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Posted by: GemCrave (Guest), Sunday, February 13, 2005, 1:36am
Quoted from yaman
I had never felt so good in my entire life! That was and still is the point for me. What I see reading your post is that you actually seem to feel a lot better, it's just that your body is still in adapting/detoxification phase and all you need is to fine-tune in some aspects and supplement in others and keep on track..  

Again, it's how you generally feel that counts, not just figures.

Hang in there mate, you will do it  ;)


That's it Yaman.  It's exactly it!

I would like to say to everyone who is doing it 'by the book' - good on you for the commitment you are making to your well-being ! But I would like to add to that not 2 b 'obsessive' about it and to LET YOUR BODY GUIDE YOU.

That was the advice I recvd from my GP in Perth, Australia in mid-Dec last yr (04).

After being 'sick' on & off for years I went to the doctor (yet again) only 2 b told that my usual doc was unavail but could see his father!  I considered cancelling, preferring to see my 'usual doctor'.  Well, I am here to tell you that it was meant to be!

I launched into my symptoms (IBS, neuralgia, lethargy, depression, achey muscles etc.)  but this time I asked for something different ..... hadn't planned it, almost felt 'guided' towards it.

"Dr. I don't want something to simply alleviate the symptoms.  I'd like u 2 help me manage my health back to optimal condition".

Now this was a 'tall order' - the thought of that even being possible hadn't b4 crossed my mind.  (I have been classic self-gratification junkie all my life)  What deny myself anything?  Make myself do something I don't want to do (exercise)?  Yeah right!

Plus, I'm 40+, mother of teen girl, challenging job .... and just living in the 21stC in the western world.........aaargh!

Anyway....back in the GP's room.......,

he said, "Do you know what blood type you are?"  
Yes, I replied, "Type O+".  

Almost from nowhere, he handed me a slip of paper on which was printed TYPE O & below it,  a list of 'Avoids'.  

"Try to avoid as many of these foods as you can for a week & come back & see me."  

Whilst talking to me he underlined Wheat Products, Oranges & Potatoes.  He gave me some accupuncture in my reflexology points, weighed me and sent me on my way, feeling relaxed & uplifted.

I then studied the list :(  It was almost literally a list of all the foods that had been 'staples' most of my life!Having heard of BTDs and thinking it was yet another 'fad', I had my doubts (notice only after studying the avoids!)  

I jumped on the internet and searched Google.  I came up wiv several sites claiming no scientific proof etc.  I started to dismiss the GP's advice in my head but came to my senses.  What drove me on?  


This phrase became a powerful motivation 2me a cple of yrs ago when a very special person came into my life for a 'season' and shared it wiv me.

Anyway, I decided to try it but by eliminating.  It just made sense 2me 2 approach it that way ...otherwise how wld I know exactly what was making the difference!  

I looked at the list, decided Wheat was prob the thing I ate the most of and simply elimiated that for a week.

A wk later I was able to report to the GP noticeable lessening of my symptoms.

That day I purchased the Dr D's book ERFYT.  Joined the Forum etc.

I 'proudly' took the book into the GP who smiled and reminded me not to be 'obsessive' about it and to LISTEN TO MY BODY.

It is has been approx 10 wks and I can honestly say that I have NEVER felt healthier, I have got my 'spark' back, IBS gone! Lethargy & aches gone!

Funny thing too is that had been semi-vegetarian for 5-6 yrs!!  (I'm an O remember!) I was LIVING on Lentils, Red Kidney Beans, Pasta, Bread, Corn, Oranges and NO RED MEAT OR CHICKEN!

Do I miss these things......not at all.....feel too good to care!

and I am devouring RED MEAT!!!!...feels like my body is saying "Finally! she's feeding me and not poisoning me anymore.......almost like Munchausen Syndrome to the self!

point of this:  To help ppl who may be struggling with the perceived 'rigidity' of it.....I am sure Dr. D wld agree................interested in yr thoughts if not Dr D  ;D

Posted by: Lola, Sunday, February 13, 2005, 4:03am; Reply: 1
very powerfull testimonial!
thank you!

keep it up!!  )))
Posted by: Alia Vo, Monday, February 14, 2005, 2:13am; Reply: 2

Glad to see you on the forums!

Thanks for sharing your personal story with us; it is a great reminder of the immense power of the BTD lifestyle.  It is nice to hear that you have received your 'spark' back in life.  

Continue to enjoy the journey.

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