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Posted by: Wulf, Monday, October 31, 2005, 7:47pm
One paragraph of the Registration Agreement has had to be amended recently.  I've only pasted the paragraph that we've updated, but you can always access the entire agreement in the Reference Section of the forums, here:,m=1124569817

Quoted Text

Registration Agreement Paragraph 2

You also agree never to post any copyrighted material whose copyright you do not own, or for which you have not obtained express use permission from such owner.  Advertisements, spam, useless information posted often, solicitations, and chain letters ARE NOT allowed on this forum.  Posts featuring external links to outside websites, or large amounts of content copied from other sources, remain on the BTD Forums at the complete discretion of the Forum Moderators. Links to religious or political websites, or websites of questionable nature, will be removed immediately.

It doesn't really change anything, but we felt it needed some clarification.  As always, the forum welcomes your own opinions and discussions.  If you want to pass along emails and copied information from other sources, we suggest you email it to those who are interested, rather than using the forum.
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