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Posted by: Lola, Thursday, October 7, 2004, 3:34am
Why I BTD?
I consider myself lucky to have picked up the ERFYT book at Barnes and Nobel in Miami in 97, and to have followed the advice for my blood type from that day on.

I haven t looked back since, and I haven t once given in to any avoids.

Yes, I have had to deal with many daily critisisms, (from family and friends) ,but that s just part of my life. I m used to dealing with that. I have always been independent of mind and spirit. Always swimming against the tide.
Important is believing that the choice you have made is an intelligent one, and that the road you took is the right one. Feeling stronger and more focused day by day.
'Increasing the power of expression in my  life' , as Dr. D s father indicated.

People start asking you for advice, eventually, when they notice 'you are what you eat'.

This way of eating has been quite a challenge, considering 'the whole foods' industry here in Mexico is practicaly non existent.

'Organic' is still  in 'diappers'.
TG I m an O and don t do well on grains, so I basically cook from scratch. Meats and vegetables, fruits and nuts.
This board has helped me learn to substitute and has given me the knowlege and support I need to help the ones who come to me asking for advice and guideance.

I wish I can give back in time, all that you give me!

Posted by: italybound, Friday, October 8, 2004, 2:55am; Reply: 1
lola, All I can say is............OMG!!!  In 7 years, you've never had an avoid? I am SO jealous. Guess I need to get more devoted. I did well for 3 mths, then fell off the wagon and have been struggling to get back on , ALL THE WAY. I'm probably 75-80 compliant. I TOTALLY believe in the BTD and tell anyone that will listen to me about it.  :) Guess one of those people should be me. Ha. But really, maybe, I think. :-) Dr. D and his dad are the best!!!  All the info on this site, is to say the least, amazing!!!  Take Care, Pat
Posted by: tiredmum (Guest), Friday, October 8, 2004, 6:19am; Reply: 2
Lola, like Pat, I too am flabbergasted  :o you have not had one avoid in such a long time! Great going girl! I have fallen off the wagon several times myself, I manage to stay at least 70% compliant (off the wagon that is) and better when I am trying to get back on the wagon.

Well you are quite an inspiration!
Posted by: northstar9 (Guest), Friday, October 8, 2004, 6:33am; Reply: 3
Amazing! :o
How do you do it, Lola?
In this culture, it would be an insult if you went to someone's home and did not at least taste the food that was presented to you. Well, not so much as an insult perhaps, but the cook would wonder and fret as to what was wrong with the food.
Fortunately, homes in Japanese cities are relatively small so there are few invitations. Still, I would not dream of hurting the cook's feelings, especially when you think how much work was put into making the many dishes for the guest.
Anyway, I give you credit. I do the best I can and most days are good. Mind you, I sometimes cheat and eat something I really love like chocolate, bread or a hamburger. It tastes great at the time of consumption, but all night and the next day I suffer from gas, bloating....... Will I ever learn!
Congrats, Lola. You have shown as all that someone other than staying away from all avoids can be done. 8)
Posted by: heidi (Guest), Friday, October 8, 2004, 12:54pm; Reply: 4

In the States especially, it is now almost commonplace to claim "allergy" to various foods.  Airlines accommodate special menus primarily for that reason (liability).  From business situations to family get-togethers, it has become a handy and insult-free excuse allowing face-saving ;) on all sides.   Very useful for BTD'ers who want to avoid both the avoids and any potential perceived offense.

In an odd way, it allows the food to take a back seat to the togetherness & socializing, or the business at hand -- which I tend to think is the point of meeting & sharing a meal together.  
Posted by: yaman, Friday, October 8, 2004, 1:27pm; Reply: 5
Good point Heidi (as always:))

When I was new to the BTD, instead of long explanations I just used to claim being allergic to wheat, which is present in nearly every dish in Turkish Cuisine.

When flying, I order diabetic menu. It comes plain grill with plain rice, without any stupid whatever sauce on it. Also the salad comes plain and if it's a good carrier, you can get some olive oil. Some carriers (e.g. Lufthansa) offers 100% rye bread or rye (Wasa) crackers. The rest is margarine and desert with sweeteners, which I don't touch. As a starter I take some fresh chopped grapefruit. In most cases diabetic menu is quite compliant with type O diet.

"We'll either find a way, or make one." Hannibal

Posted by: Lola, Saturday, October 9, 2004, 2:37am; Reply: 6
Sorry everyone,
I am still not quite familiar with the board, and where to browse and read what messages fast, specialy those directed to me.......I ll learn, I hope!

My daughter who s an O also, follows the btd since she was 15 yo. She s now almost 19 yo.
She decided this by herself, watching me do it constantly, I guess.
Well the point is, she was two years in boarding school in Vienna, Austria.
We told the school, from the beginning that she was allergic to wheat, corn and dairy.
' Ach so! Then she must be a vegetarian!'  LOL........'No, in fact she can eat a whole buffalo if given a chance!' , was our response.
It took them a while to get the message.
She survived those two years in the city of cakes and cream. The school menus even changed a bit due to her influence. Less kartoffeln, spaguetty,cheese and cold cuts, and more chicken, tuna, vegetables, beef from time to time , rye wasa .......all told, it was a good experience for all.

I just simply say I m allergic, too.
It really helps. When I travel, I take along my nori sheets, sea salt, glycerine,pepper grinder, olive oil,my home made nut mixes with beneficial herbs, tea bags,....
I stay away from grains, not my cup of tea. That s the reason staying compliant has been so easy for me. I am just not intrested in them.
Once, in a flight, I forgot to bring my lunch. There was absolutely nothing I could have, except water........I asked the flight attendant to bring me as many lemon wedges as she possibly could,so I had those with a drizel of glycerine! It worked, I felt great.

later all,and thanks for your kind posts.

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