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Posted by: Goldie, Monday, June 4, 2012, 8:19am
On PBS  a new way of seeing diabetes and obesity, Monday June 4. 2012  4 am ..

I am going to type my notes of the PBS presentation.  

This will be totally in sync with BTD / Swami as we already know so much more, and it all ties together.  

I was disappointed that the underwriting of the program was done by some pharma .. yet I trust we who can buy sups from Dr D will be ok, but have new additional reasons for doing so..

Posted by: Goldie, Monday, June 4, 2012, 12:09pm; Reply: 1
I toned into PBS this morning for nothing else was interesting me.

Dr. Mark Hyman was lecturing, (I was late to the ‘fund-raising’ show.) His website is  

I am not making any suggestions other than letting you know what I took notes on. This is not word for word / only as I wrote notes for my own personal interest. Many words are missing... Where I know that ‘details are missing’ I will note with ***.  

PBS is selling
$ 75 for the lecture DVD and Q&A  
$ 100.- buys the book  The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman.
$250 one can have on-line support and a greater workshop packet --- costs less then a nutritionist appointment.

I like the PBS programs and have been a member since 1965 I think. The Senior Membership is cheap and can be made on 800 468 9913 or on-line  

My notes on the lecture:
Dr. Hyman suggested that diabetes and obesity contain the upstream causes of illness.
83% of woman and 73% of men will develop issues stemming form these causes.  

The issues for Diobecity are driven by Gluten, Food Sensitivities, Environmental Toxins and Inflammation, Food Addictions, Toxic Industrial Processed Food.  

Diobesity is NOT created by personal choice.

Junk-food eaten goes beyond hunger, such food (becomes more important) then friends and family and can cause addiction withdrawal symptoms.
In lab animals sugar is chosen over cocaine.

The Fight is over Biology. Biological addiction with food is upgraded.
Food/drink pictures light up the addiction center in the brain.  
Diobesity is NOT about calories.

Rethink Medicine and disease: Systems not Symptoms!

The basic system is out of balance from bad food causing allergens and stress.

The answer is fresh food, rhythm, connections and sleep.  
Health happens when Food and Hormones and detox boost nutrition.

We are overfed and undernourished.
Obese kids today get (again) scurvy from malnutrition.
Food often has no nutrients. = The SAD Standard American Diet.

Changes in pharmacological doses of sugar and starches***.
Kids eat 34 teaspoons of sugar daily.

Super sugar HIGH fructose sugar is NOT the same as Cane sugar! It is the main ingredient in processed foods, (corn-sugar) is sweeter and making us sicker.
... and often is contaminated with MERCURY.
Results: Leaky gut is a serious situation.  
Drop in fiber per day in food create epidemic nutritional deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.  

EAT whole unprocessed food as Medication. Food is not enough, we need vitamins and minerals to counter significant deficiencies supplements are needed.  

Not enough Hormones create situations of too much insulin. Hormones govern stress, (men) loose body hair, sex drive, thyroid function, which causes belly fat, loss of muscle tone, inflammation.

Inflammation death occur 17% more then from diabetes.  

Immune system, toxins, food allergen *** drive food sensitivities, gluten being the worst, Barely, Rye???***, Oats???*** I am uncertain about the list.)

Detox system = Environmental factors CAUSE diabetes.

Pesticides,  *** blood sugar, metabolism.  WE are all TOXIC.  

Babies already have 287 toxic levels at 6 month old***

Hospitals would not wish to give up surgical bypass surgery, Pharmacology would not wish to give up drugs... ***just by making changes and eliminating soda, expenses could be eliminated by 50%.

Diabetes could be reversed in one week. Get healthy at home.

There is a GLOBAL epidemic, 93 million people in China, 70 to 80% of all people world wide will develop Diobesity.  Diobesity starts way before diabetes.  Today 5-6 year olds develop strokes, 8 year olds develop diabetes.

7 simple steps to get out of trouble.  Diabetes is reversible.  

1 Get tested for Blood pressure.
2 Measure height versus waist.
3 Look in the mirror; jump up and down, if the belly jiggles, you are over weight.
4 Get tested for Insulin NOT blood sugar!!! Do so even if the doctor does not know how to interpret the test results... The different tests are explained in the book.  
5 Cholesterol Tests are outdated... Test for NMR *** size and number of small or large particles.
6 For nutrition, EAT food for Medicine.
7 Heal with meals at the end of your fork - meds from the kitchen (not pharmacy.) Eat quality foods.

The book contains all lists and explains all. Also has quizzes and individual self tests.

