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Posted by: rlpike2000 (Guest), Saturday, October 2, 2004, 6:45pm
I just read the book and am convinced ( due to the fact that I lost 30 pounds on a low carb diet, but was concerned of the helath risks) that this is the lifestyle for me. I am however at a loss for ideas for a TYPE O breakfast. Your suggestions would be very helpful.
Thank you,

P.S. Good luck everyone.
Posted by: Lynn, Saturday, October 2, 2004, 7:03pm; Reply: 1
 My breakfast choices changed dramatically after being on the diet for awhile. I might have eggs, and some kind of lean beefsteak, chicken, or my own turkey sausage blend. I like sweet potatoes and chicken or turkey. I might have beef soup with big chunks of beef and beneficial veggies. Chicken, or tuna salad. I try to always start my day with meat. I feel less hungry this way, and have more energy than with toast and cheese, or a nut butter, it just depends on what I am craving meat wise.  I don't start my day with cereal, but if I did, I'd use some kind of spelt flakes, rice puffs, and rice milk, with stevia. I used to make a boiled rice pudding to which you can add fruits. However, if your like me, a high carb breakfast spells disaster for my energery and hunger levels for the rest of the day.

Hope this helps,

Lynn B.
Posted by: Suzanne, Saturday, October 2, 2004, 7:29pm; Reply: 2
Breakfast was the most dramatic change when I started the Type O lifestyle.  My pre-BTD breakfast of yogurt, wheat germ, and wheat bran had my stomach lining painfully red and irritated.

Many Type Os start the day with meat and vegetables left from the day before.  When I've tried that it makes me feel good in the morning, but leaves me overeating later in the day.  I may eventually adopt this style, but I'm not there yet.  

Some days I make myself an omelet (2 eggs & fresh spinach is my favorite).  Eggs scrambled with grilled onions are surprisingly good.  

But most days this is my breakfast:
I put 1 Tablespoon of rice bran, 1 Tablespoon of ground flax seed, 1 Tablespoon of ground pumpkin seed, 2 Tablespoons for lecithin, and ½ - 1 Tablespoon of nutritional yeast in a bowl. I moisten it with water or fruit juice. I add 2-3 different fruits (banana, blueberries, pineapple, frozen cherries, and grapes are all good).

Since it is possible to develop a sensitivity to flax, I rotate ground almonds and ground pecans into the mix.  

This is enough like cereal to satisfy my traditional emotions.  It is high fiber which keeps my intestines happy.  The fresh fruit gets my blood sugar up and energizes me for the start of the day.  
Posted by: Gee Whiz, Sunday, October 3, 2004, 1:35am; Reply: 3
Howdy all!

I love eggs, meat and veggies for a good start to the day, but sometimes I want something that is like hot cereal.  Here is a favorite that Elizabeth posted on "On The Diet" a while back:

"On breakfasts for those who don't like breakfast (especially the young), I have had good luck grinding 2T flax seed with 1-2T walnuts in a "dedicated" coffee grinder. There are typically some slightly larger walnut pieces in the result. While I am doing that, I pour a bit of boiling water on a large handful of currants (could be raisins or dried cherries or blueberries), then dump in the ground meal, add a pinch of salt, a bit more boiling water if needed, and stir. It is practically instant, and tastes like oatmeal cookie porridge (even though no oats are present). The fruit can vary, but lightly-hydrated dried fruit makes the results more "cookie like." You can also sprinkle a pinch of brown sugar over the whole thing, add ghee, whatever, but the basic is pretty good, and I believe works for both O's and A's."
Posted by: Don, Sunday, October 3, 2004, 3:46am; Reply: 4
It took me about 6-9 months on the diet to switch over to meat, greens, and other vegetables for breakfast.  I love it and can't imagine eating cereal for breakfast ever again.

I typically eat the following.  For meat I will have about 1/3 lb of beef, buffalo, turkey sausage, liver, maybe every once in a while lamb. I have big serving of collard greens almost every morning, occasionally kale.  I frequently steam an onion and serve it with lots of olive oil and some sea salt.  Maybe once every week or so I will have some eggs instead of meat.
Posted by: yaman, Sunday, October 3, 2004, 1:40pm; Reply: 5
Breakfast is by far the most important meal. Unfortunately the modern life threatens this and one can easliy be distracted to regard breakfast as something to be squeezed between showering dressing and rushing to work/sending kids home etc. In order to avoid this, I have developed a habit of planning the night before what to it at breakfast in the morning. Leftover veggies and/or meat can be a bed for a couple of organic eggs, or constitue the ingredients of a huge omelette. Or, if there is some stock, beef or lamb, poaching two eggs in it and a side dish of greens like parsley, water cress, fresh mint, arugula makes a really reviving morning feed.

It's all about creativity. O's can have a variety of things. It's just that we should avoid rotuine. Condemning breakfast as a routine kills the spirit and even if you eat the best beneficials, you don't start up the day with energy, whereas even a slice of rye bread topped with ghee, accompanied by fresh goat cheese can motivate you if you prepare them with joy.

It's not always only what we eat, but also how we eat.

Bon apetite,
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Sunday, October 3, 2004, 10:46pm; Reply: 6
My weekday breakfast is usually:

scrambled egg/spinach or brocolli
rye manna/ghee


4 oz. o'soy/1 scoop O protein, 1/4 C ezekiel flax cereal & 1 tbsp dried blueberries

less often, oatmeal or quinoa flakes with nut butter & dried blueberries

I have a mid-morning snack of pineapple juice, egg white powder and flaxseed oil

On weekends I'll have a larger breakfast with eggs & meat & veggies instead of the 2-part weekday routine.
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Monday, October 4, 2004, 12:01am; Reply: 7
Some of our favorites for breakfast are fresh turkey bacon or sausage, (We're having fresh venison & beef sausage made soon!) spelt french toast & maple syrup, left-over meat cut up small then scrambled in with eggs in Ghee (clarified butter).
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Monday, October 4, 2004, 5:13pm; Reply: 8
It took me quite a while to get out of the cereal/milk/fruit routine.  If you use dried cereals like Barbara's brown rice crisps or others with soy, rice or almond milk, just add some protein powder and a few chopped walnuts to make it more O friendly.  Beneficial fruit or fruit juice still fills out a nice O breakfast.
Posted by: ED (Guest), Saturday, October 9, 2004, 1:29am; Reply: 9
manna bread toasted then a salad dressing we make from olive oil crushed garlic and lemmon juice . also egg ,rice cheese and roastbeef omlete and various other variations with o friendly vegies,  thats some of what comes to mind.
Posted by: Irven_Kresse (Guest), Saturday, October 9, 2004, 10:01pm; Reply: 10
Hi All:

I recently was reading one of Phillip Day's books titled FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  He suggest eating only fruit for breakfast.  My wife and I have been on this diet for about a year and we like it.  Of course you must eat only fruit within your blood type.  If I remember correctly, it was non-citrus and no bananas.   My book is out on loan so I can't go back and look it up. You eat all the fruit you want right up until noon and give it thirty minutes to digest before eating anything else.  

I think Phillip Days books on health are very good and are very interesting, second only to Dr. D'Adamo.   I have read CANCER: WHY WE'RE STILL DYING TO KNOW THE TRUTH, FOOD FOR THOUGHT and THE ABC'S OF DISEASE.  
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Saturday, October 9, 2004, 10:12pm; Reply: 11
There was an interesting article in Body and Soul magazine on Eastern recipes with eggs.  Egg drop soup prepared with organic chicken broth, chopped greens and onions would actually make a pretty decent type O breakfast.  You could include shredded meat as well.  Just prepare your soup except for the egg, take the soup off the burner and slowly pour in a well beaten egg.  Stir while pouring to get the strings of egg.  I will miss hot cereal for breakfast when cold weather hits.  I think the soup idea will be a good substitute for me.

I don't know how authentic it was, but I had a Japanese breakfast at a restaurant in San Francisco.  It looked more like a dinner with grilled salmon, rice, ginger and lots of veggies.
Posted by: Snozies (Guest), Saturday, October 9, 2004, 10:32pm; Reply: 12
Hi there,

I've been on the BTD journey for about 9 months now, although having previously been a vege since my early teenage years I only started to eat red meat about 5 months ago on Heidi's recomendation :-). I've now reached a stage where I eat beef with mainly green vegetables for breakfast after drinking down a cup of flax & hot water about a 1/2 hour before & have found that -
I really love my breakfast & have lots of energy for the rest of the day.I used to suffer with constipation & a 'bubbly tummy' but that never happens with the above breakfast. I do vary it by changing the veges/cooking styles/oils & sometimes mixing proteins to avoid routine.

I noticed another blog which said that such a large protein breakfast can cause them to overeat throughout the day - which I fully understand. What I have become aware of recently on the BTD is that the H.B. foods we eat in the correct portions leave us highly energised & fully satisfied without being bloated/stuffed. Pre-BTD days I would often eat & eat carbs until I was stuffed- & considered this a 'full' feeling. My point being, one has to learn to recognise & listen to the 'full sensations' one's body sends out. (This is probably quite obvious to everyone else - but it was relatively recent observation for me- doh! )

For my other meals I eat some other protein fish/lamb  & veges. I can have quite a sweet tooth so I take a small container of sweet potato with olive oil/sweet basil & clove & have this as my treat along with some fresh fruit during the day.


Posted by: 547 (Guest), Sunday, October 10, 2004, 11:36am; Reply: 13
You could try to boil the grains Amaranth (Sec +NSec!), Millet (Sec +NSec), Buckwheat (only for Sec), Oats (only for Sec), Millet (Sec+NSec), alone or in combination in water in the evening.
Once it boils, put down the gas and let it stay overnight.. In the morning the grains have swollen and turned soft. Heat up one portion and add cut apricots, figs, some almonds, walnut and some veggly... and some broken of whole flaxseeds..

I know O's do better on protein than carbo's, but when the winter sets in I can imagine you want some 'hot'  stuff..
I am an A, so I love my Amaranth Buckwheat, Oatgrain porridge. I eat it every day, summer and winter....  
Just an idea to get some vatiation in your breakfast!!!
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Sunday, October 10, 2004, 9:15pm; Reply: 14
I'd like to try the steel cut oats.  We have electric crock pots that would be perfect for such overnight cooking.  I hadn't considered mixing in other grains.
Posted by: Don, Sunday, October 10, 2004, 10:44pm; Reply: 15
Quoted from cherylhcmba, posted Saturday, October 9, 2004, 10:12pm at here
... I will miss hot cereal for breakfast when cold weather hits.  I think the soup idea will be a good substitute for me.

Another substitute for hot grain based cereal is to have mashed sweet potatoes.  You can fix a big batch ahead of time and then just re-warm them in the morning.  You can even add banana, maple syrup, and spices to them to make it seem more like standard cereal.   You should probably have some turkey sausage or some other meat with the meal for protein.
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Sunday, October 10, 2004, 11:06pm; Reply: 16
I could definitely go for that!
Posted by: jfw (Guest), Thursday, October 21, 2004, 8:29pm; Reply: 17
I've just started the BTD and have been wondering about daily meals, specifically breakfast.  It would be great if I could get a couple of suggestions of what options there are to eat for each meal of the day.  Also, I know that it is important to get enough protien, but is it possible to eat too much protien?
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Thursday, October 21, 2004, 8:49pm; Reply: 18
Hi jfw and welcome to BTD central,
There's a whole thread on breakfast ideas for Os, but I'm sure you'll get more suggestions here.,m=1096742710
Posted by: koolaid, Thursday, October 21, 2004, 10:55pm; Reply: 19
I really don't think it's possible to eat too much protein. In other places you'll find discussions about problems with ketones, but as far as I know, those discussions don't take blood type into account.
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Thursday, October 21, 2004, 11:11pm; Reply: 20
I think for Os especially it's hard to overdo protein.  Dr. D'Adamo isn't into strict ratios for protein, carbs and fat, but I think anywhere from 30 to 40% protein is fine for Os.  You only get into ketosis if carbs are extremely low.  If you eat all the fruits and vegetables we're supposed to have, you won't reach that point, even eliminating all grains, as some Os do, especially non-secretors and those of us with weight problems.
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Thursday, October 21, 2004, 11:52pm; Reply: 21
jfw, welcome to the BTD boards!  My little O's do best with meat and eggs for breakfast.  It's hard for me to think that way since I don't eat red meat, but when I put left over meat cut up small in scrambled eggs or an omlet, they really like it.  Sometimes I add a little green onion to the Ghee (clarified butter used to oil the pan slightly) or a little mozzarella cheese as a topper to an otherwise plain burger.  

