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Combining fruit with other foods
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Friday, July 27, 2012, 6:41am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 322
Gender: Female
Location: Pacific Island
Age: 57
Quoted from Cristina
Well, I am starting slow with this plan ... Eating fruit (not pineapple) up to 10 am.  So far this is my routine:

6:00 am = fresh squeeze lemon juice first drink in the morning.  Sometime straight, sometimes with a bit of warm water

7:00am - Then I prepare a fruit juice with apple and some other fruits.  Today was 2 apples, 1 kiwi, a small piece of fresh ginger from the garden, about 4 big strawberries.  That gave us about two glasses, one of hubby and one for me.  Since that was to be my only breakfast, I ate the fruit pulp with a spoon afterwards.

At about 9:00am I had a treadmill walk for about 1 hour at about 4.5km/h pace (with 5 minutes either side a lot slower during warm up and cool down).

10:00am - Rice cakes with peanut butter.  Super benes for me and making sure I get my protein intake straight after the exercise.  I was not hungry at all from breakfast and I could have continue eating fruit till lunch, but I love my coffee and peanut butter in the morning and see no need to stop that yet.

Lunch time was at about 1:00pm, consiting of some steam veggies, some raw veggies and some protein.  Cauliflower and Broccoli formed the main part of the salad, both steamed and raw.  I sprinkle them with some grated carrot, finely chopped red bell pepper, grated ginger. chopped coriander (the herb), some chopped red onion, a little piece of beetroot and chopped celery leaves.  The protein was grilled fish for me, just less than the palm of my hand size.  I dressed the salad with a bit of olive oil, flaxseed oil and lemon juice.  Just prior to eating it we had a freshly made juice of : cilantro (including the little roots), read onion, raw broccoli, celery stick, some beetroot and a carrot.  Had enough to have a cup for each of us and then more (which I am using in my rice dish for dinner, together with the byproduct veggie pulp).

It is now nearly 6:00pm and although I have not eating anything since 1:30pm when we finished lunch, I am not hungry at all.  But, I am committed to eating dinner not latter than 7:00pm, so I will do that soon.  

Dinner time is my carbohydrate and veggies time, the confort food of rice or bread.  BRown rice on the menu tonight with all that leftover veggie pulp and more from lunch!  Again, the veggies are taken the real estate in my plate, leaving just a bit of room for my grains ... about the size of the palm of my hand.   .... Sounds familiar?  it is what was always written in my Swami but I never quite saw it this way ...

Feeling great so far, very satisfied and motivated ...   Off to prepare and have dinner ....

HI  Cristina, thank you for sharing. It is sounds like a very good plan.
For myself, I try to work and figure it out on my diet too.
1. Of course follow with GTD  
2. The schedule for Biological clock
3.Try not to over eat or mix up (this is kind of hard because  Well …often I  can’t control myself such as when I prepare food in the morning for my dinner and take it with me when I go to work.  The food often looks so yummy that I want to eat it right away.  For example:  Taro, cut into small pieces  (a little bigger than the way French fries are cut).   After I steam it, the Taro looks and smells so good.  The smell is all over my small kitchen!   For my dinner I only have veggies and Taro.  That’s just fine for me.   Every day I switch from Taro to other gains.  They have very good Taro here locally. The Taro is a very good substitute for sweet potato for me (sweet potato and all kind of potato is an avoid for me).
I eat Taro often because It is from the root. It is power full from the earth.  I believe that will make me strong.  I didn’t even know that Taro is my superfood  until I read the GTD book. Also, vegetable roots such as Carrot and Onions. Then I think about Round vegetables on the ground such as: pumpkins. I also, think about what the color of the vegetable should be: white, green, yellow, red.  But purple blueberries should be eaten at 3:00 pm. only 45 minutes to hour to digest. Then for dinner  I switch from taro to buckwheat or another gain everyday
4. Put some Herbs in the smoothies:  Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Cilantro, Onion , Parsley, cinnamon, ginger. They are so POWERFUL and concentrated with antioxidants, you can use a much smaller amount than you would with other greens like kale, and they won't overwhelm the other flavors in your smoothie recipe.

Biological clock. Please forgive me if I don’t have this 100% correct.  I often read information from the internet and hope that I am interpreting it correctly.  This is what I think and I will do if possible. Any ideas or advice?
03:00-05:00 lungs.   Get up early at 5: pm. Some fresh Air
05:00-07:00 Colon.  It is time for toilet. Yes, most people when get up need restroom.
07:00-09:00 stomach.  Time to eat
09:00-11:00 Spleen
11:00-13:00 Heart  a lot of vegetable, try to avoid stress.
13:00-15:00 small intestine.  Shoul stop eat any food. Only clean water.
15:00-17:00 bladder.  Exercise, sauna, eat blueberries or tea.
17:00-19:00 kidney. Eat low fat, low sodium because kidney no need work to hard. Eat herb or food that support kidney such as: Mulberries, pumpkin, gingko , goji, tofu, basil, honey what else? Quercetin?
19:00-21:00 pericardium. Time for Meditation, Prayer.
21:00-23:00 San Jiao heating system.     Drink some water before go to bed.        
23:00-01:00 gallbladder.

Right Food as Medicine.    GT3 Teacher SWAMI
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Friday, July 27, 2012, 4:16pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

All Gatherer -72 Scorp/Sag on BTD/GENO 17 year
Sam Dan
Posts: 6,199
Gender: Female
Location: East Coast
I am coming over.. and the same invite to you..    wow Australia in my future? would be much fun.    

Being here is invaluable, but not enough. We need ALL the Doctors. I needed them for a very small cancer spot-I could never feel!!! Please do your mammograms! Doing so saved me from cancer later on. I am grateful! Thanks for learning from my experience! I was lucky! I wish the same for YOU!
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Friday, July 27, 2012, 6:33pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

Autumn: Harvest, success.
Posts: 322
Gender: Female
Location: Pacific Island
Age: 57
Quoted from Goldie
I am coming over.. and the same invite to you..    wow Australia in my future? would be much fun.    

Good morning Goldie, (big hug) Yes, you are invite. Please...

Taro= Poi
Poi is made from Taro. But the taste so much different and different make. I love Taro but I don't like Poi because the way its look and the taste. I promise you will like Taro, the one I cook because I pick the good Taro. They have 3 kinds though. The big round kind, the big long kind and the small kind. The best is the big long kind. Sorry if my English makes you confuse.

Oop! it is an avoid for type O. How about in your sawami? I guest not hah! ooh.

Right Food as Medicine.    GT3 Teacher SWAMI
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