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Posted by: 28329 (Guest), Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 5:48pm
Hi I am new to the GTD and Blood type diets and wanted to ask some questions about SWAMI. Does the program go into further detail about my classification? I currently register as Nomad. I see other posters who have far more information than I do from simply reading the book. If so what additional data will I need?  I ordered the Genotype kit so am pretty sure I am Nomad but not sure what percent.

Also I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian who will eat some fish.  Will this program give me some other options for meals or is it a one size fits all list of items? I don't think I will ever be able to eat Caribou, Moose, Goat and Kangaroo even if I could find them. Does the program have any more scientific information about the diet plans and why things are or are not good for me? I have read the info under Swami but it did not answer my questions.

Posted by: C_Sharp, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 5:55pm; Reply: 1
> I ordered the Genotype kit so am pretty sure I am Nomad but not sure what percent.

The kit will not supply you a percentage.

If you are following the kit or the book. You are 100% the calculated type.
You do not consider any other lists, you just look at the lists for your calculated type.

The kit supply you with taste strips, fingerprinting ink, protractor for measuring jaw angle, ...

If you do choose to get SWAMI, you should ignore the percentage given.  It is an intermediate calculated value that is not useful to individuals in determining what to eat.  

SWAMI goes ahead and calculate a diet plan to fit 100% to the data provided rather than any of the GenoType labels from the book.
Posted by: C_Sharp, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 5:58pm; Reply: 2
Quoted from 28329

Also I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian who will eat some fish.

In the forthcoming release (SWAMI XP2) there will be some ability to slect dietary preferences. The current release does not provide for this.

Posted by: PCUK-Positive, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 6:05pm; Reply: 3
Hi pchem95 Swami is totally individual, so even though it will more accurately pinpoint your geno type it will be giving you foods that are specific to you, when on swami it is best to not get too enthralled with genotype as the program does all the work for, it also takes family history, your own medical details. and precise measurement, keeping this all up to date. so when you change it changes too.

it will give you  the maximum foods available taking all that into account, some of which you can emphasized and de emphasised. you can off course decide to not eat a recommended food like caraboo, that is your choice of course. there is some detail in the printed out data that is interesting but again it tries to make it easy for you rather than being a technical guide to blood type. there are plenty of areas where you can learn as much or as little as you like regarding that.

I would say personally that one of the smartest things I have ever done is to buy swami. That's a pretty good recommendation I think. enjoy oxo
Posted by: C_Sharp, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 6:12pm; Reply: 4
Quoted from 28329
Does the program have any more scientific information about the diet plans and why things are or are not good for me?

SWAMI gives you a printout of around 40 pages.

It explanation is thus briefer than the books. (But tailored to you individually)

If you are wanting a more scientific explanation ignore the mass market trade publications and get Dr. D'Adamo's textbook.  Which provides a much more scientifically rigorous explanation of the diet plans.

Posted by: C_Sharp, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 6:19pm; Reply: 5
Quoted from 28329
the program go into further detail about my classification?

SWAMI uses additional data (that you can optionally supply) to determine a customized diet plan that is not the same as of the diet plan given in the book.

You can optionally enter lab tests, secretor status,  family history information, genetic haplogroups.

Whatever information you choose to supply will be used to calculate a personal diet plan.

If you had the data necessary for the book, you have the minimum for SWAMI. You can add more data as you find it out. But you do not have to rush out and get a lot of expensive lab work done to use SWAMI.
Posted by: 28329 (Guest), Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 6:40pm; Reply: 6
Thanks so much for your responses. Also thanks C_Sharp for the book link.  I will definitely use that. I am a licensed pharmacist and study herbal therapy and homeopathy in my spare time. I also have studied epigenetics and this whole theory is very fascinating.  

I am somewhat overwhelmed when reading these blogs as people have listed 48% Nomad/52% Explorer and I was unsure how they arrived at those values.  I do think it will be worthwhile to do the SWAMI but should I wait for the next release of the Swami XP2?  Would I have access or an update available to me if I just buy it now and then upgrade during the new release?

Thanks so much for your all of your responses and have a great day!
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 6:59pm; Reply: 7
yes, updates will show up in your interphase.......
Posted by: ruthiegirl, Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 7:18pm; Reply: 8
If you buy it now, you automatically get the updated version when it comes out. If the software is updated in 10 years, all current SWAMI users will get a free upgrade to the newest version. So there's no reason to delay buying SWAMI just because a new version is due out "sometime soon."

SWAMI will take the measurements you used to calculate your genotype, plus information about family and personal health history, and come up with a diet "just for you." It will include a "genotype label" but the label isn't important- the diet is personalized, and the label may differ from what you measured out for in the book.

The percentage isn't really important. It just tells you how much *you* is found in the genotype "as is." If your SWAMI called you 100% Nomad, your diet would be identical to the Nomad diet in the book. (I've never heard of anybody having a match higher than 55%) If SWAMI called you 31% Nomad, for example, then 31% of your SWAMI diet would match the Nomad diet in the book, and the other 69% is personalized just for you. Your personalized SWAMI could just as easily label you an Explorer or a Gatherer, but this diet would vary quite a bit from any of the diets in the book. You can't possibly be a Hunter, Teacher, or Warrior if you're a type B.

It's going to present you with a whole bunch of foods, with 5 categories of "goodness" for you: diamonds (super-beneficial), beneficial, neutral, black dot (foods you can have in small amounts a few times a year) and avoids. It will also recommend portion sizes and frequencies.

You'll be given a list of fishes, eggs, dairy products, and vegetable proteins that are good for you. If you're not eating any of the meats, use common sense about increasing the portion frequencies of other kinds of protein foods. I would suggest keeping the total protein portions the same.
Posted by: 28329 (Guest), Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 10:32pm; Reply: 9
Thanks Ruthiegirl! I am off to order my SWAMI. Your information was very helpful!
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 5:54am; Reply: 10
watch this video when filling in
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