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Sugar stops movement, something in lamb fixes?
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 4:49am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

C677T (T;T); SOD2 a16v (G;G); Warrior
Ee Dan
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I have changed diets because of SWAMIxpress and change in secreter status (bad lab results once before).

Also my Swamixpress has changed for different reasons. The secreter status changed for one. Then my wrist circumference increased when I became not fat and bones. Recently I have gained a lot more abdominal muscle and my pelvis seems to hold itself upright and believe it or not may make my upper leg longer (which is marked in swamixpress but previously was shorter). It is hard to tell though, really hard, because on my left leg my knee cap is a little out of place and my femur seems maybe a tiny bit shorter. Al thought my right if I get the ruler to the pelvis bone just towards the outside, is from what I can tell a half inch or more longer. The other part to that equation is that fact that there is not indent just above my knee cap when I am sitting so it is a guess. I gained weight early on as a child most likely due to wheat (always almost constipated) and eventually started eating dairy even though I am allergic (still get palpations if I eat yogurt but I do it anyways, have not touched any whey cheeses).

Hell maybe I am a warrior but I am pretty certain none of the somatype information fits me. I have a medium wrist and I am dwarfed by every endomorph and meso-endomorph that is my height or taller. I just have a torso with too much extra fat. My arms are small compared to a lot of people that are shorter than me and I consider to be meso-ecto or mesomorphs. My legs are not ectomorph legs, my calves are pretty small, and my thighs just have some fat on them. There is only really muscle on my thighs. I am endless confused about this because no one looks like me . My face does not have any endomorph qualities that I can see. My muscle feels small and defined but hidden, but it sure disappears easy and comes back as soon as I can get my body to absorb carbohydrates again.

I freak out a lot because I never lose weight. That kind of spits me back and forth between Teacher/Warrior. Now that I know I am a secreter I am not going to try explorer again, that never works out. I never eat much fish (not into it). The diets are real similar except the cheese and portions on a few things.

I might start on less dairy if my digestion ever gets normal, like stuff looks digested. It has been a little more so lately with yogurt in my diet. I ordered some anti-cortisol stuff. I have been experiencing some weird stuff covered under GenoType forum. Also some annoying sort of squirting feelings in my head in the manner it feels like when my heart beats some blood squeezes past some choke points. That and in dance today I got utterly confused, a little dizzy, and totally stopped doing what I was suppose to do in the middle of class. It was like as soon as we started on the turns I was getting huge head rushes...
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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    SWAMI Xpress  ›  Sugar stops movement, something in lamb fixes?

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