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O's & no protein breakfast
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Friday, June 1, 2012, 3:03pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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I ate fruit for breakfast for many years as a vegan, then later more Zone type breakfasts, well that was always my staple, a breakfast with carbs, fats and proteins mixed together.  Sometimes I got hungry, other times I was OK.  You could try eating berries in the morning or maybe a banana with some nuts, or a smoothie with some rice protein.  There are a lot of options but imo I would not go back to eating fish first thing in the morning the way I used to- just too tiring an energy for me that early in the morning.
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Saturday, June 2, 2012, 1:25am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Rh- Explorer/Gatherer
Ee Dan
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Quoted from Mother
Possum, It's called gluconegenisis (spelling?) the conversion of excess protein to glucose. Excess protein was a problem for me, both with digestion and blood sugar. I thought the only thing I could digest was protein and fat but as soon as I cut way back on protein, I could eat all the veggies and nuts etc without issue. Seems protein was holding things up. I don't seem to have a problem with veggies as carbs, though it's mostly broccoli, spinach, chard, onion and chopped artichoke. I eat romaine lettuce wraps with a small amount of protein, my olive oil mayo, onion, artichoke, swipe of homemade hummus, cilantro or basil pesto. I eat about 1 every hour or two, then dinner is a small salad with spinach or various other lettuces and a small amount of protein. Snacks are broccoli dipped in mayo or collards or hummus and celery and carrots or a finger full of tahini. I usually need two small bites of fruit after dinner, like 2 cherries. haha. people think I'm nuts eating just two.  This seems to keep the hungry horrors away and keep blood sugar stable. MOST of my protein is fish. Most of my portions are 1-2 oz but several times a day. What does your meal plan look like?
Interestingly, I just saw this - It has been suggested that the process of gluconeogenesis is not a sign that dietary glucose is unnecessary, but rather “evidence that glucose is so metabolically important that we have evolved a way to make sure we always have it.” Eat Your Starches: Why Safe Starches Are Healthy | Paleo Diet Lifestyle
On the two different days I ate a rice cake with my dinner, along with more fat (butter) I actually lost weight each time, than on days I didn't eat many carbs at all??!!  Go figure?  

Am wondering if this thread should be re-titled as something like "O's & less protein" breakfast?

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Possum  -  Saturday, June 2, 2012, 1:39am
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Friday, June 8, 2012, 5:08pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

A 'Hunter' working on a relaxing into farm life.
Ee Dan
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Location: Green Acres Farm, Fielding, Utah
Age: 47
I need to chime in here
Some one said they were working out as in exercising.
Protein requirements are quite different depending on the work out
.8-1 g/kg bw is for the average person just doing normal every day chores and light work-basically sedentary or slightly more active

1.5 g/kg bw would be for someone who is active and working endurance and some weight training

2 g/kg bw is for muscle or body building.

Having already done this, are you trying to build muscle? if you are you need more protein.
I used to get up at 5 am work out  2 hours post work out protein (30 grams in shake form-rice/soy milk, banana, berries, scoop protein, glutamine and creatine), back home ate breakfast (eggs, turkey bacon, sauteed veggies) Homeschool kids, Lunch salad with meat and sometimes GF bread(when I baked), More home school. Pre-workout Snack Carls Jr lettuce wrap in lieu of bun for $5 burger mustard only and a 24oz Dr Pepper(this was before corn came up as an issue.) workout 2 work out protein (30 grams in shake form-rice/soy milk, banana, berries, scoop protein, glutamine and creatine),  Then home for dinner prep and dinner Lasagna and salad OR Steak or Chicken, a Med Sweet  potato, veggies. Late snack another shake, if needed.

Shakes all total 60-90, eggs 21, chicken or beef 28 each, dinner goal was 21-28 gram protein /kg
bw. My goal was to get 1.5 -2 g pro/kg bw. (between 150-200 g protein at the time.

AS far as the fat issue it is true that protein and fat help with feeling full, but it also taste.

I am on a lo carb diet because of candida-Sounds bad but I can take down a salad with EVOO and redwine vinegar, a med sweet potato, a cup of steamed broccoli or other veggie and a 16 oz steak for dinner no problem. Lunch could be a huge salad(10-20 oz premade bag) plus grilled chicken evoo and lemon juice (preferred). Breakfast 3 whole eggs and chicken sausage OR steak, with sauteed veggies (onions, zucchini, etc.). sometimes 1/2 c dry oatmeal soaked. Beverages yerba mate, green tea a touch of raw unfiltered honey. water (at least 1/2 my bw or more if exercising). Occasionally i have soda sweetened withr real cane sugar. I do snack on other things, not a whole bunch.  I eat Starchy veggies in lieu of breads and grains Eating that much red and poultry, you would think high cholesterol, but mine is not. I am restricted by celiac, corn-free, potato-free, and restricted sugar, restricted yeast and restricted carbs. Now throw into the mix I am hypothyroid (hasimotos), chronic fatigue, IBS and Benign Joint hypermobility syndrome (I am very flexible and always have been just now that gift hurts a lot as I age, especially if I exceed the range of motion that is good for the joint.. I don't have a lot of energy currently and struggle with it. I think it really has a lot to do with our individual genes and the way they work. We have to pick through and try different plans to find the one that works for us.

For me the major issue is that with too many grain I get sluggish and very tired.
I know Dr. D has said tweak it the way you need it. Use what works for you and leave the rest for another day. IT works, but it takes time.

**Sorry it is so long, didn't mean to be...Just my passion is that each person find their own perfect formula, with Dr. D's help of course. One day I will get to an IfHI, when the budget allows.

'And some of us would die-so other men can stand up on their feet like men. A great many are going to die for that. They have in the past. They will a hundred years from now-two hundred. God grant there will always be men good enough.(James Otis)' Johnny Tremain (Forbes)

Freedom is not free!
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