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IgG Food Antibody Results do not match my SWAMI *
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Explorer Swami 44%, INTJ, Haplo Kla2a
Ee Dan
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NancyEllen - It has been several months now. I have started trying some of my IgG avoids, such as blueberries and avocado, which are beneficial on my Swami. The trouble is, I don't know if I have a reaction to them or not because it would be a delayed reaction (not like my immediate reaction to dairy, grains, and eggs). It could be a reaction to something else, such as the pollen that is starting to float around everywhere here. I didn't even know to begin with that I had any kind of problem with those foods. I was having a smoothie with bananas, berries, and flax every afternoon before I took that test, as well as avocado on my salads. (And even planted 6 little blueberry bushes.) My biggest question every day is "What do I have for breakfast"? Since I am also pre-diabetic it is a big challenge! If I go too long without eating, I get dizzy and feel faint. If I don't balance my glycemic foods, my blood sugar goes up too high. If I eat salty foods, my blood pressure goes up and my heart beats too fast. I already have heart trouble. How in the world did I get in this shape?
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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    SWAMI Xpress  ›  IgG Food Antibody Results do not match my SWAMI *

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