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Posted by: TheViking, Monday, June 6, 2005, 12:09pm

I've been wondering about this for a long time, and after another member today posted what she ate during the day, I figure it is time with a thread of it's own for this purpose..

I figure it can be a very good resource for new people to figure out what to eat when suddenly their daily foods are avoids.. Also, it's a great way of reflecting on what we eat - don't worry about getting off topic.. - and it's also good for spotting those sneaky ingredients - since other people might see something wrong that's right in front of us but we just don't see it (or maybe we're not letting ourselves see it in fear of loosing another favourite..).

Okei. I'll start off, and I know today hasn't been a good day when it comes to ratios :/

Breakfast: Fried rump steak with about half of a green capsicum (green pepper).
               Water and all my daily NAP-pills (more on that in another post perhaps).

Snacks until around 1500: three plums and a few handfulls of almonds.. more water - brisbane water though, not sure how good all that chlorine is for me, but i use a britta water filter bottle when i'm out on the run, so that hopefully helps some..

Lunch at 1500: friend onion, almonds and rumpsteak. A glas of mango nectar

snack:  some dates..

Dinner many hours later: fried chicken breast with rice (normal rice today as one of my roommates don't like my natural brown rice..). Spiced it up with some cayenne pepper.

..More dates..

Soon I'm gonna have some crunchola cereal with soy or rice milk.. Maybe someone can tell me if the oat thing in crunchola is a problem if I'm coeliac? (still not sure if i'm coeliac - got a half-positive result, so have to go on a gluten diet soon and then recheck :( )

Okei, that should do for a start, now I pass the challenge on, what did you eat today?

PS: And please be critical about my food intake, it's the only way i'll learn - that and the direct effects it gives me some times.. :s

Oh, and maybe if someone knows what's causing my eyebrows to keep scalping? ..I have to re-apply with tea three oil all the time for keeping it from looking and feeling too horrible.. Is it the oats or maybe the soy? or cane sugar perhaps from soy chocolate thing? (not gonna have that chocolate for a while, gotta figure out how bad cane sugar is - got a feeling it's as bad as any sugar?

Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Monday, June 6, 2005, 12:26pm; Reply: 1
As I said before today . It is a great ideal. that's why I posted want I eat today.
So again to get this thread off
Breakfast : small thin steak, two eggs. Flax seed oil . glass of water

Lunch : small bowl of left over chicken and vegies

Snack : green tea , coffee, low GI nut bar ( glutein and wheat free and dairy free)

Dinner " lamb chops and vegies. water

And now another cup of coffee > I know I must stop having coffee.

Lady bird
Posted by: Birgit (Guest), Monday, June 6, 2005, 12:51pm; Reply: 2
In the morning I had my usual bowl of cornfalkes with rice/soy-drink

For lunch I had fried chicken meat and cooked vegetables.

Snack is fresh Ananas today.

Dinner will be spelt pasta with self made pesto.
Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Monday, June 6, 2005, 2:35pm; Reply: 3
Viking - interesting read: How big is every serving of meat ???- I just wonder cause my O kid only get 2 servinga of meat/fish a day. Maybe more veggies(green) ? - just a thought :-)

I had : eggs and spelt bread, with grapejuice, black tea.
midmorning: coffe(!) small pc of dark chocolate, and dried abricots.
Lunch fetacheese, smoked turkey, lettuce , red pepper, water melon. Water
afternoon. green tea and 1 slice of completely utterly BAD factory made cake !!!!(didn´t even taste good :-( ( sorry- not perfect)
well my dinner will be : spring cabbage, new potatoes and lambchops mintbutter and 1 glas of red wine. and water.
Normally I have a banana and a glass of milk before bed.

I know It would be better for me to eat different - Large meal morning etc- BUT it is not possible for me- so I think it is better to eat real BTD food instead.
Posted by: 1374 (Guest), Monday, June 6, 2005, 3:30pm; Reply: 4
Quoted from TheViking

Oh, and maybe if someone knows what's causing my eyebrows to keep scalping? ..I have to re-apply with tea three oil all the time for keeping it from looking and feeling too horrible.. Is it the oats or maybe the soy? or cane sugar perhaps from soy chocolate thing? (not gonna have that chocolate for a while, gotta figure out how bad cane sugar is - got a feeling it's as bad as any sugar?

I use colloidal silver on annoying scabby things...
Posted by: marciamyrs (Guest), Monday, June 6, 2005, 8:52pm; Reply: 5
Today I decided to start eating according to my A+ bloodtype.

I had:
Breakfast: Maple and Buckwheat Cereal w/ plain soy milk and blueberries
Snack #1: peanuts and raisins
LUnch: HUGE salad with romain lettuce, oncion, carrots, and homemade dressing (parsley, onions, garlic, lemon juice, honey, olive oil, and white sugar) on top of the salad Lemon honey onion garlic pan seared perch fist and okra (last night's dinner leftovers)
Snack #2: more peanuts
I miss my Doritos but I want to eat right.  
Don't know about dinner yet.
Posted by: vandelam, Monday, June 6, 2005, 10:40pm; Reply: 6
An average day consists of:

3 eggs with parsley
a shake made up of pineaple juice, prunes & flaxseed meal
supplements: fish oil, fucus, all the vitamin b's, vitamin c, alpha lipoic acid, zinc and at the moment selenium

snacks through the morning of as many walnuts as I want plus a banana.
if I'm extra hungry, I'll have a rice protein shake mid morning.

Lunch is either kangaroo, venison or beef steak plus vegetables or salad (usually a combination of broccoli, spinach, cos lettuce, red capsicum, carrot, zucchini, etc)

snacks through the afternoon are the same as morning

Dinner is steak & vegetables and/or salad
Plus more fish oil, b's & c. If I haven't had any of the protein shake, I'll take supplements of calcium & magnesium as well.

All through the day I drink gallons of green tea & plain water.

The only avoid I know I eat is xantham gum as thickener in the rice protein drink.

Posted by: crazy_johnc (Guest), Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 12:06am; Reply: 7
I had...

Breakfast: Eggs (1 whole/4 whites), Cherries & Blueberries (30 minutes before Eggs), Balanced Veggie Juice

Snack: Pineapple Juice (50% dilluted with water) mixed with 2 scoops of O BT Protein & 3 Flax Oil Pills

Lunch: Skirt Steak, Sweet Potato, Squash

Snack: Smoothie w/Soy Milk, Water, Guavas, Banana, Egg Protein, and Flax Meal

Dinner: Baked Chicken Breast and Wing, Black Eyed Peas, Chard, and Salad.


This is pretty close to what I eat everyday, except that I alternate between fish and chicken. I eat beef almost every day. I also change up the drinks too.
Posted by: 1198 (Guest), Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 12:34am; Reply: 8
Hi there. I think this is my first post. I've been lurking. Let's see.
Here is everything I had to eat today.

Udo's green drink with fresh pineapple.

2 grilled buffalo patties, 1 raw egg yolk,  half a cup of black coffee
(Organic French Roast made in the French Press)

All organic fresh raw veggie juice made with 4 stalks celery, 1 carrot,
half a tomato, parsley.

Mostly organic salad! Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, spinach with garlic,
xvirgin cold press olive oil, lemon juice, and a wee bit of goat feta.

Fresh asparagus from my garden. Mmmmmm.

Posted by: Stormy, Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 3:39am; Reply: 9
Well, here goes for another A meal plan . . .

Had amaranth/oatmeal, sweetened with Stevia, sprinkled with nutmeg and cinnamon and topped with raspberry/apple sauce.

Lunch was a salad (romaine, green leaf & spinach with cucumber, radish, red onion, celery, korabi(sp?) topped with canned wild salmon and oil and no vinegar dressing.

For supper, I had left over tofu stir fry (tofu, kale, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, celery with home-made ginger, garlic sauce) over brown rice.

I snacked on walnuts, pumpkin seeds & raisins; rye crisp with peanut butter & fruit sweetened apricot jam (yum!)  Actually, ate way too many rye crisp and toppings!  Also had a nectarine.
Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 10:50am; Reply: 10
Hi every one .

So great that you are posting want you eat . I am sure it will give the differnt blood types plenty of ideals.

Breakfast : protein drink plus flax seed oil
Lunch : Sushi
Snacks: apple , coffee , nut bar
Dinner Chicken salad wrape ( stuffed up on wrape as wheat ) water
Lady bird
Posted by: TheViking, Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 11:08am; Reply: 11
Here I go again.

I woke up late today, so didn't have much time to prepare anything..

Breakfast (8:30): A bowl of crunchola cereal with rice milk

lunch (2 pm): fried chicken (with some lemon and cayenne pepper) and boiled natural brown rice with a glass of mango nectar.

"afterlunch"(4 pm): Another bown of crunchola

Dinner(8 pm): fried rump steak with sprinkled almonds and fried sliced onion - with cabbage salad on the side (had cabbage yesterday as well, just forgot to mention).

I'll probably make a shake later with mango nectar, protein blend type O, walnuts, blueberries, banana (not much, still trying to get my body used to bananas again without getting a bad reaction - unless it's due to an actual allergy - which time will show as I increase the amount..). Have also snacked on some dates today..

My days are really bad right now with exam-stress and at the same time trying to find a new place to live, which shows again on my food habits :/ ..also, I've forgot all my tablets today, just remembered, but I presume the BTD supplements aren't like some medicines where's it's more or less a crises if you miss a tablet or two.. Oh, and I had a soychocolate :( today after last lectures before dinner..

The soy chocolate contains:
Cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy flour, cocoa mass, almonds, emulsifiers (soya lecithin, 476), flavour.

I'm most unsure about the cane sugar and "flavour".. Think I read somewhere that "flavour" is really bad if I've got gluten for some reason.. Any input on that?

That's all

And thanks for all good posts above, it's a great read and I presume it will just get better as people also comment on each others diets :)

Please just noone get offended by people commenting on your diet, it's all meant good, and you can choose how much to take in and adapt to ;)

Alright, keep it rolling :D
Posted by: Atrain, Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 4:43pm; Reply: 12
meal 1 (1:30am) : 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 5 turkey sausages
green tea
meal 2 (4:00am) : 2.5 cans of tuna, little mayo, olive oil, and carrot chips

meal 3 (7:30am): 2 beef patties, some beef tips, green beans

meal 4 (11:45am): 2 beef patties

still 2 - 3 more to go today!

today is 'zero' carb day, tomorrow I carb up again.
Posted by: 1374 (Guest), Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 4:45pm; Reply: 13
Morning: fresh grapes, cheeries, carrots, pineapple chunks

Noon: greens with shredded carrots, red onion, salmon steak and dried tomato/basil/olive oil dressing

Night: steak and side of spelt pasta with lots of red onion, carrots, artichoke hearts, feta, basil, olive oil

drank water all day, green tea at night
Posted by: rella (Guest), Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 5:37pm; Reply: 14
Morning:  4 slices of rye and spelt crispbread with cottage cheese and honey/strawberry jam.  Coffee with soya milk

snack: dried figs, plenty of water

Lunch:  Dried cod fille (Icelandic speciality), half a bag of raw baby carrots

Snack: water and a cup of coffee

Dinner will be:  Cod fillets (fished by myself), with cucumbers, apple salat and fried onions.

After dinner will be one small beer

Cod day today ;)
Posted by: wwwendy56 (Guest), Tuesday, June 7, 2005, 8:38pm; Reply: 15
I was just doing my daily checking on this sight, and thought I'd comment, and add my menu for today.  I try to eat a few different things everyday.  I'm still sort of a newbie to the BTD.

breakfast & lunch: I had 1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt, (each meal- a total 1 cup yogurt
                          also, 1/2 cup of blueberries & rasberries (each meal,  1 C. total)

snack: 1/2 cup  craisins & walnuts

supper:  1 can of pineapple with juice (p.s. I checked the label & ingredients only mentions, pineapple, pineapple juice, & clarified pineapple juice concentrate) (doesn't mention sugar, so I think this was all legal to have on BTD menu for a B nonnie.

Yesterday, I gained a pound :-/, I'm not sure if it was due to something new that I tried, or what? (I know I shouldn't be so concerned over one pound,  ::) but I watch my weight carefully as an indication that I might be eating some avoid.  Usually, that's what it ends up to be. ;)  Yesterday's supper consisted of (fried in olive oil), fresh baby spinach, brocolli, cauliflower, & carrots, & shitake mushrooms, sprinkled with garlic salt.  Would that make me gain a pound?  I had that along with my yogurt & berries for breakfast & lunch.  Oh yea, I almost forgot, I added 1 tablespoon of ground golden flax seed, (which I heard was supposed to be good for dry skin), & a second tablespoon of unground flax seed (which I heard was supposed to be good for keeping BM's regular). I also had some organic English Walnuts & Craisins(sweetened with fruit juice), both from HFS.

Almost forgot,yesterday,  I  also had a small piece of beef steak for supper.

I know I don't have a well balanced diet yet, but am working at adding new things all the time.  I'm desperately trying to lose a few pounds so I'm trying to be careful in adding new things to my diet.

It's interesting to see what all the different blood types eat in a day.  This has been an interesting thread ;D Keep on keeping us posted & keep posting your menus:D

:K) :K) ;D
Posted by: 1156 (Guest), Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 3:50am; Reply: 16
Breakfast:  Buckwheat muffin with two tablespoons of peanut butter, cup of green tea

Lunch"  Two tacos (no cheese but they were beef) bowl of veggies (approx four servings) and some miso.  Chocolate chip cookie with walnuts.

dinner:  Organic Bar, some walnuts and two plums.   Later a glass of iced rooibos
Posted by: CarolineC, Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 5:31am; Reply: 17

the only thing  that you have to remember is weighing yourself everyday is not the greatest idea for a couple reasons.  Water retention, whether or not you still have your period there is hormonal activity, also different days you will have  different levels of salt.  The best  defense is water..even adding a little lemon to it. Do exactly what your doing and it will come off. Are you exercising?  If you are and you have just started or beefed it up, remember that muscle weighs more than fat. And you might be building muscles right now.
One last thing.  You mentioned that you had some unground flax seed to help with Bm's. Actually, the flaxseed needs to be ground to help in that  area. whole flax seed , doesn't breakdown like you think.
Did this help at all?
Posted by: EJ (Guest), Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 5:35am; Reply: 18
I'm new to the BTD.......what do AB+ eat in the AM???
I'm having problems with edema......any suggestions??
Posted by: CarolineC, Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 5:41am; Reply: 19
Breakfast: chicken veggie soup (but not until about 10AM)

2 cups of  white  tea

Lunch: big veggie salad with salmon and ground flax seeds in it, Annie's lemon chive dressing and flaxseed oil. total 2 tbls combined.VERY filling ,this is my biggest meal.

