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Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, October 31, 2013, 1:01pm
I bought a cookbook just for its Epicurian delights.. in pictures..

Epicurian Delights:  Devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort.
Suited to the tastes of an epicure: an epicurean repast.
Epicurean Of or relating to Epicurus or Epicureanism.
A devotee to sensuous and luxurious living; an epicure.

I wish not to suggest any foods in particular, but rather give you an idea of what I see in the photos of foods the way they serve it today.  Lunches In NY City:  18.- each.. become proud of your food : become an epicure...

here goes: Each type of food from the photos I see but expect you to chose the right foods for you:  It is only the looks that matters here..

Breads.... just as a starch...  whatever bread type food we can have,
slice it skinny as can be... I might go so far as stretching it with a dough roller and then toast it in the oven?  For 1-2 person in the toaster oven is ok..

Allowed breads, will do for each of us, but we can enhance the same old..

add sliced cranberries and push them into the bread,
add cinnamon to it in swirls with butteror ghee added,
add olives cut in slices and add olive oil to toasted things..
add all sort of cut up nuts to Ezzekiel bread slices.. or bread as you can have.

Crush Rice into patties and add all the stuff above to it as well.
same with quinoa,  If you need to bind it, then maybe add a little egg wash..
again toast in the oven.

Add seeds crushed or whole, add fruit and toast it .. if need be add just a little trehalose as sugar, (plain) not complex is more expensive and serves a different purpose..

Roll up a slice of ezekiel or mna or whatever and add all the above items as you are allowed, then toast until crisp, looking like long bread sticks..  

Add raisins, or cut up dates, figs and cut up bits of strawberries,

Slice a banana and add the slices onto 'bread' or rice cakes made from fresh rice..

to give the old bread a different flavor spread a little yogurt ot spread a little cheese, add some spices.. whatever you like that day..

You can also use a baked potatoe skin in the same way by using it for all sort of ways to add morsals of tastyness!  
Toast potatoe slices and add all sort of things.  
Use any slicable food as a substitute for 'bread' as a vehicle to add things and find your mouth with.

Use ghee spread over fresh toasted oatmeal crakers,
add sea salt for crunch,
or olive oil drizzeled liberally.

add curry powder, or oter spices to ezekiel make spicy, flavored Bread sticks by shapping them into hard pressed bread sticks..

some cultures use other things to transport foods, I wish to hear from you!!

The trick here is to form the breads into unusual shapes.. sticks, tryangles or rounded balls (add a few drops of water) or any way you can think of..

as time goes on you will be saving time and money thinking of ways to pleasure your own eating and that of friends..

Company will never guess how it is compliant for you or for them.

I eat most foods on slices of food, open decker, with fork and knife.. I have a big lazy suzan on my table, and pile it full of 'add ons' ... in that way guest can help them selves to whatever I serve, easy reach.. and ample choices..

Care to come over?  Bring your own foods, and we will learn together.. I am looking forward to your posting ideas of your own..


my eys are not seeing the print well today I will correct later.. sorry

things I will post on,


You get the picture?   Ok so strat typing with your own ideas. hahaha  ;D  

Posted by: Lola, Thursday, October 31, 2013, 4:08pm; Reply: 1
be surprised at the beauty of DPN cookbooks!
Loads of wonderful pictures and great easy to make ideas
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, October 31, 2013, 4:23pm; Reply: 2

for me it has been 2 eggs for decades.. love them.. share with the dogs when I am near dogs..

but here are some other ideas:  

take a few strawberries or some cut up figs, or pears, or apple slices, or tangerines - then place them cut up in the saucepan and cook ever so gently cook them fresh smells wonderful, just enough for a day or two..

I make any fruit..even bananas, for fresh made jams.. with plain Trehalose? or with Trehalose complex .. or some other sugars as you are allowed..

add to the jams, or sauce, some nut or seeds, or

add spices, like a sprig of thyme later remove it..or

add anise seeds cut fine,
add even pepper,
add salt or be adventurous..
any spice.. you can do it one mouthful at a time just to see what you like.. or not?
I like lemon or lime juice..or some fine shavings of them as well

chestnut puree, hazelnut butters, all other allowed nut butters..

or add just a few toasted oats.. or some toasted nuts, fennel seeds..

to yogurt or any other creamy looking dairy as allowed.. serve in a soup bowl,or any other pretty dish, or glass ware,

Add any of the above also, keep testing for most liked flavors...

add whip cream for looks, chocolate grated fine.. butter in swirls..
even candied carrots will do..

peppermint leaves are nice as are rose hips when slightly toasted and cut fine

fruit in sauce form looks nice with any dairy, as a dish warm from the stove or cooled in the fridge.. add fresh fruit for garniture( decoration) very little will go a long way..just for looks..

if you like also add some flavorful oil as a drizzle, or
add some milk of whatever kind you have on your list.. or
a splash of Parmesan,

a splash of vanilla,
coconut shreds.. oil of coconuts??

a little fruit liquer..  
backing powder just for looks...

hot or cold .. all delish.. it is all in the LOOKS.. pictures, made with care.. it's not the amount, its the nice table set, or the fancy glass dishes.  Think 20.- in a the picture? and got the fresh cooked smells??  