I swear by the George Foreman grill for O's.  I don't know how I ever survived without I have 3!

I try to plan ahead so we have time for a good breakfast or they would end up eating cereal which would make them happy.  It made me smile the first time my oldest sweet tooth daughter said to me that the above breakfast tasted as good as candy!!!  I almost fell off my chair!

I wish you the best of health with the BTD!
Posted by: 670 (Guest), Friday, October 22, 2004, 12:53am; Reply: 22
jill - wow 3 george foreman grills i am gobb smacked
how old are you children? and have you brought them up soley on the btd diet?

jfw - i am a beginner O like you
i struggle with the thought of eating eggs and meat first thing in the morning breakfast has never been my thing i go to the gym in the mornings as well so i wouldn't have digested breakfast before working out
i'm still just having fruit and rice cereal for breakfast and soymilk
so i'm not the person to recommend proper O breakfasts

for my lunch i usually make a salad with lots of O friendly vegetables and a can of tuna to take to work with me and sometimes a boiled egg

evening meals are again usually another salad (i use a lot of spinach and sprouts grated carrot, spring onions, tomatos, celery, heaps of garlic and dress with lemon juice and olive oil)  with meat fish or chicken
sometimes roasted pumpkin, sweet potato and yams
or currys made with the above root veges, and greens (spinach and brocolli) somtimes tofu or chickpeas and rice or rice noodles
or stir frys with lots of vegetables meat or chicken or tofu mixed in and rice or rice noodles

for inbetween meals i eat fruit or rice wafers or crackers with tuna, tomato, tofu,etc on
and sometimes i will have a slice of rice bread if i want a standard carb type hit thats when i feel like a comfort food

my O diet is pretty much my vegan diet i was eating previously minus the wheat, corn and beans except chickpeas i have just added meat to my evening meal and eating tuna in my midday meal
Posted by: Alia Vo, Friday, October 22, 2004, 12:54am; Reply: 23

Welcome to the BTD community!  There's a useful thread that applies to your specific question, which provides suggestions for starting the 'O' diet and meal planning.  You can access it at this link:,v=display,b=GC,m=1097694944

As well, there are many breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes provided in RECIBase and TypeBase4:

Posted by: Susana, Friday, October 22, 2004, 2:18pm; Reply: 24

The Atkins Centre, created by Dr. Atkins - the forerunner of high protein low carb diet, claims that there is no evidence logical or from research to pinpoint negative effects of protein.

If you analyse comments from anti protein health experts they always say too much protein is not good for you. But, they do not specify why. The most they say is that we have not lived long enough on high protein diets and therefore it can be potentially dangerous. But, why???  Where is the risk??? :X  :X  :X
Posted by: Ximena (Guest), Friday, October 22, 2004, 8:05pm; Reply: 25
I just started BTD so i'm excited to learn more. Thanks for all gread ideas but I have 2 questions.  What is Ghee? and is spelt bread same as ezekiel bread? thanks
Posted by: Cheryl_O_Blogger, Friday, October 22, 2004, 8:27pm; Reply: 26
Hi Ximena,
Ghee is clarified butter.  Butter is simmered.  The water evaporates and milk solids are skimmed off after they rise to the top.  It is also commercially available, usually in glass jars instead of sticks.  Spelt bread is different from Ezekiel bread.  Spelt bread is made with spelt flour instead of regular wheat flour.  Ezekiel bread is made with sprouted grains.  The grains may even include wheat that is normally an avoid for Os as an example, but the sprouting process inactivates the harmful lectins.
Posted by: Ximena (Guest), Friday, October 22, 2004, 10:44pm; Reply: 27
anyone have great suggestion for BT b+ for breakfast?
Posted by: 751 (Guest), Friday, October 22, 2004, 10:48pm; Reply: 28
A favorite "1 pan" breakfast starts with turkey sausage or bacon, then as it fries up I add spinach, as it colors I crack an egg on top, add a little beneficial cheese if I'm feeling like it, then cover with a lid and lower the heat until the egg is just past runny.  Sprinkle on some "spicy" herbamare, and you are set.
Posted by: Lola, Friday, October 22, 2004, 11:36pm; Reply: 29
a savory cereal that works for me is:
adding hot homemade stock (fish,chicken or beef),with vegetables to the flax,pumpkin seed and walnut mix and sprinkle some nutritional yeast to that........
no grains just pure protein energy
Posted by: 1172 (Guest), Saturday, October 23, 2004, 1:37am; Reply: 30
Actually, I think it is possible to have too much protein.  Everything in proportion.  Even the type O diet doesn't have unlimited meat/fish.  But as long as you are eating the recommened amounts of veggies - O's probably don't have to worry about eating too much meat. ;D
Posted by: 880 (Guest), Saturday, October 23, 2004, 2:00am; Reply: 31
Greetings and welcome jfw
Here is my usual breakfast:  A smoothie including O Protein Blend, banana, other fruit or jam/jelly, almonds, nutritional yeast, liquid green tea concentrate, ice, fruit juice (usually dark grape but sometimes cherry or mango/peach), sometimes vegetable glycerin for added taste...a boiled egg or two (not in the smoothie but that would be ok)...roasted pumpkin seeds....a protein bar...occassionally a little meat...morning meal supplements.  I enjoy breakfast.
Wishing you well,
Posted by: 880 (Guest), Saturday, October 23, 2004, 2:04am; Reply: 32
Hello rlpike2000
Below is a copy of a reply to jfw:
Here is my usual breakfast:  A smoothie including O Protein Blend, banana, other fruit or jam/jelly, almonds, nutritional yeast, liquid green tea concentrate, ice, fruit juice (usually dark grape but sometimes cherry or mango/peach), sometimes vegetable glycerin for added taste...a boiled egg or two (not in the smoothie but that would be ok)...roasted pumpkin seeds....a protein bar...occassionally a little meat...morning meal supplements.  I enjoy breakfast.
Wishing you well
Posted by: Whimsical, Saturday, October 23, 2004, 3:15pm; Reply: 33
I think a great breakfast for any blood type is a smoothie.  This is a great way to blend together a whole bunch of beneficials to start the day right.  Here is what I put in my smoothie in the morning:

1 banana
3 Tbsp of blueberries, mango pieces, or raspberries
1 Tbsp beneficial oil (walnut, almond, flax, I've even found pumpkinseed oil!)
1-2 Tbsp black cherry juice
Pineapple or mango juice to fill the glass so all the above are covered

I usually leave it for 10-15 minutes because the berries, etc are frozen and this gives them a chance to defrost a bit.  Any blood type can combine beneficial foods into a smoothie - it makes a quick and easy beneficial breakfast.

In addition to my smoothie, I usually eat an egg for breakfast.  And I definitely have to sing the praises of ghee!  Once I got used to the slight flavour difference from butter, I was hooked!
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Sunday, October 24, 2004, 1:50am; Reply: 34
Gyanesha, In response to your post....
   "jill - wow 3 george foreman grills i am gobb smacked".  
My 1st was a hand-me-down just to try it.  Definitely loved it.  At the beginning of summer I had to buy a teeny tiny one to use at my camper when just me & the girls are there.  Then hubby found me a huge one for $50.00 to use outside at the camper since cooking over a campfire is so unhealthy.  It came with a rotisserie, which I sold on ebay so this huge GF grill that usually runs $99.00 in stores ended up costing me about $25.00!  I just replaced my hand-me-down one I use at home last month and donated my old one to the poor.  Everything tastes so good out of it.  And I couldn't make an etible steak before GF to save my life.  We make our fresh turkey bacon & sausage on them as well as all the usual burgers & steaks.  And it is so much easier to clean than an outdoor grille or the inside of my oven.  
 "how old are you children? and have you brought them up soley on the btd diet?"
  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My girls are 11 and almost 10.  I have been on the BTD for a long time.   The meals I fix at home are BT friendly.  My husband cheats more than the 3 of us put together.  He's the one buying the junk that noone should have! To answer your question, I just got serious about the diet with my girls last January when we found high glucose levels in my oldests urine, amoung other things.

Susana:  Regarding your post on what "they" say about high protein diets...
"health experts they always say too much protein is not good for you.  But they do not specify why."
My answer to this is "One size doesn't fit all" A would be headed for a heartattack on the Atkins diet.

Posted by: Brighid45, Sunday, October 24, 2004, 3:56am; Reply: 35
Cheryl--not to tempt you into eating oats or anything ;) but when winter gets here I have a bowl of oatmeal now and then. When I make my oats in the crock pot, I use ice cold spring water, with a ratio of roughly two parts water to one part oats. The amount of water depends on how creamy you want your oats to be. (Some experimentation will need to be done to see how you like yours, of course.) You can add a pinch of sea salt if you like. Cook on low heat overnight. The cold water slows down the cooking process, which gives the oats a chance to soak and soften.

Ron--Right now I'm eating leftovers for morning meal. Breakfast was the hardest thing for me to restructure, I've always been a die-hard cereal freak. Going to eggs and smoothies and veggies was really rough at first, but now I can't imagine returning to raisin bran. One of my favorite breakfasts ever has been fresh fish steamed with garlic, shallots and ghee. We had it with fresh-picked romaine lettuce. Fabulous! Just take a look at all the excellent suggestions you've gotten on this thread and run with them. You'll be bound to find some things you like and that fit into your morning schedule. You can build on that. Have fun doing it, that's the most important part :)
Posted by: RosemaryRRC (Guest), Monday, October 25, 2004, 10:31pm; Reply: 36
My favorite breakfast is this.  I mix up a batch of the following from the health food store:  whole spelt (looks like oatmeal!), box of Ezekial raisen bran cereal; box of flax granola type cereal; chopped dates.  Then I add soy milk and blueberries!  Delicious.

Also, at the health food store get some Quinoa.  (Usually in the bulk section.)  It makes a delicious hot cereal.  (Also good in soups!)  (Rosemary)

Or how about a "sausage and egg sandwich?"  Toast one slice of Ezekial bread.  Cook a Morningstar sausage patti in microwave for 45 seconds.  Cook a custard cup of Egg substitute in microwave.  Pile together and EAT!  
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Tuesday, October 26, 2004, 1:42am; Reply: 37
RosemaryRRC, You can have a fancy Blood type banner if you go to the member center and click on Avatar settings.  

What Morningstar products have you found that are BT friendly?  I used to buy a couple of their products until I read the long paragraph of ingredients.

Microwave cooking destroys many benefits of otherwise healthy foods.  
Posted by: northernstars, Tuesday, October 26, 2004, 7:40am; Reply: 38
Our local meat shop makes a delicious beef bacon.  I cut up a slice or two of that, chop a hearty slice of onion and cook them both in olive oil.  After they have cooked, I add some fresh eggs (we have our own flock of chickens) and sometimes add leftover vegetables and finish cooking them together.   It is a nice, filling meal.
Posted by: Susana, Tuesday, October 26, 2004, 9:43am; Reply: 39
Aeowyn, Jill,

You are absolutely right. I should have specified those caveats. I took them for granted. Sorry.  :(

Regarding protein consumption on the BTD for Os; ER4YT  (Spanish version) mentions we can eat protein as often as we wish but warns us of portion sizes, as our ancestors did not delight themselves with 450gm (16oz) steaks!! Meat was too scarce and precious. Dr. D does have a little go at the common meat supply (packed with antibiotics, hormones...). He advises to consume good quality meat.

