulations!  
Posted by: Captain_Janeway, Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:28pm; Reply: 2
Good going Foxy...uh I mean Southernkitty. I have had a similiar revelation since I have cut grains and starches to below minimal for my type and trashed all the sugar and sweetners. 6 pounds of lean muscle mass and a 1 point drop in body fat even though I was rather lean to begin with.
Posted by: mikeo, Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:31pm; Reply: 3
where's the jimmy hendrix music when you need it
Posted by: 1165 (Guest), Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 9:44pm; Reply: 4
I was only a size 12 when I started, but I had overhangs of fat and I don't have excessive body fat any longer and seem to be tighter all over. Two sizes is a good loss, but I am tall so that makes it even more dramatic. What really got me is my favorite belt, I had to go back three slots. For those who are not body brushing, I believe this is such a good thing for our bodies. I have noticed such a difference in my hands which are slowly losing their age spots. It feels so good. It takes work, but it is worth every minute of it. I have always tried to take care of my body but when I had the fast beating heart, (Atrial Fib)I had a real awakening and through this diet and following Hans Larsen on Affibers I haven't had fast heartbeats in a couple of months. I have increased my magnesum to a level that my  body needs and have increased my potassium foods, I am walking everyday with my dog and I believe I will also overcome the Atrial Fib if I just stick to everything.
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 10:31pm; Reply: 5

what a pleasant and encouraging story for us all to follow!!
pfhui pfhui!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (those are supposed to be whistles directed to you, in case you were  ;)(whistle)
Posted by: 290 (Guest), Tuesday, January 10, 2006, 10:46pm; Reply: 6
Southern Kitty - GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL!

I too am now in the 60's....and going to embark on a different lifestyle next Tuesday.  I'm starting the BTD and also will begin T-Tapping.  I know some of the T-Tappers do body that how you got started, by the way?

(And you're right:  There's just something about a good looking pair of jeans with a black top on a slim body....just something pretty darn sexy or something!   I do remember the feeling though....)

Posted by: 774 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 12:46am; Reply: 7
Wow Kitty way to go!! You go momma!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Nice isn't it? It's good to feel good about yourself. I am starting to feel good about myself also, so maybe in a few tens of pounds I will copy your message and post it as my own.

Oh and everybody else, stop mentioning how good the body brushing is!!! I have to wait till the end of February until I get my brush! Darn it!!  :D ::) ::) ;D ;D ;D
Posted by: 1470 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 1:30am; Reply: 8
where can i get one of these body brushes?
Posted by: 774 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 1:38am; Reply: 9

I see they also sell sea salt to scrub your body. I once had a sea salt scrub at a spa.......... it was soooooo great. That evening as I lay in bed I went like..... oh I'm so soft, so soft, so soft!!!!  :D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Posted by: Alia Vo, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 1:49am; Reply: 10

Thanks for sharing your progress and congratulations with your bodily changes in four short months.  It is also a testament that it's never too late to start taking care of oneself at any age.

Posted by: 1165 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 2:27am; Reply: 11
I got started with the body brushing from this website. It was posted with directions and I copied it. I actually used a back brush with a long handle until my best friend gave me a real good pair of bathing gloves that are a little rough and do a good job. I still use the long handled brush on my back. I have not bought the real body brush, the gloves are doing great. She got them at a health food store. I may buy the brush someday when I get some extra money. I say just start with something, thats what I did and I have certainly seen the results. Alia, I agree you are never to late to start feeling better about yourself. Even though I am retired, I get up every morning and put on my makeup and dress nicely, won't turn into a frump, not this foxy
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 3:52am; Reply: 12
Mandi, I don't know where you are, but if you're near a Wal-Mart, they sell body brushes with natural bristles in the cosmetic department by the shower caps, various bath sponges, lufas, etc.  They have a long wooden handle that is removeable.  Don't use it on your face or sensitive areas of your body.  Wash it with some soap and hang it to dry and it will last a long time.  My favorite place to brush is the bottoms of my feet and next my legs.  It seems to make my skin softer and rejuvenates them.

Posted by: sue_ab, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 4:10am; Reply: 13
What a fantastic thread - Congrats southernkitty I feel a change of screen name coming on.

