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I thought I would never have success, but as it turns out, Taro is very easy to boil up even if it has become rock-hard in your fridge and seemingly uncuttable except by chainsaw   Simply check for any mold spots!

If the store has cut the Taro in half for you (it is sold by weight, and is heavy) and it is dried out, you cannot get the peel off of it till it is soft. Scrub the peel thoroughly and place cut side down in pot of boiling water. The Taro's random red fibrous vessels will bring the liquid to the very top of the root and soften the whole body. Peel when soft then immerse in your favorite flavored liquid and cook again as if you would boiled potatoes. Season as desired.

WATCH YOUR TARO.....once peeled it burns easily when in chicken stock/ghee mixture left unattended. I lost my dinner and wound up with a soapy, burnt smell in the kitchen and a ruined enamel pot to boot. . Ugh.

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BTD Forums    Lifestyle    Cook Right 4 Your Type  ›  Cooking an old Taro Root

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