In addition, he recommends Os to keep an equilibrium of meat proteins, fruit, and vegetables to avoid excessive acid in stomach, which could cause ulcers and irritation.

On my previous post I assumed JFW was somewhat shocked with 9 pieces of meat, 5 of fish, and 6 eggs - per week!! It is a big lot considering current trends. I myself was quite concerned in the beginning. Took me a while to get over it and, pests with ignorant comments did not help.  :-/  Forgiven those that did it with best intentions.  :K)

Dr. D., also in the Spanish version of ER4YT, mentions that As, because of low stomach acid levels, meat is converted to fat. In LR4YT (original) he mentions that the low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and high intestinal disaccharide levels make it difficult for A’s to digest and metabolize animal protein and fat.

Unlike many “health experts” Dr. D. does specify why we should or should not eat meat!!! His books are full of reasons for and against by blood type.  ;D

JFW enjoy. I never thought I would salivate reading the thread “Roasting Beef” and remain indifferent  reading “love/hate spelt.”  8)
Posted by: Joeygirl (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 2:36am; Reply: 40
If it's any help, yesterday I had left over fish and steamed veges (broccoli and greeen beans) for breakfast....

:) :) :) :)
Posted by: Vicki, Thursday, November 4, 2004, 4:39am; Reply: 41
Eggs are not considered dairy so those are fine for breakfast.  Also, the chicken is okay, too!

I'm wondering reactions you will get from your family when they find out you are an O? :)
Posted by: Melissa_J, Thursday, November 4, 2004, 5:01am; Reply: 42
I found some wonderful turkey bacon at the health food store, for those who miss bacon.  It's made by Applegate Farms, and it's nitrate free, free range organic turkey.  It looks kind of funny, but taste wonderful!  It doesn't get quite as crunchy as real bacon, but I like it better.  (I used to pick off the fat part of the bacon and just eat the meat part, so I only half liked it, this stuff is all meat! and 100% better than the grocery store brands of turkey bacon)
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Thursday, November 4, 2004, 5:22am; Reply: 43
That turkey bacon is great, isn't it?  I make mine on the George Foreman grill (turning often) and that's what I put in my Spelt Biscuits that I gave the recipe for today.

Funky Monkey - you would do well with beef or venison with your eggs.  I'm sure you'll get more ideas than your month has days, after reading all the other suggestions on the posts Heidi directed you too.

Welcome to the BTD and if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.  
Posted by: 1172 (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 11:49am; Reply: 44
Breakfast.... would that be first breakfast or second breakfast?  Sorry, must be the hobbit in me.  But I love breakfast!

How about starting with a small frying pan and some olive oil.  Add some veggie (left over roasted sweet potatoes, or jicama hash browns, or okra, or ....).  Add some left over meat (cut left over steak into strips, a piece of chicken ...).  After everything is warm, add an egg - sunny side up.

Or, I like to make a large patch of the follow so I can have easy left overs to heat up latter in the week.  Start out with cut up bell peppers and onion simmered in olive oil until tender.  Add some ground meat - I like goat and elk, but beef or turkey work too.  Throw in enough eggs until it looks good and mix together - warning, there is another thread that says scrambled eggs increase cholesterol, but to that I say  :P.  Conventional wisdom says most of what I eat causes high cholesterol.

Depressed about not having many grains?  Try this non-grain entree that makes me think I'm eating cereal.  It is extremely filling and satisfying.  Ground a couple tablespoons of flax seed in a coffee grinder.  Add water to cover.  Add in some powered carob.  Add in some allowable berries (I like blueberries).  Add in a handful of walnuts.  Drizzle some vegetable glycerin over it.  Let it sit for a while, mix, and enjoy.  (This is often my second breakfast).

In a hurry to get to work and don't have time for breakfast?  How about keeping some walnuts (or other nuts) and some raisons on hand.  Mix to taste.

How about a side of fruit - or a fruit smoothie?

The possibilities are endless....
Posted by: Alia Vo, Thursday, November 4, 2004, 1:47pm; Reply: 45

Welcome to the BTD!  Ditto with the aforementioned breakfast suggestions.  On the mornings which you do not have a desire to pull out the saute pan, you may be interested in making a shake with the O Protein Powder, which is sold at the NAP Store.  The protein powder is convenient for a quick breakfast, a portable breakfast on-the-go, a snack, or a trip.

I've provided a link with more information on the product:
Posted by: FunkyMonkey (Guest), Thursday, November 4, 2004, 4:09pm; Reply: 46
WOW thanks for all the help.  I am getting hungry as I read all the post.  I am going to have to go out and do some grocery shopping.  I guess I can stick with my eggs.  Maybe I will alternate with whole eggs and egg whites only days.   I want to try the breads soon maybe after I loose a few pounds.  Can anyone tell me what that actually tastes like?  I've never really been a bread eater more a rice person.  

Well an update from my sister after she told my mom I was a O "Yeah I really did think she was" was her reaction as ship laughed.  Yeah mom I was!!!  Im glad now that I know I can correct my way of eating.

Thanks again everyone its great to be able to come here to get support!!!
Posted by: Alia Vo, Thursday, November 4, 2004, 5:31pm; Reply: 47
Quoted from FunkyMonkey, posted Thursday, November 4, 2004, 4:09pm at here
I want to try the breads as soon as I loose a few pounds.  Can anyone tell me what that actually tastes like?  I've never really been a bread eater more a rice person.

There are three informative threads that contain plenty of information to answer all questions regarding bread frequency and the two common breads used by type O's: Ezekiel and Essence (manna) bread.

Frequency of Breads and Grains for O's?:,m=1097595058

Essence Bread:,m=1097009721

Ezekiel vs. Manna:,m=1096452876

Posted by: cindyt, Thursday, November 4, 2004, 6:48pm; Reply: 48
Here's what I do sometimes for breakfast.
I braise London Broil (beef or buffalo)to get it very tender, then freeze cubes of it, around 1" square.
I thaw one when I want this breakfast.

