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Breast cancer and BTD  This thread currently has 7,260 views. Print Print Thread
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Friday, July 27, 2012, 10:51pm Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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Quoted from 2degreespisces

That's a good thing. I ate well today; 100% compliant and nothing but cancer beneficials.
That always helps to ease my mind.

   Wonderful! please add some the list below that I heard. (if you can. Please)

-Most on raw food. I mean lot lot of Organic fresh vegetables, Fresh juices,fruits and avocado. They will give you boost of energy because they have a lot of oxygen. sorry I don't quite know how to explian. and I heard that the macrobiotic diet for the fight against cancer.
-Drink a gallon of water every day with half a teaspoon of sea salt in it
-Walk 28 ;minutes each day and expose your skin to the sun at least 12 minutes each day.
- Massage your body, foot.
- Try never eat microwaved foods and try to stay away from cell phones and computers. Try not to watch TV, especially the news, enjoy all types of movies, but skip TV, news radio and newspapers. That mindless propaganda will simply manipulate you and make you weak-minded
-Take curcumin, Vitamin C these the super cancer killer
-Citrus Peels-the great cancer protection Peels of citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruit contain a compound called d-limonene which has been clinically proven to have a huge impact on a variety of cancer symptoms.It's especially useful in combating breast, skin, liver, lung, pancreatic and stomach cancer. The way it works if it causes apoptosis or, cell suicide of cancer cells. It is believed that it inhibits the ability of cancer cells to communicate with each other.
-Take Burdock Root
-Flax seed oil
-Grapefruit seed extract
-Omaga 3


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BTD Forums    Diet and Nutrition    Testimonials  ›  Breast cancer and BTD

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