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Posted by: Kumar, Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 3:57am
I am A-ve male 54 years old. I used to suffer for years from high level of uric acid and periodic debilitating goutic attacks on feet. Medical practice recommends avoiding food with high purine content (beans/legumes, fish/meat/egg and so on). I found out that the recommendations did not work. The medicine worked as long as I took them, and the moment you stop taking, the serum uric acid level jumped.

After trying quite a few approaches unsuccessfully, I finally came across Eat Right for Your Type in the year 2006 and followed BTD for A. It took me one full year to reduce the serum uric acid level from above 10 units to just below 7 units (up to 7 for male is considered normal). The uric acid level has remained below 7 since that time. It even went below 6 units when I went for heavy trekking for more than a week. All evidence indicates that the BTD can have the answer on this less understood medical problem.
Posted by: Cristina, Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 4:15am; Reply: 1
Great testimonial Kumar!!!  Keep up the good work.
Posted by: Lola, Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 4:17am; Reply: 2
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Tuesday, September 8, 2009, 1:17pm; Reply: 3
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Dr. D     
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Lithium and vitamin C (usually in the form of cherry juice)
Posted by: Amazone I., Friday, September 11, 2009, 5:28pm; Reply: 4
dearle, welcome on those boards you are really right here ;) ;D :D...(clap)(ok)(dance)

may I ask you not to overdo with sports, may I ask you to introduce ghee??) ;).... may I ask you to forgive people who misstreated you ??) :D ....may I ask you to say no if it is meant no ;)... ;D(pray)(hehe)(grin)(clown)....
may I ask you to be kind with yourself??) ... :)
greetings from Switzerland.....(blush)(dizzy)(blush)
Posted by: Kumar, Monday, September 14, 2009, 6:11am; Reply: 5
Thanks Tomatilla,

I never overdo sports (except during trekking, when I walk 30-40 KM a day on the high mountains, I enjoy this level of workout once in a year or two.) It has been two years that I have reintroduced ghee in my diet and I love it so much! Really, I forgive people who have mistreated me but it takes so long before I am  comfortable with them, and thoughts associated with them. I have been trying my whole life just to be able to say "no" to things that I do not want, but still I am not quite successful.

Greetings from Nepal, the Himalayan Republic!
Posted by: Kumar, Thursday, March 25, 2010, 12:21pm; Reply: 6
Andrea AWsec,

Do you mean to say that lithium and Vit C help reduce uric acid level in blood? (from Dr D;s quote). Sorry to come with this question now after so many months!
Posted by: Goldie, Thursday, March 25, 2010, 2:45pm; Reply: 7
same question but different reason.. Lithium?? would that be good for SOME depression.. ??) ??

Amazone l gruetzy.. und übrigens wie gots.. wie stohts?  ;D

ich han gerne k'öhrt das ma söll lieb sie..

I have real issues about forgiving.. especially those in my life that are supposed to be CLOSE.. the long-term harm has done its damage and I feel trapped in bitter memories..  >:( :( ::)

asking ME:  what would goldie DO?         has made me take notice in many different ways.. (See the other me).. :)
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, March 25, 2010, 11:29pm; Reply: 8
here Kumar

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gruetzy.. und übrigens wie gots.. wie stohts?  

ich han gerne k'öhrt das ma söll lieb sie..

almost...... ;D

wie geht s wie steht s?

ich habe gerne gehört das man lieb sein soll

Posted by: Rex, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 11:37am; Reply: 9
The only persisting problem that I have is a touch of gout in the form of one swollen, red, second toe on my right foot.  This is a puzzlement to me because I am so strictly compliant when it comes to avoiding all my avoids and eating mostly super foods, mostly diamind designated choices.  Dr. D has suggested cherry juice and I will try that...however, I will welcome other thoughts on why you think that I still have this gout. Thanking you in advance for all the help that I know you will offer.
Posted by: Beckyb, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 12:11pm; Reply: 10
Cherry juice is good. Also, increasing your intake of drinking water can be beneficial. You might also try an epsom salt bath, or make your own epsom salt cream to rub into the toe. If memory serves me correctly, the recommendations for diet and supps. in Dr. D's Arthritis book will also help with gout. Best wishes!
Posted by: Rex, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 1:34pm; Reply: 11
Beckyb...thanks.  However, I am following the recommendations in the Arthritis book and still have developed this gout condition...this is why I'm still so puzzled.  I know that I'm seeking" total" perfection which may not be reasonable but still worth pursuing.  I am following the quantity recommendations for all the foods and according to my Swami (which I filled-out very thoughtfully), I am eating correctly.  I did think of reducing my meat & fish intake but being Type O Hunter, these are my diamond food choices so there must be another solution.  I will leave my diet as/is unless Dr. D suggests otherwise.  
Posted by: Rex, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 5:03pm; Reply: 12
Ok, I went out & bought mineral water and cherry juice...I will never stop trying to improve my was just that same state of mind that prompted me to try the BTD in the first place...with your help, I am  confident that I will find something that will help me get rid of the gout in my toe.  I have taken all your suggestions presented here and will try them all.
Posted by: Lola, Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 11:37pm; Reply: 13
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I am following the recommendations in the Arthritis book

what about your swami?