Shred the meat (I use a knife and sort of peel it off) and warm in olive oil, seasoning to taste.
Add some pesticide free frozen spinach (Trader Joe's has it).  I add quite a lot, maybe 2/3 - 3/4 cup.  Add some water and cover and cook till the spinach is done.  I usually do other things while this is happening.
When it's dry, scramble two eggs and add them to the meat and spinach.  Add seasonings if desired. I like cumin and basil. Cook till done.

There are of course ways to make this better, but they are more time consuming and dirty more pans.  You might, for example, cook the spinach separately, and then add it.  Or to make a true omelet instead of scrambled spinach, eggs and meat, you could take the spinach and meat out before adding the eggs, and put them back on top of the eggs when they have set.
Posted by: Lola, Friday, November 5, 2004, 4:03am; Reply: 49
try this one in your linseed mix with the walnuts......add hot homemade beef broth with vegetables......
Posted by: 1172 (Guest), Friday, November 5, 2004, 4:20am; Reply: 50

hummm...  Sounding like a barley substitute for a bowl of soup.  

Thanks!  I'll give it a try.  ;D
Posted by: FunkyMonkey (Guest), Saturday, November 6, 2004, 1:12am; Reply: 51
whats a linseed mix.  I love barley soup.  I would like to try it.
Posted by: heidi (Guest), Saturday, November 6, 2004, 1:16am; Reply: 52

It's in Aeowyn's post, fourth paragraph, about a grainy breakfast without grains.  

~   linseed = flaxseed.   :)  
Posted by: 1436 (Guest), Saturday, November 6, 2004, 1:10pm; Reply: 53
Funky monkey - I have an 0 in the family who is always in need of a quick breakfast. I just found beef sausage patties at the local grocery store - without avoids! A sliced apple and chocolate soymilk completes the package (My 0 is only 5.)  

Anyway - the helpful point -- take a day to hit all of your local grocery stores and then stick with the one who carries the largest varieties of all your beneficials. Good Luck!
Posted by: Josp (Guest), Wednesday, December 1, 2004, 4:06pm; Reply: 54
Hi everybody,

I'm new here, and also to the diet. I'm a type O, and I only eat fruit for breakfast. Usually some fresh fruits, and some dried figs, since figs are so beneficial for Os. I went to a lecture some time ago, where they recommended eating only fruit for breakfast, because it is important that the breakfast you eat is totally digested when you eat lunch. The same goes for lunch, which should be "lighter" than the supper in order to give the body the chance to digest it all before throwing down a lot of more food!! it all seemed to make sense to me.

This works great for me. before I changed to the blood type diet I used to eat vanilla yoghurt with strawberries, and cereals. A totally AVOID breakfast I came to realize, but I have had no problem in adjusting to my new beakfast habit.


Posted by: EquiPro, Wednesday, December 1, 2004, 11:03pm; Reply: 55
seem my most recent blog about my STRANGE, but SATISFYING breakfast!
Posted by: allbratz (Guest), Saturday, December 25, 2004, 5:32am; Reply: 56
I just started the diet a few days ago, and am concentrating on avoiding the "poisonous" foods before trying to eat only beneficial foods.  

Rice Chex cereal is alright to eat.  Rice Krispies have corn syrup, but Rice Chex doesn't.  Use soy milk, almond milk, or rice milk instead of dairy.

You can also make "hot cereal" by cooking rice in water.  When it's done cooking, top it with walnuts, dried fruit (figs and prunes are beneficial), soy milk, butter, honey, or whatever else sounds good.  You can make a big batch of rice at the beginning of the week and refrigerate it in individual servings with the condiments already on it.  Then all you have to do is microwave it and go.  Just make sure that there is at least a teaspoon of liquid before microwaving or it will be really dry when you go to eat it.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, December 25, 2004, 5:48pm; Reply: 57
it seems like you are already very well informed about your O diet!

hope you get your portions of protein and veggies every day, they realy give us the energy we need!

you seem to be in good shape, and have no weight problems!!!
if I were to have your rice chexs for breakfast, I d be craving sugar all day!!!
but this is what s great about this form of nutrition, it s so individualized, and we all find out what s good for us as we go along!!
throw some ground linseed into your rice, too.
it helps in so many healthy ways!!
Posted by: 31 (Guest), Saturday, December 25, 2004, 6:15pm; Reply: 58
I like throwing about a table spoon of pine nuts on  my oatmeal. For some reason, I don't even need to sweeten the oatmeal if I do that.
Posted by: 760 (Guest), Tuesday, December 28, 2004, 1:11am; Reply: 59
This mornin I had a slice of Ezekiel bread with a little almond butter topped with a sliced nanner...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Posted by: Ononimel (Guest), Sunday, January 9, 2005, 10:42pm; Reply: 60
Hi there,

Well I am a sweet tooth, I still eat fruit all morning with green tea, sometimes I vary it wirh puffed rice and rice milk with a protien powder added, (Like cocopops but O friendly), but I always make sure lunch contains protien like sardines, any beneficial meat and vegetables, or salad, and a traditional meat and veg dinner with fruit for dessert.

I hope I am doing okay with that. :-/
Love Melissa
Posted by: jtabos, Monday, January 10, 2005, 2:44am; Reply: 61
Breakfast for type O?  No thanks!  I'm a predator, not a non-stop feeding prey...
just juice, green tea, or a piece of fruit.
Let your body rest (of food intake) and detox at least for 12 hours a day... and feel the difference.
Posted by: carri01 (Guest), Friday, January 21, 2005, 4:55am; Reply: 62
This may not seem much like breakfast food, but once a week I make a big pot of chili, with ground beef, lots of onions, garlic, tomatoes and a little pinto and black beans.  I eat a bowl every morning to get me going.  I really miss my oatmeal, but the chili is just as filling and starts my day off on the right foot.  It's also nice having it all prepared beforehand so I don't have to think about it too much early in the morning when I'm hungry enough to just eat the first thing in the pantry that I see (or whatever the kids are having.)