Congrats to you as well Marian_Sunset and pinemeadows welcome - ladies it is time to "rock and roll" - whoever said life began at 40 was right - it just keeps getting better and better.

I am a mere "baby" at 51 - but following this BTD lark the energery levels keep rising.......  


Posted by: Poly, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 8:18am; Reply: 14
southerkitty, what a great testimonial! Way to go! Woohoo! (dance)

WHUI WHUI *joins lola in the whistling* (whistle) ;D

Quoted from pinemeadows
I too am now in the 60's....and going to embark on a different lifestyle next Tuesday.  I'm starting the BTD and also will begin T-Tapping.  I know some of the T-Tappers do body that how you got started, by the way?Jeanne

Hi pinemeadows and welcome. You're not going to regret your decision. I did as you do, it seems. When I turned my life around and quit all sorts of bad habits (still have a few more to go ::) ;)) in autumn 2004 I didn't jump into anything head over heals. I planned the process beforehand, and found the most suitable time for me to start the change. I think that's what made the difference between all my prior failed attempts for starting a healthier life and this until now pretty successful journey. Timing and knowledge. :)

Re. body-brushing, it was EquiPro's thread that put me on to it. I ordered the brush along with the T-Tapp DVDs. I love to body-brush. I have rather dull skin, IMO, but now it's soft and firm. I've been doing The T-Tapping on and off, but now I know the exercises so well, that I can start doing it more seriously. Actually, I'm going to start at bootcamp today! Wish me luck! :P ;D

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 8:48am; Reply: 15
::) does it mean that you are also a foxy lady because you are also a red-head???  ;)
orrr because of your cleverness ??) ;D :D  and btw. congrats to your win through  to your  aim ;D :K)
Posted by: Joyce, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 10:30am; Reply: 16
Brilliant testimonial, Sharon!
So glad your health has improved so much.

Posted by: 290 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 12:23pm; Reply: 17
Sam Dan, (what does that mean?) are you on the t-tapp forums???

I just ordered the t-tapping DVDs yesterday and can hardly STAND IT...but I know they will be here by Tuesday, for sure.   My birthday is Monday, so I have been planning this "fresh start" for a long time now, at least several weeks.

The body brush w/DVD will be my next purchase since I've heard so-o-o-o many good things about it!

Isn't this a great time and place????  LOL

Posted by: Poly, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 4:00pm; Reply: 18
Taswolf has collected a number of useful links here, where you can read about the belt system, FAQ etc.,m=1136350486

Quoted from pinemeadows
Sam Dan, (what does that mean?) are you on the t-tapp forums???

Don't know what it means exactly, but it's a title you can get, when you have over a certain amount of posts "under your belt"! ;)

Re. the T-Tapp forums: Yes, I am - or rather, I've been there. My screen-name there is Poly, just like here. What's your screen-name there? I haven't been there for months, though. I think I'll go there and post about my experiences today: I did my first Total Workout - first day of a 4 days bootcamp. Phew! I'm very curious how I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm already sore all over. :P

Quoted from pinemeadows
Isn't this a great time and place????  LOL

The best! :D
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 4:36pm; Reply: 19
 ::) da our beloved * Peppy*  would say ;) ::)
Posted by: Jane, Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 5:18pm; Reply: 20
Southern Kitty,
There's something so satisfying about achieving your goals and just feeling and looking great.  Your post is inspiring.  I've got some of those gloves.  I think I'll start again with them tomorrow.  I was doing it in the shower.  Is that what you do or do you really do it completely dry.  How long does it take you.  My mornings are tough and I find it hard enough to get out the door in time for work.
Posted by: 547 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 5:36pm; Reply: 21
SK that is awesome!!!
That is what I love about the BTD!!! It re-installs BALANCE in your BODY and MIND!!

