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Posted by: BCgal, Friday, July 5, 2013, 12:52pm
I'd appreciate some input here.  One of the check boxes in filling out the Swami is "chronic fatigue".  Do you have to have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome to check this off?  Or under what conditions would you check it off?  Most of my adult life I've struggled with energy.  And I'm dealing with a congested liver once again.

If I check it off I'm an Explorer and if I don't I'm a Gatherer.  Both about the same percentage.  There are a few foods that I would eat regularly that are either Diamonds or Avoids depending on what I am.

Any clarification on what circumstances would warrant checking this box would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
Posted by: Lloyd, Friday, July 5, 2013, 1:39pm; Reply: 1
If you are confident that you have chronic fatigue then check the box and otherwise don't (any doubt).

You have the option of going with one diet for a while and seeing how you do, and switching if it seems the correct thing to do.
Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Friday, July 5, 2013, 2:03pm; Reply: 2
the key is "chronic" pretty much unable to do anything then tick.
Posted by: Victoria, Saturday, July 6, 2013, 5:02am; Reply: 3
One difference between chronic fatigue and just running out of energy everyday is:

With normal fatigue, you can get exhausted, but after a good night's sleep, wake up with energy to start the new day.

With chronic fatigue, you feel exhausted nearly every day and after a night's sleep, you don't feel restored.  It's like you can never fill your tank full and are mostly running on nearly empty.
Posted by: 47774 (Guest), Saturday, July 6, 2013, 1:50pm; Reply: 4
Re your liver, Hulda Clark's Liver Cleanse, is an all natutal, do at home treatment. I too had boo qoo liver problems and have cleared them all up, (A N G E R issues dissapear as well) !!!

I did 3 liver cleanses over a few years. I used it in conjunction with RIFE technologie, but had good results, in the beginning w/o the RIFE.

Posted by: SquarePeg, Saturday, July 6, 2013, 3:48pm; Reply: 5
A diagnosis of CF is a long process of ruling out other issues.  For example, if you even wake up exhausted, it could be due to Sleep Apnea and not CF.

If you really want to know whether to check the box (and not just get folks' opinions), you'll need to contact Dr. D directly.  Otherwise, I'd say Lloyd has the right idea.
Posted by: BCgal, Saturday, July 6, 2013, 4:34pm; Reply: 6
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your comments.  
I decided to keep the box unchecked, and that makes me a Gatherer.  Just one with a very congested liver.  Started my 3 days of apple juice fasting today and will take the oil Monday night.  Wll try and do 2 - 3 more cleanses before our canoe trip the 24th of August.
Posted by: jayneeo, Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 5:25am; Reply: 7
Oh, wow. After all these years....I believe I could be an explorer!!! :o
I will have to redo swamiX to see.....I have CFS and realize now that I've had it before..... insomnia, fatigue, running flat out of energy at around 2....etc. I have numerous MTHRF mutations which could be the cause of these problems.  
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 7:10am; Reply: 8
The question is not your symptoms.. IT'S your Genetic Inheritance.. ?

Mom was cancer prone, Dad had diabetes issues.

Diabetes in your family?  Sugar or hunger makes you react?  Hypoglicimia on issue = Gatherer..

Or what other family treats are matching other Gene expressions?  

Check for avoids in both lists, then stay away from the once that match, while some avoids might be ok once in a while.. It happened with blueberries for me.. Beneficial in some diets, Avoid for a time, and Neutral now..
Posted by: jayneeo, Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 5:03pm; Reply: 9
Oh, I have been IDed as a gatherer by swami, but that can change with new info. And ...just speculatin'...with CFS, could I become an explorer? When I get around to inputting that into swami, I guess we'll find out.
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, July 9, 2013, 5:22pm; Reply: 10
I say keep looking to your family tree.. the answer is there..
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