Posted by: Lola, Saturday, January 22, 2005, 5:15am; Reply: 63
your chili recipe sounds yummy!!

can you share it with us pls?
Posted by: 1172 (Guest), Saturday, January 22, 2005, 11:33am; Reply: 64
Carri's chili sounds similar to mine - although I usually eat mine for lunch along with a big salad of mixed greens.

I don't do much measuring - and the spices are to taste anyway - but here's what I use.

ground burger (I've used beef, goat, and elk - all are good)
chopped onion
chopped garlic
tomato sauce and/or canned tomatoes
black beans (these are my favorite beans so they are the only ones I use)
sea salt
cayenne pepper

Brown the burger along with the onion and garlic – drain the grease and add everything else.  Adjust the seasonings to your own taste.  Sometimes I throw in some other spices like oregano or basil – depends on my mood.
Posted by: Betsy-O (Guest), Saturday, January 22, 2005, 8:42pm; Reply: 65
I am new here, but I thought I would get in on the breakfast chat. I have a protein shake made with pineapple juice and bananas and or blueberries and just green tea sweetened with stevia.
I am wondering if other O's have their children on the diet. I follow it pretty well for my children. Before I read the book I was eating just like a type A should. Does anyone have high cholesterol or other related health problems due to the high level of red meat in the diet?
Posted by: carri01 (Guest), Sunday, January 23, 2005, 5:11am; Reply: 66
My chili is pretty much just like Aeown's.  I don't measure anything, really, but use about these amounts:

1 lb ground beef, browned, drained, and rinsed
1 can chopped tomatoes
1/2 onion, chopped
big spoonful of minced garlic (the kind in a jar)
couple shakes of sea salt
a baby spoonful each of cayenne and chili pepper
however much beans --probably a cup and a half--ended up getting soaked over night in filtered water, drained (I've discovered that if you soak the beans in filtered water they cook much better and get softer than if soaked in chlorinated water.)
enough filtered water to just barely cover everything in the pan.

Bring all to boiling and then reduce to simmer for a couple of hours.  If you're from Texas, leave out the beans.

I don't know how you guys can eat just fruit for breakfast.  I wake up ready for breakfast every morning, but if I eat just fruit I'm hungrier in two hours than I would have been if I'd never eaten in the first place.  The same goes with eating a salad or only nonstarchy veggies and protein for lunch.

My cholesterol has decreased, as well as general inflamation and joint pain.  I also have much better control over reactive hypoglycemia with more meat and less starch and sugars.  I don't think I eat any more red meat than usual, but it may seem that way because there is so much less starch and sugar.  There may be a greater percentage of protein in the diet now, but I don't think the amount is really any higher.  

My children's father is type AB, which makes my kids either type A or type B, and though they haven't been typed, I'm pretty sure I've got one of each, judging by temperament, allergies, and health problems caused by certain types of food.  And they both refuse to follow any type of diet, but they are teenagers, so what can you do about that?  I do have one who will abstain from milk products now because of stuffiness, but that's as far as I've gotten.  Anyway, don't assume that just because you're an O that your children will be also.  My parents are both type A's, but each is a combination of O and A parents, which is how I ended up an O.  (I was secretly hoping I had really been adopted, but it wasn't to be.  Ha ha!)  
Posted by: Lola, Sunday, January 23, 2005, 6:46am; Reply: 67
ty both for the chili recipes!!
Posted by: Amai_916 (Guest), Monday, January 24, 2005, 10:28pm; Reply: 68
Quoted from cherylhcmba, posted Friday, October 22, 2004, 8:27pm at here
Hi Ximena,
Ghee is clarified butter.  Butter is simmered.  The water evaporates and milk solids are skimmed off after they rise to the top.  It is also commercially available, usually in glass jars instead of sticks.  Spelt bread is different from Ezekiel bread.  Spelt bread is made with spelt flour instead of regular wheat flour.  Ezekiel bread is made with sprouted grains.  The grains may even include wheat that is normally an avoid for Os as an example, but the sprouting process inactivates the harmful lectins.

Cheryl!!   :o You just made me really excited.... Are you saing that I, as an O, can have Ezekiel bread that contains "organic sprouted wheat, organic sprouted barley, organic malted barley..."??????  Because my mom just bought some Ezekiel bread and it looks way better than the rice flour and spelt flour bread I've been trying to stomach.

You just made my whole day....if anyone can confirm this for me, you made my day too  ;D ;D
Posted by: rosieb, Monday, January 24, 2005, 10:46pm; Reply: 69
sorry Amai,
O's cant have malt or barley. and if you are a noonie you cant have spelt either. have you tried a rye bread????

Posted by: Amai_916 (Guest), Monday, January 24, 2005, 10:49pm; Reply: 70
Quoted from rosieb, posted Monday, January 24, 2005, 10:46pm at here
sorry Amai,
O's cant have malt or barley. and if you are a noonie you cant have spelt either. have you tried a rye bread????


I should have known better than to get excited  :(.  I haven't tried rye yet because everywhere I look, it's made with wheat flour.  I'm not sure yet if I am a secretor or non yet.

Thanks for the info  :)
Posted by: rosieb, Monday, January 24, 2005, 10:52pm; Reply: 71
if you go to type base up the top, you can check what are or avoids for you. assume your a secretor.
Posted by: Betsy-O (Guest), Monday, January 24, 2005, 11:27pm; Reply: 72
My 3 youngest kids are O's, it was on their charts. I was told by a nurse that if the mom is an O they automatically put the babies blood type in the chart.
I have lost weight since eating the O diet. I wasn't fat but I felt a little bloated and my pants fit better. My husband lost about 15 lbs. He was a huge carb eater. My oldest daughter is an A. She won't follow it either. But she hates meat anyway. And fortunately for her, I was a vegetarian for years when she was small. I had no idea!
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 4:01am; Reply: 73
pls go to the 'member center' (top right of page) and chose your O avatar, like the rest of us, ty.
Posted by: yaman, Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 7:37am; Reply: 74
Hello Amai,

you were saying:

"Cheryl!!   :o You just made me really excited.... Are you saing that I, as an O, can have Ezekiel bread that contains "organic sprouted wheat, organic sprouted barley, organic malted barley..."??????  Because my mom just bought some Ezekiel bread and it looks way better than the rice flour and spelt flour bread I've been trying to stomach.