2 cups of peppermint tea

dinner/snack: Whole Foods turkey sausage. They are so great, they mix in the spices  while I wait. cooked carrots with my 2nd dose of  flaxseed oil.

60 ounces of water during the day

Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 11:53am; Reply: 20
Hi every one

I am enjoying want other O types are having as it is giving me some more food options. Thanks.
My food for the day
Breakfast: musile and rice milk and banana
Lunch: meat and cooked vegies, water
Snacks: coffee, rice cakes
Dinner: lamb and vegies, water
After dinner: coffee
I am trying to cut down on my coffee .
So far down half a kilo. = 1.1 pounds.

Lady bird :)
Posted by: TheViking, Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 12:58pm; Reply: 21
Great going lady bird :)

Don't think to much of the weight though, just take the diet day by day figuring out how to adapt it and the weight should come off by itself (at least that's what I've been reading on the forum. I've never had much worries about weight though - only when it comes to not doing anything exercising and eating healthy, then I get too thin :s) My reason for the BTD is more the health benefits, like getting rid of my inflammation was my first step, which according to my last blood test should be gone (The doctors said they thought it was crohn's (which it might still be though) and wanted to put me on steroids..).

Anyways, back to topic, got very sidetracked there - sorry, it's been a looong day.

Breakfast 08:10: Crunchola and rice milk (a small bowl, wasn't much cronchola left)

Lunch 12:20: Reheated some chicken and rice (regular white rice - not my cooking, but leftovers from monday) - microwaved in the school cafeteria-thing..

2nd lunch15:30: (Still at school and overly hungry) So I went to a closeby china restaurant and ordered some chicken and rice thing and green tea. I asked if there was any gluten in the dish, they said there weren't, but thinking about it they might not have known what gluten is.. :/ ..Well, later this evening I started getting a runny/clogged-up nose thing - so think there was wheat or something nasty in that dish :( ..Not going back to that place in a while - if ever.. I just gotta get better at bringing good food with me for long school days.. Where in brisbane can I get some compliant beef jerkey??

dinner 7 pm: hamburger (lamb and beef thing - don't recommend it though, the beef ones are much better - but not my cooking..) with rice, cabbage, tomato paste and some doritos dip thing that I think is compliant - haven't spotten any avoids yet, so at least no obvious ones..

nightie 10:20 pm: protein blend type O, mango nectar, frozen blueberries, almonds, walnuts, sultanas (raisins). - It became a really thick blend. Don't think it's everybody's cup-o-tea, but I loved it - will definitely make this again :D Maybe try and find more benes to add.. sweet :D

I know I've still got a messed up diet though, need some serious fixing.. I've got no more long school days in quite some time now though - exam preparation period, so hopefully the days to come will be a bit better....

Ah, and I had a few dates as snack this evening - but not many - and a cup of green mint tea :) ....not sure if it can be called green tea though, it's the "green tea" bought at my local grocery store.. I've got some good 4 herb green tea herbs in my drawer, but I've been told i need some stainless steel stepans as to not spoil the herbs or something?   ..does it matter if the herbs lay there in my drawer for some time - it's in a air-tight bag thingie...??

Love all your posts, so just keep 'em coming ;)
Posted by: wwwendy56 (Guest), Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 3:18pm; Reply: 22
CarolineC, thanks for writing. :K)  I didn't know flaxseed needed to be ground to make things more "regular", you did help.  Thanks for writing.  I lost that pound again! (& again & again), I've been the same approximately for 3 weeks!  I know we are supposed to plateau at times, but it would sure be nice to be able to maintain at the weight I want to be.  I'm not far off though. I looked through my diet journal & saw that since 5/19, I went from 140 lbs. to 133.5, which I've been stuck at for the last 2 to 3 weeks, (give or take a pound here & there), I'm closer to my goal than I've been able to get after about 10 years of dieting...I've tried everything, fat free diet, counting calories, Weight Watchers, Atkins....but The BTD has gotten me closer to my goal than any of these other diets.  My goal is around 125-127, in that range.  That's a good weight for me, I know from having been there a few times in my life.  Well, I'm not going to worry about it, no one but me will notice the 5 & a half pounds anyway
Thanks though for your encouraging words & tips.  I love this diet, it's a way of eating I can do the rest of my life (with a possible little slip-up once in a while), one good thing I don't have the huge "UP SWINGS in pounds"  when I blow it.  Like all the other diets I've been on.  For example counting calories only, I could gain 7 lbs in ONE WEEKEND, & not be able to get that much off in a week!  Talk about discouragement!
But I haven't had that kind of thing happen on this diet.  It's only a pound or two, but I can lose that again during the week.  At least I've stablized somewhat in my eating habits.  The BTD has just made me feel so much healthier, no more regular UTI's, in fact I haven't gotten as much as a cold since starting BTD.  I feel my head is clearer, I have more energy, just all around feel good! ;D
Posted by: Alia Vo, Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 3:45pm; Reply: 23
It's still early in the day, so here was the other day's menu...

Breakfast:  1/2 cup thick rolled oats soaked overnight in filtered water, fresh cherries, handful of walnuts, then drizzled with a little blackstrap molasess

A Few Hours Later: one cup green tea and lots of water

Snack: 1/4 cup figs

Lunch: steamed parsnips, celery flower tops, collards, and garlic topped with some soy tempeh

Snack: a few dried apricots (my favorite snack food because it's portable, convenient, and fits into by purse

Dinner: big salad of romaine lettuce with sliced onions, celery, carrots, with 1/2 cup black-eyed peas and one slice Ezekiel

Snack: a few dried apricots

64 ounces of water throughout the day

Posted by: Birgit (Guest), Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 5:19pm; Reply: 24
In the morning my usual bowl of cornflakes with soy/rice drink

later I had a cup of coffee

dinner was chicken meat with vegetables and vegetables (it doesn't happen very often that I find something compilant at our university mensa, but today I was lucky :) )

When I came back in the afternoon I had some raw Kohlrabi.

now I'm having a big cup of green tea and later for lunch I'm going to have sardines and a slice of rye bread.
Posted by: CarolineC, Wednesday, June 8, 2005, 9:02pm; Reply: 25
Quoted from wwwendy56
...I've tried everything, fat free diet, counting calories, Weight Watchers, Atkins....but The BTD has gotten me closer to my goal than any of these other diets.    The BTD has just made me feel so much healthier, no more regular UTI's, in fact I haven't gotten as much as a cold since starting BTD.  I feel my head is clearer, I have more energy, just all around feel good! ;D

Wendy...those of us that have gone from diet to diet over the years have really done a number on our systems. We have messed up our metobolisms badly. This takes time to repair. BTD does that automatically, if you follow it closely. But it  doesn't happen overnight.  the other issue is you don't have  very much weight left to lose. My question is how tall are you, are you picking a sensible  goal?  I had 10 pounds left to lose  for a very long time. My body and my head  were in a real tug of war. I boosted up my exercise and got very was highly benefical or nothing.  fell off. and I am maintaining  it fine.  
You might want to add some flaxseed oil to your diet also to help with  BM's and make sure your taking probotics. So, all is fine in your digestive track. If it continues to be a problem....Oh  there is other measures you can do...Been  there , done that. I have a had the problem since I was a child! I have memories of running  from my mom as she would get that nasty thing (fleet enema) out!
Remember, before the weight issue,  feeling good is #1!
Posted by: wwwendy56 (Guest), Thursday, June 9, 2005, 1:15am; Reply: 26
CarolineC, what are probotics, can I get them at the HFS? What name does it go by, is it used to get the colon in better working order?  If I get a probotic do I also need the flaxseed oil?  Thanks for the info, I'm really uneducated about this stuff, but I'm learning 8), this forum sure helps a bunch!  And thanks to nice people like you :D :K), I'll get healthy.  I know I really have a messed up metabolism,  that's one reason I switched to the BTD, it just makes sense!!!  It explains why ALL the other diets don't work, even when done religiously correct!!!!  God bless you & all my fellow BTD'rs, Keep the posts coming,

Today, was much the same as yesterday, nonfat plain yogurt & berries, a can of pinapple, a banana, & a very small piece of steak.  Also snacked on juice sweetened craisins, & English Walnuts.  In fact I ran out I need to get back to my HFS,  Thanks again!  Wendy from Wisconsin, in the U.S.
Posted by: Wulf, Thursday, June 9, 2005, 1:26am; Reply: 27

See the link on Wikipedia for probiotic definition

They are by their very nature the opposite of anti-biotics which tend to kill bacteria.
Pro-biotics actually introduce good bacteria into our bodies.

Posted by: CarolineC, Thursday, June 9, 2005, 4:47am; Reply: 28
Quoted from wwwendy56
CarolineC, what are probotics, can I get them at the HFS? What name does it go by, is it used to get the colon in better working order?  If I get a probotic do I also need the flaxseed oil?  Thanks for the info, I'm really uneducated about this stuff, but I'm learning 8), this forum sure helps a bunch!  And thanks to nice people like you :D :K), I'll get healthy.  I know I really have a messed up metabolism,  that's one reason I switched to the BTD, it just makes sense!!!  It explains why ALL the other diets don't work, even when done religiously correct!!!!  God bless you & all my fellow BTD'rs, Keep the posts coming,

Today, was much the same as yesterday, nonfat plain yogurt & berries, a can of pinapple, a banana, & a very small piece of steak.  Also snacked on juice sweetened craisins, & English Walnuts.  In fact I ran out I need to get back to my HFS,  Thanks again!  Wendy from Wisconsin, in the U.S.

Hi Wendy,

Paul gave you a great website to look at,  here is another one, that I found that is very informative. Basically, probotics, keep our entire intestinal tract healthy...which helps digestion and  problems with bowels. Flaxseed oil is a whole other product. From what I understand and if I am wrong..someone please correct me . flaxseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which have the ability to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, prevent heart attacks, lower blood pressure, decrease allergic reactions, improve skin conditions,minimize arthritis symptoms, relieve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, lower cancer risk, improve kidney function and aid in hormone synthesis. It also helps with bowel "function". If you actually buy the flaxseed whole (like you have now) and grind it in a coffee grinder  that you use solely for the flaxseed is a better way of getting it into your system, because then it serves as a source  of fiber.
the only thing that I myself see in your diet from yesterday is you  had 4 servings of fruit. and not much meat and veggies. I have found in losing weight, that your going to do better with more lean meats and veggies.
don't feel badly asking question....all of us here learn everyday from this board!

Posted by: Bethysue, Thursday, June 9, 2005, 4:05pm; Reply: 29
Breakfast: one slice of ezikeil rasin toast w/peanut butter & blackberry Jam

Snack: Chocolate Soy milk

Lunch: Lentil salad (lentils, carrots, red onion, parsley, lemon juice and garlic)

Snack: I am either going to have an Iced coffee or Iced Green Tea, I need to stay alert for studying.

Dinner will probubly be Pesto & a salad of romaine lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onion & hearts of palm.

Dessert will be watermelon/pinnaple. :D
Posted by: 362 (Guest), Friday, June 10, 2005, 3:55am; Reply: 30
Breakfast:  bluberries and green tea, one gluten free ginger cookie

Lunch:  buffalo, black beans, broccoli, olive oil

Snack#1:  figs with walnuts

Snack #2:  banana/strawberry smoothie, picked up at Wal-Mart while shopping

Snack #3:  one gluten free ginger cookie

Dinner:  egg omelet made with two egg whites and one yolk, with green chile powder and green onions; brown rice bread with butter and green chile powder, green tea

Dessert:  4 squares of dark chocolate

Had Perrier with lime when I got home


THIS WAS A GOOD DAY!!  Most days I cheat and have a corn torilla at Rubio's (that Mexican food is hard to eliminate!!) or some other avoid.  I have just recently added red meat and am going cold turkey on dairy.  Can't afford to be stupid and yin all summer.  No Jamba Juice for me, unfortunately.  BTW,  buffalo really rocks.
Posted by: Wulf, Friday, June 10, 2005, 4:07am; Reply: 31
I hope that wasn't a whole buffalo for lunch ;-)

Posted by: CarolineC, Friday, June 10, 2005, 5:19am; Reply: 32

did you make the ginger cookies? is there a recipe you could share? I agree buffalo is awesome!!!

I had to do a health fair today , soooooooooI didn't get alot to eat  :( infact its pretty sad.
Breakfast:    2 cups of green tea

lunch/dinner: (had to eat in between presentationsand they provided the food) large salad...actually I filled the plate,  with  no dressing because they just had bottled kind. couple slices of  BBQ tri tip.  
What I didn't eat that was on the table looking at me: baked beans, macroni salad, garlic  bread, homeade cookie of all kinds and a CHOCOLATE TEXAS SHEET CAKE (sigh)

when I got home I was too tired to eat anything...Oh  yeah about 6 bottles of water...
I am so glad tomorrow is a new day!
Posted by: 658 (Guest), Friday, June 10, 2005, 6:51pm; Reply: 33
This is just my usual...

brekkie: 1 egg with sauteed greens OR a bowl of berries with yogurt OR oatmeal

snack: B protein shake OR half of a protein bar

Lunch: Tuna fish over a large handful of mixed greens, feta OR leftovers, with a rice cake or slice of ezekial.

Dinner: ANYTHING ...heee..usually some kind of meat/fish with sweet potato or brown basmati rice, other veggies, a nice salad, maybe a rice cake or ezekial

Dessert/snack: chunked water melon and pineapple.
Posted by: TheViking, Saturday, June 11, 2005, 1:33pm; Reply: 34
Didn't sleep much last night - had my first final exam this morning :s
..It went okei though, I think - and hope..

Anyways. After a restless night I had.

Breakfast: fried diced beef, capsicum, egg with some cayenne pepper to spice it up and some doritos dip thing to make it more tasty :)

pre-Lunch: After the test I came home, but didn't have time for anything before i had to rush out the door again (looking for new apartment with some friends), so I just grabbed some cherries and a glass of mango juice.

Lunch: cooked rice flour and rice milk. Don't know what the english word for this is, but in norwegian I would call it "grřt", although that is usually made with milk and some sort of rice-thing etc.. :p

dinner: salmon with lemon and parsley in the stove for 15-20 min in aluminium folie. Served with sweet potato and lettuce, tomato, capsicum, greek feta cheese, onion.  That was a great and easy dinner :D

Evening snack: Peeled a mango with knife and ate it :D  ..anyone know how I'm suppose to eat a mango? :p

And now I better go get some sleep before I get too hungry again - since it's a bit late to eat now. someone talked about not eating after 10 pm for some reason, so i try to getting used to not eating late - although i figure i need to adapt that together with not staying up too late - still working on that part..