Also, there is nothing wrong with meal like foods for breakfast, like any vegetable in broth, or cut up on a bowl of rice.. the trick is to make it look like a 20.- Pretty meal.. add a small sliver of fresh small onions.. you see the only end is the imagination you can bring forth..

share your own makings.. I wish to experience through your eyes.. and nose..

my friend makes tomates by cooking whole and serving with cheese, no bread required, or on rice with cheese, or rice  pudding, so many choices.. a sprig of green leaves.. sprinkle with kosher or sea salt.. around the edges for looks..

another taste might be added by one asparagus added.. or some burned onion slices.

many things can be made into  dip and served with eggs as well.. a dip is just a sauce, or a jam thingy..

add if you have a choice, some meat or a fish made just for a mouthful.. or slice of turkey.. ahh endless Sunday morning morning while reading the catalogs that came in the mail all week...  

please add your own creations..
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, October 31, 2013, 4:25pm; Reply: 3
Lola yes I have the cookbooks and will experiment ..

These suggestions from my other book, are much less specific.. and in no way BTD specific.

The new O book is what gave me the impetus to go a little further..
Posted by: Averno, Thursday, October 31, 2013, 5:52pm; Reply: 4

I sauté extra firm tofu slices in ghee, sprinkle with sea salt, then refrigerate for breakfast all week. When eaten with raisins and nuts, it tastes a lot like a cheese danish.   :D

Posted by: Goldie, Friday, November 1, 2013, 6:20am; Reply: 5
Averno.. delish.. and how do you also make it look good by the 7th day?  A nice plate even if only for you?  a sprig of this or a loving touch?  I am guilty of not caring about my vision/taste connections, to often I care only about eating it without much caring..  so you see I think I bought that picture book in NY to remind me on how to make food a epicurean delight.

Now I am taking on the way Lunch might be made to look like.


The differences from lunch by me when I am tired or hungry to when I make it for guest is not that different, only the looks might change greatly.

Having said all about 'bread' that brings food from the plate to the mouth, can be replaced by many other things.  

Strong boned vegetables serve well to bring food to the mouth.  

Ddd to them any vegetable made in small pieces, small bites, or purred and spiced and eating feels exquisite.
Cut onion slices super thin, or super long, curl them with a potatoes peeler.
Same with scallions,
Mix mashable vegetables with spices and serve as a side item.

Use salt as a dip dropped around the side of the plate.

Slice tofu and spice it by dipping it in spices that are pre cooked or fresh always colorful or contrasting

Add whipping vegetables that have strong color and used as a sauce, or spread on the ‘bread’ or plate makes food more interesting to look at.

Color differences have always been important in serving foods, but size makes a difference too.  

Some foods should be served whole for a difference, some others should be randomly cut or torn,

Tomatoes and all sort of veggies may be wilted in a pan, as might spinach leave by leave, or small leaves torn from stems but stems left on the plat just for decor

Fry chesses, and add all sort of things..
Walnuts one at a time, or chopped and sprinkled.. serve still hot on a hot plate.

Hot or heated plates is another such luxury that goes a long way.  
Or iced plates for cold things..

Some stone ware or pieces of stone/marble under a dish can look like fun, or a over size wooden plat might be fun too.  

Candles and flowers are not needed, a pretty sprig of cellery can serve the purpose of keeping things looking ‘simple’.

For a change use asparagus, anice, and other seldom used vegetables, but cut them in round slices, or long strings or just leave whole.  

Even mixed loosely placed on ‘bread it looks delish.

Spreads of all kinds are nice to keep things in place on ‘bread’ or lettuce leaves.  Roll the leaves or slice them, add a cucumber slice here and there and tastbuds will think they went to a gourmet shop..

Its all in the presentation.. You should look at the pictures I am looking at.

Add honey to cheeses, or spices to change the flavor.
To eggs add little dishes with spices, cut spices fresh or dried,

The size is only limited by your imagination, cut in half, sliced or serve whole even when not holiday time.  

It will be a epicurean surprise to be served that way, even when I serve just me..

Using slices thin or thick long or toasted, fresh or backed all makes the same old vegetable new.

Avocado or mango slices are fun to pile things on.  Avocado or other things of similar Beneficials serve to treat your imagination to create new foods not just for a party of many.  They work for a party of one also. Ha-ha.

The point of avocado slices , it is the shape that matters.  
Pizza looking foods are fun, and the cut off pieces can be used on a small plate just so as not to waist food. being frugal is perfectly OK, when not wasting food pieces.

Serve 1ounz of fish, pureed, chopped, or julienned, or shredded, and all makes for a treat to look at.  

Sea food is so colorful, only a little goes a long way when something is expensive.  
Add it to other things that compliment its taste.
In a 20.- dollar plate served in a pub, its not the amount of food, it is more the idea of food.
Spices fresh or dried, chopped,  or crushed, or heated all makes the same old spices feel different.

