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Posted by: Easy E, Friday, October 26, 2012, 2:33pm
I have been doing explorer type exercise (bicycle riding) and i love it.  It cleans out my system and my irritability i had has all but disappeared.  I can only do it on my days off, which is only 2 or 3 days a week max (i work 12 hour shifts).

However, now if i drink caffeine, i am much more sensitive to it it seems.  If i have any in the mid or after afternoon, i will not be able to sleep until 1 or 2, though i was sensitive to it before but it would make me much more irritable, which it does not now.

Also, i seem more sensitive to things like medicines (took a mucus medicine for outdoor allergies which i rarely do) and could not sleep until 3 am this morning.  I also had had a few beers and a coke zero at like 7 pm (i am dumb!)  Good thing i'm off today! If i had been able to ride my bike, i would have slept better.  

Has anyone else (esp explorers) experienced more sensitivity to chemicals after their systems are cleaner from exercising?  I had smoked cigarettes awhile back and after i started bicycle riding, i lost all taste or desire for cigarettes, they made me want to vomit and gave me headaches after my system was cleaner.

Once again, i need to stop using caffeine i think, i am addicted to it, and now it is affecting my sleep.

Posted by: ruthiegirl, Friday, October 26, 2012, 2:49pm; Reply: 1
I'm not an Explorer, but I do seem to have a lot of Explorer tendencies. I seem to have the weaknesses of Explorers AND Gatherers, lucky me.  :-/

I can't have caffeine later than 2 PM and still get to bed at night; normally I try to drink all the day's caffeine by 11:00 AM.

Alcohol at 7:00 PM would make me sleepy, but I'd have trouble falling into a deep sleep until the alcohol fully wore off, and I'd likely wake up and want a snack in the middle of the night when the alcohol wore off. The caffeine in the coke would have me tossing and turning all night. I'm not even sure what the artificial sweetener, or the  gluten in the beer, would do to me, but I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty. Wheat can literally make me sick for a month after accidental ingestion.

I've never been addicted to cigarettes, so I don't know how I would have reacted to nicotine detox. I've been sensitive to chemical fragrances for years, and I can't say it's gotten any better or worse since starting BTD. I still get headaches from perfume, and just feel icky when I'm exposed to chemicals, but that feeling goes away in a few hours if it's only a short exposure and not too much in any one week.
Posted by: Dianne, Friday, October 26, 2012, 3:10pm; Reply: 2
Yes. Woe to me if I accidentally ingest hidden gluten in foods!!! Strangely enough, I can drink green tea before bed and sleep, as well as have it twice in the day. Years ago I had developed a sensitivity to black tea  it if I had it at 7:00 p.m., it changed to 4:00 p.m. and then 2:00 p.m. My husband is a Hunter and he is sensitive  to green tea in the late afternoon or evening.

In the past, I believe we Explorers got used to a mediocre life in terms of health and energy levels. So now if we stray, we are more aware of what feeling good is. We have something to compare to our former degree of health. I remember thinking at one point in my life : "Is everyone in the world as tired as I am feeling 24/7?" Then I realized no or the world would come to a grinding halt!!!  ;D
I am a very industrious person by nature, so it is so nice to be able to do all of the things that I want and need to do again. I am very appreciative to the GTD and Dr. D'Adamo's generosity.
Posted by: SBGGJRP, Thursday, January 3, 2013, 1:49pm; Reply: 3
I think that some Explorers have more of that sensitivity "gene" than others. I can't drink coffee, tea (even decaf) tears up my stomac; if I take melatonin while on antibiotics I go into super allergic hives mode. I can't eat mint, chocolate. I can't take even small mg size of B-complex in my vitamins because it makes me so wired I can't sleep at night. It's very annoying to be so sensitive. Aloe and flax make me almost anaphalactic.
Posted by: Dianne, Friday, January 4, 2013, 3:56am; Reply: 4
On December 30th I was at IKEA and I normally dread going to the area where all of the merchandise is available for the customer to go and pick up. The gassing off from the product would normally make me dizzy, turn into a headache and I would feel my brain swell and buzz. It would take me 3 days to recover. Home Depot usually does it to me as well.

Lo & behold, I was unaffected and that made a big impression on me and reminded me of the story in the GenoTypeDiet book of the lady named Simone that Dr. D'Adamo spoke about who was an Explorer and was so chemically sensitive. How hopeful I was that one day I too would be like her. It's becoming a reality and I am so grateful.  :)

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