Good night all :)
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, June 11, 2005, 11:57pm; Reply: 35
do you have a fork with a longer mid point to insert into the mango?
this is how we eat mangos over here.......first you poke it with this fork to keep it from slipping away.....then you peel it......and eat up all the can even suck on the seed.
the fork holds it tight, like a lolly-pop.)

oh and that doritos dip doesn t sound too good to me......
must be full of avoids!   sorry
Posted by: TheViking, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 2:43am; Reply: 36
Hallois lola

Can I get that sort of fork at big w or something like that? ..I'll have to go looking today :)

Yeah, I'm very sceptical about the ingredients in the doritos dip, so it's probably the next to go.. I'll post the ingredients here, maybe someone with a bit more knowledge on the less known stuff will pick it up:

Tomatoes (69%) (Puree, diced, crushed)
Onions (12%)
Capsicums (11%)
Jalapeno peppers
Vinegar <- Yep, just figured out it's an avoid :/
Sugar <-- it's not good, but at the end of the list it shouldn't be a large amount??
Food Acid (330) <-- can someone enligthen me on that one?
Spice Extract

Okei, seems that it's been my mouth analysing that label and not my brain..
So no more doritos dip for me then :(

Got any suggestions besides to tomato paste to make my fried mince meat dishes a bit more tasty? ..for when i don't have rice or sweet potato with it etc..?

Thanks lola, one more avoid off my list :D

How often do you eat mango?
I love it - they don't sell that in norway, at least not widely available, but now it's a season for it down under and woolies got them all the time :)
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:02am; Reply: 37
I love mangos, too!

if you do not find the fork.....
use anything that let s you pierce into the seed of the mango, from the bottom.....
make sure it goes right in.....
be carefull not to pierce your hand though, ok?  )
do you like mustard?....try some ground mustard seed powder with lemon juice......add pepper etc.

wasabe, horseradish is also good.....
try finding some tomatoe sauce without avoids.
or make a 'pico de gallo' type sauce....chopping tomatoes ,onion, cilantro, chile....add salt and pepper a bit of lemon....etc
Posted by: sue_ab, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:14am; Reply: 38

Food acid 330 is citric acid.

To make your mince more tasty try using sweet paprika (there is also a hot one).
I saute a chopped onion then add garlic and ginger and cook for a couple of minutes then add paprika and stir.  To start with just use a teaspoon and then add more to taste.

btw don't panic folks I don't eat mince....this works with a variety of beans/lentils and even tofu.

Sue.   :)
Posted by: TheViking, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:14am; Reply: 39
"add pepper" <-- pepper as is capsicum or pepper as in white/black pepper?
..kind of confusing with australian and american names here.. first i thought the white/black pepper, but as far as i recall that's an avoid for us?
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:18am; Reply: 40
pepper isn t an avoid for Os, on the contrary.
It is the already ground one you buy in the store, that contains mold.
This is why you should grind your own.
Posted by: sue_ab, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:28am; Reply: 41
Cayenne pepper is OK.  If you look in Woolies in the cooking /spice section you will find it in a little packet, along with paprika.

Chilli peppers are also OK as are capsicums both found in Woolies in the vege section.  They are usually marked.  Capsicums are round in shape and the chilli peppers small and long.

Posted by: TheViking, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:48am; Reply: 42
I know cayenne pepper is okei, already got that and use it frequently.

I probably expressed myself badly, but what I was trying to say is that the black pepper is an avoid (at least I think it is, will recheck), so therefore I presumed that by adding pepper meant adding capsicum... (american: green/red pepper -> australian: capsicum)..

Need to recheck on the black/white pepper though as I understand that is what we should grind ourselves - according to lola's post - so rechecking now :)
Posted by: TheViking, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:53am; Reply: 43

So black/white pepper is an avoid as I remembered..

Lola: do you mean grounding our own red pepper then?

bonnie: the cayenne pepper (cayenne pepper is grounded capsicum right?)

Anyways, I love both capsicum and cayenne pepper :)

If someone could recommend some good green vegetables that are easy to prepare that would be great :) (already use brocolli (boil it), lettuce and cabbage)

Oh, off to the shop to get some food and see if I can find a good fork-thing for mangos..

Sorry for all the confusion :/
Posted by: Debra+, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:56am; Reply: 44
I ate a mango today.  :)

To eat a mango so that it is not soooooooo messy (although I don't know if that is possible when they are nice and ripe and sooooooo yummalicious) place the mango in the palm of your hand so that the seed lays parallel with your palm.  Take a sharp knife (BE CAREFUL) and slice along the side of the mango so that you are cutting off the side of the mango just missing the seed.  (Don't worry about cutting some of the seed as you can cut that out later although you are trying not to).  Once you have sliced off the one side turn the cut side of the mango onto your palm and do the same to the other side.  Now you have two nice pieces of mango and one piece with the seed.  The two pieces that look like halves- take your knife and score the mango flesh one way, almost to the skin, and then score it cross ways so that you end up with about 1/2 inch squares.  Now take your piece of mango and turn it inside out.  Voila-you have some nice little cubes that you can either cut off or munch off.  I like the latter since I am the only one that eats them in our house.  Do the same for the other piece.  The seed piece-gently peel the skin off with your knife.  This is the messiest part due to the fact that the flesh wants to stay on the seed.  Munching is best here also. And messy. Eat with some compliant nuts and you have a great snack here.  I hope that I have explained this so that everyone can understand   it.  Enjoy.  ;)    :D     :)


P.S.  Just thinking about it, you could probably stab the fork into the top of it to stand it up and cut it on your cutting board.  Just a thought.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 5:02am; Reply: 45
yes grind the black, white or green peppercorns yourself and enjoy! )

capsicum is red cayenne pepper....comes in flakes also, to sprinkle on pizza.)
Posted by: lroff (Guest), Sunday, June 12, 2005, 5:39am; Reply: 46
Quoted from TheViking

Got any suggestions besides to tomato paste to make my fried mince meat dishes a bit more tasty? ..for when i don't have rice or sweet potato with it etc..?

My first time trying this quote thing.  

How about making a red pepper paste (roast red peppers, peel, mash with your choice of oil) .  Maybe that's what the Aus folks are talking about with capiscum.  

I came across a red pepper spread from Slovenia in my "Great Canadian Super Store".  It's called Gloria Vegetable spread (melange vegetal a tartiner, or ajvar - I assume the latter is Slovenian) Gives the following ingredients: peppers, eggplant, hot peppers, oil (does not say what type darn it), sugar, salt and spices.  
Posted by: lroff (Guest), Sunday, June 12, 2005, 5:44am; Reply: 47
Quoted from TheViking

Got any suggestions besides to tomato paste to make my fried mince meat dishes a bit more tasty? ..for when i don't have rice or sweet potato with it etc..?

My first time trying this quote thing.  

How about making a red pepper paste (roast red peppers, peel, mash with your choice of oil) .  Maybe that's what the Aus folks are talking about with capiscum.  

I came across a red pepper spread from Slovenia in my "Great Canadian Super Store".  It's called Gloria Vegetable spread (melange vegetal a tartiner, or ajvar - I assume the latter is Slovenian) Gives the following ingredients: peppers, eggplant, hot peppers, oil (does not say what type darn it), sugar, salt and spices.  
Posted by: jsgrierson (Guest), Sunday, June 12, 2005, 6:57am; Reply: 48
I made a terrific salsa the other day with pimentos, fried onion and garlic. olive oil, salt and lots of parsely in the blender until it made a sauce. Lucky you can use all kinds of peppers/capsicums.I 'd roast or dehydrate them first so it's not too liquid.
Posted by: azzap, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 12:37pm; Reply: 49
It is so good to see everybody sticking to their blood type diets and making the most of the good health it brings. Having said that, I will now sicken everybody to the pits of their stomachs as I reveal what I had today. Even I'm amazed.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with cows milk.
Snack: Coffee and 3 biscuits.
Lunch: Avocado spread on 4 Salada crispbreads.
Snack. Another coffee and 4 biscuits. A couple of pieces of milk chocolate.
Second Snack (watching football) 2 cans of Jack Daniels and coke. many pieces of chocolate.
Dinner: A couple of pieces of lamb
After dinner. Coffee and biscuits and chocolate.

And you know something. I feel great. No problems. That's a first. The BTD has obviously made my intestinal tract somewhat stronger and able to handle these avoids. I wouldn't want to do it every day though. I can feel the water building up already.

Have fun. Aaron.

Posted by: MissileCop, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 3:07pm; Reply: 50

If you haven't felt the effects now, Aaron, I'd hate to see what you're gonna feel like in the morning!!  :o

I had pizza and a beer one day the other week, and had a severe energy crash within 45 minutes.  I bent over to nail a trimboard, and got all dizzy, and lightheaded.  Suffice to say, I won't be doing that again!

Hmmm...what was on the menu this morning.......

Breakfast@ 5 a.m.;  Cherry juice, chicken breast, and pineapple slices in unsweetened juice.

Second Breakfast @ 8:30;  Banana, apple juice, and two eggs.

Lunch will probably be the usual, an apple, and roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and onion in a garlic wrap. (Yeah, I know the wrap is wheat, but it's basically the one avoid for the day)

In the afternoon, I'll grab a 20 oz. bottle of water, or a bottle of Izze natural lemon soda.  

Dinner's always a toss up, because it depends on what they have available in the cafeteria at work.  Might be another wrap, or a hot meal, usually compliant.  Last night's dinner was meatloaf and rice, eaten at different times, and not mixing protein and starches together, like a good boy.  ;)

One of the guys who stops by to pick up reports every weekend remarked the other day, "Every time I see you, you keep getting smaller!"  ;D  [Elvis] Why, thank you, thank you very much! [/Elvis] :)  

Little does he know.......I'm not done yet! *wrings hands, laughs maniacally*  ;)

Posted by: Atrain, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 3:54pm; Reply: 51
Quoted from MissileCop

and not mixing protein and starches together, like a good boy.  ;)

I was always taught that if you're trying to lose weight, to make sure to separate carbs and fats from the same meals.  not protein and starches?
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 12, 2005, 4:47pm; Reply: 52
ahaaaaaaaaaaa C MC ;D   and azzapchen :D

here are the avoids-intakers here they are....... ;D :D ;D

take care Aaron- not too much water is just bubbling around the matrix swill-swall-swollen :D

CMC...:D isn't it possible to eat all such things un-wrapped? naked ;D  :D

Atrain.... :D I think much better to avoid in a good compliant mampf starchies and proteins... = Trennkost =  :o  but it's controversly discussed here in old Europe....  :D
Posted by: MissileCop, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 5:11pm; Reply: 53

  I read somewhere, and it stuck in my mind (not that much does!  ;D) that proteins and starches shouldn't be mixed during consumption.  I forget the exact reason.  I believe that I may have found that in the LR4YT book as to why.  Or I saw it on this board.   Someone else help me out here, please.  :K)  I know I didn't imagine it.  Well, at least that's what the other voice in my head says!  :P

And yes, Isa, I suppose I could eat my food naked, but I like my garlic wraps.  :B

Oh, and I just came back from lunch, and one of the cashiers commented that, "If you get any smaller, I won't be able to see you anymore."  I just told her that if she sees an outfit of clothes walking across the cafeteria on their own, that would be me.  ;D  Two compliments in one day?  Yep, yep, yep, it's a GOOD day!  :)

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Sunday, June 12, 2005, 5:58pm; Reply: 54
:D you'll become a little cruise M Cop ??!  
ok for the garlic....  but take care if not you must come twice into a room :D to be remarked.... :D
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, June 12, 2005, 9:55pm; Reply: 55
yes starches don t go with protein.......but fat is neutral.

fat even helps metabolize starch, so you don t get a sugar 'high'.

in the 'trennkost' or separation diet, fat can be eaten with either one.
Posted by: Victoria, Monday, June 13, 2005, 3:08am; Reply: 56
This is what I ate:  :-)

8 oz. glass of freshly juiced carrot, celery, spinach, parsley, wheatgrass. beetroot, fennelroot, and a couple of leaves of dandelion from my yard.

16 oz. of My Power Drink!  Here's the ingredients:
3/4 C. organic concord grape juice
3/4 C. organic goat's milk yogurt
1/4 C. mixture of organic frozen blueberries and dark sweet cherries
1 small banana
2 T organic golden flax seeds, freshly ground
1 T nutritional yeast
1 T powdered green barley grass and chlorella
1 T granular lecithin
2 tsp. Proberry Concentrate
2 tsp. ARA6
1 tsp. acerola cherry powder

a 16 oz. mug of genmaicha/white tea

LUNCH, around 2:30 p.m.
roasted organic turkey breast
feta cheese
2 C. steamed broccoli
1/4 C. steamed kale
a big wedge of steamed red onion
a sprinkle of organic raisins and dried cherries
All the above tossed together in a big wooden bowl with my homemade dressing.

Dressing recipe:
To approx. 2 C. extra virgin olive oil, add:
a few crushed garlic cloves, to taste
a tsp. each of parsley and basil, or use fresh if you have it.
1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
approx. 3 T. umeboshi plum vinegar
SHAKE WELL.  I like this on all veggies.

One baked sweet potato, topped with...
1 tsp. ghee
1 T. chevrie (soft goat cheese)
1/2 can of wild chinook salmon
two lightly toasted Lundberg Rice Cakes, spread with raw organic almond butter, which is mixed with finely chopped walnuts and a little bit of chopped medjool dates

Later tonight, I'll probably have a small cup of roasted dandelion tea, to aid my digestion and assist my liver in doing it's good work.

This is a pretty typical food routine for me, but I alternate turkey with lamb, and occasional beef.  I get chemical-free meats and organic produce as much as possible.

Posted by: azzap, Monday, June 13, 2005, 4:50am; Reply: 57

You are just too good.  :K)

Unlike myself (said in best Costello voice ) I'm a bad boy.

After my avoid fest the other day I woke up surprising sprightly and have suffered no ill after effects. I like it.

I have been more compliant today and also went for a really long walk to burn off a bit of the avoid buildup. Tonight's dinner will consist of a fruit smoothie with nutritional yeast and lots of water to give my system a break. I think a steak eggs and veggies might be on tomorrow's breakfast menu. Mmmm Mmmm.

Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Monday, June 13, 2005, 8:04am; Reply: 58
azza- this are the psyche- O's pattersn alltimes over the frontiers/ = in my dictionary its written= borderliner...:D  :D  :D

sooo sorry please no addiction to anything similar ;D :D
Posted by: Victoria, Monday, June 13, 2005, 5:49pm; Reply: 59
The thing about being "good", Aaron...  It takes different things for different people to get us to the place where we have no problem walking the line.
For me, I never gave up any favorite "poisons" until my health forced me to...sometimes with great FORCE.  I have allowed a couple of major life threatening illnesses to nearly do me in (in the past).  I finally got it.  I don't eat avoids.  I don't want to die yet.  It's simple!  :-)

My health is very good now, and my understanding of my body, my personality and my own nature has developed through my own foolish mistakes of food choices and lifestyle.  I love being healthy.  It's an amazing high.  It's much more satisfying than any of the bad choices that I enjoyed for a brief time as they gradually eroded my health.  I have worked too hard to regain my health and my life to allow old patterns or cravings to bring me down again.

I hope most people will never have to face a great illness in order to find out how to be healthy.  I was just one of the stubborn (and arrogant!) ones.
Posted by: wwwendy56 (Guest), Tuesday, June 14, 2005, 1:12am; Reply: 60
I appreciate all the help on websites about pro-biotics!  This BTD has been a journey of  healthy information & health!  My metabolism has definately improved since I've been on this diet, I got my sisters interested in what I call "MY POWER DIET", it has an edge over any other kind of diet, & the weight loss & inches lost are noticable!  My sisters both live about 100 miles away & I don't get to see them much, but when I saw them this last weekend, they noticed the weight loss!  And I notice how bad I feel when I go off the BTD, I went off the BTD for the weekend because I was on a mini-vacation with my mom & sisters 8), & came back home with a migraine :P, I think from all the bad food. I'm back on track for the last day and a half & the headache that lasted all day Sunday in spite of my "migraine aspirin, acetaminophen, & caffeine" tablets, which usually clear up the migraine.  Today, just one day back on track, no more migraine!  I feel better, and I'm back to ("MY POWER DIETING - BTD), gonna lose that 5 lb gain :X!
One day back on BTD already lost 1 & 1/2 lbs :D.  I'm getting the pro-biotics back in my system & my system is recovering, I can feel the difference!
Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 11:15am; Reply: 61
Hi every one,

what is pro-biotic ??

So is everyone saying if I follow my Blood type diet I will LOSE WEIGHT !!!!!!. Which is one of my goals.

Lady bird
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 8:47pm; Reply: 62
probiotic is food for your flora.....
read about it in NAP the online store.......
yes, if you follow the given frequency values per week or per day, of the given food groups, and add beneficials and neutrals, avoiding the pesky avoids, you will loose weight......and following the guidelines of excersise...etc......
don t forget that water!

good luck
Posted by: jsgrierson (Guest), Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 9:38pm; Reply: 63
Lets also talk about gaining shape rather than losing weight. ie if you do your recommended exercises according to blood type requirements (eg you won't find me enjoying a sweat, while my O friends swear by it), your body will gain muscle weight whilst losing unproductive avoirdupois. Lately, after 3 years on the BTD my weight has stabilized at a level that is more than the charts say I should be, yet people look at me and say that I have lost weight, and I am certainly fitting into a smaller size where it counts. I reckon that looks are more important than nitty-picky weight machines.
Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Wednesday, June 15, 2005, 11:30pm; Reply: 64
Hi every one,

Thanks for your replys, BUT Can one of you experts, please out line some guidelines for me to follow as That is want I need,
How much protein , fuit , etc as I have been on different diets  and I like to know my limts. HELP please . I don't know how to use that freguency values per week you have mention or if I have not read it . tell me again where do I find that, Sorry to be a nuisance and sounding dumb. As when I get this right I want to pass it on to others, knowing it really is a good way of eating for weight loss and good health.
Lady bird
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, June 16, 2005, 12:09am; Reply: 65
which one of the books do you have at hand?
Posted by: ISA-MANUELA (Guest), Thursday, June 16, 2005, 8:24am; Reply: 66
Victoria ;D :D
saluti dear- and really big-big hugs and congrats to you!!! I wish my mother would act like you!!! She is also a B and really stubborn (me too :D but not that much) and she just can't have somebody to tell her what to eat or to do- even if its completely wrong...:X
she must go into sickness and just accepted it stoically ( I think she's an ESFJ or ENFP?)
instead of changing her habits.... crazy... just drives me crazy and clarrooo for that=
yeehhaaaa the old problems of believings between mother and daughters appeared and nothing but really nothing to do!!
BTW today is her birthday she got her 68 years now :D
Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Thursday, June 16, 2005, 11:59am; Reply: 67
Hi every one.

Lola I have  the book,  Eat Right for your blood type.

Lady bird
Posted by: azzap, Thursday, June 16, 2005, 12:36pm; Reply: 68
Quoted from Victoria
The thing about being "good", Aaron...  It takes different things for different people to get us to the place where we have no problem walking the line.
For me, I never gave up any favorite "poisons" until my health forced me to...sometimes with great FORCE.  I have allowed a couple of major life threatening illnesses to nearly do me in (in the past).  I finally got it.  I don't eat avoids.  I don't want to die yet.  It's simple!  :-)

My health is very good now, and my understanding of my body, my personality and my own nature has developed through my own foolish mistakes of food choices and lifestyle.  I love being healthy.  It's an amazing high.  It's much more satisfying than any of the bad choices that I enjoyed for a brief time as they gradually eroded my health.  I have worked too hard to regain my health and my life to allow old patterns or cravings to bring me down again.

I hope most people will never have to face a great illness in order to find out how to be healthy.  I was just one of the stubborn (and arrogant!) ones.

Victoria, you have absolutely nailed it. There is only one thing that I will comment on in your statement. None of your choices were "foolish". If they were foolish, you would never have come to the place you are at now. All your choices were exactly as they were meant to be. Your Choices. Those choices have ultimately bought you to a place of good, and increasing, health and well-being. The difference between you and a lot of other people is that you recognised that your choices were ultimately causing you harm. You became aware of yourself. And that is the secret of life. It's so simple, yet it often takes us a while to understand. And some of us never get it, no matter how many times or ways we repeat the pattern.

Congratulations to you.  8)

Posted by: Lola, Friday, June 17, 2005, 1:12am; Reply: 69
at the beginning of each food group there s  a square with the food frequency values, or portion sizes according to your ancestry.....
can you see that?
african, caucasian, asian....and the portions of each.
Posted by: lady_bird (Guest), Friday, June 17, 2005, 2:02pm; Reply: 70
Hi everyone,

Thanks Lola. I see where it is now. I thought it was on the forum. I will have to read that part. I must have skipped over it .
So tomorrow I am going to try and stick to it . Will let you know how I go.

Lady bird
Posted by: 1374 (Guest), Friday, June 17, 2005, 4:34pm; Reply: 71
morning: pumpkin seeds, walnuts, carrots

noon: small egg salad w/ mayo

afternoon: tuna salad with greens, prunes

evening: beef strips with brocc

drinks: roobios and green tea, coffee, lots of water
Posted by: 794 (Guest), Saturday, August 27, 2005, 4:03am; Reply: 72
Didn't eat breakfast and for the first time I didn't get the shakes at lunch.
Lunch - sardines, carrot, plums
dinner -chicken and potatoe salad(I'm splurging it's my birthday)
snacks - trail mix, figs, water
I think I'll have another midnight snack of brocolli or somethings.
Not much today.  But I still feel great.  I don't feel like I need to eat all the time on this diet to maintain energy.  It's grrrrreat!
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, August 27, 2005, 5:21am; Reply: 73
Happy Birthday!!!
hope you had a great time!!)
Posted by: gemmaspain, Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 5:49pm; Reply: 74
Although I have been on this diet for two weeks and I do still have to cahnge some habits, here is what I eat today.
Breakfast 6 a.m.: two toast of rhye bread with butter and apricot jam; a mango and a white coffe.
snack 10 a.m.: four dried prunes and a glass of pineapple juice.
lunch 2 p.m: an ox steak, and steamed broccoli.
snack 5p.m.: four dried apricots and a glass of mango juice
dinner 9p.m.: rabbit fried in olive oil and boiled sweet potato

Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, September 6, 2005, 8:53pm; Reply: 75
sounds very delicious!! )
what is white coffee?
and what is ur blood type?

I believe I wrote this in another thread, but........
if you'll go up to the top of the page, right hand side to Member Center, then to Avatar Settings on the lower left side of that page, you can select your blood type and you won't have to keep telling us what it is.
Posted by: gemmaspain, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 9:16am; Reply: 76
Lola a white coffe is coffe with milk. My old British English!. By the way, I have a questions for O's... I have a fig tree in the garden, which is now full with fruit, I'm taking for granted that as dried figs are beneficial I can eat the ones fresh from my tree. Am I right?
By the way, I tried to set my avatar in O...but I do not if it has worked!
Posted by: yaman, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 9:48am; Reply: 77
Help yourself with figs fresh from the tree Gemma :)


PS: your avatar looks fine..
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 4:44pm; Reply: 78
I d try another type of beverage......

how about compliant tea, with a dullop of compliant milk instead? (still very british!!)
Posted by: girly, Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 5:10pm; Reply: 79
My gosh, just realized how many O's there are..........not one Ab posted on their daily food.
Breakfast : Scottish oatmeal, walnuts, raisens vanilla soymilk
Snack: Addicted to rice crackers...too many plus organic vanilla yogart ( I'm nursing)
Lunch : Veggie Burrito ( Taco time)
snack : oatmeal raisen cookies -2
Supper : Beef stew ( I live with all B's) I didn't eat the beef...wanted to though
           big salad
Posted by: 230 (Guest), Wednesday, September 7, 2005, 11:43pm; Reply: 80
THis has been one of my best days on the diet.
Morning water w/lemon
smoothie w/blueberries, pineapple juice(I had frozen), & soy milk
bowl of cereal spelt flakes w/soy milk
peanuts for a snack
lunch chinese  broccoli chicken (didn;t eat the egg roll)
snack piece of dark chocolate
before dinner glass of grapefruit juice
dinner salad w/boiled egg homemade salad dressing
I am new to the diet and feel good about my day.
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, September 8, 2005, 12:06am; Reply: 81
great choices!! )
Posted by: zola, Monday, September 19, 2005, 4:19am; Reply: 82
Today's grub:

2 free-range eggs
1 t ghee
pinch salt
2 slices Ezekiel 4:9 bread
Peppermint Tea

8 C water - 2 w/lemon juice

3 C Green Tea Ginger-Lime Slushie (ER4YT book recipe)

2 rice crackers
1/2 t Macadamia nut butter
1/3 C red grapes

3 oz wild-caught salmon with lemon juice, dill and a tad of ghee, olive oil
Puffed millet "cakes" made with egg, mozzarella, dill and spelt flour
Carrots with fresh ginger/ghee/maple syrup glaze

The best part of the day was when my husband said he'd give up 7-Eleven slushies for the Green Tea Ginger-Lime Slushies of his own volition! :)
Posted by: zola, Monday, September 19, 2005, 4:25am; Reply: 83
Gemmaspain - There is a trend here in the states with "white coffee" in that it is made from coffee beans that have not been roasted. The caffeine content is supposed to be quite a bit higher than normal coffee beans.
Posted by: cranberrycat (Guest), Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 4:35am; Reply: 84
Steel cut oatmeal with cottage cheese,

Extra lean ground beef with spinach, green beans and onions sauteed in olive oil,

Turkey breast with zucchini, green pepper and onions sauteed in olive oil,

handful of almonds,

sipped on green tea all morning, and had some "iced" green tea this afternoon.  

thinking about a bedtime snack...
Posted by: zola, Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 4:47am; Reply: 85
3 brown rice tamari-seaweed ricecakes
24 oz carbonated (is this non-compliant for everyone?) juice (compliant)
48 oz water
3 salmon cakes with yogurt dill sauce
stalk of celery
2 date-rice cookies
slice spelt bread with ghee
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 3:35pm; Reply: 86
where s your protein?? )

carbonated isn t for you, no.
Posted by: Don, Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 5:46pm; Reply: 87
Quoted from lola
where s your protein?? )

3 salmon cakes with yogurt dill sauce
Posted by: zola, Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 7:36pm; Reply: 88
This is all are helping me take a closer look at my intake. I figured out that if i am eating the maximum end of serving size and servings per week that I will be taking in 72grams of protein a day on average. According to mainstream nutrition my protein intake per day should be 80 grams a day.

I factored high on the servings of the LR4YT outline to get the 72grams/protein/day. I took into account gender, age and activity level to get the 80 g per day for the mainstream number.

I also broke down the day (above) nutritionally and it came out to 55grams/protein - that's 17 to 25grams shy. I wonder if that had anything with yesterday being a particularly catabolic day? :)

Thanks for your input Don and Lola.

Lola - I checked out the carbonation thing...soda is an avoid for everyone. Seltzer water and club soda are out for A's altogether...cuts down on gastrin...with less gastrin there is less stomach acidity and a higher chance for incomplete digestion...fermentation...polyamines...etc.

The encyclopedia says seltzer water and club soda are beneficial for Type O's... neutral for Type AB's...neutral for Type A & B nonnies...and Type B nonnies can have club soda. Oh how I envy them and their Italian sodas...I'll go enjoy my Type A wine and  coffee...
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 7:58pm; Reply: 89
soda as in commercial drinks like coke, dr pepper...etc....that type of soda is meant.
not the normal soda water.......)
Posted by: zola, Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 1:53am; Reply: 90

Sent into the digestion dungeon today:

Asian chicken wings (7oz meat - ginger, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce)
4 C green tea
4 C water
1 C steamed green beans
4 rye sesame crackers
half an avocado
1 C romaine lettuce
1 T olive oil
3 oz tuna
10 walnut halves
half cup chocolate soy "pudding" (honey, cocoa, vanilla & smooth tofu blended)
red onion, garlic, mustard - in tuna
1 slice spelt bread (thanks Jillthepilllady :)
Posted by: 433 (Guest), Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 3:41am; Reply: 91
I appreciate seeing different menu ideas.  I thought I was doing pretty good eating for an O...until I found out I was a non-secretor- I had switched from wheat to spelt and soy, which are both avoid for the non-secretor. Anyone else did this? Thanks for any advice.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 3:49am; Reply: 92
many Os have profited from finding out they were nonnies!

and you will , too!! )
Posted by: Don, Wednesday, September 21, 2005, 4:10am; Reply: 93
Quoted from cheria
I appreciate seeing different menu ideas.  I thought I was doing pretty good eating for an O...until I found out I was a non-secretor- I had switched from wheat to spelt and soy, which are both avoid for the non-secretor. Anyone else did this? Thanks for any advice.