You just made my whole day....if anyone can confirm this for me, you made my day too  ;D ;D"

Actually you can have Ezekiel bread for the sprouting process destroys the dangerous lectins. Just make sure that there are no "wheat flour" added to it. So, sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, barley malt all OK for you, however, only neutral.

I recommend you to try the Essene (Manna) bread instead, for it is beneficial.


Posted by: Amai_916 (Guest), Thursday, January 27, 2005, 6:19am; Reply: 75
Quoted from yaman, posted Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 7:37am at here
Hello Amai,

you were saying:

"Cheryl!!   :o You just made me really excited.... Are you saing that I, as an O, can have Ezekiel bread that contains "organic sprouted wheat, organic sprouted barley, organic malted barley..."??????  Because my mom just bought some Ezekiel bread and it looks way better than the rice flour and spelt flour bread I've been trying to stomach.

You just made my whole day....if anyone can confirm this for me, you made my day too  ;D ;D"

Actually you can have Ezekiel bread for the sprouting process destroys the dangerous lectins. Just make sure that there are no "wheat flour" added to it. So, sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, barley malt all OK for you, however, only neutral.

I recommend you to try the Essene (Manna) bread instead, for it is beneficial.


Hello Yaman!  Thank you for your response, I will look for some Essene bread the next time I'm at Trader Joe's.  For now I will try the Ezekiel bread with sprouted wheat and barley.  There is no flour added.

Thanks again!   :)

Posted by: justabug (Guest), Thursday, February 24, 2005, 9:13pm; Reply: 76
I'm hoping this will post since I have had trouble in the past. I am an O and I'll tell you some examples of what I eat.

oatmeal with a scoop of rice protein powder ot type O protein powder, and a tablespoon of almond butter mixed in - with banana, blueberries or other O fruit on top. I don't use sugar and to me it doesn't need any.

2 eggs, a piece of spelt or kamut toast with butter, and half a grapefruit.

Some turkey sausage and a serving of Rice 'N Shine hot cereal, with a little soymilk and some type O fruit.

Hope this helps!
Posted by: NickyO (Guest), Thursday, March 3, 2005, 1:36pm; Reply: 77
Hi there- Nick0 here and this is such a great site!! Im new to BTD, but have lost a substantial amount of weight on Atkins type diet... but, feel that my husband and I both need to incorporate more "healthy" carbs into our diet- but w/ all our food allergies, Ive found the perfect place!!
However, upon starting the diet- I have been carbo-loading!! I guess from depriving myself from grains, rice, sugar for so long, I feel like "oh its ok to have those now!!" Unfortunatly- i have gone up on the scale, rather than down :(

So- im beginning to worry that my newfound freedom will be my doom! I read that some only eat fruit in the morning.. I love to have a smoothie in the am: Almond butter, Pineapple juice, black cherry liquid (the non-concentrated kind), some fresh blueberris, a splash of soy milk and 2 ice cubes. Grind it all up and YUMO!!

Im going to start structuring my eating more strict- and have always done best when i either skipped or eat a very early dinner... I know it doesn't sound too healthy but its what works...

I may try adding more protein and less carbs.. I will let you know how it goes!!

Here is the lunch im planning today: Salad, small portion of spelt pasta w/ Chicken breast.

Needless to say- im feeling great but after making those darn Rice-Krispies treats last night-- i think im better off not having those kind of things in the house

Nice to meet you all :)
Posted by: jillthepilllady, Thursday, March 3, 2005, 5:00pm; Reply: 78
NickyO, Welcom to the BTD!  If you would like to have a nice blood type flag like the rest of us (so you don't feel left out!), just go to the member center at the top right of the page and select Avatar settings.  That way, we will know at a glance what BT you are and you won't have to post it.  

Thanks for the smoothy recipe.  Sounds yummy!
Posted by: Draginvry, Friday, March 4, 2005, 2:57pm; Reply: 79
Quoted Text
Breakfast for type O?  No thanks!  I'm a predator, not a non-stop feeding prey...

Hehe, I feel the same way.  Although I can stomach beef for breakfast if I haven't eaten in a long time, I find that even lighter meats typically don't sit well with me.  This is probably because I get up so early for work that in order for my food to digest properly I would actually have to eat breakfast the day before!  I deliver newspapers, which is not fun on a full stomach.  It's not good form for us hunters to be doing stuff like that.  Running around on a full stomach...what a disgrace!

I'm new to all this, but in the past I've found that a good light breakfast consists of just some fruit.  Some bananas work sometimes, but now that I'm BTD I'm guessing that adding some prunes in there would really hit the spot for me.

Previously if I wanted something a little heavier, I would just eat some meatless chili with beans.  But since Black Eyed Peas are much better for us O's than most beans, I'll probably just come up with a Black Eyed Pea concoction by starting with the basic peas and just sprinkling in some fruits.  Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.  It sounds promising.

If I didn't have to get up so early and run around town, I might go with a meat or some other protein, but 2:00 A.M. is just a wee bit too early to be laying on the beef.

I also have to agree that you should occasionally go for a very light breakfast, sometimes eating a small serving of fruit, or (if you think you can handle it) nothing at all.  I did this alot before I discovered BTD, and by the time I get home from work I feel very cleansed.  Give your stomach a break and take a rest from eating sometimes.

EDIT:  okay, it's official.  VeryGnawty's Black Eyed Pea Concoction Mark II is now my meatless breakfast.  Just soak some black eyed peas overnight to cook in the morning.  If you are go-go, I suppose you could microwave them, otherwise you'd have to wake up early enough to simmer them so that they'll be ready by breakfast.  Once you have the peas ready, just add whatever your preference is.  I prefer to add some chopped onions, chopped celery, parsley, and oregano.  It's tasty, and isn't too much trouble.

EDIT2:  Well, it was still a little rough.  I suppose I'll stick with eggs and fruit.  But the Black Eyed Peas might make a good meatless Second Breakfast.
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