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Posted by: SadieMay, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 3:11pm
My husband, a classic Hunter, Blood Type O, is recovering from Hanta Virus that he contracted last October (2011). Luckily, his doctor had seen the virus in 2006 and quickly started blood infusions of my husband's own blood that was filtered through an ultra violet light to kill the virus.
We learned months later, after he was improving, that he was very close to death by the time he saw his doctor.  This virus works very quickly and only 1 in 3 survive it.
Now that the crisis has passed, after close to 100 blood infusions and 3 doctor visits a week, the damage to his cells and joints remains.
I am looking for any suggestions of others experience (especially Hunters/O's) who may have found a natural aid in recovering from any serious virus.
His doctor is doing prolotherapy, homeopathy, accupuncture, NCR, whole food supplements....and is very open to any therapy we suggest.  He has some knowledge of blood groups, but has not studied geno typing.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 3:21pm; Reply: 1
try the online protocols if you do not have an encyclopedia
Posted by: Victoria, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 6:02pm; Reply: 2
Hi Bell Barbara,  :)
It's awesome that you were fortunate to have a doctor who made a correct diagnosis and in time to save your husband's life!  Now is the process of recovering and regaining health and balance.  From my own experiences with chronic illness, the recovery time can be long and persistence is really important.  I believe it is possible to regain health and vitality and you are going to have to be like a detective - sometimes helping him stabilize his food choices and nutritional balance, sometimes working with adaptogenic herbs to rebuild stamina and vitality, sometimes addressing specific issues (such as joints, etc.).  
I don't have a quick answer for you, but a few ideas:
First, I hope that he will eat very, very well and for his genotype (or SWAMI, which would be ideal).

He may need to rebuild his adrenals and make sure he is getting in bed early enough for that block of time when the body's energy naturally goes toward that work.  That would mean at least by 10 pm.  Otherwise, the adrenals kick into their "second wind" and lose the chance to recover on that particular night.

Study Dr. D's list of Protocols and work with one or two of them at a time.  Feel free to use some herbs (no need to use all).  Usually the most important are listed first.  For example, there is a Protocol for Recovery from serious illness.  Another for Arthritis, another for Detoxification.  Start with the most pressing issues.

He should really, really get his gut balanced and thankfully, Dr. D has some awesome and very effective supplements to help us in this area.  I owe a lot to him for the way my life has changed for the better as my intestines have healed and the appropriate microbes are now thriving.  Look into Intrinsia, Polyflora O and ARA 6 especially.

I'll stop in with more ideas as things come to me.  :)
Posted by: SadieMay, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 9:02pm; Reply: 3
Good suggestions.....I have copied both the Anti-Inflammation and the Chronic Illness Recovery Protocols and will take them with us to the doctor next week.  He is skilled in kiniseology and tests supplements this way, but he is always open to any help or suggestions we want him to try.
We are so blessed to have this guy for our doctor and friend.  Til now I have been so focused on doing what the doctor suggests that I now feel we can start venturing on our own to try what feels right to us.
Thank you!
Posted by: Victoria, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, 9:55pm; Reply: 4
If you have a copy of the Genotype Diet book, check the supplement guide for Hunters.  There is a list for toning down the Hunter's inflammatory genes, along with turning down the Rapid Aging and anti-stress.  Just some more tools for working on an even more specific level for your dear Hunter.  :)
Posted by: aussielady582, Saturday, December 8, 2012, 3:21am; Reply: 5
All I can think of for now, is to get your husband to rest rest rest, to bed before 10pm (as was mentioned) - ayurvedic doctor are big on regular routine every day;  keep warm; and enough healthy fats in system ie ghee made from organic butter; to buffer and help any inflammation in body - good for intestines.  Olive oil good..... re-read Genotype Diet book.
I make a nice tea which I really like; finely chop some fresh ginger root; place in a small pan on stove with about 2 or so cups of water, add some seeds like fennel seeds, aniseeds, cumin seeds, black peppercorns, cloves, cardamon seeds from the green pods, cinnamon stick.  Boil for about half hour - add more water as wome will evaporate, then sieve into a cup.  Add a small amount of sweetener if really needed, try and stick to a low fructose sweetener like pure maple syrup if you have some on hand, or just drink as is.  It has a wonderful comforting effect on me, great for digestive system, soothing and cleansing.  Keep up pure protein sources too for healing, ie easy to digest salmon, sardines, cod, herring, mackerol - not from fish farms though, make sure fish is good quality and wild caught!  Enough warm quality water to drink.
Posted by: RedLilac, Sunday, December 9, 2012, 3:20pm; Reply: 6
I googled the virus and there was a recent outbreak.

“As of November 1(2012), the National Park Service (NPS) has announced a total of 10 confirmed cases of hantavirus infection in people who recently visited Yosemite National Park. “
The visitors to Yosemite are residents of: California (8), Pennsylvania (1), and West Virginia (1).
Three of the confirmed cases were fatal.
“Deer mice carry the airborne virus in their droppings, urine and saliva. People can inhale it when it mixes with dust, especially in confined, poorly ventilated spaces. Humans have never been known to transmit it.”

Where did your husband contract it?
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