Welcome Cheria,

Think positive and embrace the change.  You are now armed with some of the most powerful imformation you could have for your health.
Posted by: 433 (Guest), Friday, September 23, 2005, 5:11am; Reply: 94
Aloha, Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am checking my kids secretor values-we are all O's, but you are right-it does make a difference in being a non-secretor. Hopefully, someone will be a secretor and be able to eat all the soy and spelt products I bought-otherwise I'll be donating to our homeless shelter!

I am not sure I understand why the nonnies are affected (avoids) by foods that are okay for the secretors.      Thanks again for positive feedback.      Cheria
Posted by: tubbygalore (Guest), Friday, September 23, 2005, 8:34pm; Reply: 95
Today has been a bad day as I've eaten some terribly toxic things....never again.  I feel so bloated and yukky.  I can't wait to get back to normal tomorrow.
Posted by: MissileCop, Sunday, September 25, 2005, 10:39pm; Reply: 96
Hmmm...I guess I should look at the stickys more often.  I might notice these threads then.  ;D


Morning was a banana, hamburg with spaghetti sauce (w/o the spaghetti  ;) ), and all natural fruit juice.

Late breakfast was 2 eggs, apple juice, and sliced pears.

Lunch was pineapple chunks, and a garlic wrap with roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and onion (Leave me alone!  :'(  The wrap is my one vice for the day  ;D )  

Snacked on almonds with sea salt in the afternoon.  

Late snack (dinnertime for normal folks) was a bowl of sliced pears, in unsweetened pear juice.

And that should be it for today.  Well, unless a couple of Hershey's dark chocolate with almond nuggets call out to me when I get home.  If I'm going to the Dark Side, it might as well be with a smile on my face.  ;D
Posted by: 794 (Guest), Wednesday, October 5, 2005, 11:44pm; Reply: 97
Ground-beef with garlic and avocados.
Prune juice
walnuts - Banana - water - snack
Posted by: 1436 (Guest), Saturday, October 8, 2005, 12:28am; Reply: 98
Holy cow, what a great thread! Wish I had discovered it earlier: :P

Scandinavian pancakes with brown rice flour and black strap molasses
tuna salad with olive oil, salt, lemon juice, celery, onion and honey
Ezekiel toast with grape jelly
leftover tuna salad baked in a spring rice paper roll
coffee, red wine, chamomile tea,water with lemon
Posted by: 1436 (Guest), Sunday, October 9, 2005, 2:51pm; Reply: 99
:D water with lemon in the morning (a given from here on out)
pumpkin walnut muffins with ginger, cinammon, ground flax seed
probably pan fried salmon patties with romaine iceberg salad

no idea yet what to do for dinner - maybe scrambled eggs and toast!
Posted by: Alia Vo, Sunday, October 9, 2005, 3:08pm; Reply: 100
Here's yesterday's meals, since I just only had breakfast so far:

b: thick oats, soaked walnuts, fresh figs, and a drizzle of blackstrap molasses--great start to the day!

s: dried fruit

l: romaine salad with fresh vegetables and homemade black beans

s: fruit

d: 2 slices of Ezekiel toast with steamed collards and yellow onions

s: 1/4 cup dried apricots and carrot sticks

eight glasses of water, one cup of green tea

Posted by: Michelle (Guest), Sunday, October 9, 2005, 11:21pm; Reply: 101
Isn't and wouldn't that be a great "ice-breaker" question?  So, my name is _____ and exactly what did you eat today?  I love it.  To answer the Q for U ~ for breakfast I had a fresh pineapple/mango smoothie.  Did the supplements too.  Drank as much water as I could get down before heading out the door.  Threw a banana in my purse and knew I would consume it in an hour.  For lunch, shrimp stir fry with brocoli, portabellos and purple onion seasoned with garlic and sea salt. For a snack during the longest baseball game ever .... I ate raw almonds, walnuts with raisins.  For supper, probably ground buffalo with garden tomatoes (the last of the season!!) with feta cheese on top of spelt pasta. And of course, more water ... and a delightful glass full of sparkling water too. Thanks for asking.  
Posted by: bubblefizz (Guest), Monday, October 10, 2005, 8:28pm; Reply: 102
porridge oats/soya milk  (no sugar)
glass pineapple juice

2 rice cakes with cottage cheese (i cant find another cheese yet, and i love cottage cheese)
coffee/with sugar and semi-skimmed milk

basmati rice/past sauce and minced beef (OUCH)
pineapple juice
coffee/sugar and semi skimmed milk.
Posted by: 1436 (Guest), Monday, October 10, 2005, 9:27pm; Reply: 103
muffins again, plum and an apple
mung bean noodles with leftover whiting and leftover veggie soup
simple raw celery sticks
more muffins
romaine salad with boiled eggs
coffee, water and probably a glass of red wine sooner or later:)

My six year old was offered Shelton's turkey jerky and a mozerella cheese stick versus the leftover whiting.  ;D
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Monday, October 10, 2005, 9:48pm; Reply: 104
Nature's Path Optimum Power Instant Oatmeal packet (the one with blueberries, flaxseed & cinnamon) + 1 1/2 Tbsp. quinoa flakes
1 tsp ghee, ginger powder, 1 scoop O protein
1 c pineapple juice

Ground veal patty, broccoli, green beans, olive oil

3 prunes, 1/2 oz. walnuts  (I usually have these with lunch, but forgot to bring Unibars to work, normally have half a unibar in the afternoon, so just stretched my lunch today.)

Dinner will be
Baked cod, rice, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, red peppers, carrots, olive oil

Banana, 2 tbsp. tamari pumpkin seeds
Posted by: Alia Vo, Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 12:30am; Reply: 105

thick oats, fresh figs, soaked pumpkin seeds  (my standard breakfast, I vary the fruit and nuts/seeds--I love my oatmeal in the morning)


romaine lettuce, sliced celery, tempeh with a dressing of e.v.o.o and Celtic sea salt


sprouted bread with a side of greens, chopped carrots, and alfalfa sprouts


water with sea salt, green tea

Posted by: Captain_Janeway, Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 1:09am; Reply: 106
Brunch 11:30 AM
Scrambled organic egg
turkey bacon
fruit salad (blueberries,strawberries,kiwi,cantaloupe)
4oz cranberry juice mixed with seltzer water

Dinner 6:30 PM
5oz baked chicken seasoned with rosemary
broccoli seasoned with ghee and sea salt
baked sweet potato with ghee
raspberry leaf tea

snack 2:00 PM
1-1/2 oz   almonds
Posted by: 1436 (Guest), Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 5:53pm; Reply: 107
last of the pumpkin muffins
scrambled eggs with onion and yellow squash, sea salt, italian seasonings

scottish oats with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries
coffee with chocolate soy milk

dinner will probably be turkey burgers with baked acorn squash, olive oil and salt
sliced apples  ;D
Posted by: bubblefizz (Guest), Tuesday, October 11, 2005, 6:33pm; Reply: 108
oats/soya milk

spinach maria (from the menu on here)

later probably have rice cakes and 2 plums
Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 5:59am; Reply: 109
Hi, I'm really the same person as JayneO, but new internet provider caused some problem and I have to be Jayney-O.....alas. But it seems as though no one is to have black pepper if I understand correctly. Alas, again. Though I love cayenne. Was Lola suggesting we grind our own cayenne? Jayney-O
Posted by: 288 (Guest), Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 6:28pm; Reply: 110
BF coffee with blackstrap molasses* (mmmmm)
   1 pc spelt bread* with PB* & molasses (mmmm again)

lunch leafy dark greens with feta* & lemon/olive oil/oregano dressing*
        a pear*

snack PB with a few celery stix  

dinner will be stir fry with rice noodles (onions, celery, various asian mushrooms*, tofu, garlic, carrots, low-sodium soy*, sesame seeds)

I gained a few pounds over last weekend (wedding & such) so am being careful & it's working! pronto!  

* = thank you Trader Joe's!!! :P
Posted by: JoanneO, Wednesday, October 12, 2005, 6:46pm; Reply: 111
I had  packaged rice cereal with carragenan-free soy milk with handful of blueberries, walnuts and flax seed meal.

Lunch:   left-over pureed root soup, with roastbeef slices rolled up with canola, wasabi mayonaise, some goat cheese and fresh spinach....and carrot curry salad with shredded carrots, raisins, almond slivers, celery, sweet onion and canola mayonaise with curry powder....water and fresh pineapple.

Dinner will be beef and beefbone soup with carrots, celery, yams, onion and mustard greens.  Also with my favorite rice crackers and fresh salad greens with cherry juice and olive oil dressing and green tea/rooibos tea.
Posted by: 1436 (Guest), Friday, October 14, 2005, 12:32am; Reply: 112
Living healthy is an Art! I couldn't agree more! Here's an example of a bad day:

eggs with grilled onions, parsnips, moz cheese and parsley


brown rice bread with veggies and raisins (Crazy bread with brocolli and applesauce!)
cheeseburger from Mcdonalds
leftover eggs (no time to cook - sick child at the doctor's office day)  8)

red wine at the end of the day

My menus have suffered lately. It's time to pull out my Cook for you blood type book again!
Posted by: pigletmsu (Guest), Friday, October 14, 2005, 12:51am; Reply: 113
Skipped breakfast
Lunch I was at a friend's house, so had chicken and rice soup and a half piece of cheesy toast
leftover spelt pizza
Dinner-5 ozs baked salmon, green beans, and a banana
Way too much water
trail mix of sunflower seeds, walnuts, and craisins.  That was yummy, never had it before.

I am still getting the hang of this, just got my Eat Right and Cook Right books in the mail yesterday, so I have a long way to go to get things right.
Posted by: sue_ab, Friday, October 14, 2005, 1:11am; Reply: 114
Hi there pigletmsu,

The most important thing is that you have started.

It does get easier - but there are always bumps in the road.

Sue.   :)
Posted by: Laura P, Friday, October 14, 2005, 1:14am; Reply: 115
you all certainly don't eat much, I'd post one of my daily menus but it would probably scare you all silly and you would gasp at the thought that someone could eat that large an amount of food in one day-  ( and i'm only 72#)

That's what celiac and crohn's will do to you.............alas...........the food bill I rack up
Posted by: elizabethlea (Guest), Friday, October 14, 2005, 6:43am; Reply: 116
Breakfast: oats & soy milk & pear

Snack: Carrots

Lunch: Spelt pasta and a little Tempeh (tried it for the first time, and I LOVE it)

Snack: apple and kiwi/pineaple

Dinner: Pumpkin Cauliflower and Tofu Curry stir fry thing.

Dessert: Berries - rasberry & strawberry & bluberry

That's today!
Posted by: Lola, Friday, October 14, 2005, 7:02pm; Reply: 117
sorry to be the bearer of bad news! )
Posted by: pigletmsu (Guest), Saturday, October 15, 2005, 3:26am; Reply: 118
Apparently I purchased the un-updated book.  Will have to adjust my trail mix.  Thanx.
Posted by: elizabethlea (Guest), Saturday, October 15, 2005, 4:02am; Reply: 119
Today, I've eaten:

breakfast; oats + soy milk +fruit

lunch: pumpkin soup + lentils + 1 slice rye bread

snack: vegetables with a little soy cheese or fruit

Dinner: leftovers
Posted by: (Guest), Sunday, October 16, 2005, 6:25pm; Reply: 120
Today I didn't eat a thing until about 1 in the afternoon.  At that time I had a couple slices of roast beef and a slice of mozzerella cheese with lemon/olive oil salad dressing.  About an hour later I ate hand full of green grapes.  I drank a 50oz bottle of water.  About an our after that I had 2 more slices of roast beef and a piece of the same cheese and dressing.  I drank another bottle of water.  About 7pm I had a piece of steak (about3 fingers in width and length) and a half of a sweet potatoe.  I ate about 4 more grapes.  It is about 830 pm now, and I probably won't eat anything else unless its some fruit sorbet that I make myself in my juicer with nothing but frozen fruits (grapes, pineapple, banana, pear, kiwi).

Is this ok?

I haven't really been up for eating much at all. My appetite is not the same.  I have to make myself eat.  I am not losing much weight like I was either.  I think it is because I am not fueling my body properly.  Not enough greens.  I got braces a couple weeks ago, and it is just hard to eat a salad.  Most days I have leeks, kohlrabi, onions, red peppers and garlic at almost every meal.

Looking forward to the feedback.  Oh, by the way, I am an O.
Posted by: Michelle (Guest), Sunday, October 16, 2005, 9:11pm; Reply: 121
confession alert confession alert confession alert!!  :'(  I'm so very new to this and have been very very adament to sticking with the essentials.  However, last night at a dinner party (in which I hosted and cooked) I made an ever delicious southern (one of great grandma's)   p o t a t o e dishes.  I couldn't help myself,  :'(   :'(  and had a serving (maybe a serving and a half).  You all know via my profile I am an O ... and potatoes are an avoid ~ it was temptation engulfment!   :o  Whew ~ I'm glad that's over. Come to think of it, within an hour I felt exhausted ... and quickly after the party, I cleaned up and HAD to go to bed. Hmmm .... a newbie learning her lessons the hard way.   :-/
ps.  I don't reccomend this!!!!
~ fondly confessed michelle
Posted by: elizabethlea (Guest), Monday, October 17, 2005, 12:58am; Reply: 122

I was just reading the cook right for your type book, as I am a newbie too, and I remember  Dr. D'Adamo talking humorously about how we shouldn't feel that we are going to fall off an imaginary wagon if we have one avoidonce in a while... I'll get a quote for you...

On page 53: " The fact is, if you're generally healthy, you can be flexible when the occasion demands it. Chances Are, armies of lectins won't march in and destroy your fortress... It's great if you're truly committed to the blood type diet. But life is too short to worry about the pinch of cinnamon that's the eighth ingredient in your favourite recipe".

So one potato doesn't mean you've committed a mortal sin!! But you said you felt unwell after eating the avoid, which is a great indication as to how you can listen to your body, and how important it is that you choose to look after it.

By the way I don't mean to be cultish with the quote, I just benefitted from the advice myself, and thought you might too.  

All the best!  :)
Posted by: Michelle (Guest), Monday, October 17, 2005, 3:41am; Reply: 123
Elizabeth, I must've read that quote but didn't allow it to sink in. Thanks for the advice .... any and all is greatly appreciated!  
~ michelle
Posted by: pigletmsu (Guest), Monday, October 17, 2005, 6:11pm; Reply: 124
So far so good today.  I made up my weekly menu and am going to force myself to stick to it with the only additions to be fruits and veggies or other appropriate snacks.

