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Posted by: aussielady582, Saturday, December 22, 2012, 4:04am
I have a few questions for 'Hunter' genotypes or anyone in general if you can help.... especially those with food intolerance issues, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia.
1.  Cinnamon powder:  if cinnamon is not recommended for type O (I checked list on this site), what spices do others use in baking ie cardomom? cloves? aniseed?  what are best for gut health. I remember aniseed was mentioned in the book...  sorry folks, I haven't subscribed to Swami yet, but may do so in 2013 (when my budget allows).
2.  Kumult flour:  I notice that kumult flour was ok in the lists for non secretors, could not find it at health food store, so bought quinoa flour instead as I want to make carob/chia seed (biscuits) cookies.  Has anyone used kamult flour, how is it and why is it recommended over spelt flour? something to do with the gluten levels??...just wondering....
3.  Fresh dairy cream:  is cream really that bad for us? I know that dairy is not for type O's but cream has hardly any lactose like milk or yoghurt.  I just like cream, especially in warmer weather. I feel I need more fat these days, so will ghee be best to help heal gut lining? do others use avocados or coconut oil at all? perhaps I get anough fat in salmon and beef? what do you think ?
4.  Eating Liver:  do other 'hunter' types eat chicken or calf liver? and is it ok.  I don't do well with much fruit in mornings or grains (which I used to use too much sweetener on), so am trying to follow more of the low fodmaps diet, to keep sugar/fructose levels lower.....I quite like liver some mornings at breaky time.., it is ecomonical to buy, quick to cook and seems to fill me up ok, I cook it with a little fresh red chilli, garlic, ginger, onion, tumeric.  I have some fruit to begin.
5.  Nori/suchi roll choice if not at home:  if you are out and need a quick snack, would you go for beef suchi roll or raw salmon roll? the salmon may be raised in a fish farm, and the beef may not be grass/pasture fed.  I am not overweight (am underweight actually).  so I need to still build a little more muscle, but I need the omega-3 oils as have had inflammatory problems.
Look forward to checking back with you soon.  I hope I haven't overloaded you with questions... :) seasons greetings everyone!
Posted by: Lola, Saturday, December 22, 2012, 6:23am; Reply: 1
how about a secretor test and start finetuning

trial and error is all you need for your body to tell you if.....
Posted by: Goldie, Saturday, December 22, 2012, 7:39am; Reply: 2
Quoted Text
3.  Fresh dairy cream:  is cream really that bad for us? I know that dairy is not for type O's but cream has hardly any lactose like milk or yoghurt.  I just like cream, especially in warmer weather.
I feel I need more fat these days, so will Ghee be best to help heal gut lining? do others use avocados or coconut oil at all?

I am answering as Gatherer, so may be all wrong for you..

You will never get the question on Cream answered .. even in Swami where I am allowed quark cheese, similar to creme fresh, it does not say Fat free, low fat, or regular fat.. I wish..

I used to use cream and I believe it did never bother me, where milk did... I can have Full ice-with CREAM and it does not bother me, a little spoon full of milk in low fat ice cream gives me belly aches..

Ghee is better for us, but the flavor is not to my liking as butter, the smell is like old.. fresh butter is nice and I use maybe a pound in 3 month.. just a smidgen when making eggs, and not always... I eat too many eggs, supposed to have only 5 a week on my Swami..

I have avocado occasionally, in some books it is OK the have it, in others I am not to have it, while the oil is Neutral.. so I have it, but I do not add stuff to it, I like it naked.

From type base..:  TYPE O:   Secreter:   AVOID             Non Secreter:   BENEFICIAL  
Swami Neutral.

NOT to advise you at all..... I have coconut .. it was all over the place also.. NOW it is diamond Super Beneficial for me.. I am nonnie ...

From type base.. TYPE O:     Secreter:   AVOID       Non Secreter:    NEUTRAL  
my Swami:  Diamond Super Beneficials.

Since yesterday I am tempted to find some again for some addition to my oil intake.. there was a post regarding it possibly lowering lipids.. I wonder how to use it?  

I am usually strong on sticking to super or at the very least Beneficials, but I also understand the questions you raised.. some times we just have to weigh our own RISK.. and learn from the experimenting..   I will retest my lipids with my doctor after two months with coconut oil.. that is the only way I can be sure that I am not doing harm.. In the end all the best in whatever you decide..

As for Lola's advise.. yes find out if you are a nonnie.. it matters.. Your doctor might be willing to do the secreter test.. even though he may not ever have done it before..  may have to look it up.. mine had to..


Posted by: ruthiegirl, Thursday, December 27, 2012, 11:59pm; Reply: 3
Cream has never been evaluated for BTD. Some say "use the value for milk" and others say "it's unrated so therefore neutral." It's up to you how careful you want to be, and whether or not to include a "questionable" food item in your diet.

Some O individuals include cream and do just fine on it, while others don't do well on it. Personally, I'll have it very occasionally (such as real whipped cream on a  birthday cheesecake) but it's not something I consume regularly nor keep in the house.

With the nori or sushi rolls away from home, watch out for "hidden avoids" such as sugar in the rice mixture. The nori itself is fine, and I sometimes make sushi at home where I can control the ingredients (actually, my daughter Leah makes it, as I can't seem to make it without making a huge mess of it.)
Posted by: aussielady582, Friday, December 28, 2012, 12:12am; Reply: 4
Thankyou Lola, Ruthiegirl, and Goldie.  Yes, I've thought of doing a secretor test, but haven't organised it, need to order it first, then think send it overseas to USA.  Any idea how long it takes for results?  Yes, I wonder about sugar in the nori rolls, I try to avoid, but when out, sometimes there is not much choice, I don't like to eat at Indian takeaway, due to the oil they use (possibly refined sunflower).  I don't use the soy sauce these days, although I used to, so I am getting better at choices.
Re the dairy cream, I think I'll give it a miss from now on, it may taste nice for a short time, but doesn't digest well, esp if I eat it in the evening.  I also get reactions when eating coconut milk/cream; I also think when one is a bit weak/yin condition, yin foods will make one feel worse, these are 'yin' according to macrobiotic counselors ie dairy and coconuts (tropical food).
thankyou ladies, I'm slowly getting there; this morning, had a nice breakfast of goji berries to start, then stewed red apple/plum/prune; followed by sprouted spelt bread sauteed in ghee with tumeric, aniseed, black cumin seed; a few fresh blueberries on top with a little agave syrup; followed by a few roasted pumpkin seeds; this was delicious and I still have energy and good mental focus - a nice GT 'hunter' breakfast.  wishing all happy new year 2013!!
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