Hey, it feels sooo good to be happy with yourself!! That is what counts!!
Looking at the image you reflect in the mirror and being happy with it...
Once in balance you radiate HAPPINESS this happiness will come back to you!!
Maybe simply put, but that is what I experience..  ;D ;D

BTW this Foxy reminded of a small childrens booklet in which Foxy Loxy ate all the animals who were on the run, because Cocky Locky had heard that the sky was going to fall down....  :o :o so all the animals, Henny Penny, Draky Laky, Cocky Locky, Goosy Loosy were on the run, till Foxy Loxy ate them all...
Sorry guys, piece of nostalgia coming up by reading SK's post!!! :K)

Great post southern kitty!! :o

Cocky (chuckle) Locky 8)

This booklet was given to me many years ago... when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter and on tour with the Close Harmony Group in the Isle of Man.
My name inspired my hostess during that stay, to buy that Cocky Locky book for my baby ;D ;D
Posted by: 1165 (Guest), Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 7:16pm; Reply: 22
I love the story of Foxy Locky. Thanks for all of your compliments and comments. As for the body brushing, I do it dry because that really gets the "gook" off, then I get in the shower and wash it all away. It takes me about 5-6 minutes total, I actually have a health file on my computer and I copied the thread it was on, so I am just pasting it here, it tells you everything. I actually posted the directions on my mirror until I got the hang of it. Have fun, you will love it. Sharon

I have posted on another thread (the one about dry skin) that I believe that one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your skin, as well as for your lymph, to reduce cellulite and to feel FANTASTIC, is to body brush. The best part is that it only costs about $10 to get started and is aboslutely free after that.  It only takes about 5 minutes per day.

You can google "body brushing" and you will get all sorts of methods, but I find that the one recommended by Teresa Tapp works best for me.

The $10 investment is in a body brush.  You can find these at most HFS or you can order a nice one from the t-tapp site.  The most important part is that the bristles be made from a stiff plant fiber.  I really do like the t-tapp brush because it has no handle.  Not having a handle helps you to use your muscles to brush and stimulates the lymphatic system.  A short handle works well, too.  Here is where you can order the brush if you don't want to mess with looking for one:

When you first start body brushing, you might want to do it in the shower with the brush being wet.  The goal is to work your way up to a dry brush, but you might find the dry brush too intense at first.

Nearly all of the pattern that I am going to tell you should be in medium length strokes of 4-8 each.  As you get better at it, you can brush harder and more quickly.  I body brush each day, and it takes me less than 5 minutes.

1) starting with your palm, do 4-8 strokes from fingertips towards the wrist.  Turn the hand over and do the same to the back of the hand.  I try to get the fingers and in between the fingers.

2) Using quick, effective strokes, work your way up your arm.  Make sure to do at least 4 strokes on each side of the elbow.  Work past the elbow and up to the shoulder and armpit.  I take extra care and do some circles over the area of the arms where women tend to get "wings".  This, alone, will help to tighten up those areas.  Where ever I do circles, I finish with at least 4 straight strokes towards the body.

3) Raise your arms and do 4 strokes down through the armpits and then 4 strokes across the armpits towards the chest.  This helps to clean out those lymph glands.  Go across across that side of the chest brushing up towards the neck.

4) starting with the palm of the other arm, repeat on the other side.

5) Starting with one foot, brush the bottom of the toes and foot towards the back of the heel and start up the leg.  Brush the top of the foot towards the leg.

6) Brush up the leg and up through the knee.  Be sure to brush the back of the knee up towards the body. If you have any areas that sag or have cellulite do a few circles in each direction over these areas, finishing with a few strokes up towards the torso.  Do the thighs, front and back, in the same manner.  Be sure to do those few circles in the "trouble areas" followed by the strokes towards the body.  Brush the buttocks upwards towards the torso, and the crotch towards the front of the body.

7) starting with the bottom of the foot on the other side, repeat.

8 )  finally brush the torso upwards and towards the middle both front and back.  Go around the breasts and over them towards the neck.

9) Brush up the neck and towards the ears.  If you are able, brush the face towards the ears and upward.  Some people use a softer brush for the face.  I like the stiffer brush.  I finish by using a hairbrush to brush my head and hair.

That's it.  BTW, this will REALLY envigorate you AND might make you sweat.  It generates a lot of heat for the body.

The t-tapp tape on body brushing is well worth the investment.  It's only 7 minutes long, but shows exactly how to do it.  

If you body brush for one month, you will see a definite difference in the appearence of your skin and the tightness, and as I have said on the other thread, it is a great way to clean the skin without using yucky soaps and cleansers.  I often workout, then body brush, then rinse off
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