have you been adding bromelaine
Posted by: Rex, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 12:59am; Reply: 14
Lola...if you mean bromelain...yes, I have added that but I only take it twice daily...I will increase it to 4 times daily as suggested on the bottle.  All in all, I still think that I'm doing extremely well.  I'm thinking that I need to increase my intake of minerals ie. the Evian water that I bought today.  I may never be 100% free of ailments but I think that if I continue to tweak my intake of appropriate nutrients related to gout, I will find the solution that I am seeking.  It's all part of a big experiment to get to understand what my body needs. By trying everything, I will come close to the perfection that I'm seeking...I'm sure of that.  As I age, my body's needs will change & I will have to recognize what the changes are and deal with them accordingly.  I do understand that my good health depends on more than just the foods that I eat. I will continue to educate myself in nutritional ways and apply my knowledge where necessary.  Thank you for your input.
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 2:40am; Reply: 15
have you looked through the encyclopedia as well?
Posted by: Kumar, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 4:53am; Reply: 16
Thanks Lola. Hi Rex, having goutic conditions (like the one you have) and having high level of uric acid (UA) might not always go together! Some people I know have relatively lower UA level but often suffer from goutic conditions, though I often did not have goutic conditions even when the UA level was very high (above 10). My experience tells that there are two seperate sets of variables that control these two conditions. Low temperature, low water intake, lack of physical exercises, alcohol and beer consumption could be factors that promote goutic formation; whereas inappropriate food intake might increase UA level. Moreover, I have come across O types with goutic conditions but with perfectly normal range UA: I suspect the goutic condition is not due to high UA level but possibly due to some other mineral deposit? Who knows your minerals metabolism might be at fault? Have you checked you UA level though?
Posted by: Rex, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 10:45am; Reply: 17, I have not checked my UA level.  I'd need a blood test to have that tested.  The next time I have occassion to the doctor's office, I'll ask for a blood test so I can have my UA level tested.  Until then, I'll just keep experimenting here with various detox foods to see what works and what does not work.  For now, the goutic condition is only affecting one toe and is not all that bad most of the time so I'll just let it ride for now.  Thank you so very much for your attention to my are so very much appreciated.
Posted by: Rex, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 11:11am; Reply: 18
Lola...I never realized that there could be other reasons aside from a high UA level that could be responsible for my goutic condition.  Thank you for that information.  Being aware of this fact will certainly aid me in tracking down the cause and thus finding a solution to my problem.  Thank you for sharing the wisdom that you hold in your brain.  I don't know anywhere else where I could learn so much valuable information about so many health issues.
Posted by: Rex, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 11:14am; Reply: 19
The body is such a complex takes all of us putting our heads together to figure it all out....and even then...there will always be so much more to learn.  
Posted by: Andrea AWsec, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 11:30am; Reply: 20

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Although there are no published studies on this topic, over the years I've found the combination of low-dose lithium (10-15 milligrams twice daily) and vitamin C (2 grams twice daily) can be very effective in preventing recurrent attacks of gout. Vitamin C significantly reduces serum uric acid levels. Lithium makes uric acid more soluble so it doesn't crystallize into painful "needles." These two actions combine to significantly reduce gout attacks. If you have gout, I also recommend that you drink 32 oz. of cherry juice at the first sign of an attack. Just please make sure it's real cherry juice--no sugar added. Although no one is sure why or how it works, studies have shown that cherry juice usually eliminates the pain of acute gout.

Posted by: Rex, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 3:56pm; Reply: 21
Andrea, thanks.  Very interesting...I have made note of this and will implement it into my experimentation.  I appreciate your input.
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 4:40pm; Reply: 22
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Dr D
Lithium and vitamin C (usually in the form of cherry juice)

how often do you do a liver cleanse?
Posted by: Rex, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 8:03pm; Reply: 23
Lola...I have never done a liver do you do that?
Posted by: Lola, Thursday, April 1, 2010, 10:30pm; Reply: 24
on pg 252 of the GT book
easy and non invasive! :)
Posted by: Rex, Friday, April 2, 2010, 10:11am; Reply: 25
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