10 Rules:

1 NO label foods.
2 Nothing with more than 5 ingredients. (Natural is not always good. 'Less' as in fat free, Cola is 100% fat free.)
3 NO white sugar.  
4 No high fructose- (number 1 cause of obesity), don’t drink your calories.
5 No Hydrogenated fats, they shorten life.
6 Use Olive and or coconut oil.
7 If you can not pronounce it don’t eat it.
8 NO Artificial** *, MSG, *** anything that causes gas, shortens life.  
   No swordfish, underarm aluminum deodorant, sun block.
9 The sweeter - the hungrier we get (500%)?????   ***the slower the metabolism.

10 Eat Real Food:
     ½ the plate of plant foods vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts.
     1/4 low glycimic foods, rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes.
     1/4 protein fish or meat.

Protein shakes for breakfast.
Eating fat does not make you fat.
Eat fatty fish avocado, coconut and nuts.

Eat EARLY and eat OFTEN.
Don’t eat and sleep.
*** food allergies, toxins, leaky gut... Asthma Bowel issues, gas, Reflux from gluten and dairy.

Metabolic tune up:
Vitamins and Minerals, omega 3 Zinc, foliates, magnesium Vit E. (Maybe something called GPX***) to correct appetite.

Glass of water before meals.

Move to relax. Move, make love.
Relaxing makes us thin.
Reduce stress, stress makes us FAT.

Globally: Get clean get green...*** deep breathing.
Reduce the toxic footprint, even under the sink.
Help water world wide.
Water helps the bowels/digestion
Drink clean water... Filter all water.

Get more info on 'master quiz' in the book.

Get healthy, reverse Diobesity.                                   

Results are better in group participation – families or On-line support...
to be found on the website shown above.

We are better together. Diobesity is a social decease.

In the kitchen, eat together, cook together at least 3 times a week.  
We look longer at cooking shows than we cook.
Cooking together makes kids smarter and thinner.

Take back our health.  Take back our schools and communities.

No more research is needed.
Create a global campaign.

Aids and Malaria result in less than 1/2 the obesity deaths.

Transform Biology.
The global price tag for Diobesity is 47 TRILLION dollars in addition to the emotional cost!

Apply what we know.  Stay healthy and fully engaged. Take back our health.
Use this as a road map to health.

Diabetics and obese people blame them selves.
Society and Doctors blame the victim...

Instead ***Our taste buds are high jacked. So are our kitchens and our shopping.

*** work toward getting off insulin.  

Not drinking calories alone is one big change.

Look at gluten as Inflammation.  
Gut bacteria causes over weight.  
Use robotics for bad bugs in the gut.
Eliminate metals for thyroid function.

VOTE with the food on your FORK!

This is the best quick summery I could make... I guess I will get the book and read more on this...  act at your own risk..

All the best...   goldie  


Posted by: amyflood, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 4:15pm; Reply: 2
thanks for posting this Goldie. my husband (who is a overweight A with type 2 diabetes and a family history of heart disease!) is a sceptic with the blood type diet. I am always looking for another doctor/scientist opinion to help back up the BTD.
Posted by: Goldie, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 4:45pm; Reply: 3
I hope it will help you .. all the best..  

I would look to see if the book can be bought on Amazon as I think it will be less money.

I am interested in getting the idea of looking at the issues from a new view.  

I am looking to see if there is another clue Test wise that might shed light on why dropping weight is on issue..

Dropping weight when one come from the American way of normal eating is easy-.. BUT after years on BTD .. and the first 20 pounds lost-  it stopped and stalled.. so I am looking at some clue that might go another step, to break through..  

Iodine might indeed be right... !

I will not sway far from BTD/Swami as I really can not afford to eat more or avoids.. maybe on avocado as that was or is at least neutral..   any other and I blow up..

The foods to be eliminated in the PBS program is white any thing, which would help any O types.. easy.. no sugar no starches --for O types no problem..

I expect to learn something but not a lot.. just another view on the same old.. Taking the different test might apply, but I am not certain that I don't already do so with my doctor..

as for the hubby.. if he is uncertain the question is why?

I hope it will help you .. all the best..  
Posted by: paul clucas, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 7:21pm; Reply: 4
Quoted from Goldie
(Maybe something called GPX***) to correct appetite.
I think you will find it PGX to adjust appetite

Quoted from amyflood
thanks for posting this Goldie. my husband (who is a overweight A with type 2 diabetes and a family history of heart disease!) is a sceptic with the blood type diet. I am always looking for another doctor/scientist opinion to help back up the BTD.
Here is a study

Posted by: amyflood, Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 7:39pm; Reply: 5
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