So, today I've had:
2 eggs with collards, red pepper, onion and garlic

6 oz chicken on a salad of romaine, escarole, spinach and red pepper with an olive oil/lemon juice/onion/garlic/salt dressing I just threw together
1 banana

and dinner is going to be ground turkey something or other with green beans (yummy!) and salad.

Lots of water mixed in there to keep my kidneys happy.
Posted by: san j, Monday, October 17, 2005, 8:42pm; Reply: 125
Last night I made Black Soybean soup, an almost-puree ... it was actually very, very satisfying.

In the ER4YT book, soybeans were beneficial, if I recall... (I'm not near my library just now)... but "avoid" elsewhere?  What's the deal?

I had these turkey "franks" (nitrate free, etc., from WF) and threw 'em in there with strips of kale, and I'd sauteed the cooked beans awhile with other vegies before applying the blender.

Anyway, I hadn't eaten black soybeans in about 15 or 20 years, and beans, frankly, don't figure into my current diet often at all (8 times a year max?), so, I went for it.
Dinner on the cheap.  

The wine I had left over from the night before was WAY too good to waste on such a "supper", however.  But, separately, I enjoyed it (Les Rouvrettes, 1er cru, Cote de Beaune, 1998).

Fabulous strawberries from the Farmer's Market put the cap on things an hour or more later.
Posted by: Elizabeth, Monday, October 17, 2005, 9:02pm; Reply: 126
Breakfast (same as last night's supper).  I'm proud of this one.  Shepherd's pie with buffalo meatballs on the bottom (ground buffalo, salt, fresh ground pepper, onion, lots of oregano, lots of thyme), a grated carrot on top of the meatballs.  The last layer was a mash of celery root, rutabaga (roughly 2 to 1) with one small burgundy carrot (just happened to have one), shallots (peel, chunk, boil together until soft, mash with ghee, salt, and pepper, thyme).  I had the idea that ARA (larch) tastes a little like buttermilk, so I added a couple of teaspoons of it to the mash--I HOPE it is not bad to cook ARA!  Dusted paprika on top, cooked in a slow oven while I got organized for the day.  This was really delicious, a little earthy but mild, no sense of loss of potato (white or sweet).  This is an anti-candida recipe for stage two (can eat a little carbo, but not much).  Celery root is very low, and it is the dominant vegetable, but the rutabaga, carrot, and shallots add flavor.  Oh yes, served on a bed of baby spinach, not cooked but the hot food on top wilted it a little.
Posted by: elizabethlea (Guest), Monday, October 17, 2005, 10:12pm; Reply: 127
I finally cooked some tofu that I really liked!!

Last night for dinner, along with steamed/stir fried vegies, I had 100g soft (silken?) tofu of a different brand to the one I first tried (and didn't like), with one egg, squished up and cooked in a non-stick skillet like scrambled eggs. It really worked, as the tofu when mashed & cooked is a similar consistency to cooked egg. I had this with the veg, a few canellini beans and a sprinkle of macrobiotic sea salt, and voila!! My first successful Tofu dinner!!  

Also I had Essene bread for the first time with lunch. It was weird! But I liked it ;D
Posted by: slyparrot, Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 9:46am; Reply: 128
Roasted red peppers, white beans, olive oil, rice bread, sea salt and pepper blended together and spread on rice crackers.

Sole seasoned with sea salt, dipped in brown rice flour, fried in butter with parsley and lemon juice.

Basmati rice with spinach, cilantro, shallots, garlic, lime juice, lemon zest and sea salt.

Water all day.
Posted by: san j, Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 7:36pm; Reply: 129
Last night was cod night, with cauliflower in a cream sauce over "curried fettucine": Yes, the curry is incorporated into the pasta dough itself.

Used a touch of the evening's Gewurztraminer in the sauce.

Very lovely. With deep thanksgiving at Grace time, which is another key to health.
Posted by: zola, Friday, October 21, 2005, 3:59am; Reply: 130
Simone - the weight loss may be easier on your metabolism if you eat earlier in the day. Too many carbs near bed time or eating beyond 3 hours before bedtime can contribute to weight gain. A walk after dinner is good for the digestion too. The Brits call it their "constitutional". :)
Posted by: 1319 (Guest), Thursday, November 3, 2005, 3:45pm; Reply: 131
This is a really good place to read other peoples menues, I sure have gotten some good idea here.
Last night I cheated and had some organic potato chips, they were potato, tomatoe and spinach flavour...YIKES! Why did I do that! I had a little pain this morning in my hip....I wonder if that is why. Also noticed how much water everyone drinks, always been a problem for me as I work on the road and alway hard to find a clean washroom when I need one, so I tend to cut back.
For dinner last night I had
broiled chicken breast, pasta (regular because I have not bought Tinkyada that was suggested to me),tossed with  olive oil and some Italian spices and fresh garic, steamed brocoli and cauliflower, a huge spinach salad with cranberries and walnuts and fresh mushrooms tossed with olive oil and lemon and fresh garlic and some fresh herbs, a pinch of white sugar. Afterwards a cup of green tea. No snacks all night as I was full.
Posted by: SAndrA-Agrarian (Guest), Thursday, November 3, 2005, 8:54pm; Reply: 132
breakfast: 2 pieces of spelt toast with peanut butter, coffee sweetened with Stevia and soy milk and half a glass of apple juice

snack: Ryvita cracker with soft goat cheese.

lunch:  1 cup of rice pasta with Sol-Mel ground "meat" seasoned with pesto and mixed herbs, Apple Crisp nature valley bar, with green tea (bleh).

snack: golden delicious apple and handfull of almonds/peanuts.

not nearly enough water however!!!!
Posted by: Alia Vo, Friday, November 4, 2005, 2:01am; Reply: 133
Quoted from SAndrA-Agrarian
Sol-Mel ground "meat" seasoned with pesto and mixed herbs

Is this mock 'soy' meat?  I want to caution you that many fake 'meats' contain gums and other avoids.  Please also make sure if it's made from soy that it is best to buy organic or non GMO.

Posted by: tjwisc (Guest), Friday, November 4, 2005, 2:54pm; Reply: 134
Too few AB's so, I felt I had to contribute.

Since I am attending WW to help with weight loss (which is up to 22 pounds in 11 weeks  ;D ;D ;D ;D), I journal my food every day.  

Here is what I ate yesterday:
Steel cut oatmeal (soaked overnight in pineapple juice) with crushed pineapple
Egg fried in olive oil
Green Tea

Homemade veggie soup
Wasa bread

Roasted yellow squash and cabbage.  I am currently experimenting with roasting veggies.

"Tofuthie" (light firm tofu, grapes and a little milk blended)

Homemade sloppy tom (sloppy joe with turkey)
Ezekiel toast

Yougurt w/ raw sugar and walnuts
Posted by: Alia Vo, Saturday, November 5, 2005, 1:45am; Reply: 135

Your menu choices sound varied and delicious.  Congratulations on your weight loss efforts--that's something to feel proud about!

Posted by: 774 (Guest), Saturday, November 5, 2005, 11:46pm; Reply: 136
What did we eat today?
Okay I prepared brussels sprouts and broccoli and when they were ready I mixed them together in a bowl. I mixed two eggs with some spices and mixed those in with the veggies, I put it in the oven with a slice of soy cheese on top and let it cook for 15 minutes.
I sauteed some onions, fresh garlic and a portabella mushroom and later added some chicken filet flavored with paprika powder and Tamari and I added a few cut up pecan nuts.

I must say quite yummy.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, November 6, 2005, 12:08am; Reply: 137
''varied and delicious'' as Alia would say!!! )
Posted by: slknorr (Guest), Sunday, November 6, 2005, 12:48am; Reply: 138
Today I had:  

Omelet filled with asparagus and topped with a little tomato sauce, some almonds on the side

Grilled buffalo burger (delicious!), steamed chard with a little cider vinegar, and carrots, almonds on the side again (love those almonds!)

Home made chicken soup (chicken onions, carrots and celery, olive oil and spices), spinach salad (spinach sprinkled with Celtic salt and drizzled with lemon juice, cherries for dessert  

For a snack I had steel cut oats (cooked) mixed with Type O protein powder and topped with blueberrries and slivered almonds.

I also drank my usual ton of water along with Poland Springs flavored sparkling water, green tea (I added a few spices to make it like  chai), and sarsaparilla tea.

sue  :) (sunny)
Posted by: 1198 (Guest), Tuesday, November 22, 2005, 9:25pm; Reply: 139
Liquid minerals with seltzer


Prune juice
Buffalo and egg scramble with tomatoes and olive oil on the side.


6 homemade flax crackers (flax seeds, sea salt, lemon juice, jalapeno pepper, tomatoe) with 1/4 bar of pemmican (beef, dried cherries)

2 glasses of water

Dinner (will be)

Large salad (romaine leaves, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds) with walnut "vinagrette" (olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, walnuts blended together)

Baked cod with lemon and peppers.

Posted by: 1319 (Guest), Thursday, November 24, 2005, 4:39am; Reply: 140
1 cup of coffee, no sugar, a "spot" of skim milk (every morning)
water and supplements
2x rye crisp w/plain cream cheese topping (often no breakfast)

Water and organic pumpkin seeds to snack on

1 slice 100% rye bread topped with last nights roasted chicken and thin cucumber slices sea salt, a few baby carrots
plain yogurt with pineapple pieces
glass of red grapefruit juice
water and supplements
Green tea

No snacks, never hungry any more on this diet. Sometimes I eat just to get the nutrients...but I don't gain weight, that's the good thing!


homemade chicken soup from leftover roasted chicken. Added lots of garlic and onion, celery, carrots, broccoli, basil, orzo pasta, a touch of tomato (I know it's a no-no), sprinkled with parm cheese mmmm, that makes the soup but another no-no.
Huge spinach salad with walnuts and cranberries. Olive oil, lemon and onion powder and fresh garlic, touch of sugar ( I don't really like this dressing, I must be doing something wrong)
Water and supplements
green tea

I'm not hungry at all, so probably no snacks, but later I might have a few rice crackers, I seem to like those now in place of chips.
I will also have a large glass of water soon with lemon....trying to get the water down.

I am on an anti-inflamatory arthritis diet, so I have finally added some supplements (baby steps)  I have been taking a combo cap of chondroitin sulfate/glucosamine sulfate/msm 500/400/400mg. per cap 3x a day, Omega-3 and flax oil. I will get the freshseed and grind my own, I know this is good to take. Cal/mag w/ vit D as well I take 3 x a day up to 1200mg.
That's it for today, I know in advance that tomorrow is my fish day, I have fish 3-4 times a week now, love it!
I also will add that I have not one time had any red meat what so ever, that is the easiest thing to avoid so far for me. So strange coming from the bbq. steak queen!
Also, I can not master the tofu/soy thing, any suggestions on what to eat or supplement with in place of that? Thanks!
Posted by: 774 (Guest), Sunday, December 4, 2005, 1:24am; Reply: 141
Today I made fish. And I must say it was quite good.
I had two pieces of grouper, and not being a fish eater at all, I decided to split it into two dishes not to be disappointed with just one if I screwed up.

I sauteed some onions and garlic and when that was ready I placed that on a piece of aluminum foil and place the grouper on top of it. I then put lime juice (freshly squeezed), oregano, sea salt and some other spices (including some tamari) on the grouper and then piled up some chopped up carrots, green beans and belgium andive. I poured some olive oil over it and placed it in the oven for 25 minutes.

The other half of the grouper I sliced into little pieces and I made my own batter with chopped up oats and walnuts. Put the grouper in a spiced egg mix, and put the oat/walnut mixture and fried the pieces in olive oil (as said in the cook right for your type).

I served both dishes with a simple side salad.
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, December 4, 2005, 3:23am; Reply: 142
that sounds very delicious, Sandra!!

try putting some parchment paper in between the aluminum and the food next time.
Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Sunday, December 4, 2005, 4:37am; Reply: 143
today being saturday I had time to hang out and cook.
brkfst; 2 eggs, slice of essene bread, bit of ghee
lunch: romaine salad with leftover pear poached in port sliced over it, cilantro dressing
         and 3 ryevita crackers with almond butter and sliced banana (one of them had blueberry jam)
dinner: homemade chicken soup with carrot, parsnip, kale, brown rice, so good, but it doesn't stop there,  I also ate several thin slices of the best roast beef that hubby and I roasted for the next day but then couldn't resist slicing into - it was so was a boned chuck roast, nicely marbled, tied up into a great shape for dry roasting. Fantastic. Jayney-0
Posted by: Alia Vo, Sunday, December 4, 2005, 4:14pm; Reply: 144
Quoted from Elizabeth
I had the idea that ARA (larch) tastes a little like buttermilk, so I added a couple of teaspoons of it to the mash--I HOPE it is not bad to cook ARA!

Yes, that's it--dairy.  I could not place what ARA6 reminded of.  I no longer eat dairy, and I have a taste and smell aversion to many dairy products.  When I use ARA6, I prefer to add it to food, so I do not have to taste or smell the larch.

Btw, good idea about adding the ARA6 to your mash.  I do not know how ARA6 is affected by heat, I usually add it to room temperature food.


Posted by: Alia Vo, Sunday, December 4, 2005, 4:17pm; Reply: 145
Quoted from wildmuse
Lunch/Snack: 6 homemade flax crackers (flax seeds, sea salt, lemon juice, jalapeno pepper, tomatoe)


Could you provide your homemade flax cracker recipe with specific baking directions.  Sounds healthy, minus the peppers and tomatos for A secretors.


Posted by: Alix (Guest), Sunday, December 25, 2005, 8:51am; Reply: 146
What I have eaten yesterday, Christmas eve :

Breakfast : chicory - essenian bread - fig jam - 3 nuts - about 20 almonds : a glass of pineapple juice

lunch : a piece of beef - celery and a very little portion of risotto - 3 nuts, 1 huge date

Christmas Eve diner (everything fresh and home cooked): foie gras (of course) with buckwheat crispies, quince pasta, figs in syrup around - gambas "a la plancha" - gratin with seafood - lemon pie and chocolat cake (made from sweet potatoes, dark chocolat, butter and some sugar). Everything delicious !!!

Everything OK for my group ! great.

And this morning, a breakfast with chicory and a home made muffin + watermelon jam.