Add lemon/limes in thin slices often, or add the juice to things so long as it ads flavor, or serve in a small dish. Using all the dainty or decorative dishes is fun too.

Same with radishes, mint leaves or string beans, they are not for eating alone.  The mix of a few peas and greenbeans makes all the differences on a plate.

Serve sticky stuff (mayo, mustard) other allowed wet foods with dry stuff to hold it together and serve as a breadless slice.

Serve food on a piece of wax paper or tin foil, serve it with plastic ware onc in a while just for the pick nick fun in the middle of winter.

If you have just a little meat (or vegetables) left over make it into a spread by crushing it or mash it in the blender, then make it the basis for a spread on which to add mayo, yogurt, butter paddies, or whatever… Thus reverse the purpose of foods.  

Just lets all have fun even when it is Tuesday or Sunday brunch.

Take a picture of your creations.... take the word diet and change it to epicurean experience..  

Use the ideas  toadd all that you are perfectly capable of doing.. all the above is just a reminder of the days when we enjoyed the company of those clsoest, or the one we see seldom..!

Posted by: Goldie, Friday, November 1, 2013, 9:43pm; Reply: 6

chicken is not the only one.. Leek, cellery, Tomatoe, Rice in broth, Nuts in soup,
Seed soup, peas is not the only way, it can just be a little for color and the rest be cucumber, pumpkin... wow there are so many variety of tastes.  
pumpkin, small sliced omelet soup, vegetable whole or cut up i have no ends for soup.the differences are just the way you add the sprigs of this ot that..the spices the flavorings subtle or strong.. or the few peas added, or the ethnic soups a coked egg for decor, parsley is not the only thing..

aading a few nuts never done before is fun, now the soup has value, closer to the 20- dollar meal, with a few addition, like nutbutter, cream and the like,

chickpeas just a few, oatmeal flackes or whole oats.. limitless.....  

Oversized dishware, over size spoons, or even in a glass, make it special, make it liquid we need by adding more broth savoring individual veggies, or filling of that is right on a cold day...

.........and then there is fis soup, I have not much to add I do not like fish or seafood.. you need to add your own experimenting here..
Posted by: jayneeo, Saturday, November 2, 2013, 12:53am; Reply: 7
cooked beets, black olives, feta, some cooked peas and artichoke hearts! I just made up a winter salad. Now for the dressing... a homemade vinaigrette with a dash of dark sesame oil. Mm.
(I can have all of those!)
Posted by: Goldie, Saturday, November 2, 2013, 1:11pm; Reply: 8
Yes, I can 'see' all that.. so how did you serve your meal to you and Your own Self?  as usual or as gourmet cook, making it looking worthy of a 20 dollar bill, served by a high hat master chef - (my father haha) in a pleasant atmosphere?

Spill the beans here, let us know.  Would it be worth to make that difference in not only BTD but looking Worthy of a Queen!

Did you savor every morsel.--- I am getting hungry.

I wonder .... is the wishful memory of my father the reason I take delight in cooking for me and my friends?  I am typing this while I am sitting here looking at the reflection of the clouds in the water.  The clouds are orange and pink and the water is reflecting this.  I love the mornings I just wish other who are up so early would say: Good morning.. I have to call my sis in Switzerland to have some one say Good morning.. have a nice day.. the time difference helps there.

So after you salad above, here goes:


Call it a salad, but use it with different ideas in mind:  some are detoxing, some are sweet and still some are just what is left over in the fridge.

Make the veggies thinnnn sliced, make them julienne, make them large leave, but make them yammyyyyy.

Mix and mix some more, as a base with thin slices of pasta as allowed, or meat, or tofu, couscous or rice, with dandelions large and small, but always serve with pen-ash.. dribble the dressing or serve in a dish, with guest you can serve a few dressings..

add fruit slices or just use the juice of a fruit..
add lemon/lime for picant flavors,
add the leaves from carrots,celery roots, beets,
add water cress, or sprout your own..

Overload a small dish placed on a serving platter just for a change,
or serve just a little in the biggest plate you have,
Use toothpicks for the small goodies, or serve with a dinner fork if it is the main meal,
Use the good silver, or the fancy cucumber forks, lovely napkins...

Choose the color plate to add to the science of color palette.. make it a plate worth of the artist inside of you.

Don't forget mustard's, spices fresh or ground.

Use spicy cheeses if that is ok, mix it with blah vegetables.  
Warm some foods to change the effect of food flavor and change of pace.

Not all salads are fresh foods, nuts and beans may feel more like a meal, but as a side dish it still allows for other foods, vegetarian or not.

When adding fruit ad balance with protein.. no need for me to tell you, you are way better in any position to know what how or when.. all I wish to do is say: Look at your plate and make changes from the ordinary.  

Add fruit, add berries, add crumbs of starches, some dry some wet,

Thin slice some things so thin you can see through it.

Explore to add new things, add new flavors new looks.  Enjoy you food!  
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