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Posted by: FunkyMonkey (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 12:05am
Being half japanese (Japanese/Black) knowing your blood type is like astrology and everyone knows it.  After 35 years listening to mom thinking I was a A I found out last night that Im a type O.  I had a feeling I was since my younger brother and sister were but I wanted to be sure so I took the self test.  My sister who lives in Japan saw a show there about the ER4YT way of life and she ordered the books for me and have been reading it.  

I have been on both the atkins and SB diet and have done fairly well but everytime I started to fall off the wagon I would just give up and add back the carbs.  I lost a lot on the diet but have gained it back and then some.  Living in Japan I did eat a lot of rice but it didnt effect me too much.  I was at a healthy 128 when I left Japan 14 years ago and since than I have gained 42lbs.  I feel disgusted that I let myself get to big.  Anyway after reading the book I see how I should be eating.  

So as my first posting I wanted to get more information on what I can eat while I try to loose weight.

Now my dilema is breakfast.  I usually have scrambled eggs (whole egg or egg whites) with bacon or grilled chicken.  But the book says Type O should avoid dairy and Pork is out alltogether.   So I was hoping to get some ideas on what to eat for breakfast.  ;D
Posted by: heidi (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 12:17am; Reply: 1

Welcome, FM ~  thanks for your story!

In the Eat Right board, there's a whole thread about breakfast for O's...  take a look over there.  

Or go to the top of the board and use the search function for "breakfast" ~  

turns out it's called "Questions for Os"   ;)  

here's the link:,m=1098390554

and once again, welcome!!   :)

Posted by: heidi (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 12:19am; Reply: 2

Oh!  and here's an even longer one, called "needing breakfast ideas... please help",m=1096742710

enjoy your reading!!  :)
Posted by: FunkyMonkey (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 1:18am; Reply: 3
Thank you Heidi for directing me to these past postings.!!
Posted by: 31 (Guest), Sunday, November 14, 2004, 9:44am; Reply: 4
It's great that you have come back to the BTD.  One thing that you may want to watch out for is the wheat that is in many soy and tamari sauces in the States.
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