Posted by: italybound, Sunday, December 25, 2005, 10:29am; Reply: 147
Not a fair question on Christmas eve/Christmas day!!  :-/
Posted by: Alix (Guest), Sunday, December 25, 2005, 11:00am; Reply: 148
;D 8)
It was just to know ;D  ;D ;D.....if you needed Deflect or not :-/ and that it is great and happy to be a BTDieter  8)

Posted by: Lola, Sunday, December 25, 2005, 5:35pm; Reply: 149
now you are in real trouble!!! )

we all want the recipes!!!!
the cake, the muffin.......
le foie gras?!!!

entre nous, sans blague, c'est vraiment toit qui l'a fait?
toute seule???
Posted by: Alia Vo, Sunday, December 25, 2005, 6:11pm; Reply: 150

The watermelon jam sounds really interesting... and yes, we'd love it if you could share your recipes.  Fresh and homecooked meals are always the best tasting and healthiest!

Posted by: Victoria, Monday, December 26, 2005, 12:16am; Reply: 151
I want to know how to make chocolate cake with sweet potatoes!

Breakfast was my power drink, followed by a couple of cups of Genmaicha green tea

Today, Christmas dinnner was:

curried lamb loin chops
fresh green beans, steamed with red onions and butternut squash, tossed with olive oil/crushed garlic

Later this evening, (supper) I'll eat a baked sweet potato with ghee and chinook salmon and a couple of toasted rice cakes with almond/walnut butter
Posted by: Alix (Guest), Monday, December 26, 2005, 7:05pm; Reply: 152

I have just put the recipe of the sweet potatoe+chocolate cake in the recipes. It needs  a couple of days to be checked by the site.
I will write the watermelon jam and the muffins recipes later because I have to translate them -not so easy  :'(-

Lola, yes everything is home made. I like  cooking and French food is ....not so bad ;)
Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Monday, December 26, 2005, 7:15pm; Reply: 153
Alix, its inspiring to see the creativity with btd food choices!! thank you , Jayney-0(I'm afraid my choices were not all good ones....the worst being some lower quality ice cream-who knows what may be in it....not at MY house, but hey, I ate it !!)
Posted by: italybound, Monday, December 26, 2005, 8:28pm; Reply: 154
Quoted from jayney-O
..the worst being some lower quality ice cream-who knows what may be in it!

My naturopath gave me a sheet on what they use to flavor ice creams...........just say YUK!!  Pretty much keeps me away from it. Even the "great" ice creams have cr** in them. :-(
Posted by: Lola, Monday, December 26, 2005, 8:44pm; Reply: 155
you forgot le foie gras!!! )
Posted by: Alix (Guest), Monday, December 26, 2005, 8:55pm; Reply: 156
I will give it of course. Don't worry ;) There are a lot of recipes. This one will be simple.
Posted by: Laura P, Monday, December 26, 2005, 11:31pm; Reply: 157
Alix you should just make it easier on yourself and write a cookbook


Les recettes d'Alix
O fabuleux de la France

French cookbooks always sell well here in America, just think about how popular french fries are ;)
Posted by: ten7 (Guest), Monday, January 2, 2006, 12:20am; Reply: 158
I am very, very new both to the board and this lifestyle idea...  Would love opinions on how things appear to those with more experience.  I need to work on *volume* as well as compliancy.  And more veggies (yuk).  Right now I'm so enamoured of being able to eat fruit wtihout my blood sugar going through the roof (it's doing REALLY well!) that I'm splurging a little.  Been 'fruitless' for the better part of three years...

breakfast: cherry/apple/cranberry juice 2 slices Ezekiel raisin bread with ghee, coffee with half-and-half(I know THAT's gotta go--not *quite* there yet! :( )

snack: 1 tbsp peanut butter dipped in raisins

mid-day--before work:  1 cup lowfat cottage cheese with 2tbsp apricot all fruit spread

snack: grapes, a couple of figs, an apple

supper: lentil soup with 1/2cup brown rice, beet & sweet potato chips
dessert: black cherry spritzer

if I need more snack tonight it'll be grapes, cherries or figs.

Seeing it typed out--very few veggies today.  Bad me.  The lentil soup had a bit of spinach.  I don't *like* veggies much.  I'm coming over to this from Atkins, so it's an interesting change.
Posted by: 774 (Guest), Friday, January 6, 2006, 1:09am; Reply: 159
Today I thought I would make something with beans. So I bought one of those cans from the brand Eden, with pinto beans. I made broccoli and green beans and afterwards I mixed the beans in. Or so I thought.  ::)
I opened the can and the substance in it looked like cat food. I was expecting nice mushy beans, but no. I did put it in with the veggies.
All I can say it was quite gross......... ::) :D ;D ;D ;D :B

Ah well. Maybe I will have lost some more weight tomorrow.  :D
Posted by: Lola, Friday, January 6, 2006, 1:16am; Reply: 160
I just spotted your post on your days menu.)

I see too much sugar, carbs, starch..etc and very little veggies and protein!
I d up the allowed protein and veggies and also drop the morning coffee all together for starts.

your weight will begin to drop in no time.
Posted by: KimonoKat, Friday, January 6, 2006, 1:21am; Reply: 161
I did not have breakfast today.  (I'm still trying to recover from flu/bronchitis/nasal congestion...and I've been resting a LOT, so, I'm actually not quite that hungry.)

For lunch I had LOTS of

fried onion....

(I was looking for a recipe for a batter to make fried onion rings, and they all had avoids, so, I made a batter with water, spelt, egg whites and a little salt, and fried in a combination of olive oil, and rice oil.  Tasted interesting.  

4oz grass fed beef burger, fried, with garlic salt.

1/4 cup pineapple juice.

Haven't had dinner yet.

Posted by: Lola, Friday, January 6, 2006, 2:28am; Reply: 162
try a 'tempura' type batter for frying.

(the triple 1)
1c flour
1c water
1 egg
coat the onions with extra flour before dumping them in the batter.
Posted by: KimonoKat, Friday, January 6, 2006, 3:23am; Reply: 163
Thank you very much lola!  I'll try that next time.

Dinner:  Salmon lightly dusted with sweet potato starch
sweet potato hash browns, fried in olive oil/w fresh garlic (one small clove to flavor the oil)
Steamed Broccoli

Posted by: Lola, Friday, January 6, 2006, 3:27am; Reply: 164
I believe U2dan provided this one:)
Quoted Text
onion rings the same way i do when i oven fry turkey strips.

brown rice flour
oat flour/bran (the little chunks make a nice crisp)
seasoned salt
garlic powder
(any other seasonings you like?)

1 egg and some milk to dip
(sorry i dont ever measure out, i just eyeball it)

Large onions sliced in rings

Dip the onions in the milk/egg mix, then into the breading. Place in a single layer on a non stick cookie sheet sprayed with olive oil (the pump sprayers come in handy!). Spray the top sides too before putting in the oven, then when ready place in a 350F oven until golden, and you may have to flip them to golden the other side too.

UPDATE: one may want to try double dipping hehee oh my how ILLEGAL of me!  Ha but seriosuly try diping the onion in the stuff..then dip back in egg and then coating a second time. I did it tonight and mmm mm
Posted by: italybound, Friday, January 6, 2006, 11:03am; Reply: 165
Quoted from KimonoKat

Dinner:  Salmon lightly dusted with sweet potato starch
sweet potato hash browns, fried in olive oil/w fresh garlic (one small clove to flavor the oil)
Steamed Broccoli

Oh yum..................must try this. Can you get sweet potato starch at the HFS? those s/p hash browns sound soooooooooooooo good!!  I'm just a bit hungry as I haven't felt up to really cooking lately.....................kinda like goin' grocery shopping when you're hungry. :-)  But seriously the h/b sound great, as are french fried s/p.  Yeah, yeah, I know, no deep frieds. :-(

Posted by: KimonoKat, Friday, January 6, 2006, 6:19pm; Reply: 166
Quoted from pkarmeier

Oh yum..................must try this. Can you get sweet potato starch at the HFS? those s/p hash browns sound soooooooooooooo good!!  I'm just a bit hungry as I haven't felt up to really cooking lately.....................kinda like goin' grocery shopping when you're hungry. :-)  But seriously the h/b sound great, as are french fried s/p.  Yeah, yeah, I know, no deep frieds. :-(

We found sweet potato starch in an Asian food market.

Shred them using the largest hole side of your grater.  We fry them in olive oil, with just one clove of garlic.

Posted by: 362 (Guest), Monday, January 16, 2006, 12:37am; Reply: 167
Hi, it was a pretty good day overall----

egg omelet with kale & onions
1 1/2 pieces of Ezekial bread with butter+grape jelly
green tea

gluten free fruit & nut bar

butternut squash soup
kale, olive oil

2 wheat free ginger cookies
small square of dark chocolate
green tea

undecided for dinner, would like another seriving of buffalo.
Posted by: acameron (Guest), Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 2:44am; Reply: 168
Rella - I thoroughly enjoyed your meal information.  I love cottage cheese but I thought it was an avoid for A type.  If I am wrong please let me know.  Would love the recipe for your apple salad.

Thanks again for all the information here.

Mississippi, USA
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 3:49am; Reply: 169
some believe that draining your cottage cheese in a colander in the fridge, during the night, will get rid of all the excess whey it might contain, and thus make it a neutral.
Posted by: atouranjoe (Guest), Friday, January 20, 2006, 7:32pm; Reply: 170
First day on the diet!!!  Not to bad....until dinner!  I started with lemon and water..yum.  
Breakfast:  Ezekiel Cereal w/ rice milk

Snack:  Plum

Lunch:  First experience with Tofu......not bad cubed and marinated for a couple of minutes in olive oil, shallot, parsley, garlic, little salt and a bit of soy sauce then fried (even my kids liked it!)  I had some raw broccoli, mashed squash with little salt and honey...mmmm and washed it down with rice milk.

Snack: Avacado and raspberry tea (what?  combination gross?  Ok, I had them separately but before dinner!)

Salad with lemon juice and olive oil
Wild rice with parsley, and  celery seasoning (MORE BUTTER  :o)
Broccoli with....yup, you guessed it....BUTTER!!!!
Soy milk

I really did well until dinner; the next day....NO BUTTER  ;D
Posted by: Lola, Friday, January 20, 2006, 11:09pm; Reply: 171
great menu!!)

your moniker reminded me of the famous Paris restaurant
''la tour d argent'!!! yummm
Posted by: RedLilac, Saturday, January 21, 2006, 5:15am; Reply: 172
Oh I was a bad girl tonight.  I had mushroom and sausage pizza. (naughty)
Posted by: Connect, Thursday, January 26, 2006, 5:58pm; Reply: 173
Plan for the day:

Bfast (post-run):

Eggs scrambled with spinach wrapped in Nori with nutritional yeast, olive oil and garlic


Large salad with salmon, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, asparagus, artichoke hearts, and a bit of goat cheese
Topped with olive oil, lemon and a bit of nutritional yeast


raw walnuts with dried cherries


rice cake with organic peanut butter and raw honey

Not sure about dinner yet.......veggies of some sort and another piece of fruit in there somewhere......
Posted by: 1198 (Guest), Monday, February 13, 2006, 10:51pm; Reply: 174
Glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

Breakfast: grass fed beef patty with organic raw egg yolk and nutritional yeast.

Snack/Lunch: nori and avocado with a little sea salt

Dinner: large salad (romaine leaves, spinach, grated carrots, fresh garlic, lemon juice and olive oil) home made chili (chopped onions sauteed in duck fat, sliced garlic, ground buffalo meat, chopped jalepeno peppers, chopped red bell pepper, crushed tomatoes, cayenne pepper, oregeno, basil)
Posted by: Alia Vo, Monday, February 13, 2006, 11:53pm; Reply: 175
Quoted from atouranjoe
First day on the diet!!!  Not to bad....until dinner!  I started with lemon and water..yum.  

I really did well until dinner; the next day....NO BUTTER  ;D

Hi atouranjoe,

Welcome to the BTD forum....and very nice menu for just starting this lifestyle.

Have you tried ghee?  You can easily substitute ghee or freeze extra virgin olive oil in an ice cube tray for butter.  The olive oil will solidify after a few hours into a butter-like consistency for spreads and it has a delicious flavor!


Posted by: Laura P, Monday, February 13, 2006, 11:59pm; Reply: 176
That is such a good idea Alia
Posted by: Alia Vo, Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 12:06am; Reply: 177
Thanks Laura.  Can't take credit for the concoction as it was created by ex-blogger Miranda M.

The spread works and it's delicious and has no trans fats!

Posted by: jillthepilllady, Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 7:28pm; Reply: 178
Breakfast: Soy-Flax-Pumpkin seed Granola and Soy milk.  I usually have oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.

Lunch: Artichokes, spinach & green onions in goat milk cheese spread on Spelt pretzels.  Raw Carrots (my dog's favorite snack!)

Dinner: So far I know Cornish Hens (baking right now) probably with broccoli & portabella mushrooms.

If I'm lucky, we'll bake some spelt cookies tonight.
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Tuesday, February 14, 2006, 10:17pm; Reply: 179
Breakfast: half cup blueberry goat yogurt, 1/4 C Vita Spelt maple almond granola, 1 scoop O protein, 1/2 C pineapple juice
Morning snack: banana
Lunch: 3-4 oz. ground buffalo patty, spinach, Italian green beans, 1 tsp. olive oil, 3 prunes
Afternoon snack: Chocolate cherry Unibar

Dinner: 3-4 oz. ground veal patty, 1/3 Michael Angelo's baked eggplant parmesan, some kind of green veggie, 1 chocolate truffle from Whole Foods, it is Valentine's day.  I bought a small box with only 3 pieces

Evening: 6 oz. pineapple, black cherry, carrot juice with 2 tsp. Harmonia

Green and herbal teas with meals and snacks and lots of water
Posted by: 1198 (Guest), Wednesday, February 15, 2006, 1:03am; Reply: 180
Lemon juice and water.

Buffalo egg scramble (2 eggs scrambled with lean ground buffalo, tomatoe sauxe, cayenne pepper, jalapenos, garlic, onion + goat feta for the man but not for me phoo-ey!) and 1/2 black organic dark french roast coffee in the french press. :P

a coleman grass fed all beef frank and a cup of homemade soup (beef broth, bell peppers, spinach, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, tumeric, celtic sea salt)

handful of raw macademia nuts!

2 raw garlic cloves! :O

HUGE salad (romaine leaves, shredded raw carrots, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, diced tomatoes, lemon juice, olive oil, fresh mint + goat feta for the man but not for me phoo-ey!)

LOTS of water all through the day!

