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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    SWAMI Xpress  ›  Poppyseed - oh yeah  (in a nice way)
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Poppyseed - oh yeah  (in a nice way)  This thread currently has 549 views. Print Print Thread
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Monday, August 19, 2013, 4:17am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Ee Dan
Posts: 1,959
Gender: Female
Location: Space City, USA  :-)
Age: 49
Not only a tasty bene on my SWAMI - 15 grams of them later I find they are a mild muscle relaxant and calmer when you reach the end of a hectic day. Not a replacement for melatonin, but they are nice and sweet and nutty, with the effect of a little bit like having a small glass of wine.

I just found them for $2.75 per 60 gm can at my local store, rather than the $5 inflated price for a glass bottle of them  

I also read if I eat 3 more cans of this, I can become noticeably narcotically high this evening. Not that I would want to , but I can imagine what a traditional Polish poppyseed roll, say, 2-footish, could do to a person if eaten all at once......

Perhaps cheaper prices means the economic boom of Turkey is sending waves of the black stuff our way.......hmmm! One of the few things I appreciate about the Turkish, along with fast kemence playing, and a talents for crochet and making "oya" needle lace. (But not historical genocide campaigns, or the Ottoman Empire.)

"SWAMI-saved" from gluten intolerance/ bulimia: and shouting it from the housetops!
INFJ/ Sun Pisc. Moon Capric. ASC Virgo
Performer/Sales/Hemp Indie Biz Owner/Crochet Designer

Mortal life is a stay in a vast hospital ward -
Eastern Orthodoxy +

People I love: A variety of nice ABO's
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Monday, August 19, 2013, 9:05pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

SWAMI GT4 Explorer 44%; Rh-; iNfP; nonnie?
Ee Dan
Posts: 1,364
Gender: Male
Location: Northeast, USA
Can you also not test positive on a drug screen after ingesting poppy seeds?

My SWAMI diet is a blend of BTD and GTD Explorer, but I'm not totally compliant.  Also I try to choose foods that have a Low Glycemic index.  DW and DD are A+, probably also Explorer.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 3:07am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

75 and still going
Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 328
Gender: Female
Location: mid south USA
Square Peg - YEP.  Don't want to eat poppy seed before a drug test!!!!

Almost 6 years on ER BTD, went from sick and dying to healthier And 30 pounds slimmer.  

Dec 30 2013: Just started Swami Xpress - after fine tuning the information, it shows 48% Explorer and gave me a hybridized Explorer/BTD list. A new adventure for this old lady!   
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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    SWAMI Xpress  ›  Poppyseed - oh yeah  (in a nice way)

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