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Posted by: 49798 (Guest), Saturday, August 31, 2013, 3:33pm
Dear friends at the D'Adamo website,

thank you for all your wonderful work and this valuable knowledge you have made available.

I was wondering about the type O diet: food items are marked as "avoid," "neutral," or beneficial. As I understand, some food items would be more "to avoid," more "harmful" than others - for the type O, wheat, for example, is particularly harmful.

So I am wondering if some of the "avoid" items can be eaten with less harmful effect than others. In my specific situation: I am able to follow the diet quite well, I think, with the exception of use of black pepper, cinnamon, and sometimes nutmeg. (which I use in conjunction with Ayurvedic cooking) Is it possible to experience the benefits of the diet while regularly using these three spices? (That is, they are not particularly good, but "not good" on a much smaller scale than, say, wheat). Could anyone bring some clarity to this for me? I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance and all best wishes,
Posted by: Goldie, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 3:51pm; Reply: 1
There was a recent post on this you might go tosearch above and enter the words and see what was said then..  
Posted by: RedLilac, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 4:16pm; Reply: 2
According to the Type Base, Black pepper is neutral for O’s.  So is cinnamon if you’re a secretor.  If you’re a nonnie, it is an avoid, but it doesn’t have a lectin.  While nutmeg is avoid for secretor but OK for nonnies.  It does have a lectin, so I’d use this sparingly, if you must.

There are AVOIDS which give a person a negative reaction & avoids which are not noticed.  But those minor ones could have an accumulative effect, so use them sparingly.

If you stay with this diet, you might progress like me from BTD – GTD – Swami.  Then some of the food values might change.  
Posted by: yaeli, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 4:57pm; Reply: 3
Regarding the three spices in your question, I find a reference - but  for O secretors only - in the food lists in the book Live Right for Your Type (LR4YT).

In this book Dr. D divides the food lists into 2 tiers. The first tier foods - foods that belong in the front line - are absolutely significant in the diet, while the 2nd tier foods are for the consideration of these secretors who choose to follow the diet more strictly, with a higher level of compliance. Again this is relevant for secretors only, probably because non-secretors are naturally more vulnerable, so it is recommended to all of them to follow the diet more strictly from the beginning.

So, Black Pepper is in the O first tier, and this means it is a prominent avoid for Os.

Nutmeg, an avoid, appears in the 2nd tier, which means it may be left for a further consideration (of the O secretor).

Cinnamon is a Neutral and may usually be consumed by Os with no problem.
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 5:03pm; Reply: 4
:) welcome

once you ve taken care of the lectin damage and unclogged your insulin receptors
you might wish to introduce certain avoids back and note the reaction in your body.

write a food log .....

in GTD certain avoids become black dots, meaning you can gradually introduce those and treat as infrequent neutrals......only you can decide if right for you

in the mean time, take it one day at a time and enjoy your voyage to health

try this quiz for starts
Posted by: SquarePeg, Saturday, August 31, 2013, 7:28pm; Reply: 5
welcome, friend!

if you must use black pepper, buy whole peppercorns and a pepper mill, and use freshly ground.  part of the problem with black pepper is the mold that can form after the corns are cracked open.

in general,  yes there's a spectrum of food goodness and not just three clear cut groups.  but expecting someone to tell you how good or bad a particular food is for you... that's unrealistic.
Posted by: Mrs T O+, Sunday, September 1, 2013, 12:37am; Reply: 6
If those are your only avoids, you are doing great!
From experience, I think that certain avoids bother me more, but that is outwardly. Others may also do harm, but are unnoticed outwardly.

I find that if I eat 3 different avoids in a time period, there are fewer outward symptoms than if I eat 1 avoid 3 times in the same time period.
Posted by: 49798 (Guest), Monday, September 2, 2013, 1:56pm; Reply: 7
Thanks very much everybody for the great replies! This is interesting to me. I have just read the original book, "Eat Right 4 Your Type," in which Dr. D'Adamo says that for practical purposes, all you really need to know is your blood type, and that Rh positive or negative, secretor, non-secretor, etc., can be interesting but are really secondary. So from what I read in your posts, it seems that the secretor/non-secretor status is really determinate in terms of what is beneficial or not beneficial for one to eat. And looking at the information on the different food items, it seems like knowing whether one is secretor or non-secretor (I don't know in my case) can make all the difference in figuring out whether the food should be part of one's diet or not.

Thanks again for your help and best wishes!
Posted by: yaeli, Monday, September 2, 2013, 3:11pm; Reply: 8
Check the foods in the TYPEbase Food Values under Online Support at the top of this page:

Every food in the lists is rated for each blood type twice: for secretor and for non-secretor.

Dr. D augmented the system to include different diets for secretor and non-secretor in his book Live Right for Your Type (LR4YT).
Posted by: Goldie, Monday, September 9, 2013, 10:43am; Reply: 9
IT matters way beyond secreter status.. It matters more in understanding your self!  Nonnies are more prone to being here, as we may have more issues.  Food wise it is only a few foods that matter, but knowing ever more about you is best.. Ultimatly Swami will be your best guide!   But a good (original) grounding is still the best for anyone coming here to learn!  
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Monday, September 9, 2013, 11:36am; Reply: 10
The specific "worst avoids" vary from one individual to another, even among the same blood type. My oldest daughter can handle small amounts of wheat with no problems, but potatoes mess up her skin. Meanwhile, both my younger daughter and I react horribly to wheat. I react badly to potatoes, but not as badly as I do to wheat, and my younger daughter "cheats" with dairy, potato, and corn fairly regularly- wheat is the only thing she strictly avoids away from home.

In your specific situation, the 3 spices should be OK. I certainly wouldn't hold off on following BTD because those spices keep you from being able to be 100% compliant.

If you're doing your own cooking, you can use ground cayenne pepper in place of black pepper in any recipe. If you're used to using a pre-measured spice mix rather than always using individual spices, you can make your own mix from compliant spices.
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