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Posted by: rainman_1985, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 12:08pm
Sorry if this isn't the appropriate area for non-diet related questions but I couldn't see a better one.
My question is about something Dr D. wrote Nomads should be wary of, slow growing infections\bacteria. Could anyone give me some examples of such? I'm looking to do a major overhaul of my health and lifestyle and it would be good if I had some idea of what to investigate. I'm pretty sure my gut isn't optimal, my fingerprints are rife with lines, both vertical and horizontal and I recently had the worst bout of constipation I've ever had in my life, at one stage I had diarrhea which smelt like vomit and looked like mucous.
Also 2 of my friends are Nomads (I'm 90% positive they are) and both have had long-tem issues with their lungs, one's got a permanent hacking 'smoker's cough' and the other was coughing up blood most mornings. Both gave up smoking a long time ago but these symptoms persist. I've said to both of them to instruct their doctors to look into lung infections\bacteria because it would make sense with the way I read the Genotype book, ie 'Nomads have a fairly good immune system but once they get sick, especially with slow growing bacteria\infections, they can experience symptoms for a long time'. The blood coughing one actually had a positive result recently, I can't remember the specifics but his Doc was finally able to diagnose the problem, I think he ended up prescribing an antibiotic inhaler. My other friend is too scared to go to the Doctor, I think he's scared he's got emphysema or lung cancer or something even though he's only 30.
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 7:51pm; Reply: 1
you didn t mention following a swami?

are you familiar with it?
Posted by: TheGameChanger, Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 2:10am; Reply: 2
Quoted from rainman_1985

My question is about something Dr D. wrote Nomads should be wary of, slow growing infections\bacteria. Could anyone give me some examples of such?  

menieres disease in the inner ear fluids (something a former love of mine suffered from). He grew up in Africa as well, and from childhood onward, was prone to a high fever every month or so with no warning at all, which would keep him bedridden for a day. (strong immune system fought it back, but the core virus was never eliminated.)

viruses can also collect in Nomad liver/gallbladder site (close to the lungs, right?) and unless assisted with flushing or bloodype protocol, can stay stuck .....considering the liver/gallbladder make stones in themselves to try to encase the virus/bacteria.

Perhaps your other friend had the Walking Pneumonia for awhile - that stuff just won't go away without antibiotics.

I'm into liver/gallbladder flushes now.

Posted by: rainman_1985, Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 12:01pm; Reply: 3
Thanks for the responses.
No I haven't got the SWAMI software yet. I'm on a low budget at the moment and I'm not sure it's worth. What does it do again? Give you a strength percentage of your genotype, recommends foods and even meals, recommend supplements etc. What else does it do for you? I've been holding off getting it until I can get a Lewis Antigen blood test so I know whether or not I'm a secretor. I was hoping to get it done locally rather than paying the extra to send it overseas.

Know of any good wide ranging Liver\Gallbladder tests?
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