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Posted by: Peppermint Twist, Monday, September 27, 2004, 5:26pm

Salutations, fellow BTDers!  I first posted the following in a little e-list I started recently as a haven for BTD buds.  Like Susana, who started this thread, I thought a bril idea would be if we all shared our journeys, even though in that case we virtually all knew each other already, but just to get things started and to have there on record to help newbies who might look at our stories later.  So, Susana, great minds think alike and I think this is a great way to "get this party started right, uh huh!"  The following is a cut-and-paste (except with the last two sentences added just for this here fab, official new board!) of the story of my BTD journey, originally posted in my e-list group:

I was first introduced to the BTD by a friend and neighbor on my block, and I actually began the diet back on September 22, 1997, to be exact. Back then, there was no such thing as the low-carb craze and the hegemenous concept was that a diet high in complex carbohydrates, low in red meat, and low in fat was the healthiest way to go. Anyone who thought anything else was promptly labeled a nutbag of some ilk. So it was pretty wild, woolly and radical that I was sitting at my friend's house telling her in almost whispered tones that I felt sure that it was all the PASTA I ate that had made me fat, and NOT the sauces on it, such as pesto (high in oil), that people said was my problem. She said "Wait a minute--what is your blood type?" "My blood type?", I said, as I wasn't sure I'd heard that question right. "Yeah, what is it?" "O." "Wait right there!"

She popped up, ran out of the room, and I was like, oooo-kay, what was THAT, and then she came back with a copy of ER4YT that someone she works with had loaned to her (God bless that unknown person!) and urged me to look at it. Within one moment, I was transformed from a person who was DONE with dieting to a person who felt like light bulbs were going off in all directions and that I had to get and read
this entire book. Perhaps I had it in me to try ONE more diet--just one.

Well, I went to the local bookstore, bought ER4YT, and read it all in one marathon sitting. It is such an engaging and easy read, yet so packed with information. I was totally engrossed and found myself getting more and more excited to try this thing.

Of course and obviously, I did try it--went on it cold turkey, or rather, went OFF avoids cold turkey, and felt the healthful, positive results almost immediately. The first thing I noticed was that the cravings that controlled my daily life were greatly diminished. My body felt calm, nourished and sated for the first time in years. I recalled how, when I went on Weight Watcher's classic (now defunct) "selection plan", which had required at least some nominal amounts of protein, even at the zenith of the high-carb worshipping era, I had also observed how eating that protein (which normally I didn't do--I normally ate what I now realize was a FRIGHTENINGLY low amount of protein!) had cut my cravings. I also just started feeling so much better in general, and I was SATISFIED and ENJOYING food again!!!!

That was 1997. I didn't get on the internet and discover the BTD cybercommunity in the form of the old board on the official site until around the summer of 1999, but when I did, it became as important as the book itself to me, because the people on the board not only were supportive and fun and wonderful, but they had so much to TEACH me, and share their knowledge and experience they did!  It took me YEARS, for example, to really get out from under the grip of my cravings, even though the information and diet straight out of the book had helped immensely. It took "a village", so to speak, though, for me to learn how to customize the diet in ways that work for me to really eliminate carb cravings and stay on course. I feel I've done
that now, but it did take me until around 2002, so we are talking YEARS. But the great thing is--and this can happen for any and all on the BTD diet--that you CAN eventually get it so individually customized, via combining the "pure theory" from the book itself, with the knowledge you learn from others on the diet, and the EXPERIENCES you have yourself, that you can adjust it to really address your own weaknesses, strengths, and health challenges. Like for me, I now am so grateful to report that I know just what to do if I do get off track or unsteady on the diet to steady myself and keep those cravings at bay, keep them from coming in and taking over for any length of time. If I eat wheat, I know to take glucosamine and eat salmon ASAP, for example. Stuff like that. It only comes through experience and frankly through some FAILURES, like learning to ride a bike. It really is like learning to ride a bike! You HAVE to fall down a few times to "get it".

So that is my story, and all these years later, due to the aforementioned "falling down", I STILL haven't lost all the weight, but it is happening ever so sloooooooooooooooowly and surely now.  You know what they say: Slow and steady wins the race. And the thing is, I could NOT have done it without my cyberfriends in the BTD cybercommunity.  How great that this new board is here as a beacon of light for newbies on the official site again!  Just in case there are those like me, for whom it truly does "take a village".
Posted by: ED (Guest), Saturday, October 9, 2004, 1:07am; Reply: 1
My story and my advise is to follow things from their origin and this all started with Dr. James D'adamo to know this great man is proof for most without all the science that this way of life is a true way and  a narrow path & for a while only a few traveled , but thats all starting to change thank God and thank both Dr. D's
Posted by: jayney-O (Guest), Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 3:25am; Reply: 2
Leaping Greenly, (what a powerful name), your testamonial is a true inspiration. I keep an eye out for your posts and enjoy them! I've loved some of your food ideas, like the yeast spread! YUM. Jayney-O
Posted by: 362 (Guest), Saturday, January 21, 2006, 6:46pm; Reply: 3
Quoted from Edna

If I eat wheat, I know to take glucosamine and eat salmon ASAP, for example. Stuff like that.

Does glucosamine really work?  Does it really block the wheat?  Here is a neat article I found on n-acetyl glucosamine and lectins:   :)
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, January 21, 2006, 11:30pm; Reply: 4
haven t you tried it? )
what is your experience with NAG, Catrina?
Posted by: 362 (Guest), Wednesday, January 25, 2006, 12:24am; Reply: 5
No for whatever reason for all these years I've just figured avoids= suffering.  Don't ask me why I never bothered to buy any Deflect, guess I'm just lazy.  For some reason I have harbored the idea that I can "nuke" avoids with green tea, blueberries & and walnuts.  I now realize I misunderstood that those things detox polyamines.  I thought they blocked lectins.

Embarassed to admit that but then that's what these boards are for.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, January 25, 2006, 12:28am; Reply: 6
did you just change your moniker to libra?
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