Posted by: Drea, Wednesday, February 22, 2006, 5:17am; Reply: 181
I'm needing some extra help in getting back on track with the BTD (been at it for years, but after my Ireland/Italy trip last Fall, it's been hard - too much wheat, dairy, and tomatoes). I stay away from grains as much as possible, and eat more protein, but am finding it hard to find appropriate vegetable protein that doesn't have one avoid or another in it.

Yesterday I consumed:

2 cups coffee (1 decaf, 1 caf) with unsweetened soy milk
3 morningstar breakfast sausage patties
large salad with romaine, brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, green onions, goat cheese, cranberries, and dressing (homemade with lemon juice, walnut oil, finely chopped garlic, ginger, ground mustard seed, nutritional yeast, and wheat-free tamari)
3 Liters of water w/lemon
Good Earth Tea (decaf)
16 oz. homemade chocolate protein shake (recipe at the end if anyone is interested)

I'm wondering if any one sees anything glaringly bad here...


chocolate protein shake recipe

12.3 ounce bar of firm silken tofu
3 TBSP unsweetened cocoa powder
4 scoops of Trader Joe's soy protein powder
2 TBSP veg gly (I like it not so sweet)
8 oz. unsweetend soy milk
8 oz. water
1 tsp vanilla
2 TBSP walnuts

Grind it all in the blender; makes 2 servings with approx 400 cals, 40g protein, 12g fat, 25g carbs.
Posted by: robyns (Guest), Thursday, March 2, 2006, 5:38am; Reply: 182
I have had Eat R4YT and Cook R4YT for almost a year.  Love the concept, but have had about 3 false starts since originally purchasing the books.  Work full time, have a 2 year old and a 4 year old, etc. . . Life is hectic.  I would really like to try it again, but I need some help with working around an almost hopeless addiction to all things sweet.  I feel like I struggle with this in the same way an alcoholic struggles with alcohol.  Any ideas about ways to satisfy that urge without completely blowing it.  I know if I could get clean for about 2 weeks, the cravings would quiet.  Thanks for any help . . .

Posted by: Lola, Thursday, March 2, 2006, 10:32pm; Reply: 183
up your protein intake every time you have a craving.......
have hard boiled eggs handy, or sliced roast beef......etc

minerals and vitamins are essential, so gorge on veggies, too!! )

don t forget your good fats, to keep you satisfied, and your metabolism going.
Posted by: DMS, Friday, March 3, 2006, 3:16am; Reply: 184

I haven't posted in a long time, but I saw this thread and thought it might be a good accountability cause lately I have really been over eating due to some stress and overcommitment. I don't have a problem sticking with the BTD, just with using food as a stress reliever.

I woke up at 5:30am and had 3 or 4 whole carrots with a couple of table spoons of almond butter. Also had half of an organic type O friendly energy bar.

9:30 Had some dairy free, organic chocolate covered almonds and a whole bag of Tera Sweet Potato chips.

3:30 Had about a cup and a half of ground beef and red peppers, some type O friendly sorbet, and some homemade pumpkin pie filling.

4:30 3 dove heart dark chocolate pieces.

5:30 1 cup home grown frozen rasberries.

6:30 few more pieces of chocolate.

7:00 Another half a cup of ground beef and 1/4 organic 100% cherry juice.

I drank about 100 oz of water today. I don't plan on eating any more cause my tummy is full!

Thanks for the vent,

Posted by: KimonoKat, Friday, March 3, 2006, 5:16pm; Reply: 185
Yesterday's menu:

I started off my day with my usual lemon water.  The only change I made was adding the juice of one whole lemon, and using warm gerolsteiner instead of cold.  Then I had my cup of green tea, same brand as mentioned before.

My anti-candida supplement protocol** has not appeared to make a dent in the candida in the past twook weeks. I’m going to up my intake of probiotic and caprylic acid.  I might also consider adding an item or two from the Liver Support Protocol and/or the Metabloic Enhancement Protocol.  It was recommended to me on the Candida thread to forgo fruit & fruit juices for two weeks, so today, I've started that.

It was also recommended that I replace my agave syrup in my salad dressing with vegetable glycerin.  I’ve been meanign to do this for some time, so I’ll find somplace to buy it on the net, tonight. So, I am considering today as my new start date for the anti-candida campagain.

Late morning snack
I had way more that thee recommended serving of walnuts (H.B.) and fliberts (N).

I threw a bunch of items together. Beef (H.B.) patty, 1/2 medium onion (H.B.), 2 water chestnuts (N), that I found hiding under some other veggies.  I sliced some garlic (H.B.), ginger (H.B.) and fried it all up together in a small amount of olive oil (H.B.).  Towards the end, I threw in a bunch of broccoli florets (H.B.), a bit of water and put the lid on the pan to let the broccoli steam cook.  I also added a dab of ghee (B), to my broccoli when it was done.

Mr. KK is working late, so I decide to make a run to Whole Foods (there’s a store 1/2 mile away) to pick up some fresh cod.  An hour later, and I realize I’ve spent way to long in the store, and decide to pick up some Polo Loco chicken (N) on my way home.  I get the 8 pieces, just chicken, legs and thighs.  I snap about a pound of green string beans (N).  On the phone, Mr. KK asks me to get the skillet ready with a heaping tablespoon of ghee (B), and I peel and slice some ginger (B).  Since I had just bought some raw almonds (N), I take a bunch, put them in a ziplock bag, and take my mallet and break the almonds apart into smaller pieces.  When Mr. KK got home from work he sort of stir fries the green beans, almonds and ginger all together in a skillet.  Very easy to prepare meal this evening.

While I was at Whole Foods, I saw some Raw Flax Seed Crisps.  I know Mr. KK is always looking for flax seed type crackers and thought these might fit the bill.  The ingreadients say they are made with germinated flax seeds, fresh jalapeno, lime juice, garlic, lemon juice sea salt and filtered water.  I tried one. (BEELECHHHK!)  Mr. KK loved them though, so he will get to have them all, lol!  I checked the cosmetic section at WF’s for the vegetable glycerin.  They were out of stock.  Grrrr!

**KK’s Yeast/Fungal Supplement Protocol
Morning & Evening on an empty stomach
3 Type O Probiotic capsules
3 Caprylic Acid capsules
2 UDA Plus (Stinging Nettle Root w/ARA6 LARCH) capsules
2 Garlic capsules
2 Fucus (with meals)
2 Deflect (with meals)

Posted by: KimonoKat, Saturday, March 4, 2006, 3:37am; Reply: 186
March 3, 2006

I started off the morning with 1 whole lemon in gerolsteiner and followed that with a cup of green tea.  Took my Yeast/Fungal protocol supplements with my lemon water.

Late morning snack I had pumpkin seeds....more than what’s recommended

Lunch  I was on the run, trying to hit two grocery stores before I took Sprockey to see the kitty accupuncturist.  When he was done with his appointment, he went through the drive through line at In & Out Burger.  I had two protien style burgers with onions only.  I didn’t feel really full with lunch so afterwards a had a large serving of pumpkin seeds and walnuts.  

Dinner we ordered chinense.  Got the sizzling rice soup (sans rice), and spicy beef and string beans with extra garlic & no cornstarch.  The beans were a bit over cooked, so we didnt eat much of them but did devour the beef.  I’m not really craving fruit right now, but it used to be a habit to have frozen blueberries or frozen raspberries for a late after dinner snack and I guess I just miss the treat.

I just reread the portion size/servings of nuts and seeds.  I’m eating way more than whats recommended.  I think I’ll just live with that for now, while I can’t have fruit for two weeks.

Oh, forgot to add that I'm also scraping my tongue several times a day with a tongue scraper.
Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 11:03pm; Reply: 187
KK   I really appreciate your "log" of food because I am an O and it is curious to see what other people eat....esp when you (me) have just rediscovered meat recently.....meals and food choices are all so different now....your foods inspire me...the lack of grains is admirable! Jayney-0
Posted by: KimonoKat, Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 11:21pm; Reply: 188
Quoted from jayney-O
KK   I really appreciate your "log" of food because I am an O and it is curious to see what other people eat....esp when you (me) have just rediscovered meat recently.....meals and food choices are all so different now....your foods inspire me...the lack of grains is admirable! Jayney-0

You're welcome!  I had a grapefruit for breakfast (not a great choice), and lunch for us was left over lamb stew Mr. KK whipped up the night before.  Lamb, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, green beans.  Spices were rosmary, thyme, savory and a tiny bit of garlic.  Mr. KK says the secret ingrediets are: Hot chili oil & sesame oil.

FWIW: We like the very light creamy colored variety of sweet potatoes.  We never get the other varieties; just don't care for them.

Dinner will be a challenge today. Mr. KK is home today and we are working on the never ending HVAC project.  (we're on a bit of a break now)  I don't expect him to cook on those days, and it's always a battle trying to find a restaurant that he and I both can agree on.  He's so picky about how is food is cooked.  Usually most restaurants don't measure up.  Sigh.


For breakfast I had baby broccoli with Way Too Much VEGANASE.... it's made with Grapeseed Oil....There are no avoids in it But, it has a touch of brown rice syrup.  MY BAD; I think I'm still feeling the effects of that....

For lunch I had grass fed beef patties fried in a dab of olive oil, fresh garlic and slices of ginger.  I also fried up a whole onion mixed with baby organic carrots in ghee.  I could eat onions in ghee all day long.  I think it's the fat that tastes so good lol!

Posted by: Ribbit, Sunday, June 3, 2007, 1:47am; Reply: 189
My B husband eats:

Breakfast: fruit salad (apple, pineapple, blueberries, kiwi), 2 eggs or homemade lamb sausage
Lunch: leftovers from the night before or something beef, and rice, or something mozzarella-cheese based.  Or a bowl of beneficial beans and "corn" bread made from millet flour.
Snack: walnuts and dried fruit (figs, apricots, raisins)
Dinner: very often turkey, since that's what we all have in common that we can eat, but I try to make him his own beneficial protein two or three evenings a week, plus some beneficial veggies on the side, and a carb (usually rice again).  I often do a vegetarian meal with quinoa pilaf as the main dish and sweet potatoes, collard greens, fried okra or squash (in olive oil, of course, and coated with rice or millet flour), and carrot sticks.
Dessert:  what my 2-year-old calls "Brr."  I put frozen fruit of choice (pineapple is our favorite) into the Vita-Mix, dump in a little agave nectar and blend till smooth.  We enjoy Brr on a nearly daily basis.

He used to have hypoglycemia and needed to eat a lot more, and much more often, but now that he's on the BTD his blood sugar is stable.  All he drinks is water or Emergen-C, the sports flavor that's fructose-free.
Posted by: Henriette Bsec, Sunday, June 3, 2007, 7:47am; Reply: 190
Depends on seasons especially my breakfast is lighter in summertime:no eggs, no grains then
Always some kind of protein: eggs, turkey sausages, moz or fetacheese, ricotta or yoghurt
fruit: banana,apples, berrries, grapes, watermelon
or veggies ; red pepper sometimes fried potatoes if it is very cold
grains mainly in wintertime and in weekends: oatporridge, oatcakes/crackers, spelt bread- pancakes. Butter
Black tea - only fruitjuice in weekends. Water

Snack: well I can´t get rid of the coffee and it is neutral :-)- I normally have 1 piece of fruit and my nuts 1 handfull then. water

lunch: Leftover protein from dinner- cold fish or meat - any greens- like coleslaw, green lettuce,dressing either olive oil based or sour creambased- sometimes bread- but that is a special treat. If no protein from dinner- I use cheese or beans.

Afternoon: Green  tea and fruit - If no dairy all day - I might make a fruit smothie with yoghurt.- but that is a summerthing.

Dinner: Pretty O oriented( Only meal that I share with my O)
Beef, veal, turkey lamb or fish like cod or flounder - some kind of veggies- normally 2-3 differnt- like carrots, broccoli  and a green salad or in wintertime alwys a starchy thing like sweet potatoes, parsnip or wntersqaush Some kind of fat; ghee, butter or olive oil
1 x week I make a spelt pasta dish
1-2 a dish with brown rice or millet.
Water with lemon all week- red wine during weekend
During weekend I might do a cake and a dessert - that keeps me on track rest of week.
If I really crave sweets I alwys have some really dark chocolate around

Ribbit it is fun how your B´s diet it more A oriented / while mine is more O oriented :-)
My  friend( B sec) lives with a A as well and her diet is much more like your husbands...

Posted by: 814 (Guest), Sunday, June 3, 2007, 11:54am; Reply: 191
Here goes:
On rising - green tea
Breakfast - Summer - yoghurt, flaxseed oil, banana (all organic or biodynamic) or stewed fruit (plums if available)
                Winter - Oatmeal porridge, full cream milk, black strap molasses (all organic)
Mid-morning - Coffee (my one cup for the day) homemade biscuit or slice of cake
Lunch - Summer - 2 slices spelt bread, cold roast lamb or cheese, roast eggplant and/or capsicum/red pepper, or cucumber or cold leftover veg from night before.
          Winter - something like cheese on spelt bread toast or soup made from lamb stock and vegetables (being B there are lots of beneficial vegs)
Mid-afternoon - apple, grapes or other fruit in season, green tea
Dinner - usually lamb, sometimes rabbit or fish - grilled, roasted - with potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, beans etc.
            or rice and stir-fried vegetables with lamb mince or strips or tinned salmon
One & half glasses wine
2 squares dark chocolate
Water & cranberry juice during day; dried fruit if out walking and need snacks

Posted by: Lisalea, Monday, June 4, 2007, 4:33pm; Reply: 192
BREAKFAST and LUNCH is usually quite elaborate; it includes PROTEIN, GRAINS and lots of VEGETABLES: I alternate between Meat, Fish, Eggs, Feta or Beans with either Basmati or Brown long grain rice, Olive oil, 2-3 cups diced different types of veggies and always lots of SPICES (curry, cayenne, nutmeg ... etc ) onions/garlic !!

DINNER is usually Sweet Potato/nuts  ~OR~ Squash/parmesan/butter  ~OR~  Manna bread w/ either 100% fruit Jam or a tablespoon of raw Honey  ~OR~  Barley or Quinoa or Millet w/ butter and a tablespoon of molasses ... YUM !!

I snack on at least 3-4 fruits (banana, apple, pear, grapes, kiwi, dried figs, dried raisins ... etc) on a daily basis ... 1/2-3/4 cup of "PLAIN" yogurt and a few tablespoons of Almond butter or Walnuts; either with dinner or in between meals ... Yum !!  :) ;) :P ;D
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